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Fall 2011

PRESIDENT'S REPORT for the year 2010-2011

By Richard Benoit Fall is soon to be upon us and with the season, the orange, brown and crimson colours of the leaves blend with each other to create a spectacular fall collage. The idle days of summer give way to a new year with its opportunities and challenges. As retired teachers, we remember the excitement of preparing for that first day, anticipating a new year probably with students we had not met before, students under our care and responsibility to guide and challenge for two hundred days. This new school year will add another in the preparation of their important journey through life. We are somewhat filled with envy to not be amongst the ranks of teachers of 2011-2012. We also experience happy memories, memories of how we contributed in moulding a better adult life for hundreds, possibly thousands of future citizens of our province, country and world. While teaching, we consistently emphasized the importance of hard work, of diligence, of the necessity of giving of one’s self fully to a task so as to succeed, enjoy a productive life, value and live important essential aspects of a career and therefore a life worth living. We repeatedly emphasized the concepts of respect for others, justice and fairness which Fall 2011

are essential to improving one’s plight for the future and for building a world where democracy thrives, where everyone has a chance to appreciate and enjoy what is rightfully his or hers in life. We often started our instructions with “Play fairly,” “Be fair to each other” and “Do not forget to give everyone a fair and equal chance.” The fall of 2011 is a most important one for all Manitobans including teachers, employers, employees and retirees in all spheres of life. Manitobans head to the polls on October 4, 2011, to elect the Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) for the next four years. Manitobans are basically putting the future four years in the hands of fifty-seven people, the majority of whom will form the government during these years. Elections in a democracy cannot be ignored, classified as useless and a waste of money. Rather, these elections provide all citizens the opportunity to inform the future legislators, to verify what basic policies they will seek to implement. RTAM will also attempt to shed light on certain facts, concepts and values which should guide the orientation to be taken when new legislation is debated and passed. Many lobbyists, interest and pressure groups go into full gear at this time so as to impact the future laws of the province. Some people produce lame and rather weak arguments as to why their involvement and participation are useless and will bear no fruit. Others claim that they are not knowledgeable enough about issues and politics to get on board and involved in the election process. Others believe that colleagues can carry the ball for them

while they simply wash their hands of the entire process. Others truly think that they do not have the personality or attributes necessary to participate in an enlightened manner and so it is best that they remain silent, ready to endure whatever the results will be in the coming election. Others are convinced that whatever they do will carry no impact on the final outcome. Finally, some elder citizens carry the opinion that people in their age category really have no place in helping to shape the constitution of the members of the halls of provincial power. For one reason or another some retired teachers associate themselves with one or some of the above groups and therefore abdicate their duties and responsibilities to others because they feel they no longer count. As members of RTAM, let us return to the past and our duties in the classrooms and schools of the province. As they are today, the retired teachers of our days were never afraid to face the important challenges of respect for others, of fundamental justice and fairness. We could not back down in front of inculcating such values because we carried these children in the bosom of our hearts. We were firmly determined to help build a better world. Are we proud of ourselves and the past? I would hope so for we are the ones who helped shape the future of our province. Do we regret having emphasized repeatedly the importance of fairness, of justice for all? I know that we feel good about having taught and insisted RTAM KIT • 3

on these concepts for twenty, thirty, forty years and more, for we helped strengthen our democratic process. Did we believe that informing, educating students about democratic values was a waste of time in view of the world circumstances at the time? On the contrary we felt obliged to share the truth and to ensure that our graduates would constitute citizens who would forever challenge a system that did not seem to uphold such fundamental values. Colleagues, while the 2011 election will debate many important policies that will shape our province for the coming years, we cannot let this election occur without assuring that our COLA is one of the important issues that must be discussed and held high with the other pressing issues. Approximately 16% of our pension contributions were allotted to a fund which would ensure a fair Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) when we reached retirement. We are far from receiving this fair COLA at present and the value of our pension dollars continues to decrease at an alarming rate. Yet this issue is not being addressed by our legislators. We are often compared to the retired civil servants of our province and so are our pensions. However, in comparing, we discover how flagrantly unfairly and unjustly we are being treated in comparison to this group. One year after the Government passed Bill 45 giving retired teachers a raw deal regarding COLA, the same Government passed Bill 8 transferring $145,000,000.00 from a surplus account in the Civil Service fund to support COLA for civil servants. Where is the fairness?? Where is the justice??? What are the values that we hold and educated our students to adopt and respect? During this same period, nurses were able to negotiate a provision for COLA in their collective agreement, such COLA going into effect in 2018. While

there may be some differences in the negotiating methods of all three parties (retired teachers, civil servants and health care workers) all three groups basically share the same pension concepts (equal pension contributions from the provincial government and the employees). This edition of KIT provides four pages focusing on the October 4, 2011, provincial election. These pages attempt to inform members of the important principles and positions that are at play regarding COLA. This information is for you. We hope that this information will assist you when you meet candidates at your door, at open forum and town hall meetings. We also implore you to make an effort to meet all candidates as chapters, groups and individuals to inform them of the issues at stake, so that they can comprehend the unfairness and injustice faced by retired teachers. Hopefully the contributions of our 8,000 members will help inform and convince the members of the future government that COLA for retired teachers is a thorn, a serious problem and injustice for all of us and that it must be addressed fairly and squarely by the next government. RTAM also sent a letter to all party leaders regarding COLA facts and concerns. Following my message is a copy of this letter. It indicates clearly the enormous task ahead of us before the October 4, 2011, election. Only justice and long term funding can rectify the situation. Elections occur only every four years. Can we afford to hide in our cocoon and let this one pass by or do we act and act firmly? Only every member individually can answer this question. The Board is convinced that you all want a resolution of the problem and will choose to act. Thank you in advance for your efforts and work which are deemed essential.

On the next page, see RTAM's letter to the Premier informing him of a motion concerning our COLA passed at our 2011 Annual General Meeting. A similar letter was sent to the leaders of the Opposition parties, Mr. Hugh McFadyen and Dr. Jon Gerrard. These letters were copied to MLAs in each party.


Fall 2011

Fall 2011


pension committee report Anne Monk, Chair

Civil Servants get a 2/3rds COLA The July 1, 2011 cost of living adjustment (COLA) for retired civil servants was 1.57%. That is 2/3rds of the 2.35% increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In contrast, the July 1, 2011 COLA for retired teachers was 0.98%, well short of a maximum 2/3rds CPI COLA. Rather, it is 41.7% of the 2.35%

increase in the Consumer Price Index. The COLA for civil servants is 60% more than that for retired teachers. The Government has supported a $145 million transfer to the civil servants’ COLA account to sustain funding a 2/3rds CPI COLA, but has supported only minimal funding measures to support COLA improve-

WELLNESS SEMINAR The Wellness Seminar sponsored by RTAM entitled "Stay in the Game" was held on April 20, 2011, at McMaster House. The event, as usual, was very well attended by eager seniors, endeavoring to learn as much as possible to enhance their "leisure years!" Organizations representing services for seniors were available throughout the day with handouts relating to Financial Planning, Income and Benefits from Government Programs, Managing and Protecting Assets, Planning for Loss of Independence, Future Housing Needs, Having a Will and Funeral Plans, Financial Abuse and Frauds and Scams. Three sessions were offered. The first was entitled "Communication in the New Social Network" presented by Richard Denesiuk from Creative Retirement Manitoba. For those of us who are technically challenged, Richard held us in awe of the ever developing, phenomenal communication resources that are out there. Wikipedia, iPhone, Skype, internet, smart phones, Facebook, texting,


ment for retired teachers. The results show in the differing level of COLAs granted. Why are retired teachers being treated so differently? Similar significant funding support or a substantive funding plan is needed for the TRAF COLA account. It’s our turn for more significant funding measures to improve our COLAs.

Barbara McDole spot and sitting exercises are all cardiop friendly. Upper body resistence training with stretch tubing targets chest muscles, biceps, shoulder blades and triceps. Balance and range of motion were also topics demonstrated. As Candace pointed out, being active in all your daily events is body friendly!

web cam, world wide web and Google maps were just a few of the topics he touched on, leaving quite a number of us in utter amazement! The second session "Keeping an Aging Body Working Like a Youunger One" was led by Candace Swick, a fitness expert from the Rady Centre. Candace led us through some low impact workouts that can be done pretty well anywhere and without a lot of equipment. Marching/ walking on the spot, exercising on the

Sharon Tod, who is a lawyer with Inkster Christie Hughes LLB.,spoke to "Preventing Financial Abuse," for our third session. It is paramount that everyone, especially people who are aging, have a trustworthy power of attorney, and an updated will that leaves no room for misinterpretation. Sharon gave examples of family situations that have turned into horror shows because people neglected to get their affairs in order! YIKES! As usual, Peggy arranged for a great, nutritious morning break and a delicious catered luncheon! If you have any suggestions for future Wellness Seminars, please contact Peggy Prendergast at her e-mail address: ppeggy@mts.net

Fall 2011

A “Funny” Thing Happened at the Legislature John Sushelnitsky, Public Relations

RTAM President Benoit asked retired teachers to come to the Leg on May 31, 2011, to witness the passage of a private member’s bill. Conservative education critic Cliff Cullen had put forward a bill for second reading that would give RTAM naming rights to a member on the TRAF Board. Currently, RTAM is consulted by the Government as to who might be a suitable representative but the Government retains the legal naming right and the retired teacher is a Government appointee. The bill would change all that. Quite an exciting possibility, really! Once the bill passed second reading it would go to committee for further discussion and modification, if necessary, and then back to the Leg for third and final reading and then it becomes law with the the Lt. Gov.’s signature. The twenty-some retired teachers who filled the elevator or walked up the three flights of stairs to the Visitors’ Gallery were filled with hopeful anticipation as RTAM was Fall 2011

about to move forward in its quest for official recognition by the major players in the “pension game.” Among some of the attendees, there was a belief that the bill was a “slam dunk,” to use a basketball term for a sure thing. What did the Government have to lose? It was a win-win situation if the Government simply formalized what it actually was doing. To our astonishment, the next hour was anything but a slam dunk. What should have taken five minutes stretched out to an hour as Government Members took the opportunity to review all that the Government has done for the teaching profession and Opposition Members pointed out the red herrings that were being put forward. Towards the end, the Speaker, who acts like a referee in such contests, ruled that while all Members have the right to speak on all bills, and it was his job to protect the rights of minorities, the time for private members’ bills had run out! He then asked if

Members would allow for extra time. Hearing a “no” amongst a chorus of “yeses” he ruled the time had expired and the Leg had to move on to other matters. Strange on all fronts! Back in the Conservative caucus room with Mr. Cullen , we RTAM neophytes learned that this was not the first time this bill has been discussed. It has suffered the same fate each time! Because there was an indication that some Members still wished to speak on the bill it could be back next week for a further discussion, we were told. Although this was not a bill that would cost the Government money, it was explained, it would reduce the Government’s naming power and that must be the crux of the matter. All three political parties paid homage to the retired teachers who had been so important to their education, but no forward movement happened at the Leg. Like a dog chasing its tail, the Members played the circle game. And we retired teachers witnessed the fruits of our labour dally and dawdle. RTAM KIT • 7

RTAM Pre-retirement Seminars John Sushelnitsky, Membership & Chapters Chair

Anne Monk, Gordon Campbell, Irene Wallis, Pat Bowslaugh, Richard Benoit.

In the “olden days,” RTAM representatives were invited to MTS pre-retirement seminars and could distribute RTAM materials to interested teachers. This practice changed a couple of years ago when the MTS dis-invited RTAM to their events. Consequently, the RTAM Board, through its Membership Committee and Ad Hoc committees, designed a series of brochures and a power point presentation to inform current teachers of what to expect when they cross the “river of retirement."

President Richard Benoit, Pension chair Anne Monk and Benefits chair Pat Bowslaugh. The presentations were followed by a question and answer session. The evaluations were very positive and included comments such as the following:

On April 23, 2011, the Membership Committee held its first seminar in Winnipeg. Presentations on the overall theme of retirement were made by

A second seminar was held in Brandon the following Saturday, April 30, 2011. Presentations were made by Ray Sitter, Brian Paterson and Pat


“People thought of questions that I hadn’t thought of.” “It clarified information and adds to what was presented.” “Well done! Thank you for doing this for us.”

Bowslaugh. John Solomon hosted the event on behalf of RTAM. Among the evaluations were comments such as: “Teachers should be encouraged to attend before retiring (2-3years)." “I enjoy hearing the stories of what other retired teachers have done.” “It’s such a new phase of our lives. Thankfully RTAM is providing info, resources, plans that I hadn’t realized were available or that I may need. Thanks so much!” Contact with current teachers was made through the Superintendents' oganization and RTAM sincerely appreciates that co-operation.

Fall 2011

TRAVEL SEMINAR Maureen Recksiedler, former chair A large group of RTAM members gathered at McMaster House on May 4 to participate in the annual seminar organized by the RTAM Travel Committee. We had some treats in store. Maureen Barchyn and her sister Jean Robson had prepared a well-organized power point presentation on their volunteer vacation on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. They arranged, through Habitat for Humanity Canada, to work on two Habitat builds as well as in the Habitat Store. They gave us some background on the organization and the opportunties it offers to volunteers on their builds throughout the world. If you follow Revenue Canada's rules, you can claim some of your expenses as a charitable donation. They spoke about learning new skills, living in close proximity with others, the beauty of the island and, of course, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from meeting challenges and helping others. The finale was a video, created by some of the build participants, accessed via a link to You Tube. Jean and Maureen's enthusiastic presentation received many positive comments on the evaluation forms, for example, "Great work ladies." The second treat of the seminar was the very important health break. The committee provided muffins, cinnamon buns and fruit along with beverages. There was a buzz of conversation as people visited with each other and chatted with Jean and Maureen. This gave the committee an opportunity to set up the second presentation.

MANITOBA NORMAL SCHOOL Class of 1953-1954 will be celebrating our 58th year reunion on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in Brandon, Manitoba at the UKRAINIAN READING ASSOCIATION HALL located at 1005 Assiniboine Avenue For information contact Marg Cullen: mcullen@wcgwave.ca or 204-727-8833 Information and registration forms will be sent in September to all classmates whose addresses are known. If you do not receive yours, or you changed your mailing address, e-mail or phone number contact Matt Kawchuk: mrmatt1@mts.net or phone 204-728-8432. Please register before June 30, 2012.

Fall 2011

Our third treat was delivered by RTAM board member Bill Taylor from Brandon and formerly Thompson who had just returned from his tour called the Mongolian Express. He had us laughing with him as he described his struggle with technology to prepare his presentation for the workshop. He met the group in Beijing and showed us "the only open space in China, Tiananmen Square." We travelled with him through Mongolia where he showed us monuments to Genghis Khan and the most luxurious yurts, smallest horses and other hardy animals set in a treeless plain with a mountainous backdrop. The bunks in the sleeping quarters on the Siberian Express caused Bill to fondly remember Via Rail's private bedrooms. He got know his tour companions very well. They made several stops in Russia and the tour ended in the magnificent city of St. Petersburg. He provided us with handouts and enough information so we could begin planning our own trips. Bill entertained us with energy, enthusiasm and humour. Throughout his presentation there was a great deal of laughter and many positive comments were written on the evaluation forms. Four lucky attendees won prizes in our draw. Two of the prizes were donated by Bill.


The Winnipeg School Division is pleased again to offer to its retirees and their adult family members discounted fitness passes with the City of Winnipeg recreational facilities. Enrolment will be from June 13 to September 20, 2011 inclusive, with the fitness passes being effective October 1, 2011. Further information will be available online after June 1, 2011 at http://www.wsd1.org/humanresources/wellness.htm NGOabroad is an unique service that helps you enter or advance in international humanitarian work and provides frugal international volunteer opportunities. http://www.ngoabroad.com/



Text and photos by Ed Arndt

Tour participants on the grounds of the relocated Assiniboine Community College.

“Rain drops keep fallin’ on my head, but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red.” The first few words of that old familiar song might have resonated well with the approximately 36 retired teachers and their guests as they boarded a Brandon Bus Coach, amidst a steady downpour of rain, on the morning of June 15, for another in a series of annual one-day bus tours, organized by the Southwest Assiniboine Chapter of Retired Teachers’ Association. Although the rain came down “in buckets” and the sky was overcast, this did not dampen the spirits of the tour participants as they joined tour organizer, Kel Smith and bus driver, Hans Gantenbein, for a tour which would include several sites in and near Brandon. With just a “hint” of military-type precision planning, we left Virden “almost” precisely at 0800 hours, with a brief stop at Oak Lake to pick up some passengers. As we proceeded east on Highway # 1, it was evident that much of the area was inundated with water, particularly the Grand 10 • RTAM KIT

Brandon Bus Lines driver, Hans Gantenebein with Kel Smith.

Valley area. The devastation caused by flood waters to roads in the area was very evident at the overpass at the junction of Grand Valley Road # 459 and # 1 Highway. The sight of the huge sandbag dikes in Brandon reinforced the seriousness of the flood situation. Perhaps, in terms of the overwhelming amount of water in Brandon, I should refer to our first site visitation on our tour in nautical terms as our “first port of call,” which was the new Brandon Fire Hall located at 120-18th Street. Here, we were split up into two groups, with an assigned guide, and were given a detailed tour and an explanation of the inner working of a very modern Fire & Emergency Services Facility. The fire hall also houses a bit of a museum and we were particularly interested in viewing the self-propelled Bickle Fire Truck used in the very early days of the Brandon Fire Department. This truck displayed a 1929 licence plate, indicating it had seen active duty during that year for certain.

We once again braved the elements and proceeded on to our next stop, the new location of the Assiniboine Community College on Brandon’s North Hill, the former Mental Hospital Grounds. Here, we toured the $46 million Len Evans Centre for Trades & Technology Building which was officially opened on October 1, 2010. This building houses a “high tech, world class training facility to help build capacity to meet the growing need for more skilled workers in high demand sectors in today’s economy.” This building was named in honour of Len Evans, the long-time member of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly for the Constituency of Brandon East. We also toured the Culinary Arts & Hotel & Restaurant Management Building, a “ state- of-the-art” facility, which houses the new Manitoba Institute of Arts. The kitchen facilities proved very interesting as did the dining hall of the former Nurses’ Residence, preserved in its original condition. After a stop for lunch at the Main Lounge of the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans, we once again “embarked” for a tour of the Royal Canadian Artillery Museum at CFB-Shilo. This facility is special in many ways as it is the home to a unique collection of artillery in Canada going back to the beginning of Canada’s military history, including the creation of both Canada’s regular armed forces, the Northwest Mounted Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Unfortunately, in the space allotted Fall 2011

for this article, it is impossible to do justice to describing all of the items on display in this museum . . . one must see the displays . I was impressed with many of the items at this museum, but one that really stood out, in my estimation, was an original copy of the poem, “In Flanders’ Fields,” in author John McCrae’s own handwriting. (This copy dated December 8, 1915). The final site on our tour was the Westman Reptile Gardens located

near Shilo, which houses a variety of reptiles not normally seen in western Manitoba. This collection was started and grew as a result of owner Dave Shelvey’s passion for exotic animals, which turned into a full time business, originally known as “Dave’s Reptiles & Stuff.” This location displays an interesting array of reptiles and insects with exotic names such as a “Crotalus Scutlatus,” a Mojave Rattlesnake; a “Crocodylus Niloticus”, a Nile crocodile; a “Python Molarus,” Burmese

RWTA SPRING OUTING June 23, 2011, was a glorious summer day, after weeks with too much rain. We left Winnipeg on our St. Claude bus tour with high expectations. The event certainly lived up to its promise and everyone agreed it was a very fine outing. Fifty plus of us headed off from the city in a new Beaver bus, with helpful Jack as driver and Bessie Marie Hill as our ever prepared and interesting guide. As we travelled westward, we became more aware of the flooding conditions, with the Assiniboine River so high and many fields under water. We know how very difficult 2011 has been for many Manitoba people. Our first stop was a snack break at Auberge Clemence at Elie. The welcome there is always genuine and the grounds are lovely. We travelled on to St. Claude, our destination for the day. The welcome to the town is a statue of "Wonder Woman" holding up a bale of hay with the inscription, "We're strong on farming." St. Claude, founded in 1892 by settlers from the Brittany area of France, is the dairy Fall 2011

centre of Manitoba with a large Parmalat facility that manufactures cheese and other dairy products. Our first stop was at the kilometrelong city park where North America's largest smoking pipe is featured. It commemorates the early settlers, who came from the French city of St. Claude, where the main industry was pipe making. The park is beautiful with flowers, picnic spots and well trimmed lawns. We went on to the Senior Centre where a delicious soup, sandwich and dessert lunch was served. After lunch, we went to the town museum area, where a couple in the 19th century costumes of Brittany demonstrated methods of separating milk, as well as the making of butter, cheese and yogurt. We toured the four museums on that site, including the former railway depot, closed in 1972, which now houses a variety of community artifacts. The dairy museum has equipment and pictures from years back, while the old Bell school house and the former church

python; a “Naja Kaoutha,” a monocled Cobra; and many more! Again, to truly appreciate the variety of the reptiles housed here, a personal visit is a must. Following our “reptile adventure,” we departed for Brandon for supper at the “Beef ‘n Barrel” Restaurant and then “embarked” for Virden arriving at the scheduled time of 1900 hrs., bringing to an end a very enjoyable day, thanks to the efforts of our organizer and our bus driver.

Submitted by Joan Anderson

are filled with memorabilia of times past. Our next stop was at the museum Gaol, built in 1913 and restored; it now also houses the local Chamber of Commerce. We visited and toured the nationally recognized and unique Saint Claude Church and bell tower, designed by architect Etienne Gaboury, who designed St. Boniface Cathedral. Father Marcel Carriere explained that the church was built in 1964, after Vatican II, in accordance with principles established at that time. After visiting the church, we returned to the museum site for a snack of homemade buns and spreads with our afternoon drinks. Our hosts at St. Claude couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful - a big plus for the day. Our trip back to Winnipeg was along Highway #2, with Bess pointing out places of interest and giving us the history of the areas. We arrived in the city very pleased with our delightful day. Thanks, Bessie-Marie!


OKANAGAN CHAPTER AGM Text and photos by Lorna Rothwell On April 12, 2011, twenty members of the Okanagan Chapter of RTAM met at the Yellowhouse Restaurant in Kelowna for our annual general meeting. Treasurer Roy Lycar gave his report, which was followed by the election of officers for 2011-2012. The membership voted that the cur-

Roy Lycar and Sonia Sontag

Lorne and Sue Lisik

Marion and Art Ferguson

rent executive would serve for another term. We discussed the events of the past year, and made suggestions for future gatherings. In September, we plan to meet in Peachland for a walk through Hardy Falls Park to see the Kokanee salmon run, then have lunch at a local restaurant.

Nancy Kostiuk and Betty Cameron

Leo and isabelle McGinn

Rose Windjack and Lorna Rothwell

Nancy Kostiuk and Betty Cameron

RETIRED WOMEN TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Dolores Hébert, President I wish to invite all retired women teachers to join our organization. Our luncheons, held four times a year, are a good means of staying connected and reconnecting with our retired colleagues. We do also offer an entertaining outing. These luncheons are held at the Masonic Centre, 420 Corydon Ave. (confusion corner). For more information please contact our membership chair, Emily Williamson, 310 Raquette Street, Winnipeg MB R3K 1N6 or email emwill@mts.net. Looking forward to seeing you. Luncheon dates and outing September 29, 2011: December 1, 2011: February 23, 2012:


Buffet lunch and Fashion Show Served lunch - Program: TBA Buffet lunch - Program: Steven Shipper, MTC Artistic Director

April 26, 2012: June, 2012:

Served lunch - AGM/Program: TBA Outing - Date and itinerary TBA

Executive Committee 2011-2012 Past President: Mary Pankiw; President: Dolores Hébert; Vice-President: Diane Bewell; Recording Secretary: Pat Opalko; Corresponding Secretary: Cecile AlarieSkene; Treasurer: Azra Khan; Club Notices: Diane Bewell, Ruth Hartnell; Social Committee: Bessie -Marie Hill, Louise Burton, Phillis Kalinsky, Deb Scott, Lynda Tunny, Dolores Tutkaluk; Tickets: Birdielyn Gray, Kathleen Parums; Pension & RTAM: Peggy Prendergast; Pianist: Bernice Giesbrecht; Visiting Committee: Ruth Hartnell, Lee Bilodeau; Publicity: June Slobodian; Membership: Emily Williamson; Archivist: Jean Leighton. Fall 2011

Le 10e anniversaire des ÉMR soumis par Antoine Gagné, secrétaire Le 28 avril 2011, plus de 40 personnes se sont rassemblées pour le 10e AGA des ÉMR au Canad’Inn du parc Windsor. Chaque membre-fondateur présent reçut une boutonnière à son arrivée. La réunion débuta par un moment solennel commémorant les éducatrices et éducateurs francophones décédés depuis l’an 2000. Puis Denis Bisson, un des membres-fondateurs et le premier président, fit un survol des débuts des ÉMR. Au cours de l’AGA, le Conseil de direction proposa aux membres deux nouvelles initiatives

pour s’impliquer et être mieux connus dans la communauté francophone. Au souper-buffet nous étions 62 réunis pour continuer la fête. Les quatre présidents de la première décennie furent reconnus et remerciés. Richard Benoît, président de la RTAM, félicita les ÉMR comme la section la plus dynamique de la RTAM et nous encouragea à continuer et grandir. Mariette Kirouac, Carole FreynetGagné et Natalie Labossière, le trio de Lipstick rouge, nous présentèrent

leur pièce humoristique Jacinthe, une enseignante qui raconte ses joies et ses peines dans trois différents stades de sa vie professionnelle et personnelle. Nous avons bien ri, et même versé une larme ou deux, avec ces comédiennes de chez-nous qui ont, collectivement, plus de trente ans d’expérience en théâtre, comédie, improvisation et animation. Merci au Wellness Committee de la RTAM pour son aide à défrayer les coûts de la présentation.

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK Picture and write-up courtesy of The Stonewall Teulon Tribune. Edited by Joie Van Dongen, Interlake Retired Teachers' Association informal ceremony January 14, 2011. Ron Slater of Slater Construction moved the 5000 lb. granite rock from the headland of a nearby field. The rock has been placed just east of the building site of the former school, four miles north of Balmoral, at the corner of 89N and 6E. The school, nicknamed, "The Red School" by locals back in the day, began classes with 21 students in the fall of 1885. It closed in 1914. Thexton's father, John Henry Slatter, is listed in the book 100 Years of History, Rockwood Municipality, published in 1982, as the oldest of the young adults to return to the school, in the 1889-90 school year, at age 27. The book lists his roles as student, trustee, and secretary-treasurer. Melin Shoesmith, who owns the property that the cairn is placed on, has a "soft spot" for Rockwood history and was instrumental in getting the cairn placed. Jean Rootsaert is a niece to Catherine and has an interest in the history. Catherine Thexton, a member of IRTA, Jean Rootsaert and Dr. Melin Shoesmith witnessed the placement of the commemorative cairn for the Greenridge School at an Fall 2011

The committee will have a plaque with the school's history placed at the cairn this summer, as well as plans for a fund raiser. For more information go to www.greenridgeschool-cairn.ca RTAM KIT • 13

RWTA 60th Anniversary Luncheon Text and photo by Lynda Tunny On Thursday, April 14, 2011, about 200 ladies gathered at the Manitoba Masonic Centre on Corydon to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Retired Women Teachers’ Association. Past Presidents of the organization were invited and 11 of them were able to attend. Other honorary guests included any present or past members who are now over 90 years of age. Seven of these ladies were also able to attend. Graeme McCombe, a young bag-piper, led a procession of all the honorary guests to their tables. Bessie Marie Hill, the master of ceremonies, led us in singing a table grace. A delicious roast beef dinner was served, followed by a special anniversary cake. The guest speakers were Pat Isaak, MTS President and Richard Benoit, RTAM

Past presidents.

President. Nancy Allen, Minister of Education, was unable to attend but sent her greetings. All of the past presidents shared their memories and reflections. Entertainment was provided by Heidi Toews, who played the piano and sang some very uplifting songs. The luncheon ended with door prizes and the executive leading the singing of “School Days.” Past Presidents: Barb McDole, Monica Harder, Maxine Siemens, Irene Huska, Eloise Johnston, Frederica Borys, Joyce Kohut, Caroline Inglis, Velma Motherall, Ernestine Fenny, Dr. Mary Pankiw Honorary Guests: Dr. Louisa Loeb, Jean Purdy, Alice Mark, Frances Lowe, Valdine Johnson, Jean Deans, Ada Allen

Honourary guests.

Canadian Snowbird Association The Canadian Snowbird Association is a national not -for-profit advocacy and member service association dedicated to actively defending and improving the rights of travelling Canadians. Canadian Snowbird Association welcomes your call at 1-800-265-3200 www.snowbirds.org for a free Snowbird Retirement Kit The kit includes: * a one year complimentary CSA membership; * information on retirement abroad; * Snowbird Currency Exchange program information for moving money between Canadian and U.S bank accounts; 14 • RTAM KIT

* CSA Traveller's checklist; * Medipac Travel Insurance Guide; * CSA Auto Club; * CSA Personal Accident Insurance Plan; Become aware of: • new border crossing protocals and customs requirements, especially when travelling to the U.S.; • safety issues for Canadians; • importance of travel health insurance; • restrictions and limitations of government health plans. • When calling for a free kit, please indicate you are a RTAM member. Fall 2011

50TH ANNIVERSARY of MTC CLASS OF 1960-61 Text and photos by Ed Arndt, Class “A”

and memorabilia on display which brought back a flood of memories of “when we were young.” A lumni at tending were primarily from Ma n itoba , however our attendance register showed former classmates attending from several places in British Columbia (Vancouver and Surrey) as well as from Lincoln, California. Also, our class had Lorraine Arndt and Norma Jonasson: Registration desk attendants, welcome Guy the distinction of havBoulianne (Winnipeg), the first member of the graduating class to register for the ing in our midst the first 50th Anniversary Celebration, June 25, 2011. Hutterite in Canada to On June 25, 2011, some 60 members (and their spouses) graduate from Maniof the 1960-61 Graduating Class of the Manitoba Teachers' toba Teachers’ College. College gathered at The Seniors for Seniors Hall in Brandon Peter Maendel was in for a reunion organized by Harold Jonasson, Fred Saun- his late 30’s/early 40/s Below: Marcel Bonneau, MTC Instructor ders and Ed Arndt, with assistance from spouses Norma when he attended MTC 1960-61, cuts the 50th Anniversary cake. Jonasson and Lorraine Arndt as well as former classmates and he was able to join Leita Ramsey-Paterson and Grace Toews. us from his home at the Fairholme Hutterite Colony near The afternoon began with registration at 1:00 p.m. and Portage la Prairie. an “Autograph Exchange” . . . a perfect opportunity to We were also extremely pleased to have with us one of become reacquainted; our last reunion, the 30th, was held the few remaining MTC instructors from the 1960-61 in 1991! There was also ample time to view the photos school year in the person of Marcel Bonneau, who was our featured speaker of the evening. In his presentation Peter Maendel, Fairholme Colony, flanked by his daughters, Dora (left) and Anna Mr. Bonneau took us down “Memory Lane” and shared (right) registers for the 50th Anniversary of the 1960-61 MTC Graduating Class. with us some insights from the perspective of a young MTC instructor facing his first group of Teachers’ College students, the graduates of 1960-61. The other remaining instructor known to us is Colin Walley, our MTC Music Instructor, who was unfortunately unable to attend due to flood related problems. During the formal part of the day’s program, a number of graduates took advantage of the “open mic” to share with us a few memories of their year at MTC, some of which sounded quite similar to what you might hear in a confessional booth! The evening concluded with the taking of class photos, the cutting of the Anniversary Cake by Mr. Bonneau and a strong resolve that we would gather again as a group in approximately five years time . . . no 30 year time lapse!

Fall 2011


REUNION: 70 years CLASS OF 1941 Text and photos by Jean Young

Nine classmates of the Brandon Normal School Class of 1940-41 met at Mum's Restaurant at Brandon's Golf and Country Club on July 15, 2011, to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of our 1941 graduation as teachers. After a delicious buffet, we paused for a few moments to remember those who were not able to attend and also those who have passed on. Then we spent an enjoyable time reminiscing about our class year, our teaching careers, our families and our retirement years. Pictures were taken as a memento of a pleasant afternoon. Those attending were: Back Row, L. to R: Eva Gooden, Dorothy Beswitherick, Anne Nevin, Islay Bell, Margaret Wilkie, Jessie Metcalf; Front Row: Agnes Trailhard, Jean Young, Elsie Cory.

MTC CLASS OF 1958 – 59 REUNION Text and photo by Mary Steer- Mitchell The Manitoba Teachers’ College class of 1958-59 celebrated the 52nd anniversary of their graduation on May 25, 2011. The event was held at the Centro Caboto Centre on Wilkes Avenue in Winnipeg. Over one hundred forty grads and guests enjoyed visiting and renewing friendship during the reception and meal. A warm welcome was given to their Music instructor, Dr. Colin Walley, and the residence Dining Hall Chef, Ken Shimizu, and his wife, Sachiko. Enjoyable entertainment was provided by the Clifton School Bell Ringers; Janet Lacroix, a comedian; and the musical group, Misbhavin’. Included in the program was a tribute honouring the deceased members of the class. The results of a survey completed by the grads indicated an overwhelming support for a similar event to celebrate the 55th. Tentatively, the date is May 21, 2014 (the Wednesday after the 20 • RTAM KIT

Back row: Emily Jansen-Williamson, Marge Hatch-Coleman, Dorothy Danielson-Olatson, Ada Ringrose-Wiebe. Front row: Alice Guest, Mary Steer Mitchell, Helen Los-Kwaitkoski, Erna Zieroth-Iwanoczko.

Victoria Day weekend). Ada Ringrose-Wiebe has agreed to maintain and update the data base of contact information for the grads. If you wish to volunteer for the 55th or have a change of address, email,

phone number or know of the passing of a fellow grad, please notify Ada @ 204-837-8120 or henryandada@ shaw.ca More photos on page 28 Fall 2011

rtam board 2011-2012 Richard Benoit

President Winnipeg, Manitoba Richard was elected to the RTAM Board of Directors in 2006. Since then he has been active on many committees including Public Relations, Benefits, Pensions, AGM, Political Action and Bylaws and Policy, having chaired the latter three for one year. In 2009-2010 he served as President of RTAM. Born and raised in southwestern Manitoba, Richard was a teacher, principal, secretary-treasurer and superintendent of schools in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. As well he taught Educational Administration at the University of Regina and retired as professor and administrator from the College universitaire de Saint-Boniface after twenty years of service. Richard has been or is active on many Boards of Administration including Child and Family Services of Central Manitoba (chair for 6 years), Child and Family All Nations Coordinated Network (ANCR) and Parish Board of Administration (chair for nine years) and many other organizations. He was very involved in many professional committees at the local or provincial levels of MTS or STF, MASS, College and University of Manitoba committees in the faculties of Education and Graduate Studies.

for 2 years, in addition to being a member of the pension committee as well as a member on many ad hoc committees, I have been fortunate to gain a wide perspective on RTAM’s numerous activities. Due to this wide perspective I feel it is appropriate to put my name forward for the position of Vice President. The coming year is going to be an important one with the upcoming Provincial Election and I therefore plan to continue my involvement with both the political action and pension committees. I also believe RTAM is achieving a well recognized standing as an advocate for all retired teachers and we need to continue our good work and image. I look forward to your support.

Jag Malik

Treasurer Gilbert Plains, Manitoba

Richard has enjoyed his experience as Chair of RTAM last year and is looking forward to continue collaborating with the Board and the entire membership in promoting the causes of RTAM for the coming year, if elected.

After teaching for 26 years in Gilbert Plains Collegiate I retired in 1995 and decided to live in the town of Gilbert Plains.

Richard and his wife Lucille (who retired in 2008 after 40 years in education, the last 27 as an administrator) are enjoying retirement and are very proud of their daughter Lauranne who is presently in her fourth year of teaching.

During my teaching years I was involved with the Local Division Association of Manitoba Teachers’ Society in various capacities and served on the MTS Executive 5 years.

Wayne Hughes

Vice President Winnipeg, Manitoba I have been involved with RTAM for the past six years as a committee member ( 6 years) and board member (5 years). Having chaired the political action committee Fall 2011

I became an RTAM Board member in 1997 and have served as Treasurer since 1999. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support during these years and ask for your continued support for another term as RTAM Treasurer.


rtam directors at large 2011-2012 Dolores Hebert

Winnipeg My name is Dolores Hebert. I retired from the Winnipeg School Division 8 years ago. I have had a varied and interesting career in Education. I have taught at all levels in British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba. I was also lucky enough to teach in Germany for 2 years for the Department of National Defence. I spent 3 years as a French consultant for the Department of Education. I finished my teaching career as a Principal. I was always involved as a teacher or administrator representative in my local associations. I spend my time now as a volunteer at the St. Boniface hospital gift shop, as well as the Retired Women Teachers’ Association, of which I will be President in the coming year. I have always been interested and involved in associations with a purpose, such as RTAM. I feel I am capable and willing to work for RTAM, to better the lives of retired teachers.

Ron Kalinchuk

Virden Ron has served on the RTAM Board for the past three years. He has been the Website Committee Chair for those years and has also served on the Membership, Chapter Formation and Liaison/Membership, and Public Relations. As well he has been Chair of the Communications Committee which tries to combine the needs of Public Relations, KIT and Website to coordinate any communications that we do for the Association. Ron has served as the Webmaster for the website and has been trying to develop a new look for the website. The work is an ongoing task and involves trying to preserve the good “old” material as well as adding new material as it 22 • RTAM KIT

becomes available. Things like posting pdf files of KIT are a major goal and all the past issues of KIT are slowly being added to the new site so they will be available to all. Ron would like to become more pro-active in keeping the site relevant and updated and realizes there are many improvements to be made to the currently revamped site. Ron wishes to have his name stand again for Director, so he may continue his work on the web site and continue to interact with a great group of retired teachers working very hard for the rights that we all deserve. Ron represents the Western part of the Province and would like to continue serving as another representative from outside the great “perimeter wall”. (No slight intended to the many excellent and talented members from the great city of Winnipeg – you have been an inspiration to me!) Ron asks for your continued support to make it possible for him to serve yet another year on the RTAM Board.

Barbara McDole

Winnipeg I have just finished serving on the RWTA (Retired Womens’ Teachers Association) Board for nine years, and am presently on my second year with the RTAM Board. I am continuing to work with my Service Dog, Bear, in the Louis Riel School Division and with St. Amant. I will continue to work with the Wellness Committee and any other ad hoc committees that need support. I have put my name forward for another term as a Board member.

Anne Monk

Winnipeg I have served for several years on the RTAM Board of Directors in several capacities. My main focus has been serving as first a member of and then as chairperson of the Pension Committee. While serving as chairperson, I have Fall 2011

also represented RTAM on the Teachers’ Pension Task Force. In addition, I have served as vice-president for two years and have been a member of a number of committees - the Political Action Committee, the AGM Committee, the Ad Hoc Brochures Committee and the Ad Hoc Office Space Committee. My experience in pension governance has enabled me to be a resource on pension matters, having served ten years on the TRAF Board, including a time as vice-chair and acting chair of both the Board and the Investment Committee, and six years on the board of its investment management subsidiary, including serving as its chair. I look forward to continuing to work to further the interests of retired teachers with respect to the ongoing COLA problem. My teaching career was spent entirely in the Winnipeg School Division. I am enjoying my retirement years, residing in Winnipeg and taking occasional trips abroad.

Judy Olmstead

Brandon I was born and raised in Swan River Valley. I attended the University of Manitoba, receiving a B. A. (1970) and Ed. (1971). I taught in Thompson, first in junior high, and then in middle years. I served on the negotiating committee for the local association. I was also involved in coordinating several volunteer groups in Thompson, including Thompson Festival of the Arts, 4-H Club, and church craft sale. I moved with my family to Brandon in 1997 where I spent the last 6 years teaching at and running a Hutterite colony school. I have been an RTAM member since retiring four years ago, and have been secretary of WREA for the past two years. I enjoy singing, curling, gardening, travelling and spending time with my grandchildren.

Fall 2011

Dr. Mary Pankiw Winnipeg

I was born and raised in Winnipeg where I received my early education. After Grade 12 I attended Normal School and graduated with a first class teaching certificate. I taught four years in rural Manitoba and then joined Winnipeg School Division No. 1 where I taught until retirement. My career of 42 years spanned all levels of the public school system. Combining career, motherhood and study, I earned my BA at the University of Manitoba. Widowed, when the youngest of my five children was three, I completed my Bed. In 1972, I earned my MEd and was the first female to enroll full-time in the Faculty of Educational Administration at U of M. In the summer of 1976, I studied at the Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv, Ukraine, then under U.S.S.R. In 1978 I earned my PhD at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, Germany. I have chaired and served professional committees, on the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association, Manitoba Teachers’ Society and Department of Education. I worked to further development of language and music education along with multiculturalism and advocated for issues at all levels. I served on the Senate of University of Manitoba from 1982-88. As an elected delegate of the National Council of Women of Canada I attended the International Women’s Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, 2006. From 2007-09, I served on the National Council of the Canadian College of Teachers as Vice-President and Councillor (Western Region). I am a Past President of the Canadian College of Teaches (Manitoba chapter), Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church, Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada (Winnipeg Region), Manitoba Society of Seniors, Council of Women of Winnipeg, Ukrainian Canadian Women’s Council (Winnipeg), and Councils of Women of Manitoba: Life Members Association. Honours/Awards: 1967 – Canada’s Centennial Medal for “outstanding contribution to education”. 1998 – YMCA-YWCA Woman of Distinction Award A lpha Omega Alumnae’s “Ukrainian Woman of the Year” Chatelaine’s “Who’s Who of Canadian Women” RTAM KIT • 23

2005 - Osvita Foundation of Manitoba, re: EnglishUkrainian Bilingual Program 2007 - FCCT (Fellow Canadian College of Teachers) 2008 - “HER STORY – THE CANADIAN WOMEN’S CALENDAR” featured on page 100 2010 - University of Manitoba Ukrainian Canadian Alumni Committee: “Distinguished Alumna Award of the University of Manitoba for outstanding contribution and service to the Canadian and Ukrainian Canadian Community” in the field of education. Currently, I am completing my term as President of the Retired Women Teachers’ Association of Manitoba during our 60th Anniversary Year. Also, I am a member of the City of Winnipeg’s Seniors Advisory Committee As a RTAM Board Member these past two years, I served as Vice-President and as a member on three committees: Bylaws and Policy, Educational Advocacy and Travel. It has been a privilege to serve all retired teachers. I look forward to continue serving on the RTAM Board and promoting the interests of all retired teachers.

Carol Pelton

Thompson Carol Pelton, Owner/Manager of Travel Only Thompson, is completing her sixth year as a travel professional after retiring from teaching in 2003. Carol has formal education in special education and reading, and physical education with a minor in geography. During her teaching career, she taught in Ontario, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Northern Manitoba with a range of teaching assignments from classroom teacher to Senior Department Head. In her position as Senior Department Head, she was responsible for teacher supervision and evaluation, school professional development and effective programme management. In her role as a Resource Teacher, she co-authored a paper for the Boundaries Review Commission and cochaired a workshop on FASD. She was involved with her professional teachers’ associations either at a local or Provincial level. Her extensive travel experiences began with repre24 • RTAM KIT

senting the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture on a Junior Farmers’ Exchange to the United Kingdom in 1975. A teacher’s exchange to Australia in 1978, followed by three years in Papua New Guinea from 1981 - 1983 continued to expand her knowledge of many countries and the diversity of cultures. Her final trip prior to returning to Canada took her to Thailand, Burma, Nepal and a four month overland trip to the United Kingdom. She has continued to expand her travel destinations since returning to Canada in 1984. Carol has been a member of the Business and Professional Women (BPW) since 1991. Locally, she has served in a variety of executive positions, as well as, representing the Club at Provincial and National Conventions. Provincially, she is a Past President and represented the Province on the National Board. Nationally, she held the position of Vice President. She co-chaired the National Convention held in Winnipeg in 2008. Internationally, Carol has attended Regional Meetings in St. Maarten and Cuba and Congresses in Vancouver, Melbourne and Lucerne. Carol, joined women from across Canada as part of a BPW Canada travel group visiting China in 1997 as part of a cultural exchange. She attended the Status of Women Conference at the United Nations in 2005 and as part of a BPW International panel on Education presented a paper entitled “ Education in Canada - Girls and Women as Learners: Promoting Education and Training”. Carol established her own business in 1992 as a consultant for a company establishing computer-based adult education programming. Since that time, under her company umbrella, she has run a variety of home-based businesses with the most recent being Watkins and Travel Only. She has also been a landlord. Carol is currently a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Thompson Citizenship Council and the Rotary Club. Carol’s volunteer activities within her teaching career and outside within the community have provided opportunities to develop leadership skills and to organize a variety of events/workshops in a collaborative setting and would be an asset to committee work with the RTAM Board.

Ted Poulter

Winnipeg Ted Poulter was born in Winnipeg Oct.2, 1937. He received his early education in St. Vital and post secondary studies at St.John's College and the University of Manitoba attaining a B.A.(1958) and a B.Ed. (1962). Fall 2011

He taught in St. Vital S.D.#6 at Norberry Jr.High, Glenlawn Collegiate and Dakota Collegiate. He was vice principal at Dakota Collegiate 1966-1979 and Principal at St. George School a nd Glenwood School until he retired in 1990. He has been married to his wife Edna since 1960 and has 2 children –daughter Pam(a registered nurse) and son John (a High school Physics teacher). He has been a RTAM member since his retirement, has attended several Annual Meetings and is currently President of the Riel Chapter of RTAM. He is running as a Director in the election at the Annual Meeting in May.

Peggy Prendergast

Winnipeg Formerly a teacher and an administrator in the Winnipeg School Division, I have been associated with RTAM for the past 12 years in various capacities: o M ember of the Group Benefits Committee (which then dealt with pensions), o Vice-President and member of the MTS Pension Task Force Committee and thus on the Pension Task Force from 1999 to 2005 - President - Appointed Executive Director from 2000 until 2005 - Again elected an RTAM Board member -C haired the Wellness Committee since the inception of the committee -E ditorial Committee member for 9 years, -P ension Committee chair for 4 years and member for 10. My commitment to RTAM is twofold: - a ssisting the Board in solving the COLA issue and -p roviding help to our members in the area of social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness. I also have a commitment to ‘seniors’ in the community generally. I believe in the concept of Age Friendly Cities. I teach for Creative Retirement Manitoba (CRM) and was a Fall 2011

member of that Board for six years. I am a member of the Seniors’ Advisory Committee to the Mayor of the City of Winnipeg. I am also a member of the Manitoba Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. I believe we, as retired teachers, are a significant part of a fast growing population of seniors in our Province. Seniors have a great deal of experience and energy to commit to our communities. They are living longer and are generally healthy. They also have needs and concerns that need to be recognized and dealt with by the governments of our Province, our Cities, and our Communities.

Doreen Sage

Neepawa From Swan River, and after teaching in the rural area, took a Business Education Course and worked for McLeods and Eatons. Went back to teaching and taught Business Education in Swan River and Neepawa. I have been on the RTAM Board for several years, as a member of the Finance Committee and Group Benefits Committee. I was the Chair of the Finance Committee, but because of changing needs of RTAM members, the committee was renamed Wellness. I organized many Wellness Seminars throughout the province. I moved to the job of Editor of KIT nine years ago. I have found this to be most rewarding and I hope to be able to continue. I live in Neepawa with husband Ed Sage. I do a variety of volunteering and spend time gardening.

John Sushelnitsky

Portage la Prairie John grew up in Boissevain, took his B.A. at Brandon College (’64), taught two years in Tanzania, got his Teaching certificate (’67) at the U. of Manitoba and taught in Portage la Prairie until 2003. He served the Manitoba Teachers’ Society in many capacities throughout his career and was given a life membership in 2004. RTAM KIT • 25

He joined the RTAM Board five years ago and has served on the Membership, Wellness and Political Action Committees as well as heading the Public Relations Committee each year. He enjoys music and has started two bands that entertain at senior centers. Sports have always been a big part of his personal and teaching activity, and he continues to enjoy tennis.

J. Norman Wiebe

Portage la Prairie Norman lives in Portage la Prairie. He is married with 2 children and 4 grandchildren. He grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba and taught for 35 years starting in a 1-room country school. He taught all grade levels and was an administrator for a number of years. He has always been active in the MTS local associations in various executive positions. After retirement he substituted at the Agassiz Youth Centre for 8 years. He previously served as Director on the RTAM board and was a member on the Political Action and Travel committees. He feels that RTAM must maintain a strong voice to protect the interests of retired teachers. SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION RETIRED WOMEN TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION 1951-2011


r Mary Pankiw (Hrenchu k), was the 2011 Recipient of the Eira 'Babs' Friesen Lifetime Achievement Award. The Award was presented by t he Honou r a ble Minister Jennifer Howard, Minister of the Status of Women on May 4, 2011 at the Thirty-Fifth Annual YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Awards. This Award is given by the Manitoba Women's Advisory Council, (Status of Women) to honour a woman who has made a unique contribution to women's equality. Dr Pankiw received this Award for "expanding opportunities and promoting human rights through education, community service and advocacy." This is the second time this Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented.

These letters collected together Resonate reminiscently loud and clear “BEST WISHES” and “HAPPY SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY” Reflecting dazzling DIAMONDS far and near. April 14, 2011

S is for the STUDENTS that we have taught. I is for the INSPIRATION that they have brought. X is for the X number of lines that bullies were ordered to write. T is for the TEARS shed when the strap executed judgment and fright. I is for the INKWELLS where ribboned braids, by boyish pranks, were dipped. E is for EXCITEMENT when someone was unexpectedly tripped. T is for the TOGETHERNESS of early school dismissal, freedom and fun. H is for the HAPPINESS during recess times under the golden sun. A is for the APPLES on teacher's desk, lined in rows, gifts shiny and red. N is for the NEW day when sleepy heads were aroused from bed. N is for the NAMES of students who earned stars shiny, silvery and bright. I is for the INTEREST of various classes about everything in sight. V is for the VIM, VIGOUR and VITALITY of every VIBRANT class. E is for the ENTHUSIASM in June over earning and receiving a “PASS.” R is for the READING, 'RITING and 'RITHMETIC covered each day. S is for the SMILES that brightened us all each day along life's way. A is for the ALARM that signalled everyone outside for each fire drill. R is for the REPORTS that diligent students did thrill. Y is for the YARDSTICKS that Yesterdays' memories do fill.

Copyright Mary (Hrenchuk) Pankiw


Fall 2011

RTAM CHAPTER PRESIDENTS 2011 -2012 Boyne Chapter of Retired Teachers Clarice Gilchrist, President Box 2195 Carman, MB ROG 0J0 204-745-2106 clarice@mts.net Dauphin Area Retired Teachers’ Association Rita Warrian, President 41 Stradbrooke Place Dauphin, MB R7N 0M8 204-638-6119 mwarrian@mymts.net Educatrices et Educateurs manitobains a la retraite (EMR) Alfred Phaneuf, President 12 Erie Bay Winnipeg MB R2J 2A1 294-269-6463 Phaneuf2@mts.net

Intermountain Retired Teachers’ Association Mel Graves, President Box 247 Grandview, MB R0L 0Y0 204-546-2489 mgraves@mts.net

Portage la Prairie Retired Teachers’ Association Les Porteous, Co-President 56 La Verendreye Crescent Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 1B2 203-857-3193 lesporte@shaw.ca

Neepawa Area Retired Teachers’ Association Marg Marciski, President Box 118 Glenella, MB R0J 0V0 204-352-4292 marmarc@mts.net

Marvin Krawec, Co-President 52 La Verendrye Crescent Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 1B2 204-857-3194 marcon@mts.net

Northeastman Chapter Rudi Klassen, President 7 Dalhousie Pinawa, MB R0E 1L0 204-753-8336 rudklass@mts.net

Hanover Association of Retired Teachers Ric Goerzen, Co-President 355 Golfview Crescent Steinbach, MB R5G 2A2 204-326-3918 goerzen@mts.net

North East Winnipeg Retired Teachers’ Association Lorraine Forrest 22 Middlehurst Crescent Winnipeg, MB R2G 4C5 204-667-7933 jforrest@mts.net

Brian Gadsby, Co-President 144 Oakenwald Crescent Mitchell, MB R5G 1J2 204-326-6753 brgadsby@hotmail.com

Okanagan Chapter of RTAM Lorna Rothwell, Co-President 1664 Merlot Drive Westbank, BC V4T 2X7 250-870-1293 lrothwell@shaw.ca

Interlake Retired Teachers’ Association Darlene Dufily, President 6-191 Hamilton Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2Y 2L4 204-888-8657 dadufily@mts.net

Fall 2011

Lorne Lisik, Co-President 2600 Saddleridge Drive Westbank, BC V4T 2K7 250-768-8454 l-slisik@shaw.ca

Retired Teachers of Winnipeg Doreen Pruden, President 128 Riverbend Crescent Winnipeg, MB R3J 1K3 Cleo128@mts.net Retired Women Teachers’ Association Dolores Hebert, President 110 Des Meurons Street Winnipeg, MB R2H 2M3 204-233-8618 dlhebert@shaw.ca Riel Retired Teachers’ Association Ted Poulter, President 432 Avalon Road Winnipeg, MB R2M 2K7 204-253-0287 tedpoult@mts.net RTAM St. James Assiniboia Chapter Connie Newman, President 19 – 2825 Ness Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3J 1A9 204-837-5859 ccnewman@shaw.ca


Southwest Assiniboine Chapter of Retired Teachers Jerome Brockman, President Box 208 Reston, MB R0M 1X0 204-877-3387 brockmanjerome@hotmail.com


Swan Valley Retired Teachers John Solomon, President Box 801 Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0 204-734-2999 jjmsol@mts.net The Pas Retired Teachers’ Association Vel McAdam, President Box 775, 1019 Halcrow Avenue The Pas, MB R9A 1K8 204-623-3707 kelseybl@mts.net Thompson Association of Retired Teachers Joan Goble, President 224 Riverside Drive Thompson, MB R8N 0X2 mgoble@mts.net VanIsles Chapter –RTAM Val Davies, Co-President 1379 Madrona Drive Nanoose Bay, BC V9P 9C9 250-468-7539 Val_air@telus.net


Jim Reid, Co-President 1334 Saturna Drive Parksville, BC V9P 2X9 250 – 248-8992 jrreid@shaw.ca

March, 2011 Constance Alexander, Minnedosa, MB Freeda F. Baron, Winnipeg, MB Flora H. Cusack, Winnipeg, MB Helen M. Smith, Ninga, MB

Westman Retired Educators’ Association Pat Bowslaugh, President 22 Wellington Drive Brandon, MB R7B 2Y9 204-728-4924 bowslaugh.pat@brandonsd.mb.ca 28 • RTAM KIT

Ruth I. Moore, Winnipeg, MB William J. Rhoda, Winnipeg, MB Doris M. Stone, Brandon, MB Gertrude M. Templeton, Brandon, MB

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May, 2011 Bertha M. Ellison, Winnipeg, MB Jessie V. Gates, White Rock, BC

July, 2011 Marion R. Bachman, Victoria, BC Dorothy A. Riddell, Killarney, MB Fall 2011

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Norman Wiebe

Peggy Prendergast, John Sushelnitsky, Anne Monk, Wayne Hughes


Val Smyth

Mary Pankiw, Norman Wiebe, Judy Olmstead, Carol Pelton, Dolores Hebert


Peggy Prendergast

Val Smyth, Dolores Hebert, Maureen Reckseidler, Barb McDole Lydia Heshka

CUBA AND COSTA RICA ESCORTED SMALL GROUP CULTURAL TOURS OFF THE BEATEN TRACK (SINCE 1995) CUBA: Discover Cuba’s culture, nature, and history on one of our unique itineraries. Meetings with Cubans where they work and live make up the fabric of our custom designed tours. COSTA RICA: Travel to areas less visited as well as the “must see” regions. Walk on suspension bridges, hike in a rain forest, see an active volcano and spot exotic fauna PLUS visit historical sites, farms, a school, and even take a casual cooking class!

TOUR DATES Central Cuba Nov 13 – 27 , 2011 Jan 22 – Feb 05, 2012 Eastern Cuba Feb 20 – Mar 5, 2012 Western Cuba Feb 12 – 26, 2012 Costa Rica Feb 18 – Mar 03, 2012 Create your own group! We also do custom itineraries. Visit www.cubadiscoverytours.com, www.costaricatours.ca Brochure available. Book early. Limited to 21 people. McPhail Travel, 435 Rosser Ave, Brandon, MB 204-727-2305 or toll free 1-800-417-0250 Fall 2011

VICTORIA, B.C.: Beautiful heritage-designated 4 bedroom home overlooking Beacon Hill Park. Just a stroll to the ocean, Cook Street Village, and downtown, yet in a quiet residential neighbourhood. www.vrbo.com, number 356674. Also available is separate 2 bedroom garden suite in same house with private entrance and fenced yard. www.vrbo.com number 309655.

An invitation to stay connected to your alma mater The Board of the Faculty and Staff Club reminds all Alumni of the University of Winnipeg that they are eligible to be Associate Members of the Club at the incredible bargain of $40 per year. Why consider this opportunity? - Quiet downtown venue for coffee, lunch, refreshments - Rent-free booking for after-hour catered private events - Networking in attractive and comfortable environments - Board Room, Lounge, Dining Room, and Pub options - New food choices feature freshness and local in-house specialties - Free invitations to programs, parties, and Speakers Series - Complete Information and Application Form are available from our website at: http://www.facultyandstaffclub.ca Ms Pamela Delorme at (204) 786-9435 RTAM KIT • 29




Class of 1953-1954 will be celebrating our 58th year reunion on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in Brandon, Manitoba at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall 560-13th Street East For information contact Marg Cullen: mcullen@wcgwave.ca or 204-727-8833 Information and registration forms will be sent in June, 2011 to all members whose address is known.

CLASS of 1956-1957 Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23, 2012 Canad Inn, Portage la Prairie at 2401 Saskatchewan Avenue, WEST REGISTRATION: Friday, June 22 at 6:00 pm. Meet and Greet Activities: 6 to 9 pm. REGISTRATION AND LUNCHEON: Saturday, June 23, 2012, 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. Cost of Luncheon: $ 25 payable at time of registration. No cheques. Preferred room rates at the Inn. Phone 1-888-332-2623 and quote Group #147764 Inquiries: Janice Kelly (McGregor) 204 252-2124; Les Porteous (Portage la Prairie) 204-3184; Gloria Wilton (Winnipeg) 204 487- 6432

To report any changes in your mailing address, phone number or e-mail contact: Matt Kawchuk: mrmatt1@mts.net or 204-728-8432 30 • RTAM KIT

DEER LODGE SENIORS CURLING LEAGUE is seeking curlers for the upcoming 2011/2012 season. The season runs from October to March, approximately 40 games, every Tuesday and Thursday, 11:15 AM to 1:15 PM. Fees are $150.00 for regular memberships and $100.00 for spares, both include comp banquets. For further information, contact Jim at 837-6900 or Dennis at 261-8790.

Ecole Bannatyne School 100th Anniversary Celebration Formerly Bannatyne School 363 Thompson Drive St. James Assiniboia School Division #2, May 4 and May 6, 2012 Save the dates as celebration plans are underway! More information to follow. Fall 2011

CLASSIFIEDS 1955 - 56 BRANDON TEACHER TRAINING REUNION Brandon College Teacher Training Course 1955-56 & McCutcheon Scholarship Recipients 1999-2010 REUNION Join the Brandon University HomeComing Events 14-16 October 2011 Special Luncheon, 15 October, 11:45 Green Olive Restaurant, 612 Rosser Avenue, Brandon Contact: Gerald R. Brown 1-204-284-5620, email: browner1@shaw.ca EAL Classroom Assistants Needed The Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) is currently recruiting reliable volunteers with classroom experience to assist with our Newcomer Literacy Initiative. IRCOM's Newcomer Literacy Initiative consists of free English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes and free childcare services for newcomers to Winnipeg. Volunteers can expect to assist EAL instructors to run small group activities and facilitate lessons for 2.5 hours per week from September to May. Individuals interested in sharing their skills with the newcomer community are invited to contact IRCOM's Volunteer Coordinator, Erin Anderson, at 943-8765, ext 23 or erina@ircom.ca. To learn more about IRCOM and our programming please visit us at www.ircom.ca.

8th ANNUAL BRUSH WORKS / SHOW AND SALE St. Paul's Fort Garry Friday, October 14, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Wine and Cheese Saturday, October 15 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Cafe Sunday, October 16 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Cafe St. Paul's Fort Garry, 830 North Drive 475 7549 (church office for information) Come and share the opportunity to view and purchase original art work by 36 Manitoba artists. Framed and unframed oils, watercolours, pastels, prints and art cards will be available. There will also be raffles of art work and a Cafe for you to enjoy while contemplating which art piece will be perfect for that special wall space. Be sure to tell your friends!

CUBA – ‘Spanish Studies in Cuba’ (Havana), $2,500.00 Can. for 4 wks. Hotel with breakfast and dinner, tuition fee. (Air fare not included). PAID AD 250-478-0494 ssic@telus.net Fall 2011

WELLNESS SEMINAR RETIRED TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION OF MANITOBA REVISITING PAST PLEASURES Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Place: McMaster House, 191 Harcourt at Portage Time: 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Registration 9:00 a.m. PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Registration will be limited to 60 participants and will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis. Information booths by senior-servicing organizations Program: 9:30 – 9:40 Opening remarks 9:40 – 10:35 Debunking Old Diet Mentalities Nadine Calver 10:35 – 10:55 Health Break 10:55 – 11:55 New Ways with Traditional Crafts Gerdine Strong, Knitting, Quilting, etc. 12:00 – 1:00 Gourmet Lunch 1:00 – 2:15 Finding Your Voice Margaret Tobin, Spirits Call Choir, Music for the Retirement World Music Opportunities 2:15 – 2:30 Closing Remarks WELLNESS SEMINAR REGISTRATION FORM Participant’s Name: _____________________________ Address _____________________________________ City/Town ____________________________________ Postal Code: ___________ email: __________________ Phone: __________ Please send $20.00 cheque payable to RTAM to: Maureen Recksiedler, P.O. Box 744, Stonewall, MB R0C 2Z0 before October 12, 2011 RTAM KIT • 31

Coming Events October 26, 2011 - Wellness Seminar Winnipeg May 8, 9, 2012 - AGM Winnipeg May 7, 8, 2013 - AGM Dauphin

RTAM Plans administered by Johnson Inc.

If you require information and brochures, or if you have any questions concerning these plans (Dental, House Insurance, Long Term Care, Life, Emergency Medical Travel) contact: Johnson Inc. Insurance Benefits Administration 11120 178th Street, Edmonton AB T5S 1P2 Toll Free 1-877-989-2600 | Phone (780) 413-6628 Fax (780) 420-6082 | Email: cgrandish@johnson.ca


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The Editor of KIT Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba Box 252 Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0






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