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KEEP IN TOUCH Vol. 32 No.1 • Summer, 2020

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Dauphin Area Retired Teachers' Association (DARTA)

CONTENTS RTAM AGM 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT................................................................3 President's Message................................................................................................3 Brandon Pre-Retirement Seminar..................................................................5 Winnipeg Pre-Retirement Seminar................................................................ 6 Committee Reports 2019 - 2020.................................................................... 9 Chapter Reports 2019 - 2020...........................................................................15 Dianne Casar, RTAM Member Services Coordinator............................ 23 Notices & Coming Events.................................................................................. 23 Westman Retired Educators' Association Project................................24 Paint Night at the WAC....................................................................................... 25 Executive Director’s Report.............................................................................26 What a Difference a Day Makes!.................................................................... 27 Photography Contest..........................................................................................28 Winter 2020 Entries.............................................................................................28 RTAM Photo Contest Rules...............................................................................30 Photography Contest Official Entry and Release Form.....................30

WREA Project


Ron McPhail and Rick Oakden were very pleased to present your donations.

28 Photography Contest See our beautiful entries for the winter 2020 contest

All materials for the next issue of KIT must be emailed with no formatting to dsage@mymts.net and received by August 26, 2020, 5:00 p.m. Materials published here do not necessarily represent the policies or views of RTAM. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to print, reject and/or edit for clarity, all materials received. 2 n

RTAM KIT Summer 2020

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The RTAM AGM will be postponed until August 18 & 19, 2020.

The location will continue to be at the Holiday Inn Airport West.

The early bird extension for hotel reservation will be extended.

• Currently the Holiday Inn Airport West is closed. You can send any reservations to gsm@airportwest.com or call direct Monday to Saturday only from 9:30am to 4:30pm to 204-833-2406. If you do not get an answer

leave a message on their voice mail and the hotel staff will return your call. •

The AGM date will be reviewed again in mid-June if the current healthcare conditions and restrictions are still in place at that time.

Please check for more announcements, updates and the AGM 2020 documents on the RTAM website (rtam.mb.ca).

The RTAM website can be found at www. rtam.mb.ca

President's Message

W Peggy Prendergast RTAM President 2019-2020



hat a year this has been! I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of RTAM in this amazing adventure! It began when I arrived at the RTAM office the Monday following last year’s AGM in Brandon to find Denise Bellesia, the RTAM Office Manager who had three weeks experience with RTAM including her week in Brandon and Daryl Harvey, a temporary replacement for Nicole Wellwoid who had been with RTAM for two days training and the week previous the only person in the office during AGM. Where and how to begin? It boiled down to what it always does: First Things First! Bills to be paid, AGM delegates expense forms to be paid along with explaining the how and why of doing what had to be done. With little or no experience it meant Bylaws and Policy manuals were referred to and together we made a plan on how we would move forward. The skills, knowledge and experience of the people present were assessed Time lines were attached to our plan. June 30 is the end of the fiscal year for RTAM and during that six weeks it had to be determined if the audit could take place over the summer. It turned out that Daryl Harvey, the temporary worker, had

previous experience as an Executive Director and would be available for most of the summer. By the end of June she was familiar with the RTAM accounting procedures and software used so she became acting Executive Director, worked with Denise to become more familiar with the software and how RTAM used it. After consulting with the Auditor she took on the job of preparing the books for the Audit that took place in October. The Member Services Coordinator, Nicole Wellwood, returned in early July and was helped by the other two to ease in by the end of the month. So, now there was three staff. Nicole brought with her the knowledge to help with the preparation required for a successful Board Meeting in September followed by a day of Committee meetings. We were also preparing for two elections in the fall: an early Provincial election in September followed by a Federal election in October. In early July an Officers Committee meeting was held in Portage la Prairie where the members who reside in MacGregor, Brandon, and Portage la Prairie and I could meet while the fourth member from Thompson attended on the phone. We discussed the situation in the office and then finalized the plans for

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President's Message . . . continued from previous page printing the post card of questions for candidates that was sent to all 10,000 RTAM members that the Political Advocacy committee had previously prepared. The office organized the printing and distribution of the postcards over the summer. Another large project over the summer was the work done on the website. It has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate, have more current information and thus become a more useful communication tool for members. You may be asking: Why is she telling us all this? RTAM is now an organization with 10,000 members that range in age from 55 years to having at least 18 members over 100 years of age. As active teachers we worked with children from four to eighteen or nineteen years of age and all their needs. Now RTAM is dealing with adults that span fifty years. RTAM’s mission is “to serve and advocate for all retired teachers.” If we have learned anything from the Covic-19 pandemic it is that as we age we have many different needs. Our society has not looked after the elderly amongst us very well. Surely we, as responsible, well educated people in our society of teachers can take a look at our elderly population. Many of our Chapters see that as one of their functions. They provide a wonderful opportunity for socializing and I think should be encouraged to do more of it. The elderly often live alone, have mobility issues, and now, many more of us know exactly what it is like to be socially isolated. Maybe we will be more empathetic towards those of us who, through no fault of their own, need social support. As we age our pensions diminish because of inflation and our physical needs and wants change as well as our social lives. RTAM’s vision is “the well- being of all retired teachers through appropriate member services and strong partner relationships”. To that end the RTAM Board, staff, committees and chapters have accomplished the following this year: • In January we hired a permanent part-time Executive Director, Gordon Fardoe • After Nicole resigned in February we hired Dianne Casar as Member Services Coordinator and Administrative Assistant in March. • Beginning last summer and working throughout this year the website is being redesigned. • Four editions of KIT have been published. • Two pre-retirement seminars were held: one in Winnipeg with 76 in attendance and one in Brandon

4 n

RTAM KIT Summer 2020

on ZOOM because of the pandemic. • Five regular Board Meetings followed next day by Committee Meetings and two Board Meetings accomplished with ZOOM were held. • Bylaws and Policies have been scrutinized and upgraded. A legally required harassment policy was enacted by the Board. • The Benefits Committee worked with Johnson to update our Insurance Policies. Trip Merchant is another benefit acquired to support travel for RTAM members and possibly increase membership. • The Student Awards offered through our RTAM Endowment Fund at the Winnipeg Foundation are awarding four $1000 awards this year to four Grade 12 students sponsored by an RTAM relative. • Three Wellness Seminars were held this year: A full day Photography workshop at Assiniboine Park in the fall and a half day Extreme Winter Driving Seminar in October and a half day Wills, Power of Attorney and Health Directive to prevent Elder Abuse in February. • I visited five Chapters this year to provide a connection between Chapters and the RTAM Board. Many Chapters were granted support money to assist in the socializing work they encourage. • RTAM has had membership in the Manitoba Seniors Coalition since 2016. Two Board members, John Sushelnitsky and I attend regular meetings of this nine member Coalition of Senior organizations. Thank you to all of you who work hard for RTAM. Just a comment on the value I found in the Chapters I visited. One small chapter spends their breakfast meeting sharing the work they do for their community in so many different charitable ways. By informing each other they support each other and the whole community benefits from their work. Our world will never be quite the same after this pandemic loosens its grip on our lives. Maybe we will honour our elders more. I hope we will appreciate each other more as we see how easy it is to become affected with health issues and how fragile life can be. We need each other as we age. Time is one of our resources. Thank you to those who spend some of their time supporting others.

Brandon Pre-Retirement Seminar Pat Bowslaugh


arch 14 was to have been our seminar but the evening before our scheduled event a simple phone call ruined our plans of having 21 people from Western Manitoba including Brandon, attend a “Let’s Think about Retirement” event. It suddenly came to an abrupt halt; access to our proposed meeting space was unexpectedly withdrawn. COVID-19 had delivered its punch . . . one of many challenges to come! Our recovery from postponing this event, which is designed to provide information regarding life beyond the classroom for pending retirees, required time to take stock and think of a “Plan B." Meanwhile, all of your RTAM Board was facing a thunderous interruption to our monthly routines. How do we move forward on behalf of our 10 000 members? Suddenly we became aware of a technology platform called ZOOM! This program allows us to have a “virtual“ meeting whereby every Board or Committee member answers an invitation that is received at our home with our computer, iPad or iPhone. We get to see and hear the members once they have signed on to the invitation. Once everyone takes the few seconds to sign on, the meeting proceeds. On May 2, this is what we did to provide our informational forum. Hosted by our Executive Director, Gordon Fardoe, and welcomed by the RTAM organizers, Brian Paterson and Pat Bowslaugh, we asked each of the participants to introduce themselves. Consequently, our forum had participants from as far apart as Plumas to St. Claude, Killarney and Forrest connected to Winnipeg and Brandon! Amazing!

RTAM President, Peggy Prendergast, began our presentation when she shared her extensive experiences as a veteran retiree. Jessica Simpson, our Johnson contact via ZOOM, from her living room in Edmonton, presented her information regarding some of our Benefit Plans. Whether our participants had questions about our Travel Insurance, Dental Insurance or Extended Health Care, Jessica with her Power Point illustrations, could provide the answers. Brian’s information on our new connection with Trip Merchant allowed our participants to envision themselves on dream vacations available at greatly reduced rates. Pat’s concluding information referenced the many new windows that open when becoming a retiree, whether it be travelling, volunteering, a new hobby or even a new career. The presentation was not without warning that exercising for physical health as well as attending to social and emotional needs are very important. Retirement requires budgeting your money and your time. Yes, retirement has the potential to be the time of your life! Trade in your Day Book for an itinerary of exactly what you dreamed to have the time to do. Thanks to Jessica and Johnson for the assortment of prizes and shwag for all our attendees on RTAM’s first ZOOM forum. This trial effort with ZOOM has illustrated the potential opportunity for more of our RTAM members to become connected to their organization. Just as KIT does a phenomenal job to Keep In Touch through reading, a platform such as ZOOM can move us to the next level of seeing and hearing our colleagues in person. Be ready to come on board!


Winnipeg Pre-Retirement Seminar


n advertisement was placed in the Manitoba Teacher, January/February edition to inform active teachers of Pre-Retirement Seminars in Winnipeg and Brandon. Ads were also placed on the RTAM website and in our KIT magazine, as it is distributed to every school in Manitoba. Letters and posters about the seminars were sent to superintendents, principals of the funded independent schools and presidents of the Local Teachers' Associations. The Winnipeg Pre-Retirement Seminar was held on February 2020. There were 86 people in attendance (76 teachers/guests and 10 RTAM volunteers). The Holiday Inn Airport West was the venue for the seminar and all in attendance enjoyed the coffee, tea, delicious cookies and enlightening presentations. Allen Havard, MC, was entertaining and kept the seminar moving at a good pace. Jessica Simpson, from Johnson Inc., provided an in

depth presentation on the travel and health plans available to RTAM members. Alex Boyes informed all in attendance on how to prepare for retirement while Linda Blair spoke about the perspectives as a newly retired teacher. Charles Clifford urged all in attendance to choose their pension plan wisely by carefully considering all options and Alison Logan and Peggy Prendergast provided personal accounts regarding their retirement. Following are a few of the comments from those attending: • Great info • Keep having them • Great format Thanks to all the committee members for all their hard work thereby making the pre retirement seminar successful. The Thompson and Brandon pre retirement seminars have been postponed due to COVID19.

HELP WITH YOUR WILL, POWER OF ATTORNEY, AND HEALTH DIRECTORY TO PREVENT ELDER ABUSE WHEN: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2020, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Payment from 12:30 to 1:00 pm WHERE: McMaster House, 191 Harcourt Street (Harcourt and Portage Avenue) Parking is available in the lot north of McMaster House and accessible entrance is off Harcourt COST: $10 for RTAM members, $15 for non-members (PAY AT THE DOOR) PRESENTER: SHARON TOD, well-known lawyer from St. Mary’s Law Pre-register by October 15, 2020 by sending an email to info@rtam.mb.ca or leave a message on (204) 889-3660. All attendees will receive an Emergency Response Information Package (ERIK) 6 n

RTAM KIT Summer 2020





LEVEL 1: Thursday, September 10, 2020 If you are just learning to use your camera, whether a DSLR or a tablet or phone, this workshop will help you take better pictures! LEVEL 2: Friday, September 11, 2020 Beyond the basics. If you have attended our workshop for beginners last year, this is your level. More techniques to be learned here! TIME: 9:30 a.m. Registration 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Workshop


VENUE: Qualico Building, Assiniboine Park COST: $60 per person, per seminar Pre-register by August 20, 2020, by leaving a message on (204) 889-3660 OR by sending an email to office@rtam.mb.ca. Visit rtam.mb.ca for more details.




The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) awards annually up to four (4) post secondary STUDENT AWARDS of $1,000 each for relatives of RTAM members.



Criteria for selection: (The applicant must be) 1) A relative of a RTAM Member 2) Involved in school and community activities 3) A Grade 12 Graduate 4) Entering the first year of a post secondary education program.


First name: Last name: Mailing Address: Postal Code:


Phone Number:

Cell Number:

E-mail Address: School (Graduated from Grade12):

Year Graduated:

School Address: (Street)


(Postal Code)

Post Secondary Plans Program



Mailing Address



Postal Code





I confirm that the applicant __________________________, has the following relationship to me ___________________________ RTAM Member’s Signature:


Applicant’s Signature


THE DEADLINE FOR 2020 APPLICATIONS IS JULY 31, 2020 If further information is required, please contact the office (see below).

SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 1. Application Form 2. Applicant’s description of school and community activities (one page)

Office/Voicemail Phone: 1-204-889-3660 Manitoba Toll Free: 1-888-393-8082 Fax: 1-204-783-2011

8 n

RTAM KIT Summer 2020

3. Letter of reference/support from a non-family member (one page) 4. Final Grade 12 official high school transcript of marks (copy only)

Email: office@rtam.mb.ca Website: www.rtam.mb.ca

206 - 1555 St. James St., Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B5



Committee Reports 2019 - 2020


attended for the Western region meeting in Edmonton in November.

Respectfully submitted by JoAnne Hoyak, Vice President and ACER-CART Director

by a teleconference in June, in which the Director will participate.

The priority for ACER-CART for the 2019 - 2020 year was the establishment and emphasis of Seniors’ issues for the 2019 Federal election. To that end, five issues that were communicated to the parties and their candidates in the run up to voting day and that have remained the priorities of ACER-CART throughout 2019 - 2020 are

Due to Covid19, the National AGM has been canceled and replaced

AGM and Elections Committee Respectfully submitted by Joan Dawson, Chair, Thompson Members: Bill Cann (director), Arlene Billeck (RWTA), Laurel McFarlane (RWTA), Pat Opalko (RWTA), Emily Williamson (RWTA), Lynda Tunny (RWTA)

as follows. 1. Making retirement income more secure—protecting accrued pension benefits, protecting employees and retirees in corporate insolvencies, and strengthening defined benefit plans.

In keeping with past practise, The Annual General Meeting


Establishing a National Pharmacare program—eliminating disparity in costs and availability, fewer hospitalizations, better medications monitoring, saving money for Canadians.

and will still be in the Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport West.


Opposition to privatization of medical services–equal and timely access to quality care for ALL Canadians.

very capable office staff. Together we have planned several


Establishing a National Seniors Strategy–Health, quality care, financial security, affordable and appropriate housing, and social inclusion should all be parts of the plan.


Endorsing a Canadian Federal Seniors’ Ministry.

(AGM) of RTAM alternates between a Winnipeg location and a non-Winnipeg location. The 2020 AGM is being held in Winnipeg at the Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport West. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the AGM has been postponed until August 18 and 19 The Retired Women Teachers Association have volunteered to host this event with the assistance and cooperation of our interesting events including a tour of the RTAM website by Gayl Punzalan, our webmaster and KIT publisher, a celebration of Manitoba 150 and RTAM’s 31st year at the Tuesday evening reception and some very interesting guest speakers. We are looking forward to the AGM and the hospitality of the RWTA in August and thank them for their hard work and the great ideas they have shared.

Through ACER-CART, RTAM has joined with 150 National and

The Election process for AGM 2020 is under the oversight of

Provincial organizations to forward our goals and their ultimate

Committee members Joan Dawson and Bill Cann. The Election

fruition to the appropriate legislators. This diverse coalition

Scrutineers will be RWTA members Emily Williamson, Laurel

includes health care providers, non- profit organizations, unions,

McFarlane and Arlene Billeck.

workers, business, seniors and patients from across the country. These groups have joined in the push for a National Pharmacare program through signing a common letter to Bill

As is past practise the next AGM will be in a non-Winnipeg location. RTAM is still looking for a Chapter to host the 2022 AGM.

Morneau in February and participating in a petition for the

AGM Officers Committee Report


Respectfully submitted by Peggy Prendergast, President, Winnipeg

They also offer support individually for dealing with provincial

Members: Peggy Prendergast, Chair, Winnipeg; JoAnne Hoyak,

issues as well. An example is the submission made by the

Vice President, McGregor, John Sushelnitsky, Secretary, Portage

Coalition For Retirement Security to our government in response

la Prairie; Pat Bowslaugh, Treasurer, Brandon; Joan Dawson, Past

to the provincial Pension Act Reform recommendations.

President, Thompson.

It is a privilege and an asset for RTAM through ACER-CART to have access to these kind of national partnerships, and to be able to rely on

The Officers met initially, monthly, prior to RTAM Board meetings

them in the future.

and, when needed, on emergent issues. The first of these

Connections to ACER-CART by RTAM are made through

concerning the Provincial and Federal elections in the fall of

provision of reports to the Western Region and the National office,

2019 began in Portage la Prairie, in July, where a Postcard with

sharing information on local developments and concerns, sending

questions for members to ask of candidates for election was finalized

representatives to conferences such as the one the President

from work done previously by the Political Advocacy Committee.


Other emergent issues that arose concerned the hiring of an Executive Director and a new Member Services Coordinator and

• Dental Plan – 0.6% increase • Medoc Travel Plan – no age restriction ; medical questionaires to fill out ea, yr. Premium to be anounced on September 1st.

Executive Assistant following the resignation of Nicole Wellwood.

Travel period is 17 – 35 days.

The Officers Committee met to: • Assist the Board in defining issues of importance to the

• Life/ Home Insurance - Premiums based on date of purchase.

membership and initiate consideration of other pertinent issues. Discount options on premiums– only 1 discount may be selected:

• Review the Auditor’s Report with the Auditor together with one Director appointed by the Board.


opt out of trip cancellation, interuption, delay

• Regularly review the financial reports with the Treasurer and Executive Director. • Review items related to administration, including staff


20% discount

pay $1000 deductible per claim 20% discount

iii. pay $5000 deductible per claim 45% discount

hiring, staff contract negotiation, finance matters, and any other matters referred to it by the Board for study, report and recommendations.

*Those members who have the 62 day base plan supplemental coverage will remain on the plan at renewal (April 1st, 2020) If a member wishes to change to the 93 day base plan coverage, he/

Following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March, the

she must contact Johnson Inc. by fax, phone or email. The 93

Officers Committee met, mainly weekly, through the use of

day increase in premium (26%) is cheaper than taking 2 x 15 day

ZOOM. Computers have been purchased for RTAM Board use.

supplemental plans.

This method of meeting has proven to be quite successful and has kept the Officers abreast of the work necessary during the “work at home” rule that has been established while the office has been closed to the public. As a result of the use of ZOOM, a Pre-Retirement seminar was held on May 2 in Brandon. RTAM Board meetings in April

*EHC Plan – has an additioal $100 for vaccinations under the Basic EHC Drug Plan. *Dental Plan – the annual max per member per policy year has gone from $1100 to $1200. The Plan now covers either metal or coloured amalgam fillings. TRIP MERCHANT (TM) – this was meant to be our no. 1 goal

and May also have been held using ZOOM. Evaluations will be

this year by partnering with an experienced travel company

forthcoming as to this method of meeting for ongoing use by the

like TM. TM offers unique travel destinations & travel styles.

RTAM Board and committees.

Our intentions were great! Then along came the covid- 19

It is important to note that the Officers Committee had

virus; hence the March 13 announcement banning all travel

the assistance of the Executive Director, Gordon Fardoe from

in Cda & closing the Border. The good news is that TM still

January on. He is responsible for the two staff members in

wants members to ‘dream now- travel later’. Check out the

the office: the coordination of the services they provide and

RTAM website or hit the link at http://rtam.tripmerchant.ca

their evaluations and for assisting RTAM in its quest to become

The Password is RTAMTM18. Here you will see current offers

a Governance Board. To that end the Board has also enlisted

& opportunities. Membership is required ($36/ yr). TM is also

the assistance of Rolande Kirouac, a consultant with High

offering 2 free trips in their Air New Zealand contest. Get your

ACHIEVEMENT. This process will be described at the RTAM AGM.

e-newsletter today & become aware of the offers. Register at the

Thank you to the members of this committee for their hard work throughout the year.

Benefits Committee Respectfully submitted by Brian Paterson, Chair, Brandon

above email address. It will be worth your time to do so!

Bylaws and Policy Committee Respectfully submitted by Beth Smith, Chair CommitteeMembers: Rosalie Bornn, Dauphin; Charles Clifford,

Members: Bill Cann, Winnipeg; Pat Bowslaugh, Brandon; Doreen

Portage la Prairie; Joan Dawson, Thompson; Dorothy Young,

Sage, Neepawa

Winnipeg; and Beth Smith, Chair, Dauphin

Space being at a premium; this report will be brief. Working

Committee communication and collaboration throughout the

with our Johnson Team, we arrived at the following Premium

year consisted of five committee meetings, with e-mail and phone

rate increases for the 2020/ 21 year beginning April 1st/’20.

communication between meetings and amongst members.

Note – prices are based on claim numbers, cost of professional

The Bylaws and Policy Committee continues to monitor

services & good negotiating skills. Premiums are paid in Cdn. $

and review the RTAM Bylaws and Policy documents according

while USA claims are paid in US $:

to the Committee mandate. The Committee has put in place

(Questions about your personal plans – call 1-877-989-2600 or

a Respectful Workplace Policy to protect our staff, Board

email pbservicewest@johnson.ca)

and members. The Committee also worked on updating and

• Extended Health Care (Core & Enhanced) – 0% increase

expanding the Human Resources Manual. In addition, the

• Prestige Travel Plan – 2.9% increase

Committee dealt with recommendations, additions and updates

10 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

of Bylaws and Policy that were referred for consideration by the

Bornn and RTAM office for organizing this contest. Check out the

Board of Directors, through the RTAM committee channels and

new categories.

by Staff. To that end, no Bylaw changes were deemed necessary. Motions of interim Policy already approved by the Board are being

Membership and Chapters Committee

brought forward for affirmation by the membership at AGM 2020.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Scott, Chair

Thank you to the Board of Directors for their valuable input and their support of the Committee. Sincere appreciation is

Members: Charles Clifford, Portage la Prairie; Allen Havard, Winnipeg; Esmeralda Havard, Winnipeg

extended to the Bylaws and Policy Committee members for their hard work and efforts throughout the year.

Communications Committee

Most of the Membership and Chapters Committee correspondence occurs through e-mail and telephone conversations, but as the need arises, our meetings are held in

Respectfully submitted by Ralph Cibula, Chair of the Website Committee

the afternoon the day after the Board meeting.

Members: Ralph Cibula, Chair, Website; Guy Hansen, Chair, Public

fall of 2019 along with the Guidelines and Application form for

Relations; Doreen Sage, Chair, Editorial, Joan Dawson, Past President

the Chapters Initiative Grant, a copy of the RTAM Strategic Plan

Each RTAM Chapter President was sent a welcome letter in the

and updated "Meeting Ideas". The Communications Committee is an oversight committee

The total number of RTAM members, as of March 31, 2018, is 9,814

to coordinate and standardize RTAM’s communications in the

TRAF members of RTAM and 240 non TRAF members of RTAM for a

areas of KIT, Public Relations, and Website. Its membership is

total of 10,054 members.

composed of the chairs of those three committees. Its work is reflected in the work of the three committees it coordinates. It also makes general recommendations to the Board. For

Thirteen Chapter Initiative Grants have been approved as of April 15, 2018. An advertisement was placed in the Manitoba Teacher, January/

example the move away from paper usage to electronic media

February edition to inform active teachers of Pre-Retirement

for Board works was a recommendation from the joint meeting

Seminars in Winnipeg and Brandon. Ads were also placed on the

the Chairs of the three Committees; KIT, Public Relations and

RTAM website and in our KIT magazine, as it is distributed to every

Website. It is also the Committee, working in unison with the

school in Manitoba. Letters and posters about the seminars were

three sub Committees that is dealing with the 2018 AGM motion.

sent to superintendents, principals of the funded independent

COVID -19 has altered the way we were able to get our job done. With electronic media at our disposal very soon we will be able operate in a somewhat differing way. Thanks to Doreen Sage, chairperson for KIT and to Guy Hanson, chairperson for Public Relations.

Keep In Touch (KIT) Respectfully submitted by Doreen Sage, Chair and Editor-in-Chief, Neepawa

schools and presidents of the Local Teachers' Associations. The Winnipeg Pre-Retirement Seminar was held in February 2020. There were 96 people in attendance (86 teachers/guests and 10 RTAM volunteers). The topics covered were an overview of RTAM's Voluntary Group Benefit Plans presented by Jessica Simpson of Johnson Insurance, and "Life after Teaching" presented by a panel of retired teachers. The Brandon Pre Retirement and the Thompson Pre Retirement Seminars were to be held in March 2020 but were postponed

Members: Rosalie Bornn, Dauphin; Joan Goble, Thompson; Joan

because of COVID-19. ZOOM conferences will provide those

Rink, Brookdale; Beth Smith, Dauphin; William Taylor, Brandon

registered with the required information.

KIT, the newsletter/magazine of the Retired Teachers’ Association

edition of the MB Teacher magazine. Thank you to all the

of Manitoba (RTAM), is published four times a year, in full colour.

committee members for all their hard work and dedication

An article on Why Join RTAM was submitted for the June

All material is emailed to the editor from RTAM Committee Chairs, RTAM Chapters, by individual RTAM members and outside

throughout the year.

sources. This material is then forwarded to KIT committee

Pension Committee

members and the President for editing. Final copy is sent to the

Respectfully submitted by Alison Logan, Chair

publisher by the editor. The editor then meets with the publisher

Members: Bill Cann, Winnipeg; JoAnne Hoyak, MacGregor;

for a final edit before copy is sent to the printer. The printer

Julian Hoyak, MacGregor; Lynn Land, Winnipeg; Laura Skelly, The Pas

addresses each issue, sorts and delivers product to Canada Post. KIT is also available on the website. Readers can sign up to have their copy delivered digitally, which happens as soon as the

Five committee meetings were held during the 2019 - 2020 year. In addition, Jeff Norton and Brad Prokop of TRAF attended one

print copy is ready. See ad in the most recent issue to request

Pension Committee meeting and one RTAM Board meeting in

your digital copy.

order to share information.

The photo contest is becoming increasingly popular and we have received some great photos. Thank you to Joan Dawson, Rosalie

As has been past practice, a meeting between TRAF Staff and RTAM Representatives was held on October 21, 2019.


The President, Treasurer, Secretary and Pension Chair attended

to meet with the old and new MLAs in April 2020. Extensive

on behalf of RTAM.

planning went into the preparation for this important event

Highlights of the Pension Committee endeavours this year

following upon the successful Meet and Greets in 2016 and


2018. However, the world wide shut down in March because


Monitoring the status of the joint agreement with MTS

of the pandemic meant the cancellation of of the Meet and

and accepted by the TRAF Board as to the dispersal of the

Greet 2020 as well.

restricted surplus. The dispersal has been in place since July 1, 2018 and will continue over 5 years. 2.

As of July 1, 2020 COLA will be 1.35%.


The Revision of RTAM Nomination Process for TRAF Board


to have a K-12 Education Review. RTAM asked the PA Cmt. to follow the developments of that Review. To that end, PA asked Dr. John R.Wiens to give us his take on the possible changes that might be in the offing. He met with us in

Appointment document which has been included in the

November and shared his submission to the government

AGM package. 4.

Review as well as his articles to the Winnipeg Free Press.

Action requesting that MTS recognise RTAM as the official

His candid and non -partisan observations gave the

voice of retired teachers. 5.

Ongoing communication with ACER-CART.


Strongly urging the continuation of the traditional meeting(s) with our provincial representatives is


One of the initiatives of the new provincial government was

committee much to consider, and an article based on them was given to KIT, the RTAM quarterly. The recommendations of the Review have not yet been made public. 6.

Last year, in line with the recommendations of the Truth

recommended. Due to unusual circumstances, (Covid-19 as

and Reconciliation Report and the precedents of the

well as the provincial election) it was not possible this year.

Manitoba Teachers’ Society and the Manitoba Association of Superintendents, the RTAM Board created a bursary for

The chair wishes to thank the committee members for all

an Indigenous student of the North. After a one year trial, a

their commitment and diligent work.

motion was passed to make the award of the $ 1,000 bursary an annual RTAM contribution to the University College of the

Political Advocacy

North, situated in The Pas. It is based on the Strategic Plan pillar of improving relations with the community, in this case

Respectfully submitted by John Sushelnitsky, Chair

the Indigenous sector of the Manitoba community. The first

Members: Linda Blair, Winnipeg; Ralph Cibula, Gladstone; Guy

recipient is a young lady who is taking courses to become a

Hansen, Winnipeg; JoAnne & Julian Hoyak, MacGregor; Ken

teacher in the North.

Malcolm, Dauphin and John Sushelnitsky, Portage la Prairie 7. 1.


and a weekly columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press, was

were Linda Blair (Winnipeg), Ralph Cibula (Gladstone), Guy

invited to meet with the Cmt. and Board members to give us an

Hansen (Winnipeg), JoAnne and Julian Hoyak (MacGregor),

update on the current status of Indigenous people in Manitoba.

Ken Malcolm (Dauphin) and John Sushelnitsky (Portage la

Dr. Sinclair was very engaging and frank in his description

Prairie). John chaired the Committee.

of the progress of Indigenous people here, and an article was

The first activity of the PA Cmt. was to encourage Chapters to

written for KIT for the wider readership of our membership.

mark the United Nations Day of the Older Person on October

Equality for both genders in matters of pay and promotion are of great importance to RTAM. In addition to tracking

chapters reported that they had engaged their communities so

progress and the lack thereof, a member attended a meeting

as to mark the contributions of seniors. These chapters were

of WISE (Working in Support of Equality). The topic was

Thompson, Dauphin, Portage la Prairie and River East. The

(Still) Calling for Justice Redress and Healing Beyond the

first three chapters had their city councils agree to make a city

National Inquiry. The RTAM President also attended the

proclamation. One proclamation from a previous year is on

meeting. An article was submitted to KIT. 9.

Ongoing topics of concern include the state of our

In November the PA Cmt., in collaboration with the Public

democracy as seen through our voting systems and the

Relations Committee, marked the annual November 11th

increasing disparity in economic wealth in Canadian

Remembrance Day Observance with attendance at the


MacGregor High School. RTAM laid a wreath along with the other wreaths that day. The plan is to have a RTAM presence elsewhere in the province , the covid 19 virus pandemic permitting. 4.


1st. It is an event observed throughout the world. Four RTAM

display in the RTAM Office. 3.

Dr. Nigaan Sinclair , a professor at the University of Manitoba

Members of the Political Advocacy Committee for 2019 - 20

Following the provincial election, it was RTAM’s intention

12 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

Our mandate is to study these trends and to make recommendations to the Board when appropriate action should be taken.

Public Relations Committee Respectfully submitted by Guy Hansen, Chair Members: Helene Beauchemin, Ken Malcolm, Pat Bowslaugh, John Sushelnitsky Over the summer/fall, we were with MTS in their 1919 General

by 10 000 we arrive at approximately $30 000/ month or over the twelve month period the amount becomes $360 000/ year. ( We waive fees for people upon reaching the age of ninety.) It is important to note that we hold $150 000 in reserve currently in GIC investments. Also, our scholarship costs

Strike walk, and their Labor Day parade. We also carried our flag

are covered by the interest earned by RTAM’s investment

at the Climate Crises Rally.

with the Winnipeg Foundation. In addition to our income

We invited an author, Harriett Zaidman as a lunchtime guest

we also are acknowledged by Johnson,Inc. for the support

speaker. Harriet, a retired Winnipeg teacher, had family roots going

we provide for our members who participate in our

back to the 1919 riot. Her grandpa was there.

benefits packages. We also appreciate the support from

Harriett’s book is currently used in Winnipeg schools to highlight the contribution that this 1919 General Strike made for the advancement of workers’ rights in our country. PR highlighted this book in KIT. Early in the year PR knew we must, in some way, recognize Manitoba 150. We chose to compile a small book of Manitoba Teacher Vignettes. Money was available through Manitoba 150. Our grant application was not successful, but the project did not die. We have received several contributions from members, one will be published in this KIT, space permitting. Others will be

the Teachers‘ Retirement Allowances Fund Board and the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. The next question centres around the need for staffing and office space. The size of your RTAM organization and the complexity of the activities have evolved over the years to where your Board realized that consistent help was really badly needed and that we were in a position of obtaining both permanent office space and staff. Our office uses the SAGE accounting program to record

available on our website. This is too good an idea to leave behind. It

all financial transactions. Following year end all our

is a delightful project. With your help it will grow.

documents are reviewed by a professional auditor.

On November 11, with the help of Jo Anne Hoyak of MacGregor, we laid a wreath in memory of our fallen servicemen and women. Public Relations is in the process of publishing a small Reconciliatory book by our Indigenous Award winner from UCN, The Pas. Brie Phillips wrote the book and did the watercolors. Once again our grant application was not successful; in April the board decided that we would publish this book ourselves, and gift a copy to each school library in Manitoba. Public Relations co-operated with Membership in promoting an RTAM add for the Manitoba Teacher magazine. It is hoped that this will attract new members to our RTAM group as they retire. Last, certainly not least, PR is promoting further visibility of the RTAM name by suggesting changes of Chapter names, each Chapter name to start with the letters RTAM. This is called branding. It has wide acceptance by the Chapter Chairs. It will be brought to our AGM for discussion/decision. It has been an interesting year. Thank you to the committee for

In the event that you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our office as our commitment is to serve your needs.

Website Committee Respectfully submitted by Ralph Cibula, Chair Members: Jack Fraser, Winnipeg; Wayne Hughes, Winnipeg; Doreen Sage, Neepawa; Joan Dawson, Thompson Continued effort took place during the course of this year to edit, update and post new materials as was felt to be helpful. To allow for the update and maintenance of the current website, the Board approved the allocation of $3,000 in additional funding, transferred from the Committee Projects and Seminar Budget Pool to the Website Development Budget. It is expected that the website will continue to become a

their hard work.

major tool of actions between RTAM and its membership and

Treasurer’s Report

of the coming year. The Committee urges you to use the website

Respectfully submitted by Pat Bowslaugh, Treasurer As your treasurer, appointed following the 2019 AGM, I am frequently asked how we finance all the work of RTAM. This is a logical and fair question. The bulk of our income comes from your membership fee of $3.00 per month or $36.00/year. Over the years our membership has grown to now being over 10 000 members. If we multiply our $3.00 per month

partners. Keep your attention to this aspect during the course for knowledge and communication regarding issues related to retired teachers. You are urged as well to encourage and assist other retired members to “test drive” the RTAM website. We have formed a partnership with TRIP MERCHANT to assist all of you who are travellers to more easily generate your travel plans. The usefulness of this will be determined over the next year or so as travel plans fit into the new world following the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to express my appreciation to the committee members for their work on the committee: Jack Fraser, Wayne Hughes, Doreen Sage, Joan Dawson, and the helpful inputs of office staff.


Also key to our success with an increasingly active website I

Throughout 2019 - 2020, our committee was able to function

want to mention the technical work of the RTAM webmaster Gayl

through the use of email, physical meetings and Zoom. We had

Punzalan of Blue Ink Media. Gayl has accepted to do a special

a total of five events planned. Three events were held, and two

piece for all of you at some point in this 2020 AGM. Thanks and

events had to be cancelled for various reasons. The feedback through

enjoy the balance of the meeting.

completed Evaluation Forms from participants indicated a great

“Maximizing our membership numbers with online communications will maximize our common purpose and

appreciation for our events. On September 20, over 40 participants gathered at Assiniboine

minimize the cost of doing so. Getting the best value online set-up

Park to attend a Photography Workshop hosted by Gayl Punzalan

and running it well must continue to be an immediate priority.”

and her assistants. Gayl helped us learn more about using

Wellness Advocacy and Student Awards Committee Student Awards Committee

Respectfully submitted by Peggy Prendergast, Chair Members: Linda Blair, Beth Smith and Joan Zaretsky The RTAM Student Award Endowment Fund has reached a monetary value large enough to provide $1000 awards in 2020/21 to four students who are relatives of RTAM members. Through the compounding ability of the monies held at the Winnipeg Foundation these awards will increase exponentially FOR GOOD FOREVER to provide young relatives of RTAM members support in realizing their educational goals in the future. RTAM has reached the year when the initial $500 awards have doubled in value! Congratulations RTAM and Happy 150th Birthday Manitoba. The appointed members of this committee met three times this year. The first two meetings were held on August 20 and 22 to process 47 student applications, and choose four students, who, after registering for post- secondary education in the fall, were rewarded each with $850 from the RTAM Endowment Fund held at The Winnipeg Foundation. These students can be seen on the RTAM website www.rtam.mb.ca. It is also where their sponsors are named. At the second meeting of the Committee we recommended the continuation of soliciting feedback about Past Recipients from their Sponsors and explored ways to increase the Award Fund a little more quickly to reach the $1000 plus goal for future Awards. Suggestions, such as RTAM members being urged to leave a gift in their will, or make an in memoriam gift to the endowment fund, or even making the RTAM Endowment Fund at the Winnipeg Foundation their charity of choice for 2020 were put forward. At the third meeting in September, The Wellness Advocacy Committee formed an Ad Hoc sub-committee to plan a process for a possible RTAM Student Portfolio Project that a prospective award recipient starting high school might follow through with from Grade 9 to 12. This proposal will be presented at the Annual General Meeting to the Chapter Presidents Meeting.

Wellness Advocacy

our cell phone camera as well as digital cameras to produce quality pictures. She showed us the composition rules that make pictures more visually appealing. Then we were off to the English Gardens to practice our new skills. Gayl gave us specific pointers in reference to our newly produced pictures, and we departed with a renewed enthusiasm. Our picture taking skills had been enhanced. On October 18, about 25 participants met to learn about Extreme Winter Driving Conditions. The amount of space needed to stop in various driving conditions was remarkably different. No matter how good or bad the driving conditions are at the time, we need to recognize the laws of physics that determine the limitations of our stopping power. Hopefully we all drove home with much more awareness of the physics at play when we stop and go. Our Safety for Seniors Seminar scheduled for November 26 was cancelled and then rescheduled for March 10. Unfortunately, the seminar was once again cancelled. We were unable to hear the presentation prepared by the Community Police Officer. He would have given us information on current scams and other threats to our safety as well as how to protect ourselves. The Wills, Power of Attorney, and Health Directive to help prevent Elder Abuse by Sharon Tod was held on February 13. About 25 participants listened to Sharon as she informed us of the various documents that we need to have in place now. The reasons for having to do so as well as the fallout that is possible when these documents are not in place were well covered. The Health Seminar scheduled for March 20 was cancelled. The webinar by Heart & Stroke would have given us the up to date information on heart health research. Researchers are discovering how female heart health is different than male heart health. Females present differently. More research is now focusing on the female heart issues. Also, the Victoria Lifeline presenter planned to give us information regarding our health in reference to Successful Aging and Fall Prevention. She had various pointers to give us. Our committee has used our RTAM Website and KIT to keep our general membership abreast of our events. As deadlines permitted, we also used the advertising in KIT. In future, we plan to use the RTAM Website and KIT more effectively by noting any deadline dates, in particular. Thank you to all our committee members as well as our

Respectfully submitted by Linda Blair, Chair

Website and KIT workers for helping make our committee

Members: Meryl Orth, Joan Rink, Maureen Recksiedler

function successfully.

14 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020



Chapter Reports 2019 - 2020

Boyne Chapter Retired Teachers Respectfully submitted by Bob Kowalchuk The Boyne chapter has 19 members. We have no designated president, but someone volunteers to chair each meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer is Bob Kowalchuk. The breakfast meetings are held the last Friday of each month (September to May) at a local Carman restaurant. The fee is $10 per year and the money is used to provide a scholarship to a Prairie Rose graduate entering a program of learning. The meeting opens with the singing of O Canada. RTAM President, Peggy Prendergast, attended our October breakfast meeting and she provided information about RTAM’s involvement with the Seniors Coalition, the endowment fund, the RTAM radio clips aired on CJNU. She reinforced that retired teachers should volunteer and encouraged everyone to be active and be happy and enjoy life. Peggy stressed her philosophy

Members of the Calgary and Area Chapter are drawn from a large geographical area and have retired from a variety of Manitoba school divisions. Although most members did not know one another before relocating to Alberta, the Calgary Chapter of RTAM provides a unique opportunity to maintain members’ Manitoba teaching connections. Of 57 RTAM members on our ‘Chapter Contact List,’ 25 members, some accompanied by a spouse, attended at least one meeting in 2019. A second indicator of continued interest in the Calgary Chapter is the number of members who take time to send regrets if unable to attend a meeting. We continue to alternate four yearly meetings between locations in South and North Calgary. While the majority of members are Calgarians, some individuals travel from Airdrie, High River, Lethbridge, Cochrane and Canmore to attend our luncheons. Attendance remains quite consistent from year to year.

“Don’t isolate yourself—get outside the house.” Many of our teacher retirees are very active in community

Date 2019

Attendance 2019

Regrets 2019

Total RSVP

Date 2018

Attendance 2018

Regrets 2018

March 14




March 8



to 15 years and Audrey was instrumental in starting the choir.

May 2




May 3



Neil Strachan is chairperson of the Carman Library Board and

Sept 12




Sept 13



the Board has been overseeing the expansion and renovation

Nov 21




Nov 29



activities. Audrey Myers is the choir director for our Carman Active Living Centre choir. The choir has been together for close

of our library. The new library had its Grand Opening this past March. Bob Kowalchuk has been involved with the Alzheimer Society for 18 years, and for 16 years has organized the Alzheimer Ukrainian Awareness dinner. The dinner serves authentic Ukrainian food and has raised over $80 000 for the Alzheimer Society. Joan Driedger was honoured as Miami’s Citizen of the Year. Once the business portion of the meeting has been completed, one never knows where the conversation will lead. Somebody could recommend a book that they have read or a movie they have seen. Talking about grandchildren and their accomplishments is always a favorite topic. One meeting people shared stories about fire alarms being set off in schools while teaching. Some of our members play in a ukulele group and stories are shared about the group and other music incidents. The important thing is that we always adjourn with a smile on our face. This wraps up the Boyne Chapter Report.

Calgary Chapter Respectfully submitted by Penny Hogan On behalf of the Chapter Committee: Dennis Kozak; Jan Campbell; Richard Dooley; Penny Hogan; Lillian Kozak and George Takashima. Members: 57

The Calgary and Area Chapter was most grateful to receive a Chapter Initiative Grant in January 2019. The receipt of a Chapter Initiative is instrumental in providing the members in the Calgary Chapter with opportunities to gather together, socialize and to hear speakers on a variety of interesting topics. Chapter activities in 2019 supported by the Chapter Initiative Grant were as follows: • March 14, 2019: Two representatives of the Calgary Police Service Counterfeit and Fraud Prevention Program provided up-to-date information on “Calgary’s Top Telephone Scams,” including strategies for seniors to best protect themselves from being victimized by criminal elements perpetrating telephone and other scams. • May 2, 2019: A luncheon provided time for Chapter members to reconnect and socialize with ‘snow-bird’ returnees. • September 12, 2019: Guest speaker, Shaun Hunter, brought Calgary’s history alive for our Chapter members. As former Manitobans, we may not be as well informed about the history of Calgary. Shaun Hunter is a born and raised Calgarian, who authored the book Through the Eyes of Writers. • November 21, 2019: The final luncheon of 2019, a pre-Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, provided a wonderful


opportunity for Chapter members to socialize. Highlights of the AGM on May 7 & 8 were presented by Lillian and Dennis

• Assisting with the Water Conservation Field Day at Ethelbert for area students

Kozak, who attended the 2019 AGM.

• Hosting an October Alzheimer Coffee Break Fundraiser at the

A Calgary Chapter 2019 Initiative: The Freedom of Information

• Guest speaker at October supper meeting with tips for Senior Drivers

Marketplace Mall and Privacy Act (FOIP) does not permit the release of personal

• Sponsored a DARTA sign at the Credit Union Place arena

contact information for RTAM members who are relocating to,

• Decorated the Watson Arts Centre for the holiday season

or may already be living in, the geographical area of Calgary

• Sponsoring and laying a wreath of remembrance at the

Chapter. However, in November/December 2019 with the assistance of the RTAM, a membership discrepancy was investigated, as summarized in the following table:

November 11 Legion Remembrance Day Service • Organizing and sponsoring the December meeting with the Cheer and Chat afternoon • Christmas donation made to the local HERO club: Helping


RTAM Total Members

Calgary Chapter








36* Does not include members In Care


Everyone Reach Out • Monitoring the arena exit doors for the Dauphin Kings MJHL home hockey games in December and February • Providing volunteers for the Under 21 TELUS Provincial Curling Championships • Members attended Town Hall Meeting, March down Main Street,





















• DARTA applied for both the RTAM Wellness Initiative Grant

Turner Valley




and the Chapter Initiative Grant this year. We were very

or signed the petition in regards to the government decision to close the Dauphin Correctional Institute • Supported the Coldest Night of the Year Walk as a fundraiser for the Habitat for Humanity build

pleased to be awarded both of these grants. The Wellness Though the process is yet to be determined, in 2020, with the assistance of RTAM, Calgary Chapter hopes to invite the 37 ‘missing’ RTAM members currently residing in our area to experience some RTAM camaraderie in Calgary. All Chapter members are notified through email regarding upcoming Chapter events. Information following each event is

Initiative Grant was used to sponsor a Paint Night for our membership and guests. • The Chapter Initiative Grant will be used in June or July to tour the Farmery Estate Brewery and other local attractions in Neepawa • The AGM of DARTA will be held in April and the Officers for the 2020-21 year will be elected at that time.

emailed to all members.

Dauphin Area Retired Teachers’ Association (DARTA) Respectfully submitted by Joyce McGinnis, President

ÉMR PRESIDENT'S REPORT 2020 Respectfully submitted by Patricia Thibodeau, president ÉMR (with the assistance of outgoing president Guy Gagnon) The main objectives of Les Éducatrices et Éducateurs

Members: 70+

manitobains à la retraite (ÉMR) are to organize activities that

Meetings: Our DARTA group has a list of 70+ active and

are hoped to appeal to all tastes; will generate interest in

inactive members. We continue to have monthly breakfast

participating; an emphasis on the social and francophone aspect.

meetings with the exception of a supper meeting in October and

We took the opportunity at the April 18, 2019 ÉMR AGM to ask our

our AGM meeting in April. We have, once again, been graciously

members to share feedback on past activities and take note of

given space at Mountain View School Division Administration

ideas and suggestions for the coming year.

Office for our breakfast meetings. To date, most of our membership have email access to maintain regular contact. We have several volunteer members who assist in phoning members who do not have email contact to keep them

Our members are also very active as volunteers in various sectors of the Francophone community as well as in various provincial and national organizations. Members of the Executive Council of the ÉMR are asked to organize

informed of meetings and other important events of DARTA and RTAM.

a minimum of one activity planned during the year. Subsequently, the

An overview of the DARTA activities and events for the past

Board member must post and announce the planned activity through

year include: • Volunteering at the Terry Fox Fundraiser BBQ and school run • Helping BBQ for the Fuel Good Day fundraiser for Whitmore School sponsored by Co-op

16 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

our www.lesemr.org website. The list of MRAs is close to 200. These members have worked either as teachers or administrators in French, immersion and English school boards.

I would like to thank The Retired Teachers ‘Association of Manitoba (RTAM) for accepting our funding application through the Chapter Initiative Grant. This financial contribution has been very helpful because we have been able to recruit new members. We plan to re-apply in 2020. A Council meeting will be held in the near future to prepare the schedule of activities for 2020-2021. At the same time the following members will be appointed to ÉMR Executive Council: • Patricia Thibodeau, President • Gisèle Grégoire, Vice-President • Rose-Marie (Mimi) Iafolla, Treasurer • Jocelyne Fraser, Secretary • Lucille Daudet-Mitchell, Communications Advisor • Marc Beaudry, councilor • Denis Gautron, councilor • Arsène Huberdeau, councilor • Guy Gagnon, outgoing president *Gerard Massé website manager: www.lesemr.org

RAPPORT de la PRÉSIDENTE des ÉMR 2020 Rapport remis par : Patricia Thibodeau, présidente des ÉMR (avec l’assistance de Guy Gagnon, président sortant) Le conseil exécutif des Éducateurs & Éducatrices Manitobains.es à la Retraite (les ÉMR) a comme objectifs principaux d'organiser des activités qu'on espère vont plaire à tous les goûts; vont susciter intérêt d'y participer; mettre l'accent sur l'aspect social et francophone. Nous avons pris l'occasion lors de l'AGA des ÉMR du 18 avril 2019 de demander à nos membres de nous partager rétroactions sur les activités passées ainsi que prendre note d'idées et suggestions pour l'année à venir. Nos membres sont aussi très actifs comme bénévoles dans divers secteurs de la communauté francophone ainsi qu'à divers organismes provinciaux et nationaux. Les membres siégeant au Conseil exécutif des ÉMR sont demandés d'organiser un minimum d'une activité prévue durant l'année. Par la suite le membre du Conseil doit afficher & annoncer l'activité prévue par le biais de notre site web www.

ÉMR 2019 - 2020 calendar of activities


April 16, 2019: EMR AGM at Canad Inns Windsor Park - 10:00

La liste de membres des ÉMR se chiffre à tout près de 200.

a.m. followed by lunch. Member participants 21. Guy Gagnon,

Ces membres ont œuvré soit comme enseignant /enseignante

organizing member

ou administrateur /administratrice, dans des Conseils scolaires

May 16, 2019: Guided Visit to Parc Lagimodière-Gaboury, St. Boniface followed by lunch @ Bistro Inferno. Member participants 25. Denis Gautron, organizing member June 20, 2019: Brunch at the Original Pancake house @ The

francophone, immersion et anglophone Je tiens à remercier La Retired Teachers' Association of Manitoba (RTAM) d'avoir accepté notre demande de financement par le biais du Chapter Initiative Grant Cette contribution

Forks. Guided tour of the Nonsuch Microbrewery on Pacific

financière nous a été très utile car nous avons réussi à recruter

Avenue. Member participants 30. Organizing members, Pat

de nouveaux membres. Nous comptons faire demande à nouveau

Thibodeau & Guy Gagnon

en 2020.

October 17, 2019: Lunch @ Bistro Era & guided French tour of

Une réunion du nouveau Conseil aura lieu le pour préparer

the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Member participants

le calendrier des activités pour 2019 - 2020. En même temps les

21. Organizing member, Pat Thibodeau.

membres suivants seront nommés au Conseil exécutif:

November 21, 2019: Workshop on navigating the Health System held

• Patricia Thibodeau, présidente

at Bibliothèque St. Boniface. Lunch @ Bistro Resto Gare in St. Boniface.

• Gisèle Grégoire, vice-présidente

Member participants 32. Organizing member, Rose-Marie Iafolla.

• Rose-Marie (Mimi) Iafolla, trésorière

December 12, 2019: Annual Christmas Dinner at Canad Inns Windsor Park with musical animation Guy and Agathe Lacroix. Member participants 48. Organizing members, Marc Beaudry and Denis Gautron. April 16, 2020: EMR AGM at Canad Inns Windsor Park - 10:00

• Jocelyne Fraser, secrétaire • Lucille Daudet-Mitchell, conseillère & responsable des communications • Marc Beaudry, conseiller • Denis Gautron, conseiller

a.m. followed by lunch. Cancelled because of COVID-19. Organizing

• Arsène Huberdeau, conseiller

member, Guy Gagnon.

• Guy Gagnon, président sortant

May 21, 2020: Planned tour of 17th Squadron Search & Rescue

*Gérard Massé responsable du site web: www.lesemr.org

followed by lunch @ La Baguette. Organizing member, Marc Beaudry. June 18,2020 : Planned visit to Thunderbird House, 715 main

Les activités des ÉMR 2019 - 2020:

Street followed by lunch at the red River School Organizing

18 avril 2019 : AGA des ÉMR au Canad Inns Parc Windsor @ 10h00

member, Guy Gagnon.

suivi du repas du midi. Nombre de participants (21.) Guy Gagnon,

The activities the EMR are planning for the calendar year 2020 - 2021 have not been finalized. Executive council will be meeting in the near future to plan these activities

responsable de l’organisation. 16 mai 2019 : Randonnée Parc Lagimodière-Gaboury suivi du dîner @ Bistro Inferno, St. Boniface. Nombre de membres participants (24). Denis Gautron, responsable de l’organisation. 20 juin 2019 :Brunch @ Original Pancake house à la Fourche


suivi d’une visite guidée à la microbrasserie Nonsuch, rue Pacific.

In September, 2019, we held our annual luncheon at Bel Acres

Nombre de membres participants (30). Patricia Thibodeau & Guy

Golf Course. We also welcomed newly retired teachers to our

Gagnon, responsables de l’organisation.

group; presenting them with IRTA pins, pens and a free lunch.

17 octobre 2019 Brunch au resto Era suivi d’une visite guidée en

Our featured speaker for the afternoon spoke about the work

Français du Musée Canadien des Droits de la personne. Nombre

she and her husband have been doing to build, and then help

de membres participants (21). Patricia Thibodeau, responsable de

support, a school in a small Mexican village. Our members


brought various school supplies to donate and we made a

21 novembre 2019 : Atelier : Comment naviguer le système de santé tenu à la Bibliothèque de Saint-Boniface suivi du dîner au

monetary donation as well. Our Christmas luncheon in December was well attended, as

Resto Gare. Nombre de membres participants (30) Rose-Marie

always. Shopping at vendors’ tables and “catching up” with old

Iafolla, responsable de l’organisation

friends set the mood for enjoying a turkey dinner, with all the

12 décembre 2019 : Souper traditionnel de Noël au Canad Inns Parc Windsor. Animation musicale Guy & Agathe Lacroix. Marc

trimmings. Our April AGM did not happen due to the pandemic. Like all

Beaudry & Denis Gautron, responsable. Nombre de membres

other groups, our lives have been put on “hold.” We hope that

participants (48). Denis Gautron & Marc Beaudry, responsables de

everyone stays safe until this is over. It is, indeed, a new world.

l’organisation 18 avril 2020 : AGA des ÉMR au Canad Inns Parc Windsor @ 10h00 suivi du repas du midi. Annulée à cause de la COVID-19 Responsable de l’organisation, Guy Gagnon. 21 mai 2020 : Visite guidée de la 17ième Escadre de recherche et sauvetage suivi du dîner à La Baguette. Marc Beaudry, responsable de l’organisation. 18 juin 2020 : Visite de Thunderbird House suivi du dîner au resto de l’École des arts culinaires du Red River College. Guy Gagnon, responsable de l’organisation.

Hanover Association Retired Teachers Respectfully submitted by Brian Gadsby, Acting President

Louis Riel Chapter Respectfully submitted by Jack Fraser and Lynda Baxter The Louis Riel Chapter includes the retired staff from the legacy divisions of St. Boniface, Norwood and St. Vital. All our Chapter’s major activities have a fundraising component and are run and organized by our Activities Co chairs, Jerry Ilchyna and Ron Koskie, and their subcommittee of executive members: Edith Alexiuk, Lydia Lewko, Francis Lemieux, Marilyn Surbey, Gerry Ilchyna, and Frank Prouten (BC Rep). Our principal activities include our annual spring and fall luncheons and our annual September golf tournament. This year would have marked 28 years for the Spring Luncheon. We

We are a chapter in limbo and have been so the last few years.

decided not to hold it because of the Covid-19 threat. The Fall

It seems there is no one willing to take a leadership role in

luncheon is still tentatively planned for October 1. This marks

our organization. We are lucky to have our past president and

21 years for our golf tournament. Local business owners, former

vice president willing to stay on in name only to keep the

students, and former staff donate the prizes for our silent

organization going. For the last number of years we have had a

auctions and draws. Funds raised support our bursary fund. The

monthly breakfast the second Friday of the month. Attendance

connections made to our external donors have been forged and

varies from 15 to one. The last number of times we have

maintained over the years and generate an ongoing positive

cancelled due to lack of interest. We will start up once again in

contribution of community support to public education. The

April when a lot of the snow birds will be back. At least with the

team’s work is invaluable in that respect. The donors’ willingness

breakfasts we try to keep in touch.

to give and their testimonials about how teachers have positively influenced lives are indeed heart-warming. In light of RTAM’s

Interlake Retired Teachers’ Association

focus on ‘volunteering,’ this kind of volunteerism also needs to

Respectfully submitted by Gail Peterkin

be recognized and acknowledged for the contribution that it is.

President: Gail Peterkin; Vice President: Darlene Dufily; Past

our Fall Luncheon. Our luncheons are a great contributor to our

President: Nancy Phillips; Secretary: Joie VanDongen; Treasurer: Cathy Yurick; Directors: Joan Main, Barbara Lindquist, Nancy Drad The membership of the Interlake Retired Teachers’ Association seems to be maintaining its numbers, with 50 paid members and three associates. The long standing executive remains relatively steady as well. We continue to work hard at trying to provide meaningful and socially engaging activities for our members.

18 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

Peggy Prendergast, the RTAM President, brought greeting to Chapter’s social and communication needs. These events are a great time to get together, renew acquaintances, get caught up on travel and family news and win a few prizes. Through the much-appreciated support of the Louis Riel School Division, tickets are sold on our behalf at the reception desk in the Board Offices. Both luncheons are held in the space provided in the Division’s Legacy Centre. Doors open at 10:15 for visiting to begin, lunch is at noon and visiting and activities go well into the late afternoon. Our newsletter is biannual, so that

leaves us with a communication time gap with our members.

celebrate the 100th birthday of MTS. This is an effort to also get

The Chapter established an electronic mailing list to provide

new members to join NARTA. An informative presentation was

timely information to 450+ of our over 1,100 members between

given to us by Karen Fourchou of Cancer Care Manitoba.

newsletters. The e-List is growing. • Our chapter membership is open to all retiring staff of the Division. We value this diversity in our group, and the Division

MAY: Five NARTA delegates attended the 2019 RTAM AGM in Brandon. JUNE: Our June meeting was a Barbecue in the Park held at

is also proud to be in touch with all their retired staff. The

the Stoney Creek School in Neepawa. The NARTA members, as

retired teacher membership component of our chapter is a

well as the invited guests, enjoyed the barbecue and the birthday

‘sub group’ with respect to activities that are of specific interest

cake that was in celebration of the 100th birthday of MTS, 30

to teachers. We have an excellent working relationship with

years of RTAM and almost 30 years of NARTA.

the superintendent, and the Division supports our luncheons,

The 2020 NARTA Student Bursary of $200.00 was presented

our bursary, and our communication in a number of ways. The

to a graduating student from Carberry Collegiate. The NARTA

Chapter appreciates the support it receives.

Student Bursary is presented each year to a graduating student

• The success of our golf tournaments is in no small part

who is going on to further his/her education. Each year a student

due to the tireless work of our activities co chairs and their

is chosen from one of the three high schools in the area, Carberry

team, but is also because of the ever increasing support

Collegiate, William Morton Collegiate (Gladstone) or Neepawa

from our donors. The upcoming nine hole, shotgun start, fall

and Area Collegiate.

tournament tentatively will be held at the Lorette Golf Course

SEPTEMBER: Each year we have an outing in September.

on September 22 with rain dates the 24 - 25. For the past 13

This year we did a morning guided tour of the Shilo RCA CFB

years the tournament has been sold out in two weeks.

Museum, followed by lunch at Rick’s Restaurant in Shilo. In the

• Because of our fundraising, this past year we were able to

afternoon we did a tour of the Reptile Gardens in Douglas. For

provide a total of $4,000.00 in bursary monies to be distributed

something more pleasant, it was on to the Shady Lane Tea Room

among students from all eight of our high schools. This year

near Brandon for coffee and dessert. A tour of the amazing Doll

was the 20th anniversary of our bursary fund. It is wonderful

Museum concluded a wonderful day.

to be able to use the funds we generate to contribute to young

DECEMBER: At our December meeting we enjoyed a catered

people in our amalgamated division. As of June 2019, we will

Christmas dinner with all the trimmings at the Arts Forward

have awarded 100 bursaries in the total amount of $42,000.00.

Building in Neepawa. Members were encouraged to use the

Since the inception of the bursary fund we have raised a total of

RTAM website for communication purposes and the digital copy

$102,472.51. The following is a quote from one of our activities co

of KIT. The meeting was followed by Christmas quizzes and

chairs: “Education is ongoing and we know that retired teachers

prizes for poinsettias.

and support staff still wish to be involved in its future.”

JANUARY: January was the month we got together at the Chicken Corral Restaurant for a morning coffee get- together.

Neepawa and Area Retired Teachers’ Association (NARTA) Respectfully submitted by Joan Rink, President The 2019 - 2020 NARTA Executive are: President: Joan Rink; Past President: Ralph Cibula; Vice President: Vacant; Treasurer: Richard Kulbacki; Secretary: Pat Cibula; Program Director: Wendy Denbow; Communications: Doreen Sage Member: 29 paid members Our Chapter holds three meetings and one outing each year. All members are notified by phone or email regarding meetings and the outing. Our yearly member fee is $10.00. APRIL: Our AGM meeting was a dinner held at the Chicken Corral restaurant in Neepawa. All retired teachers in the area received an invitation by phone, email or in person to join us at our June barbecue to

Having some NARTA members on the RTAM Board of Directors and Committees is an asset to our Chapter, helping to keep our members informed of RTAM activities. Thank you to RTAM for the Chapter Initiatives Grant of $250.00 which has enhanced NARTA activities for the members as well as offset the cost of our activities.

Northeastman Chapter Report Respectfully submitted by Linda York, President Unfortunately our chapter has been dormant this past year. Since amalgamation, we have been struggling with our geography. It has been difficult to arrange meetings as we have no central location. Also trying to develop a list of retirees in our area has been difficult. We have been investigating a split to have eastern and western chapters to solve some of our problems. Stay healthy and stay home.


Portage la Prairie Chapter Respectfully submitted by Charlie Clifford, Chapter President The year 2019 – 2020 was expected to be a year of growth for our chapter. Although we have seen some encouraging activity, it has not been consistent. We are trying some different approaches to our meetings, looking at the luncheon and dinner format instead of just breakfast meetings. We have tried not to be too political, which is one of the reasons people give for not attending. We have about 130 RTAM members in the Portage area which could be a powerful resource for our community, if it were utilized properly. We tried a Christmas luncheon with a singsong and found it quite successful with 46 members coming out. Peggy, our RTAM President, attended and spoke to the group. It did require a very extensive phone campaign and an announcement on Portage on Line. We will continue to look at ways to involve our members and get them excited about what RTAM can do for them and what they can do for RTAM. We have three radio stations, an online station and a newspaper that is printed once a week. All are very community minded, we need to look at ways of involving all of them more. Many of our members are very involved in the community as individuals or through other organizations. It may be a possibility of using our organization to help our members serve our community as they have done for so many years in the past. The pool of talent, creativity and yes energy has so much potential for keeping us healthy and living very fulfilled lives. We realize that growth may be slow but it will come! We did have the opportunity to get involved in two events as volunteers. The next few months may cause some difficulty for us because of the pending Covid-19 pandemic . Many of our younger retirees continue to work part time in school divisions and other areas, which seems to be a trend. We will continue to make RTAM more inviting to them and our members.

Retired Women Teachers’ Association Respectfully submitted: Pat Opalko, President patopal@mymts.net 2019 - 2020 is our sixty-eighth year as the Retired Women Teachers’ Association (RWTA). Our membership presently is 268 members with 17 of those members being Life Members who are aged 90 years or over. Membership has increased and we hope that it will continue. During the year, the RWTA executive met five times to plan four luncheons with activities and entertainment. The September luncheon was highlighted by our annual Fashion Show by Northern Reflections. The models for this fun event were volunteers from our very own RWTA membership. Northern Reflections kindly distributed coupons that day and many of our members were seen at St. Vital Mall shopping at Northern Reflections that afternoon!

20 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

At our Christmas luncheon we were entertained by “True Harmony,” an all-female a cappella group based in Winnipeg, who regaled us with Christmas music. We were delighted by the traditional served Christmas dinner of turkey and all the trimmings, prepared by the caterer at the Masonic Centre. Mrs. Claus, our wonderful member, Emily Williamson, rewarded everyone with a special Christmas gift, a tiny orange, on her annual visit. For February’s luncheon we were entertained by RWTA member and author, Oriole Veldhuis. Dressed as a pioneer woman, Oriole shared her great grandmother’s family history from her book titled “For Elise-Unveiling the Forgotten Woman on the Criddle Homestead.” Oriole gave a fascinating talk and members had the opportunity to purchase her book. In honour of Festival du Voyageur, members enjoyed bison tourtiere with caribou gravy for lunch, presented by Wow Catering. Our April 2020 get together with members was to be our AGM with a luncheon to celebrate Manitoba’s 150th but that has now been postponed to September’s luncheon due to COVID-19. The entertainment planned for this April’s luncheon will be postponed to the April 2021 luncheon when we’ll celebrate the beginning of RWTA’s 70th year. It promises to be a lot of fun! We continue to hold our luncheons at the Masonic Centre at Corydon and Osborne where our delicious and varied meals are prepared by WOW Catering. Guests are always welcome. Donations of toiletries for women’s shelters, used eye-glasses for the Eye Bank and reusable bags for Winnipeg Harvest continue to be collected at each luncheon. This February members were very generous with donations of over 200 pairs of socks for the needy. Also, donations to our Angel Baskets at our December luncheons continue to allow us to recognize our shut in members with small gifts at Christmas and Easter and cards on other occasions. All retired and newly retired women teachers are welcome to join RWTA in 2020 - 2021. The annual membership fee is $8 and our luncheons, with entertainment, are $20 for members and $25 for non-members. As RWTA president, I wish to thank our RWTA executive and members for their support and help. On behalf of the RWTA Executive and members, we thank RTAM for its support and dedication. We would love to have more retired women teachers join us to keep our membership numbers increasing. Retired Women Teachers’ Association Executive 2019 - 2020 Pat Opalko, President; Cecile Alarie-Skene, Past President, VicePresident; Phyllis Arnold-Luedtke, Treasurer; Cécile Alarie-Skene, Membership Convener; Pat Opalko, Recording Secretary; Ethel Mair, Corresponding Secretary; Brenda Zebrynski, Club Notices; Lynda Tunny, Luncheon Coordinator; Louise Burton, Social Committee Chair; Arlene Billeck, Social Committee; Laurel McFarlane, Social Committee; Birdielyn Gray, Tickets; Barbara Haddow, Tickets; Peggy Prendergast, RTAM / Pensions; Emily Williamson, Visiting Committee; Lenore Butler, Visiting Committee; Helen Norrie, Publicity; Jacquie Field, Archivist; Charlotte Stech, Pianist

Southwest Assiniboine Chapter of the Retired Teachers Association President: Joan Veselovsky; Vice President: Kel Smith; Secretary: Kathy Welsh; Treasurer: Glen McKinnon; Past President: Lorraine Scott; Travel: Kelvon Smith; Friendship and visiting: Pat Wolfe; Phoning: Mary Ellen Roach 2019 was again a very successful year for our chapter. April luncheon featured a very talented 12 year old, Ryley Jorganson, violinist. September luncheon welcomed some new members to make our total count forty-five. Ed James reported on his trip to the 75th Anniversary of Juno Beach invasion. Lorraine Scott chaired the meeting and Kelvon Smith was elected vice president. In June, a number attended a production of "Strike'' at Rainbow Stage. Thank you, RTAM, for the grant which was gratefully accepted. President Joan V. chaired the November meeting after a delicious luncheon. Father Matt Koovisk led us in the singing of carols to celebrate the Yule season. Each year our chapter donates $500.00 to Virden Music and Arts festival, Birdtail, Deloraine Border Festivals and to the Westman Youth Choir. Members also bring items for the local food cupboard at each luncheon.

St. James-Assiniboia Chapter

about Bill C27 and the coalition that is taking a close look at it. She expressed satisfaction at the establishment of a capital fund within the Winnipeg Foundation in the amount of $50,000 the interest of which will be used to provide awards to nominated descendents of retired teachers. She expressed the hope to see it grow through donations to the fund. She also drew attention to several booklets of interest to seniors. The presentation and AGM was followed by homemade apple crisp with ice cream which was enjoyed by all those in attendance. We thank Marj Bilous, Emily Williamson, Mary Starodub, Lynn Land and Shelley Herbert for making the delicious crisp. Members also participated in a door prize game. Many members went home with a prize!!!! Thanks were extended to Rudy Peters, Lynn Land, Linda Scott, Dorothy Young, Carol Szuminsky, and Marj Bilous for donating the prizes. We thank Provincial RTAM for the financial support for this event. It was really appreciated. In the last year we have shared information on the following colleagues who have departed this life: Ivano Buccini, Barbara Ann Frame, John Gray, James Gordon Grist, Loa Henry, David McDowell, Joanne Swain, Mary Veenhuyzen, Ralph Gordon, Leslie Ewacha, Olga Kasian

Swan Valley Chapter of Retired Teachers Respectfully submitted by Jean Keillor, Secretary SVRT

Respectfully submitted, Lynn Land, Chairperson

Greetings from the Swan Valley Chapter of Retired Teachers. We are

Officers 2019 - 2020

luncheon meeting at the home of Walter and Myrna Zinkiew. We are

Chairperson: Lynn Land; Vice Chair: ShelleyHerber; Treasurer: Emily Williamson; Secretary: Rudy Peters; Membership/ Communications: Dorothy Young; Members at Large: Marj Bilous,

a small group of about twenty members that meet bi-monthly for a treated with a wonderful home cooked meal and have an opportunity to socialize with colleagues and discuss topics of interest.

Will Peters, Linda Scott, Carol Szuminsky

Executive Officers 2019 - 2020

The main objective of the St. James Assiniboia Chapter of RTAM

Secretary: Jean Keillor; Treasurer: Henry Barkowski ; Past

is to promote the economic interests of its members and other retired educators; and to support the Provincial RTAM Board in its endeavours to that end. The chapter shares information with its members all across Canada. In turn, members share the information with friends, family and also colleagues still actively teaching in Manitoba. Membership is 330! The Chapter held a very successful Golden Days Coffee House and AGM at McMaster House on September 12, 2019. We were honoured to have James Bedford, President of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS), as our invited guest. He introduced Nathan Martindale, Vice-President of the Society. James expressed a desire to work for closer ties between active and retired teachers, the need for a strong association and is looking forward to receiving advice on how to strengthen the public education system. He thanked members for their support of education and reminded them to vote in support of public education. Peggy Prendergast, Provincial RTAM President, spoke

President: Aldrich Novotny; Vice President: Ed Richenhaller; President: Barb Plumb Activities of our chapter • Our Chapter sends get well/sympathy cards to our colleagues. • We participate in the Retirement Banquet of Teachers of the Swan Valley School Division in June. • We agreed to donate $200 to the local Ag. Society. The money would go to schoolwork entry prizes at the North West Roundup and Exhibition. • In November, three members volunteered to judge Remembrance Day Contest entries. On behalf of the local chapter, a wreath was presented at the community Remembrance Day Service. • Members of our chapter, Ed Richenhaller and Aldrich Novotny, encouraged others to join in delivering meals in the “Meals On Wheels” program. They reported that people receiving meals were very appreciative.


• On one of the coldest days of 2019, 24 members drove to Rawhides in Stenen, SK for a Christmas Get-Together! • Forty two pounds of food was collected for the local food bank. • Julie Kooistra made retired teachers aware of recreational/ entertainment available in Swan River: i.e. Pickle Ball , Square Dancing, community Band Concert, Christmas Carol Festival. • The SVRT welcomed retired Superintendent, Tim Mendel, at our meeting in February.

The Pas Retired Teachers Respectfully submitted by Vel McAdam, President Our membership continues to meet sporadically, but serves on numerous other committees very vigorously. The hospital, our local churches, and several service clubs and fraternal organizations are the lucky recipients of their many talents and expertise. The RTAM group itself meet for lunch infrequently, but are always grateful for the varied information which we receive from the Board and/or its many committee activities via email.

Thompson Association of Retired Educators Respectfully submitted by Joan Goble, President Vice President: Terry Nychuk; Secretary-Treasurer: Kate Roth

Lodge (Cancelled due to Covid 19 - new date TBA when pandemic rules allow) May: members are encouraged to attend the RTAM AGM in Winnipeg; Memories Project Tea locally to present Memory binders to the SDML, the Library and the Museum. (See Covid note above) Our Memories Project is still underway and will hopefully continue over the next few years. There is no record of teachers’ impressions and stories about teaching in Thompson. We are asking anyone who ever taught here to send us a memory or two c/o mgoble@mymts.net to include in the binders.

VANISLES RTAM Chapter Irene Hilchey, President; Jim Reid, Treasurer; Patti Dobroski, Secretary The RTAM Vancouver Island chapter has about 100 members located in various cities and towns throughout our island. The chapter’s Annual General Meeting was held on April 11, 2019, in the Satellite Bar and Grill at the Arbutus Ridge Golf Club in the community of Cobble Hill, with breathtaking views of the Gulf Islands. The guest speaker, retired RN Ingrid Fredrickson, spoke about healthcare for seniors. It was a very informative session and discussion afterwards.

May, 2019: members attended RTAM AGM; Library plant project with children

On September 5, the chapter held its annual fall get-together. The fall celebration meeting was held up-island in the

June: filled four large planters at the Library and organized

picturesque harbour town of Ladysmith on the east coast of the

summer maintenance; funeral of Carol Pelton, RTAM Treasurer

island. Ladysmith is where the movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, was

and TARE member; planned Rice Krispie event for retirees, but

filmed last summer.

no takers. July: several members accepted invitation to attend Seniors’

Jim Reid, our treasurer, selected the venue, Fox and Hounds, and organized the event. It was a superb authentic British pub-

Council BBQ; annual picnic held this year at the summer home of

style restaurant run by a family that recently emigrated from the

Ruth Saunders at Setting Lake.

UK. The weather was warm and sunny making it perfect for the

September: annual “To Hell with the Bell” breakfast at a local

scenic drive to Ladysmith. We had a lively meeting and all fifteen

hotel dining room. Later in the month several members accepted

members that attended had a delightful time. Thanks to Jim for

the invitation to attend a Prevention and Education Conference

organizing the event.

on Elder Abuse held at the local Rec Centre.

VanIsles Chapter Executive Members:

October: Pharmacist D. King again spoke to us answering all question we had. November: toured the local AFM facility meeting staff; seeing

Irene Hilchey



Jim Reid



Patti Dobroski



the residence areas, seminar rooms, dining rooms, etc. and learning about the programs offered in the North. December: no scheduled meeting but members were encouraged to attend local Seniors’ Christmas dinner. Several did attend. It was a wonderful meal and good entertainment. January 2020: the Seniors’ Council again extended an invitation to us this time to attend a Telehealth presentation on Dementia. Several of our members did attend. February: Constable S. Deibert came to speak to us about Safety in Thompson. It was a very informative session. March: three members will present a pre-retirement seminar to TTA members: plans are pending for another group event. April: our AGM is tentatively set for April 16 at Paint Lake

22 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

Westman Retired Educators’ Association Respectfully submitted by Ron McPhail, WREA President, 2018 - 2019 WREA held four general meetings this year, all luncheon meetings held at the Rotary Villas Retirement Home. At each of the meetings there was either an entertainer or a speaker. They included: The Song Birds from Seniors for Seniors, the local Ukulele club and Pharmacist Mark McCure as a guest speaker. At each of the General meetings, there was a donation box where items were collected and then delivered to a local charity.

As well, there were four executive meetings. In November, I was honoured to place a wreath, on behalf of WREA, at the local Remembrance Day Service at the Keystone Centre. In the summer, several of our members took part in a trip to Manitou, MB, where they visited the Manitou Opera House, built in 1930 and the original home of Nellie McClung. This trip was partially sponsored by our Chapter Initiative grant. A number of our members helped at the local Lift conference in October by directing people to where their sessions were taking place and taking attendance at the sessions. Our Sick and Visiting Committee is also busy visiting and sending out cards to members who happen to be ill. WREA arranges a monthly breakfast get-together for members who are wanting to meet and socialize. Things did not go exactly as planned for the end of the year with the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of things had to be postponed or delayed. Our last executive meeting was held over the Internet on a platform called Zoom which was developed for distance meetings. It was a new experience for a number of our executive members.

Dianne Casar, RTAM Member Services Coordinator


TAM is pleased to announce Dianne Casar has become our new Member Services Coordinator. Diane brings a wealth of administrative, event and association management experience to her current position, having worked with various not-for-profit professional organizations, both with working and governance Boards. She has served as a Board member herself on various ethnic and community based organizations in Winnipeg. Dianne is a nationally certified Event Coordinator through Tourism HR Canada and holds an Event Management Certificate from Mount Royal University. Dianne’s skill and abilities will be a great addition to the RTAM office team.

NOTICES & COMING EVENTS McCreary Homecoming August 2021

Former teachers and students of McCreary School are invited to attend a Tea at the school, the long weekend of August 2021, in the afternoon. School tours will be available.

PNS Class of 1955-56

A Class Luncheon is planned for Thursday, June 11th 2020 If interested in attending e-mail Normalschool56@mymts.net Or write: PNS 1955-56 314-895 Wilkes Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3P 1B8

Carman Collegiate Class of 1959 and 1960 (Postponed until 2021)

A 60th Reunion for Carman Collegiate Class of 1959 and 1960 is being planned for July 2020. We are looking for the following former teachers or classmates: Linda Lucht, Miss Ishenburg, Chester Johnson, Heather Hepworth, Miss Oberck, Miss Connor, Joe Segal, Colleen McCann, Mrs. Cartwright, Bob Sutton, Wallace Linton And Don Suderman. Please contact Willa Keith at willakeith3319@ icloud.com or at (204) 745-2714.

Winnipeg Normal School Class of '54

Hold the Date: Friday, September 17, 2021, 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at Canad Inn Polo Park, Winnipeg Celebrating 67th Reunion. This will be the 12th Reunion for this class. For further information contact: Mary Starodub, Winnipeg: 204-889-6046 Morris Demkiw, Winnipeg: 204-8325413. Also watch KIT for further information. - Mary and Morris

Schoolmasters' Curling

The Schoolmasters Curling League was started the late ’60’s and although it started as a league for teachers, their families and school support staff, we now have lawyers, independent business people, nurses, and pharmacists who participate, in addition to teachers and retired teachers. Our league is looking for more curlers for the coming season, to avoid folding. We curl out of the Fort Rouge Curling Club at 750 Daly Street S, and draw time is 8:45 a.m. on Saturdays. Please consider signing up for the 2020/2021 School Masters curling season. If you want to join as a team, that is great and no curling experience is necessary. Please email Carol Dubnicoff (jandc@shaw.ca) or Barb Hodge (b_a_hodge@ icloud.com) and let them know of your intentions. If there are only 2 or 3 of you, let us know and we will try to make a team for you. Thanks for your consideration and we hope you will help keep the Schoolmasters League Rocking!


Westman Retired Educators' Association Project By Pat Bowslaugh

WREA members and many other retired educators greatly responded to our recent WREA COVID-19 Project Give 150! The WREA Executive made plans at an online Zoom meeting on April 15th. Mavis Johnston and Rick Oakden made contacts on April 17th to provide information on the project: the donors took it from there. All donations were received by mail or drop-off by April 28th. Ron McPhail and Rick Oakden were very pleased to present your donations to our three targeted charities on April 30th, plus some unexpected funds for the Salvation Army: Brandon Humane Society Samaritan House Ministeries Westman Women’s Shelter Salvation Army Total:

$1000.00 $1360.00 $1175.00 $150.00 $3685.00

Due to the quick response and generosity of many contributors, WREA surpassed its two goals: 1) to collect $150.00 for each of the three targeted charities and 2) to complete the project before May, 2020. So, in spite of COVID-19, social distancing and self-isolating, local retired educators have done something worthwhile to help others! 24 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

The presentation of $1000 included: (from the left): Rick Oakden, Vice President (initiator of the project), Mavis Johnston, Treasurer, Brian Simard, Humane Society, Ron McPhail, President .


Photography CONTEST

KIT Editorial Committee SUMMER 2020 PHOTO CONTEST The two categories are: • LINE: We encounter lines on a daily basis, providing interesting photographic opportunities. This can be vertical lines, parallel lines, curved lines, diagonal lines, and even strong horizontal lines. See examples at https://rtam.mb.ca/rtam-media/photography-examples • THIS TREASURE OF NATURE: Animal, plant, rock formation, clouds, sunset, sunrise. Anything from nature that gives you joy. Judging by Gayl Punzalan Creative Director of Blue Ink Media Full contest rules and entry forms available at www.rtam.mb.ca and at the RTAM office. All entries to be sent by mail, email, or delivered to RTAM no later than 4:00 p.m., October 7, 2020.

Paint Night at the WAC By Joyce McGinnis


auphin Area Retired Teachers appreciated receiving the new Wellness Initiative Grant from RTAM to help fund our Paint Night on February 26. Fifteen “artists” gathered in the Fire Hall of the Watson Art Centre from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. with Irene Yarema Whitwell, a DARTA member, as our instructor. With paint brush in hand we followed Irene’s instructions to learn new techniques to complete our pictures of a bike with a flower basket. The pictures were as unique and original as the people who created them. When it was time to take a break from our painting we enjoyed snacks of sushi, Subway sandwiches, fruit, dainties, and beverages. Thanks to this grant this event was possible.


Executive Director’s Report Respectfully submitted by Gordon Fardoe








am pleased to become part of RTAM and working with such a strong, diverse and dedicated group of individuals who helped shape the minds of Manitobans. We are going through challenging times and RTAM continues to meet the needs of retired teachers. The office now has a full complement of staff on board to maintain the activities of the Association. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the world operates through these times



26 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

and we will continue to review our operations as to make sure we are providing the necessary quality of services and support you require at this time. Please continue to monitor our website for updates and feel free to contact the office by phone or email. The office team is here to be as helpful as possible. Stay safe, keep well and we will all get through this together. Have a pleasant summer.

What a Difference a Day Makes! Sharon J Hamilton


ithout Anne of Green Gables I would never have made it through my first year of teaching. I was in a one-room eight-grade schoolhouse, Laramie School, roughly three miles north of St. Adolphe. It was a charming little school, with a pump to provide water in above freezing weather, a parent to bring a couple of gallons of water every day in winter, and an outhouse in the middle of the back playground all year long. The front playground boasted a swing, which, at eighteen years of age, I used to swing on after school on warm days, after the students had left and before my ride to my home in St. Vital arrived. That autumn of 1963 had been warm and sunny and I had enjoyed that brief swing almost every afternoon. I had at least one student in every grade and their growing minds kept me busy and focused every moment of every day. The morning of November 22 had been like most, beginning with a story for everyone and then arithmetic in every grade, followed by some groupings for social studies and science, while the younger students had some physical activities. Most students stayed for lunch, during which they could play outside or stay in and talk. All had played outside, giving me some needed time to organize the afternoon’s activities. A knock on the door interrupted any planning I had begun. The Laramees lived on the farm closest to the school, four of them in four different grades, and always went home for lunch. Robert, in grade three, came in holding a radio, looking wide-eyed and somehow bigger than his size. “President

Kennedy’s been shot.” His older sister, Margaret, in grade seven, told me in solemn tones that her parents were giving the radio to the school to keep, because we should know what is going on in the world while we are in school. The rest of the students followed them in and we sat and listened for most of the rest of the afternoon. Only after President Kennedy was pronounced dead did we break our focus on the news and turn it to the meaning of the news. All eyes were on me, open, large, some with tears, all of them solemn and intense. Nobody spoke. They were all waiting for me to know and share the meaning of what had happened. In that moment, I realized more fully than ever before that we could make meaning of this cataclysmic event only if we did it together. Almost effortlessly, the dialogue began, as some students asked questions, others tried to answer, still others began to cry. Brothers comforted sisters, neighbouring children comforted each other, and we became a unit. I’m writing this on March 13, 2020, the day after the first three Covid-19 cases in the province were declared, arts and cultural events cancelled and institutions shut down, and the province began to come together in unity to understand and contain the spread of this new cataclysm invading our lives. I didn’t swing that afternoon while waiting for my ride. I sat on the front stoop of the schoolhouse and remembered the twelve pairs of sad eyes focussed on me all afternoon. That day we could touch and hug and hold hands. Today, we cannot.

In the midst of this on-again off-again world, Public Relations is still promoting the printing of a small book of Teachers Memories. We write as students, teachers, teacher's children, even stories from our parents...whatever is our most interesting and memorable school related event. We were, and are, significant folk. If we do not write these stories down, they will be lost forever. Hopefully, each KIT will feature one “Memory.” The submissions will go into our Website for viewing, then to eventual printing and publication. Three hundred words, 500 words, whatever, don’t feel constrained. Encourage a colleague. Some are coming to our office longhand. That’s great. Email office@rtam.mb.ca, or mail to RTAM, 206-1555 St. James St., Winnipeg, R3H 1B5 We need your help. Try hard. Written May 12, 2020, 150 years since the “birth” of our province.



~ RTAM Public Relations Committee



Photography Contest Winter 2020 Entries


28 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020


RTAM Summer 2020 Photo Contest Official Entry and Release Form


A copy of this form must be completed for each entry submitted to the photo contest. Photos cannot be entered into more than one category. Complete Photo Contest Rules are posted on the RTAM Website (see below).







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❏ This Treasure of Nature

We encounter lines on a daily basis, providing interesting Animal, plant, rock formation, clouds, sunset, sunrise. photographic opportunities. This can be vertical lines, Anything from nature that gives you joy. parallel lines, curved lines, diagonal lines, and even strong horizontal lines. See examples at https://rtam.mb.ca/ rtam-media/photography-examples

I hereby grant permission to the Retired Teachers’ Association (RTAM) to use / edit / reuse my photograph in any and all of its publications and on its website. • •

I agree to abide by the RTAM Photo Contest rules as set forth by RTAM and posted on the RTAM Website and in KIT.

By signing this release form, I acknowledge that I have completely read and understand what this permission signifies.

There is no time limit on the validity of this release. I confirm that I am a member in good standing of RTAM.


Name in Print / Signature / Date Signed

October 7, 2020 at 4:00 P.M.

RTAM Photo Contest Rules Submission Requirements: Print Entries: • All entries sent must have an image which is no smaller than 5” x 7” or larger than 12” x 12”. Square formatted images will be accepted provided that they are not smaller than 7” x 7” or larger than 12” x 12”. Panoramic photos will not be accepted. • Matted or framed photos will not be accepted. • Photo titles are mandatory, must be written on the back of prints and match the title on the Contest Official Entry Form. • Send to 206-1555 St. James St., Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B5

30 n RTAM KIT Summer 2020

Electronic Entries: • Electronic photos can also be emailed to office@rtam.mb.ca. The covering email or file name must include the photo title which must match the title on the Contest Official Entry Form. Electronic photos will be printed by RTAM for judging purposes. Please read the full contest rules at https://rtam.mb.ca/rtam-media/ photo-contest

In Memoriam

** The following RTAM members that have passed, were regretfully missed from being printed in previous editions of KIT. We sincerely apologize to the families of each of these members. – RTAM Office April 2019 Conrad A. Artibise - Winnipeg, MB Douglas Cowling - Yorkton, SK Evelyn G. Dempsey - Winnipeg, MB Joseph-Arthur Dupuis - Grande Prairie, MB Anne Ezowske - Dauphin, MB Rita M. Fisher - Qualicum Beach, BC Agnes Margaret Hall - Vancouver, BC Margaret J. Harrison - Winnipeg, MB Elin Jolly - Vancouver, BC G. Ivan McBurney - Winnipeg, MB Carol Ann Pelton - Winnipeg, MB Olga M. Skolrood - Dauphin, MB Ronald George Smith - Brandon, MB Leonard Takoski - Victoria, BC Kathleen Tomecko - Oak Bank, MB May 2019 Elizabeth Brooks - Winnipeg, MB Trudy Lynne Chappellaz - St. Claude, MB Walter Hercia - Winnipeg, MB Patrice I. Letain - Dauphin, MB Margaret Anne Maciver - Newmarket, ON F. Wilma L. McKerchar - Thunder Bay, ON Heather Kathleen Muirhead - Portage la Prairie, MB Hugo Muller - Winnipeg, MB Vernon Wayne Penner - Winnipeg, MB Heather Gale Rothnie - Hamiota, MB James Allan Smith - Winnipeg, MB Carol Lynn Stankey - Winnipeg, MB Irene Dolores Tetreault - Ste. Genevieve, MB June 2019 Lorraine Anita Marie Arbez-Meridji Winnipeg, MB Jerzy R. Bibik - Winnipeg, MB **Carole Bowman - Edmonton, AB Gail Marie-Anne Cochrane - Portage la Prairie, MB Nettie Rose Cornelsen - Rosenort, MB Clara E. Darvill - Winnipeg, MB John Rudolph Fast - Winnipeg, MB M. Eileen Hamilton - Roland, MB Eldeen M. Henderson - Winnipeg, MB Arva J. Hryciuk - Portage la Prairie, MB M. Marie Kuhn - Winnipeg, MB Alice B. Laing - Steinbach, MB Jake Letkeman - La Riviere, MB Victor Jacob Loewen - Ste. Anne, MB Lillian Joyce MacMartin - Winnipeg, MB John David McDowell - Winnipeg, MB Karen Elizabeth McNeill - Boissevain, MB Josephine H. Zeller - Teulon, MB Alfred Z. Zorniak - Winnipeg, MB July 2019 Aubrey A. Asper - Winnipeg, MB Marie A. Ayotte - Winnipeg, MB

Bernice R. Blakeman - Winnipeg, MB Ronald Bruce Bodie - East St. Paul. MB John Albines Gray - Winnipeg, MB Jack Kaplan - Winnipeg, MB Sophie Kominetsky - Saskatoon, SK Robert Denis Lovatt - Winnipeg, MB Richard Charles Pugh - Vancouver, BC Margaret H. Putnam - Winnipeg, MB Gwendolyn Doreen Streich - Clandeboye, MB Marion K. Stevens - Winnipeg, MB Irene Olga Stevenson - St. Andrews, MB August 2019 Frances-Mary Brown - Winnipeg, MB Arthur T. Bryant - Winnipeg, MB Cecil Edmund Grant - Winnipeg, MB Nestor Gylywoychuk - Winnipeg, MB Katherine Elizabeth Kennedy - East Selkirk, MB Jeannette Rollande Martin - Winnipeg, MB Olga A. Nahirniak - Winnipeg, MB Hildegard Sen - Winnipeg, MB Bruce Howard Silversides - Winnipeg, MB John Ross Skabar - Winnipeg, MB Archie Stone - Winnipeg, MB L.J. Maxwell Taylor - Qualicum Beach, BC L. Jean Thiessen - Winnipeg, MB S. Jesmondine Thompson - Whitehorse, YT Mary Veenhuyzen - Winnipeg, MB Phyllis M. Wolfe - Brandon, MB John R. Wozny - Edmonton, AB September 2019 Mark William Bishop - Winnipeg, MB Kathleen Blanche De Pape - St. Claude, MB Sherry Louise Evans - Winnipeg, MB Francis Gerard Fontaine - Winnipeg, MB Walter O. Fuller - Dauphin, MB Luc Albert Gamache - MacGregor, MB Ronald C. Kirbyson - Winnipeg, MB Randolph Richard Loeb - East St. Paul, MB Harley Alvin McKellar - Sanford, MB James Richard Partridge - Winnipeg, MB Deo Harry Poonwassie - Winnipeg, MB Edward P. Reimer - Steinbach, MB Donald J. Soutter - Winnipeg, MB Maureen Karen Wiebe - Portage la Prairie, MB October 2019 Raymond L. Bisson - Winnipeg, MB June M. Bowerman - Azilda, ON Victoria Ellchuk - Winnipeg, MB Edwin M. Fedak - Brandon, MB Gustaf H. Finnson - Gimli, MB Elin Hood - Okotoks, AB Peter Isaak - Winnipeg, MB Harry Koshel - The Pas, MB Peter Anthony Kowalyk - Winnipeg, MB Elfriede Krebs - Kelowna, BC Eldon Kroeker - Winnipeg, MB

Life Members February 2020 Ruth J. Follis - Pilot Mound, MB William R. Gorda - Victoria, BC Mary Koniak - Winnipeg, MB Marjorie R. Pedersen - Minnedosa, MB

Doreen Langdon - Winnipeg, MB Olafur Allan Olson - Gimli, MB Anne Reimer - Stuartburn, MB Richard John Skarban - Narol, MB **Archie Stone - Winnipeg, MB Sharon Lynn Wilde - Winnipeg, MB November 2019 Lawrence George Argue - Winnipeg, MB E. Clarice Brown - Portage la Prairie, MB Christine M. Burrows - Winnipeg, MB Jui Cheng Chen - The Pas, MB Vera M. Derenchuk - Winnipeg, MB Elizabeth M. Finnson - Gimli, MB A. Ruth Grant - Brandon, MB J. Gordon Grist - Winnipeg, MB Edward Hildebrand - Lorette, MB Verda Estella Jackson - Russell, MB Beverly Alberta Kristalovich - Winnipeg, MB John J. McDonald - Winnipeg, MB Marie-Anne L. Mundy - Corpus Christi, TX Clemente Ignacio Rohde - Winnipeg, MB Arie Jacob Rylaarsdam - Selkirk, MB Frank Sawatzky - Steinbach, MB Gudrun B. Sigurdson - Riverton, MB Abram Thiessen - Winnipeg, MB Joyce Vandershaaf - Benito, MB December 2019 Edward Arndt - Virden, MB James C. Balness - Winnipeg, MB Hazen Wendell Barrett - Brandon, MB Irene E. Belanger - Nanaimo, BC Ivy I. Campbell - Roblin, MB Harold D. Christie - Winnipeg, MB Robert A. Dale - Kitchener, ON John R. Devine - Winnipeg, MB **Edgar Dupont - Nanaimo, BC Fred Victor Futros - Maple Ridge, BC Jarvis W. Korchak - Winnipeg, MB Karen Durnan Kyle - Owen Sound, ON Diane Sandra Minaker - Winnipeg, MB Marie H. Neufeld - Portage la Prairie, MB Hjordis Overgaard - Winnipeg, MB Inga A. Palson - Arborg, MB Roland A. Robert - Winnipeg, MB Ralph Sotolov - Winnipeg, MB Edwin Karol Tuchonowski - Winnipeg, MB Margaret L. Wilkie - Brandon, MB

Judith Johnson - South Island, NZ Barbara Jones - Virden, MB Ronald Kintop - Winnipeg, MB John Lovelace - Winnipeg, MB Sheila McDonald - Calgary, AB Muriel Mears - Winnipeg, MB Robert Ramsay - Lockport, MB Helen Woychyshyn - Minnedosa, MB February 2020 Judith Goodman - Winnipeg, MB Ralph Gordon - Winnipeg, MB Loraine Gowanlock - Winnipeg, MB Mary Hamilton - Winnipeg, MB Kenneth Hardy - Selkirk, MB R. Wayne Kirbyson - Winnipeg, MB David Kolotylo - Leamington, ON Gloria Kroeker - Winnipeg, MB Marie Legault - Winnipeg, MB Leesa Munroe - Winnipeg, MB Robert Neumann - Pierson, MB Victoria Ogryzlo - Dauphin, MB Heinrich Pauls - Winnipeg, MB Edith Richmond - Treherne, MB Maureen Rodger - Winnipeg, MB William Routledge - Winnipeg, MB **L. Shirley Russell - Brandon, MB Peter Rybuck - Winnipeg, MB Eleanor Seafoot - Brandon, MB Teddy Sobkowich - Woodlands, MB Stara Tomasson - Winnipeg, MB Lillian Wlosek - Gimli, MB Michael Yaremchuk - Swan River, MB March 2020 Anne L. Bowman - Winnipeg, MB Frank Boychuk - Winnipeg, MB Ivano Buccini - Winnipeg, MB Roland Gautron - Winnipeg, MB Gerhard Hildebrand - Winkler, MB Frank Kushner - Glenella, MB David Liang - Gimli, MB Marion Neila - Winnipeg, MB Irene M. Paquette - Winnipeg, MB Ronald Stock - Winnipeg, MB Ralph Trombo - Teulon, MB Paulina Zillman - Winnipeg, MB

January 2020 Gisele Ayotte - Winnipeg, MB A. Mary Bancroft - Winnipeg, MB Rana Chohan - Winnipeg, MB Cecil Cox - Winnipeg, MB Eleanor Fischer - Brandon, MB James Ilchyshyn - Dugald, MB Wanda Ivey - Brandon, MB J. C. Elizabeth Jobbins - Melita, MB

(Presented at age 90 to RTAM members)

March 2020 Robert T. Blair – Saskatoon, SK Florence J. Madden – Winnipeg, MB Anne Matiation – Brandon, MB

April 2020 Edris Sabbadini – Mississauga, ON Edith A. Neufeld – Winnipeg, MB John Bock – Winnipeg, MB Elizabeth Nathu – Winnipeg, MB RTAM.MB.CA n 31

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RTAM KIT Summer 2020  

RTAM KIT Summer 2020  


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