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RTAM’s 25th Anniversary

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KEEP IN TOUCH Fall 2014 • Vol. 26 No. 2



All materials for the next issue of KIT must be emailed to dsage@mymts.net and received by November 12, 2014, 5:00 p.m. Materials published here do not necessarily represent the policies nor views of RTAM. UPCOMING EVENTS

- October 15, 2014, Wellness Seminar - May 2015, AGM, Portage La Prairie


If you require information and brochures, or if you have any questions concerning these plans (Dental, House Insurance, Long Term Care, Life, Emergency Medical Travel) contact: Johnson Inc. Claims and Administration Information 11120 178th Street, Edmonton AB T5S 1P2 Toll Free 1-877-989-2600 | Phone (780) 413-6536 Fax (780) 420-6082 | Email: edmonton@johnson.ca


Please send your hard copy ad and cheque payable to RTAM. Mail to Doreen Sage, Editor. Box 252, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0. Note: The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba does not endorse or promote any products, services or events presented in paid advertisements, the Announcements or Volunteer Opportunities sections, unless specified. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to print, reject and/or edit for clarity, all materials received.


Contact TRAF at 204-949-0048 or toll free at 1-800-782-0714 or mail to Room 330, Johnston Terminal, 25 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4S8.

RTAM can not change your address. 2 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014



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President’s Report.............................................................5 ACER-CART........................................................................7 - 8 Pensions.............................................................................9 Committee Reports / Benefits / Johnson......................10-13 RTAM’s 25th Anniversary.................................................14 Pre-Retirement Seminar - Thompson............................15 Office Staff.........................................................................15 Committee Chairs and Members....................................16 2014 Report for Thompson Association........................17 Manitoba Teachers’ College 55-56.................................18 Thompson Retired Teachers’ Association....................18 Retired Women Teachers’ Association.........................19 Okanagan Retired Teachers............................................20 The Pas Retired Teachers...............................................20 Obituaries...........................................................................21 RTAM Past Presidents.....................................................21 Life Members / In Memoriam.........................................22 Board of Directors............................................................23 Classifieds..........................................................................30


n 3

The Retired Teachers’ Association of MB

Special points of interest:

Cost includes a

“MORE” MAGIC OF HERBS & INDOOR GARDENING Wednesday, October 15, 2014 The Qualico Centre, Assiniboine Park


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Registration and sign-in at 9:30 a.m. $30.00

Closing remarks and evaluation 2:30 p.m.

NUMBER LIMITED TO 35 Deadline: October 8, 2014

10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Workshop KEEPING HEALTHY with HERBS: > Effective caffeine free energizers > Wonderful additions to our relaxation routine

Send name, address, phone number and email along with your cheque. Make cheque payable to RTAM

1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Workshop THE JOYS of FALL GARDENS > How to capture the fall colours of the English Garden with photos > Plant your own indoor herb garden

and send to: Lydia Heshka 692 Vimy Road Winnipeg MB R2Y 0T5 204-837-6290 lheshka@shaw.ca

Presenter: KAREN LIND, Education Coordinator at Assiniboine Park Karen will have cameras available for participants. This is a very practical day and you will go home with actual products.




n the last issue of KIT, we partnered with Johnson Insurance and Desjardin Financial, to send every RTAM member a couple of small mementos to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of RTAM. Unfortunately the description of the mementos was left out of my report. So after a couple of months of “mystery,” I am pleased to give an explanation of what and how to use them. The two items were 1) an eye glass cleaner cloth and 2) a RFID protector shield. While I’m sure everyone knows how to use a cleaning cloth for glasses, the RFID sleeve may be new. You might not know it, but your credit or debit card may have a tiny chip that transmits your account information. To provide better security from scanning devices, simply put your credit card in this sleeve and it will give you more protection from scammers.

May 27 and 28 saw a very successful Chapter Presidents’ Meeting and Annual General Meeting at the Viscount Hotel in Winnipeg. A number of people need to be thanked for their work in organizing this event. AGM Chair Barbara McDole, Elections chair Dolores Hebert, as well as our very dedicated office staff, Carol Gillis and Grace Reimer put in hundreds of hours making sure that all the details were looked after. A big thank you to them! I am glad, from a continuity point of view, the “election” saw the majority of Board members return for another year of service. At the same time, we will miss the dedication and commitment of our “retiring” directors, Rosalie Bornn, Vel McAdam and Norman Wiebe. We are also fortunate to welcome a new person, Frank

Fiorentino, named to the Board. With the two above omissions having been resolved, we can now move forward with what has happened over our all too short summer. Our office has been open throughout the summer on a variable schedule. Even when you are retired, summer holidays, family commitments and visits from friends and colleagues mean we have to be flexible. Carol and Grace have done a great job in maintaining the things that have to be done and alerting committees of the items that need attention in upcoming meetings. Thank you, Carol and Grace. Our members are doing an excellent job of promoting our Educational Award program. We were extremely pleased to receive 46 applications by the July 15 deadline. The Educational Advocacy Committee now has a big job to consider each application and decide on four final recipients. The winners will be announced in the December KIT. RTAM members have begun to use the services of Carol as a Manitoba Commissioner of Oaths. We have decided to expand this service by having Grace apply as well. Both Grace and Carol are able to sign Manitoba affidavits and statutory declarations for RTAM members, at no cost. While on the topic of services available through the office, RTAM members and Chapters are reminded our new office has a couple of areas available for meetings. If you need a place to meet, please contact Carol RTAM | RTAM.MB.CA

n 5

or Grace to see if we can help you. The summer has also had some sad and reflective moments with the passing of three former board members. Many RTAM members were aware of the passing of our Past President, Richard Benoit. We have also lost a longstanding member who served as our Treasurer and board member. Jag Malik passed away July 19 and a memorial service was held in Gilbert Plains. The third was Dolores Hebert on August 15. Dolores was very active with the Retired Women Teachers’ Association, as well as a former board member and most recently as the Elections Chair at our AGM. We have many fond 6 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

memories of each of these members and are thankful for their contribution to retired teachers across Manitoba. Donations have been made in their memories. September will see our Board resume their full activities. We are looking forward to receiving the first draft of our Volunteer Study. Thank you to the many members who responded to the survey. We are also making plans to reach out to active teachers across the Province by sending a copy of KIT to every Manitoba school. Our many standing committees will resume meetings and are planning many initiatives. Stay tuned for updates.

Thank you to Wilma Sotas for reminding us that October 5 is World Teachers’ Day which was founded in 1994 to celebrate the essential role of teachers in providing quality education to all levels. As Wilma said, teachers work so hard and need to be appreciated much more. We are glad to see there is a way of recognizing the contributions of teachers around the world. In conclusion, I am honoured to serve as your President for the coming year and look forward to working with the new Board. Thank you for your continued support. n

Marvin Krawec

been charged with the responsibility of monitoring, organizing, developing and recommending to the executive, actions for remediation of issues that arise. • The urging of governments to negotiate a new enhanced Health Accord • Supporting CTF’s Hear My Voice Campaign • Establishing a cross country approach to protect defined benefit pension plans. It is apparent that pensions are under attack across the country; especially the Defined Benefit Pension


have received queries regarding the acronym ACER-CART. ACER stands for “ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE DES ENSEIGNANTS ET DES ENSIGNANTS RETRAITES; CART stands for CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED TEACHERS.” It is a very worthwhile organization in that it represents over 125,000 retired teachers on a federal level. That is very important. Those who organized the ACER-CART AGM, ought to be acknowledged for the efficiency, discipline and organization of the meeting. The agenda moved along smoothly over the three days of sitting. Invaluable information was gained as to how others deal with common cause problems. It is remarkable, that on a rather limited budget, the executive for its

part, managed to meet its goal with success. This, in part, is due to the good relationship with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation. CTF allows ACER-CART to make use of its premises. Otherwise, with a rather limited budget, ACER-CART would really be struggling for its survival. It is because of a low revenue stream that ACER-CART is limited with its work across the country. A proposal was put forth about exploring a special levy fund for special initiatives to ameliorate the dilemma. The president, in his report, outlined the priorities that were set the previous year and were reinforced this AGM. Those being: • The enhancement of our political advocacy. The political Action Committee of ACER-CART has

Thirteen associations from Yukon to Newfoundland were represented at the AGM. Manitoba is fifth in size with regard to membership. Judging from a summary of provincial reports, all agree that pensions are under attack. All agree that in recent past, there has been a lot of negative press regarding the Defined Benefit Pension Plan. Some find it difficult to combat the myths propounded by the media. B.C. continues to lead in defending the Defined Benefit Pension Plan. Members do a lot of research and provide a lot of relevant data to dispel the myths that are accepted as fact. It is continuing its efforts to control the language associated with the pension topic. Some provinces are experiencing solvency issues regarding their pensions. Nova Scotia, as an example went from 96% to 72% of solvency. Since 2006, there exist two indexing RTAM | RTAM.MB.CA

n 7


ACER-CART/AGM June 5, 2014


groups of retired teachers. New Brunswick, in the summer of 2012, introduced a new plan called Shared Risk Pension Plan which is a shared risk target benefit plan based on equal contributions. COLA will only be granted if the funds are at a certain level. The employer ceases to

be the guarantor of the pension plan. Retirement age has been adjusted from 60 to 65. ACER-CART received a presentation on “Choosing Wisely Canada.” It’s a campaign to help physicians and patients make proper choices with regard to medical needs. The

AGM voted to support this initiatve. Many provinces are taking initiatives to increase their membership. The most notable of these is British Columbia. All in all, the AGM was a tremendous success. n

Wadelius Receives Canadian Wadelius Receives Canadian Retired Teachers Award Retired Teachers Award


aughn Wadelius of The Pas, MB was presented with a service award by President Dr.Thomas Gaskell at the 23rd annual meeting of the Canadian Association rd of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) held in Ottawa on June 5-7, 2014. Wadelius has attended the annual meetings since 2003, serving as Manitoba Director (2005-06), Regional Representative for

Western Canada (2006-09), Vice-President (2007-09), President (2009-11) and Past President (2011-14). Wadelius was recognized for his service on the national executive and, over the years, as the chair of the Communications, Legislation, Bylaws and Nomination committees. Wadelius retired from the Kelsey School Division in 1999 after 37

years in education, was President of the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba in 2005-06, and is the current chair of the Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees. ACER-CART was established in 1991 to provide a national voice in areas of common interest to Canadian retired teachers. Its membership includes retired teacher associations in every province and Yukon, representing more than 125,000 former teachers. Among the common concerns of delegates at ACER-CART’s 2014 annual meeting were the attacks on defined pension plans and the loss of the Canada Health Accord. Delegates approved advocating for a new comprehensive health accord that includes a national seniors health care plan and a national pharmaceutical strategy to reduce drug costs. The AGM delegates also approved participation with the Canadian Medical Association in a “Choosing Wisely Canada” national campaign to reduce unnecessary medical tests, treatments and procedures through public education. n

adelius of The Pas, MB was presented with a service award by President D askell at the 23 annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Retire ACER-CART) held in Ottawa on June 5-7, 2014. Wadelius has attended th eetings since 2003, serving as Manitoba Director (2005-06), Region ative for Western Canada (2006-09), Vice-President (2007-09), President (200 st President (2011-14). Wadelius was recognized for his service on the nation nd, over the years, as the chair of the Communications, Legislation, Bylaws an n committees. 8 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014


ver the last little while, there has been much discussion of the different pension plans that are available. The following plans are the ones that are receiving the most attention. Of the whole lot, there is no question that the Defined Benefit Pension Plan is most conducive to our needs. In a Defined Pension Benefit Plan, one’s pension is predetermined according to a formula based on one’s earning history, age, plus years of service. The Defined Benefit Pension Plan takes into account future salary increases in the funding. I have attempted to outline briefly, the three most discussed pension plans below.

DEFINED BENEFIT PENSION PLAN It costs much less to operate because individual savings are pooled in large funds, giving them the scale to lower member administrative & investment expenses (Leech and McNish - authors of the Third Rail). It is the most effective retirement savings system in the country. No other supplemental plans can provide members with the same level of security (Leech and McNish). It guarantees a certain benefit at retirement. Those who subscribe to the Defined Benefit Pension Plan, contribute between $50-$63 billion dollars to the Canadian economy. (Boston Consulting Group).

Marvin Krawec, Pension Chair

They contribute $14-$16 billion annually to government coffers (sales tax, income tax, property tax). ( Boston Consulting Group) Defined Benefit Pension Plan has the greatest impact in small towns, some 9% of the economy. Those who subscribe to the defined benefit plan are less likely to collect Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) (10-15%), thus reducing the annual payout (GIS) by approximately $2-$3 billion a year.

DEFINED CONTRIBUTION PENSION PLAN Individual contribution plans cost double those of defined benefits plans to administer. Forty-five percent of those subscribing to a Defined Contribution Pension Plan collect GIS. The employer is not obligated to pay a specific amount at retirement. The employer ceases to be guarantor of the pension. The amount, received at retirement, is dependent on one’s investment choice and how that investment performs. There is no way to know how much the plan will pay employees upon retirement. Benefits are not set. Contributions may increase with the member’s age and/or with the service completed. Should the investment yield a lower return, the pension will therefore be less.

TARGET BENEFIT PLAN This is a hybrid plan that has elements of both of the plans mentioned above. It is a plan in which the employer established a target benefit for the employees. Each employee’s actual pension is based on the amount in the employee’s individual account. This plan does not recognize future salary increases in advance whereas a defined benefit plan takes into account future salary increases in the funding. Contributions to the target plan can rise sharply as the age and salary levels of participants increase. One major drawback of a target plan is the tendency to backload benefits. Employees may be subjected to adjustments depending on the market volatility. Pensions will be calculated on enhanced average earnings and not the best five years There is a loss of cost of living increase under this plan. We, the retired teachers of Manitoba, must be ever so vigilant because the Defined Benefit Pension Plan seems to be in disfavour in some quarters of the business community as well as in some provinces. This does not bode well, in that it’s possible for this province to follow the example of some other provinces. n


n 9


Pension Plans

COMMITTEE REPORTS / Benefits / Johnson

THE EVOLUTION OF CONTINUING CARE The following 4 articles written by Johnson Insurance have been approved by the RTAM Benefits Committee. The Elder Care Plan mentioned in the first article applies only to RTAM members who are covered by the Extended Health Benefit Plan during the 15 month Pilot Study that will conclude in April, 2015.

What is Continuing Care? Continuing care is defined as the provision of health and social services over an extended time related to disability, accident or illness, to meet both physical and mental health needs. Complex continuing care can take many forms, and can rapidly evolve to deeper levels of caregiving complexity within very short periods of time. Confounding the situation is that many recipients of continuing care suffer from multiple comorbidities, or disease states, that makes the management of their needs complex and difficult to manage. Patients enter the continuing care spectrum from different parts of the care continuum including the acute sector, emergency rooms, LTC facilities and the community. Continuing care is often confused with Long Term Care. Long term care emphasizes residential care within a social model; today’s continuing care sector typically reflects goal orientated in-patient services with a focus on the regaining of functional levels with often the goal of discharge of the individual to the community or to long term care.

The Need for Continuing Care & Caregiving is Increasing Canadians are acutely aware of many of the challenges facing our Health 10 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

Care System. Not more than a few days go by without seeing new stories on procedure wait times, the aging demographics of the Canadian population or the overburdened health care system. High levels of interest surround these topics across every province in Canada for good reason. For the first time ever, sometime between 2015-2021, there will be more Canadians over the age of 65 than children 15 and under in Canada (Statistics Canada 2013). With the population aging, more and more individuals are being tasked with managing the health of a loved one, whether it is a parent, a spouse or even themselves. Over one-quarter (28%), or an estimated 8.1 million Canadians provided care to a chronically ill, disabled or aging family member or friend in the last 12 months (Statistics Canada – Portrait of Caregivers 2012). With increasing frequency, employees are going to be finding themselves suddenly launched into a caregiving or continuing care scenario with loved ones. Employers need to be prepared to deal with these situations as they arise.

The Impact to Organizations Caregiving for a loved one, particularly in the context of continuing care can be overwhelmingly complex for employees dealing with this challenge. It is well documented that employees with high levels of caregiver strain are more likely to miss more days of work. It was found that men and women missed 13.4 and 19.4 days of work, respectively,

compared with 7.0 and 10.6 days for men and women without dependent care (Carleton University - Balancing Work, Childcare and Eldercare: A view from the Trenches. Oct. 2012). Employees dealing with caregiving are also more likely to turn down a promotion due to caregiving responsibilities or quit their job altogether (Fast et al. 2012).

What can Organizations Do? Continuing care and caregiving are complex challenges that require the right expertise to help employees manage through their unique situation. Johnson Inc. has partnered with First Health Care to make available the Eldercare Select service to RTAM Extended Health Care Members. Eldercare Select provides customized support and guidance by Registered Nurses for members facing any caregiving or continuing care challenge anywhere in Canada. Each member has a dedicated RN Care Specialist assigned to their case, and a personalized caregiving report is provided with customized guidance and assistance incorporating factors such as: geographic location, health condition, caregiving needs and caregiver wishes. Speak to your Johnson representative or call the Eldercare Select helpline at 1-888-327-1500 to get more information on the Eldercare Select program today! n

Building on our History of Supporting Customers and Communities ALL RTAM CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN CAN APPLY TO THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY UNTIL OCTOBER 15, 2014! For many Canadian students, the jump from high school to post-secondary education signals a thrilling transition into adulthood. Along with the excitement and independence, however, come new responsibilities like paying for tuition, textbooks and basic daily essentials. At Johnson, we understand the challenges faced by students during

their pursuit of higher education, and we are proud to offer scholarships to help them achieve their dreams. Since 1998, Johnson has awarded over 1500 scholarships valued at more than $1 million to support young Canadians coast to coast in pursuing their post-secondary education. This year, we are pleased to offer 50 scholarships worth $1000 each to children and grandchildren of Johnson’s affinity group members and home and auto insurance clients. Students must have completed

high school in 2014 and beginning post-secondary education this fall. Applications for the Scholarship Program will be accepted as of July 1, 2014. Completed application forms must be submitted by October 15, 2014 and must contain an official school transcript of final year credits. For more information, or to apply for a Johnson Inc. scholarship, please visit our scholarships page: www.johnson.ca or call 1.866.544.2673. n

RTAM 2014 VOLUNTARY BENEFIT PLAN MEMBER SURVEY INTRODUCTION Since its inception, the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) has been a strong voice for retired teachers throughout the province, working to serve approximately 8500 retired teachers across Manitoba and Canada, and continues to be concerned with the welfare and interests of retired teachers. This includes canvassing members about their insurance needs. In December 2013, RTAM’s Benefits Committee asked for your feedback on how the Voluntary Group Insurance Benefit Plan meets your needs, how it can be improved and how it can adapt to the current public health care environ-

ment. Most respondents identified the need for improvements in one or more categories of health and dental benefits.

This 2014 survey focuses on the question: What approximate additional monthly premium would you be willing to pay for new and improved benefits beyond the level currently provided by the RTAM Insurance Plans? The current RTAM Voluntary Group Insurance Benefit Plan details are available: www.johnson.ca/rtam The survey analysis will be completed by Johnson Inc. and presented to the RTAM Benefits Committee for

review and decision making on Plan design changes effective April, 2015. If you complete the survey, you will be entered to win a $200 gift card of your choice. It will take about 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete. Please complete this survey at any time between now and November 30, 2014. We encourage all RTAM members to participate so that the broadest cross section of input is received, even if you do not participate in the RTAM Benefit Plan. This survey can be accessed at the following URL: www.surveymonkey.com/s/rtam-members

You may complete this survey from any computer with internet access RTAM | RTAM.MB.CA

n 11

COMMITTEE REPORTS / Benefits / Johnson

Johnson Inc. 2014 Scholarship Program

COMMITTEE REPORTS / Benefits / Johnson

by typing the above URL into the web browser. You can also visit the RTAM website http://www.rtam.mb.ca where a survey link will be posted. Note: The links included in this survey require you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Leave yourself enough time to complete the survey all at once, as the survey does not allow you to save

your answers for completion at a later date. No personal information that can identify you is required for this survey. All responses will be kept confidential. For increased efficiency in compiling the survey results for analysis, it is preferred that the survey be completed online. If you require a paper survey, please contact John-

son Inc. at 1-877-989-2600 or via email at pbservicewest@johnson.ca to request a paper copy, which can be completed and mailed to Johnson Inc. at: Johnson Inc. Plan Benefits Department – Service 11120 – 178 Street Edmonton, AB T5S 1P2 n



he risk of sickness or injury while travelling depends on many factors: age, sex, immunization status, current state of health and pre-existing medical conditions, destination, length of stay, climate and season, type of accommodation, itinerary and activities, and local conditions. Investing in your health before during and after travel is therefore critical to trip planning. Tips on how to do this are plentiful. For example, the Government of Canada has published a booklet that is free of charge called “Well on Your Way,” A Canadian’s Guide to Healthy Travel Abroad, also found on the website: travel.gc.ca/health Some of the tips are outlined below:

BEFORE YOU GO • Get a pre-travel individual health assessment from a travel health clinic or your health care provider to help prevent illness and injury through vaccination, preventive medication and general precautions. • Make sure you have full private travel health insurance for both illness and injury. Provincial / Territorial government plans may only cover a small part of 12 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

the bill and do not pay up front. • See the travel health kit checklist below and posted on the website: http://travel.gc.ca/ travelling/health-safety/kit/ checklist

WHILE YOU TRAVEL • Follow all known precautions to avoid disease, accidents and injuries and violent crimes. As the most common traveller’s complaint is diarrhea, take precautions with food and water. Drink plenty of safe liquids to prevent dehydration. Wash your hands often, and before eating or drinking. • If you become ill and require medical assistance, contact your travel health insurance company to assist you in accessing the appropriate treatment. If you are unable to communicate and there is no designated family member or friend to take responsibility, the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate can contact your insurance company.

WHEN YOU RETURN • Global travel has increased the

risk of bringing diseases back into Canada. • If you develop symptoms while travelling or after returning to Canada, see a health care provider. • If you become ill with fever within a year of your return to Canada from an area known to have malaria, see your health care provider immediately.

TRAVEL HEALTH KIT CHECKLIST A travel health kit is important to pack before you go. Make sure you have the basic medical supplies, medication for pre-existing conditions, and contact information in the case of an emergency, such as the items listed below on the Government of Canada website: http://travel.gc.ca/travelling/ health-safety/kit/checklist  


• Adhesive bandages • Adhesive tape • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer • Antiseptic wound cleanser

OTHER ITEMS: • Sunscreen • Insect repellent (containing DEET or Icaridin) • Aloe gel • Condoms • Ear plugs • Extra pair of glasses or contacts (or copy of prescription) • Mosquito net • Saline eye drops • Water purification filter or tablets

MEDICATIONS: • If recommended: destination-specific medication • Any prescription or over-thecounter drugs normally used at home • 1% hydrocortisone cream • Allergy medication • Antacids • Antibacterial and antifungal spray/cream • Anti-diarrheal medication • Anti-motion sickness medication • Cold and flu medication • Laxatives • Pain and fever medication • Syringes or needles for medical use (if needed)

CONTACT CARD: • Name, address and phone number of a family member or friend in Canada

• Name and phone number of your health care provider in Canada • Address and phone number of your accommodations at your destination(s) • Address and phone number of hospitals or clinics at your destination(s) • Address and phone number of the Canadian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission office in your destination country/countries (and Emergency Contact Card) • Emergency contact phone number from your travel health insurance provider • Proof of your insurance coverage • Copy of your immunization record • International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis, if required. n

Registration of Canadians Abroad: A free service that could save your life


f you’re travelling or living abroad, sign up for the Registration of Canadians Abroad service. Registration enables us to reach you in case of an emergency abroad, such as an earthquake or civil unrest, or inform you about an emergency at home. Sign up online or register by mail, fax, or in person. For more information, call 1-800-267-6788 (in Canada and the U.S.) or 613-944-6788 or visit http://travel.gc.ca/travelling/ publications/roca. n


n 13

COMMITTEE REPORTS / Benefits / Johnson

• Blister pads or moleskin • Disposable latex or vinyl gloves • Gauze • Packets of oral rehydration salts • Safety pins and scissors • Tensor bandages • Thermometer • Tweezers



RTAM Committee Chairs and Members AGM 2014 and Elections Chair: Barbara McDole Members: Marvin Krawec, Portage la Prairie Connie Krawec, Portage la Prairie Dorothy Morrish, Portage la Prairie Doreen Sage, Neepawa

Educational Advocacy Chair: Peggy Prendergast Members: Connie Newman, Winnipeg Lorraine Forrest, Winnipeg Wally Stoyko, Winnipeg Rosalie Bornn, Dauphin

acer-cart Chair: Marvin Krawec Member: Wayne Hughes, Winnipeg

Membership & Chapter Liaison Chair: Frank Fiorentino Members: Joan Dawson, Thompson John Sushelnitsky, Portage

Benefits Chair: Alex Boyes Members: Judy Olmstead, Brandon Brian Paterson, Brandon Barbara McDole, Winnipeg By-Laws & Policy Chair: Joan Dawson Members: Vel McAdam, The Pas Ray Sitter, Brandon Ralph Cibula, Gladstone Communications: Editorial - KIT Chair: Doreen Sage Proof Readers: Joan Dawson, Thompson Joan Goble, Thompson Rosalie Bornn, Dauphin Vaughn Wadelius, The Pas Barbara McDole, Winnipeg William Taylor, Brandon Public Relations Co-Chair: John Sushelnitsky Co-Chair: Guy Hansen Members: Pat Bowslaugh Brandon Victoria Shaw, Winnipeg

14 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

Website Chair: Barbara McDole Members: Doreen Sage, Neepawa Carol Pelton, Thompson

Pension Chair: Marvin Krawec Members: Peggy Prendergast, Winnipeg Frank Fiorentino, Winnipeg Larry Smerch, Cranberry Portage Peter Carney, Winnipeg Ray Sitter, Brandon Joanne Hoyak, MacGregor Conrad Artibise, Winnipeg Political Action Co-Chair: Co-chair Ralph Cibula Co-Chair: John Sushelnitsky Members: Conrad Artibise, Winnipeg Pat Bowslaugh, Brandon Peter Carney, Winnipeg Guy Hansen, Winnipeg Travel Chair: Carol Pelton Members: Judy Olmstead, Brandon Wellness Chair: Peggy Prendergast Members: Joan Dawson, Thompson Denise Payment, Oakville Lydia Heshka, Winnipeg Maureen Reckseidler, Stonewall



John Sushelnitsky


ust in case you are wondering if it is too late to celebrate RTAM’s 25th birthday, let us assure you that it is not! The Public Relations committee of RTAM would like to encourage you to act on that impulse which says “Let’s party!” The provincial RTAM Board kicked off the celebrations with our second Night at the Legislature, followed by reference to by the Minister of Education at our AGM. Then, we had a half page spread in the Winnipeg Free Press announcing to the “world” that we are 25 years old! In Portage la Prairie, the RTAM Chapter presented a cake to the local teachers association executive and it was very well received. The presentation and photograph of the local RTAM and MTS presidents received coverage in the local newspaper. In other places, retired teachers have come up with very creative ways to make Pam Stinson, President of the Portage la Prairie Teachers’ Association, and Marvin Krawec, President of the Portage Retired Teachers’ Chapter, their community aware that retired teachers are an orgaprepare to cut a 25th anniversary cake celebrating the creation of the nization to be recognized. Newspaper coverage is the”icprovincial Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba in 1989. The cake was presented to the local teachers’ executive at their meeting on June ing on the cake!” n 11, 2014.


n 15




Administrative Assistant Winnipeg, Manitoba


n Monday April 21, 2014, in the Library of R. D. Parker Collegiate, three Board Members of the Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE) gave a two hour presentation on retirement to members of the Thompson Teachers’ Association (TTA). When TTA contacted TARE with a request for a retirement seminar, TARE accepted with pleasure as we like to promote good relationships between active and retired teachers. Three TARE Board Members, with the knowledge of Wayne Hughes, RTAM President, and assisted by information from some RTAM Committee Chairs, created a presentation which was then shared with those who had aided in its creation. The three TARE presenters were Joan Goble, President; Joan Dawson, Vice-President (and RTAM Director); and Barb McIntyre, Director. They focused on retirement as the next, natural progression in life. They covered such topics as: marital break-up; medical, dental and travel coverage; debt; rainy day fund; teaching on contract after retirement; subbing; CPP; OAS; taxes, time management, changing relationships, personal value, understanding your income sources and potential expenses before you retire, and RTAM, ACER-CART and TARE as organizations and the advantages of joining them. From the beginning, the participants were encouraged to interrupt with questions and told that no question was “too silly” to ask. Many excellent questions came both during and after the presentations. The two hours passed quickly. At the end, many of the participants said it was the best and most informative retirement seminar they had ever attended. The presenters were asked if they could come again next year, and agreed to do so. n

16 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

I started with RTAM in 2007 and work three mornings a week. Along with the daily responsibilities assisting RTAM members, I am responsible for accounts receivable and payable, and prepare financial reports for the Treasurer. Prior to retiring from my full time job, my experience has been secretarial, Human Resources and operating my own business. Grace and I have the appointment as a “Commissioner for Oaths” and are available to sign Manitoba affidavits and/or statutory declarations for any RTAM member, free of charge. I have lived in three Provinces and one Territory but grew up in Winnipeg and moved back in 1987. I am married to John and have one son, Mark.

Grace Reimer Office Assistant Winnipeg, Manitoba

Prior to joining the RTAM office in November, 2013, some of my experience has been payroll and human resources within the healthcare and education fields. My responsibilities at RTAM are varied, with emphasis on RTAM benefits and membership. My life outside the office includes traveling with my husband Ken, who is a retired teacher. After retirement we spent three years teaching in Bangkok, Thailand. We have three daughters, one son-in-law and four awesome grandchildren. Many of my activities are centered on my grandchildren, two of whom live in Winnipeg and two in Calgary. Both Carol and I have the appointment as a “Commissioner for Oaths” and are available to sign Manitoba affidavits and/or statutory declarations for any RTAM member, free of charge. n


2014 Report for Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE) for the Member Engagement/ Chapter Initiative Project Bea Shantz


everal TARE members are involved with Thompson’s Communities in Bloom committee. They suggested to our local RTAM chapter that TARE should add to the beauty of Thompson by taking on responsibility for a few planters. All agreed that this was a good idea and our President, Joan Goble, applied for the $250.00 Member Engagement Project grant that was available from RTAM. With the money in hand, TARE members discussed how we could use this to not only add beauty to the community but also educate Thompsonites about planting in general. It was decided that the Thompson Public Library (TPL) building entrance was an ideal place to put planters with a mixture of vegetables and flowers. TARE could become involved with the TPL Summer Reading Program, TARE members would be available to provide information about growing plants. And from an educational point (always important to educators!) the children would have the opportunity to see how tomatoes and corn actually grow. Throughout the summer, TARE members watered and pruned the plants. On two occasions, TARE members came to the TPL to read a planting themed story to the children and talk about the plants. The children were excited to see how the tomatoes formed and ripened on the plants. A few stalks of corn were put

in each planter and they are actually forming cobs so it will be interesting to see if they mature. While the herbs and marigolds that were added to the mix got overwhelmed by the tomatoes, the planters sure look amazing! TPL members going into the library stop and check out the planters to see how things are growing. The other component of this project used derelict planters in front of a Thompson restaurant and filled these with annual and perennial flowers and lilac bushes. The owner was very grateful. TARE members dug out the gravel-laden soil. They had to stand on top of the planters to get leverage to loosen the soil. The soil was replenished and fertilized to encourage good growth in our short season. Because the water source is inside the restaurant the owner has taken responsibility for watering these planters. He is amazed at how well they are doing! We are very thankful to the City of Thompson for providing the two large planters with water reservoirs. City workers filled them with soil and placed them on the walkway to the front entrance of the TPL. The spouse of a TARE member (much appreciated) made wooden signs to remind people that the planters are cared for by Thompson retired educators (RTAM). TARE members have certainly been engaged with this project over the summer. They planned, bought

plants, hauled out old soil, lugged in repurposed soil from the former zoo, fertilized, planted, watered, pruned and deadheaded. They see the fruits of their labour as flowers bloom and tomatoes ripen. Thompsonites are more aware of TARE as an involved group in the community as a result of this initiative. n


n 17


Celebrating 55 Years Manitoba Teachers’ College Class of 1958-59


he Manitoba Teachers’ College class of 1958-59 celebrated a class reunion on May 21, 2014, at the Canad Inns on Pembina Highway, Winnipeg. Approximately 120 guests joined the celebration. The fun began at 8:30 a.m., when about 60 people gathered for breakfast. There were smiles, introductions and many remarks . . . “Oh, I remember you now.” Later, there was a nostalgic tour of the former Teachers’ College, now

Bert Suss

the Canadian Mennonite University. Many had never seen the tunnel beneath the building, or visited upper Mackenzie, then a girls’ dormitory and now a storage area. At 1:00 p.m., all gathered for dinner back at Canad Inns. Now, there were even more familiar faces. Dr. Colin Walley, our music instructor, was our honoured guest and charmed everyone who greeted him. On a sadder note we remembered all the teachers who had passed away since our last reunion.

After a fine meal, Elvis (Corny Rempel) provided the entertainment. His show included a variety of songs and stories and even a Johnny Cash impersonation. It was fun. Most guests expressed appreciation for the event and are looking forward to the next reunion. Watch for the reunion photos in the Winter 2014 issue of the KIT. n *Should you move or if there are any other changes in your current contact information, please notify Ada Ringrose-Wiebe @ 204-837-8120

Thompson Association of Retired Teachers Joan Dawson


he three pictures here are of a member reading to the kids at the library, the planters at Wonton Place, a local restaurant where we redid their planters and amazingly they weren’t vandalized, and the last one is some of our group at the public library which was our main focus. This project was amazingly successful and several people have sampled the tomatoes and enjoyed watching the plants grow. Watering those big planters was a huge job as they have enormous reservoirs that take several trips to fill. Many of our members saw more of the library than they planned on, including me. n

18 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014


o all retired women teachers, I wish to invite you to join our organization. The RWTA has been active for more than 60 years, with the objectives of dealing with problems concerning the welfare of members and providing an opportunity for members to continue social relationships made during their working years. Our philanthropic activities include collecting money and non-perishable food items for Winnipeg Harvest, collecting toiletries and sanitary items for women’s shelters and used eyeglasses for recalibration and distribution to developing countries. Our luncheons, held four times a year, are a means of staying connected and reconnecting with our retired colleagues. These luncheons are held at the Masonic Centre, 420 Corydon Avenue (Confusion Corner) Winnipeg. For more information please contact our Membership Chair, Cecile Alarie-Skene, 227 Parkville Bay, Winnipeg, MB R2M 2J6, phone 204 256 6176 or email caskene@mymts.net.

We also have occasional outings to interesting places in and out of Winnipeg. This September 24th we are having an outing to the Franco-Manitoba communities of South Eastern Manitoba. For more information about this exciting adventure contact Bessie Marie Hill, phone 204 477 4580 or email bmhill@mymts.net. Looking forward to seeing you!

Luncheon dates: October 2, 2014 - Buffet Lunch and Fabulous Fashion Show featuring our own members as models December 11, 2014 - Served Lunch, Seasonal Music and Sing-along with The Sisters by Choice February 12, 2015 - Buffet Lunch and a Celebration of Manitoba History with Philippe Mailhot speaking about “Father Richot, the Other Father of Manitoba” April 23, 2015 - Served Lunch, AGM and the Hat Extravaganza Plus!

Executive Committee 2014-2015: Past President: Dolores Hebert*


esponding to inquiries, The Retired Women Teachers’ Association is proud to explain the “Visiting” category on our executive list. We have a broad range of ages in our membership - from “just retired”, to a number of shut-ins. The latter have difficulty getting out to our social events so we go to them on occasion. At Christmas and Easter a group of volunteers purchases and delivers gifts to these individuals. The convenor reimburses these volunteers for their costs. She also sends cards to out-of-town members at these times. Cards of congratulations for special events, get-well cards or thinking-of-you cards are also sent. This way of remembering our very senior members seems to be well received as the generous contributions to our Angel Baskets indicate. At our Christmas luncheon we circulate these baskets for donations to cover the cost of this endeavour. On another note, congratulations to our Vice-president, Ruth Hartnell for winning the IPAD Air, donated by Johnson Inc., at the RTAM AGM!

President: Diane Bewell Vice-president: Ruth Hartnell Recording Secretary: Pat Opalko Corresponding Secretary: Cathie Morgan Matula Membership: Cecile Alarie-Skene Treasurer: Dolores Tutkaluk * We were saddened by the death of our

Past President, Dolores Hebert, on August 15, 2014. She was a wonderful member of our organization and an exceptional President. We will miss her joie de vivre, her hearty laugh, her unique fashion sense and her exceptional organizational skills. She cannot be replaced.

Social Committee: Bessie-Marie Hill (Chair), Louise Burton, Kathy Deyman, Lynda Tunny, Donna Majnusz and Ruth Hartnell Club Notices: Brenda Zebrynski Tickets: Birdielyn Gray, Kathleen Parums RTAM & Pensions: Peggy Prendergast Visiting: Emily Williamson Publicity: June Slobodian Archivist: Cathie Morgan Matula Pianist: Charlotte Stech n


Complete this form and return it with your cheque for $7.00 before October 10, 2014. After this date, notices will be sent and phone calls made only to paid-up members. Miss/Ms/Mrs Lastname





Postal Code

Indicate if you are aged 90 or over to be eligible for a Free Lifetime Membership ______ Make cheque (no post-dated cheques) for $7.00 payable to: Retired Women Teachers’ Association and mail to Cécile Alarie-Skene RWTA Membership Convener 227 Parkville Bay, Winnipeg MB R2M 2J6 caskene@mymts.net | Phone 204-256-6176 RTAM | RTAM.MB.CA

n 19


Retired Women Teachers’ Association



Nancy Kostiuk


very congenial group of twenty-five members and guests attended a BBQ Potluck and Games Event at the Sonoma Pines Clubhouse in West Kelowna on July 19, 2014, from 3 – 10 p.m. Bocce, billiards, board games and cards were enjoyed by all. A fabulous potluck buffet was set up while Lorne and Glenn manned the barbecue. Fiercely-contested activities continued into the evening. n


Elaine Bollman

On September 2 as the active teachers were called back to work, several retired teachers in The Pas reported to the park for a pot luck picnic. Some called this To Hell with the Bell day. All enjoyed the plentiful food, good visiting and lovely sunshine.

20 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

Dolores Lea Hébert

Jag Malik

Dolores passed away on August 15, 2014 at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg after a brief but valiant battle with cancer. She is survived by her five brothers and their families, as well as numerous friends and colleagues with whom she enjoyed special status. Dolores served on the RTAM Board for a two- year term (2011 – 2013), convened the RTAM elections at the AGM in 2013 and 2014 and also served on various committees. Dolores was a Past President of the Retired Women Teachers’ Association. A funeral mass was held on Tuesday, August 19 at Holy Cross Church, Winnipeg. n

Jagdish C. Malik, surrounded by his family, passed peacefully July 19, 2014 at the Grandview Hospital. A gathering of friends and colleagues was held in his honor August 16, 2014 at the Gilbert Plains Golf and Country Club. Jag is survived by his wife, Sudesh and children, Rupal, Bittoo and Neesh. Jag was involved with his Local Division Association of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society in various capacities and served five years on the MTS Provincial Executive. Jag also served on the Board of Governors of Brandon University (2006 – 2010) and on the Council of Post Secondary Education for the Minister of Education (2012 – 2013). Jag was a member of the RTAM Board for 17 years. He held the position of Treasurer for 13 years and Director for 4 years, as well as serving on a number of committees. n


Leskiw, LaurenaM.E., Hunter(Moore), Phyllis, Prendergast, Margaret L., (Peggy), Wadelius, VaughnS.M., Bowslaugh, PatriciaElizabeth

1989-90 - Kastrokoff, John, SwanRiver 1990-91 - Johnson, ValdineG., Winnipeg 1991-92 - Chalaturnyk, John, Gimli 1992-93 - George, Jack, Winnipeg 1993-94 - Leskiw, LaurenaM.E., Brandon 1994-95 - Hunter(Moore), Phyllis, Winnipeg 1995-96 - Ziolkoski, Orest, Roblin

1996-97 - Buchanan, Ethel, Winnipeg 1997-98 - Gill, Homer, Neepawa 1998-99 - Smith, Murray, Winnipeg 1999-00 - Prendergast, Margaret L., (Peggy), Winnipeg 2000-01 - Hasselriis, KimberD, Winnipeg 2001-02 - Clifford, Terence, Winnipeg 2002-03 - Clifford, Terence, Winnipeg 2003-04 - Rizzo, DeeDee, Winnipeg 2004-05 - Rizzo, DeeDee, Winnipeg 2005-06 - Wadelius, Vaughn, ThePas 2006-07 - Lynch, CorneliusOliver, Winnipeg 2007-08 - Bowslaugh, PatriciaElizabeth, Brandon 2008-09 - Bowslaugh, PatriciaElizabeth, Brandon 2009-10 - Benoit, Richard, Winnipeg 2010-11 - Benoit, Richard, Winnipeg 2011-12 - Benoit, Richard, Winnipeg 2012-13 - Hughes, Wayne A., Winnipeg 2013-14 - Hughes, Wayne A., Winnipeg 2014-15 - Hughes, Wayne A., Winnipeg


n 21

Life Members April 2014 Raisa Eryk Winnipeg, MB Surrendra Nath Regina, SK

May 2014 Shirley M.brown, Souris MB Evelyn K. Enns, Winnipeg, MB Alfred G. Goebel, Winnipeg, MB Victor W. Moskal, Gimli, MB Ralph Sotolov, Winnipeg, MB Cornelius Vogel, Calgary, AB

June 2014 Marie E.brasher, Roblin, MB Willa Flatt, Winnipeg, MB Jean H. Mackinnon, Killarney, MB Robert I. Scarth, Winnipeg, MB

July 2014 Cecile M. Bellec, Winnipeg, MB Nora Kirk, Hamiota, MB M. Eileen Laing, Morden, MB Katherine Lee, Winnipeg, MB Phyllis A. Popham, Duncan, BC

August 2014 Lillian Brown, Winnipeg, MB Margaret Fast, Winnipeg, MB Norma J. Hanley, Winnipeg, MB Thomas Tesarski, Alexander, MB Josephine H. Zeller, Lundar, MB

22 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

In Memoriam Deceased April 2014

Deceased June 2014

Mary S. Macleod, Pine Falls, MB Douglas A. Kearn, Toronto, ON E Joan Nebbs, Winnipeg, MB Elmer Bartel, Winnipeg, MB Amy Jean Mccaskill, Toronto, ON Eileen L. Fowler, Winnipeg, MB Sophie Klim, East Selkirk, MB Nga Thi Thai, Vancouver, BC Raymond J. Macdonald, Winnipeg, MB Margaret J. Smith, Brandon, MB Betty M. Mclaughlin, Brandon, MB Irene M. Scharien, Portage La Prairie, MB Alma Simm, Portage La Prairie, MB

John R. Dunn, Mccreary, MB E Jean Warner, Mississauga, ON Erdman Isaac Kroeker, Winnipeg, MB Ronald Hocking, Winnipeg, MB Richard A. Cain, Winnipeg Beach, MB Laurel Ann Delgatty, Campbell River, BC Seena Garvey, Calgary, AB Sandra Mary Klinck, Winnipeg, MB Jacob Benjamin Durksen, Winnipeg, MB Andre Gervais, Winnipeg, MB David H. Riesen, Winnipeg, MB ElizabethAnnDorothyHoude,Winnipeg,MB Jessie E. Metcalf, Brandon, MB

Deceased May 2014

Deceased July 2014

Roy J. Little, Brandon, MB Evelyn K. Enns, Winnipeg, MB Peter Pura, Winnipeg, MB Hugh Jefferson Curtis, Winnipeg, MB Faye Marlyn Aberle, Victoria, BC Margaret I. Woodward, Rossendale, MB Jean Paul Courcelles, Winnipeg, MB Arnold Minish, Selkirk, MB Richard Benoit, Winnipeg, MB M. Paulette J. Preteau, Winnipeg, MB Sally Bird, London, ON Ada C. Thompson, Langruth, MB Wilma A. Horn, Winnipeg, MB Jemima Margaret Kirk, Winnipeg, MB John D. George, Winnipeg, MB

Martha Lyle Saper, Winnipeg, MB Rita L. Valcourt, Winnipeg, MB Steve Gingera, Dauphin, MB George Everett Mckinnon, Brandon, MB Merle Elizabeth Enns, Emerson, MB Sandra Margaret Rigaux, Baldur, MB Jean Coates, Winnipeg, MB Elsie M. Fahlgren, Kelowna, BC Desmond Leitch, North Bay, ON Ina Mae Fickes, Winnipeg, MB Willem Frederik Gorree, Thompson, MB Henry Reimer Penner, Winnipeg, MB Jag Malik, Gilbert Plains, MB

Our strength is in our collective voice and our growing membership RETIRED TEACHERS’




The 2014-2015

Board of Directors As printed in the 2014 AGM Book of Candidates


n 23

Wayne Hughes President

Winnipeg, Manitoba I have been involved with RTAM for the past nine years, as a committee member (9 years) and board member (8 years), having chaired the Political action committee for 2 years. In addition to being a member of the pension committee as well as a member on many ad hoc committees, I have been fortunate to gain a wide perspective on RTAM’s numerous activities. This wide perspective has been very helpful over the past two years as President. The past two years have been a busy with our continued initiatives related to the website, benefits renewal, chapter initiative grants and awards for relatives of RTAM members. In addition, our decision to move to a bigger office has been a major time commitment. To ensure a smooth transition to our new space, I have decided to put my name forward for a third year as your President. I look forward to your support.

Marvin Krawec Vice President

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba I completed teacher training at Manitoba Teachers’ College (served as President of the student body). I graduated from the University of Guelph (Ontario) and completed study of Intermediate Level French at the University of Laval. In the Portage School Division, served as a member of a Steering Committee for the Talented and Gifted; served as a member of a province-wide assessment committee of grade eight Language Arts with the Department of Education; served as a marker and a referee for the assessment tests for the Department of Education.

I was a member of the Portage Regional Library Board; served on the Board of Directors of CMHA for the province (Canadian Mental Health Association); and was a member of the Executive Policy Committee of CMHA for the province. Upon retirement from teaching, I became a member of the Southport Aerospace Board, held the position of ViceChair, chaired the Finance & Property Committee and chaired the Human Resources Committee. At present, I am serving as a member of the province’s Advisory Committee regarding the disposition of the Manitoba Developmental Centre. My interests are History and music. I look forward to my second year on the RTAM Board and look for your support as Vice President.

Judy Olmstead Secretary

Brandon, Manitoba I began teaching in Thompson in the 1970’s. I also worked as a Faculty Advisor for Brandon University and Inter-University of the North education students for many years. In 1996, we moved to Brandon, and I taught multi-grades in a one-room school where I managed all the jobs required to run a school, from budgeting to librarian to principal. I retired in 2007 and joined Westman Retired Educators Association, where I served as secretary for four years. During my career, I have been responsible for organizing the local 4-H Club and Arts Festival, and involved on those respective provincial boards. I have also organized major fundraising projects for my church and my curling club. This past year on the RTAM Board, I chaired the Ad Hoc committee for the Volunteer Survey, and took photographs of last year’s AGM and the RTAM Directors for KIT. I enjoy singing in a choir, lawn bowling, gardening, photography and curling. I also enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. I look forward to serving on the RTAM Board for the next year.

24 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

Carol Pelton Treasurer Thompson, Manitoba

As Owner/Manager of Travel Only Thompson, I am completing my ninth year as a travel professional after retiring from teaching in 2003. My formal education is special education and physical education and my professional organizations included the Council for Exceptional Children and International Reading Association. I have completed my third year on the RTAM Board and my second as treasurer and have been a member of other Board committees. During my varied teaching career, I have taught in Ontario and Northern Manitoba, as well as, in Australia on a teacher’s exchange and Papua New Guinea. My extensive travel experiences took me through the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and much of Canada and United States. Teaching assignments included the regular classroom, resource, physical education and Senior Department Head. I have been a member of the Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPW) since 1991, am currently a member of the local Chamber, Rotary Club, the Citizenship Council and Citizens on Patrol. My volunteer activities have provided opportunities to develop leadership skills and to organize a variety of events/ workshops that are an asset to Board committee work. As a treasurer for the Council of Exceptional Children (Manitoba) and the local BPW Club, I am familiar with bookkeeping and accounting practices. Future objectives for the RTAM Board may include: using Educational Advocacy to inform members to inform members and the public about issues related to seniors, emphasize and demonstrate the benefits of a RTAM membership, providing more value-added for members, and to investigate how to involve our non-chapter members more in RTAM. - Carol Pelton MED; B.A.;P.B.C.E.

Alex Boyes Winnipeg, Manitoba

I was born in Brandon and lived there until we moved to Thunder Bay where I completed my High School education before obtaining my Arts and Education degrees at the U of M. My first teaching experience was in Beausejour, followed by 27 years in St. Vital and 11 years in Norwood as Superintendent. My last 5 years were spent back in St.Vital/ Louis Riel SD. Along the way, I was fortunate to serve on many Divisional and Provincial MTS Committees. Also, during those years I read books onto tape for the CNIB, was President of the United Way of Winnipeg and served as a Goldwing Ambassador for the WAA. Currently I chair the Board of Reference for the Province. I would look forward for the opportunity to serve another term on the RTAM Board. I am impressed by the amount of good work the Board engages in on behalf of all RTAM members.

Peter Carney Winnipeg, Manitoba

A native of Dunrea, a tiny village in southwestern Manitoba, I began my teaching career in Lundar High School in the Lakeshore School Division in 1960, followed by a year at Fisher Branch and 3 years in St. Boniface. I was hired in 1966 to teach French at Westwood Collegiate in the Assiniboine North School Division (amalgamated with St. James to form St. James-Assiniboia School Division in


n 25

1971) where I spent 30.5 years as a principal, teacher and coordinator of French language programs.

I have also invested in a unique (65 hectares) of Canadian prairie to maintain and protect as is.

Two years after retiring from teaching I was elected trustee for the east end ward of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division where I served for three terms, retiring in 2010. I returned to teaching as principal of Ecole St. Malo in the Red River School Division from 2000 to 2002.

I was an active member of MTS since 1970 holding various positions on the local Executive, mainly Teacher Welfare and ultimately President of the Pine Creek Teachers’ Association.

I have had extensive involvement with the Manitoba Teachers’ Society at both the provincial and local level. I was Treasurer of the provincial MTS, President of the St. James-Assiniboia Teachers’ Association and I also served as Negotiations Chair for several years.

Ralph Cibula Gladstone, Manitoba

Born: Austin, Manitoba, April 23, 1939 I completed my schooling at Orangeville School, MacGregor, Austin and my Grade 12 at Churchill High School in Winnipeg. Between grades nine and ten, I worked for the Canadian National Railway, helped on a farm and took summer school courses. I taught on Permit at Lund School near Mountain road, Manitoba, attended Manitoba Teachers College (195859), then taught with the Federal public Service (Indian Affairs) at Norway House (159-60), Cross Lake (1960-61), Pine Fall (Fort Alexander 1961-62), Aroland (Ontario) (1962-64) In 1970 I attended the University of Manitoba to complete a BSc Ag Economic Major. My full time teaching career was in Langruth (1 year) and Gladstone (28 years), retiring in 1999. Since my retirement I have served on various boards: six years on the RHA Central Board; four years on the Parkland and the Gladstone Regional Library Boards. As well I served seven years as Councillor in the Town of Gladstone and two years as a Trustee on the Manitoba Library Trustees Association (MLTA) some of these concurrently.

26 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

Since retirement I have continued my interest in environmental, democracy, healthy and safe food, and world population issues. After a hiatus from Education and Senior issues, I joined the RTAM Chapter NARTA three years ago and am presently President of that Chapter. Last year I was a Director on the RTAM Board and look forward to serving another year.

Joan Dawson Thompson, Manitoba

I began my teaching career in 1972 with Frontier School Division in Ilford, MB, where I taught grades 1 and 2 as well as supervising the kindergarten. I moved to Thompson in 1973 where I spent the next 35 years teaching grades one to four and Reading Recovery. Over the years I often served as staff rep. for the Thompson Teachers’ Association and for two years I was the Grievance Chair. I retired in June of 2008. My volunteer efforts are mainly with the Thompson Health Auxiliary where I am the manager of the Thompson Hospital Gift Shop. My husband and I live in Paint Lake Provincial Park and I enjoy fishing, gardening, sewing, reading, stained glass and socializing with friends at the local marina. I am actively involved with our local Retired Teachers’ Association, TARE, and served as secretary/treasurer for three years, vice-president for one year and am now the president. I have completed my second year as a director on the RTAM board where I have chaired the Bylaws and Policy Committee and have been a member of the KIT Editorial committee and the Membership and Chapters committee. I will also be joining the Wellness committee this year. I have enjoyed being a director for RTAM and look forward to anther interesting year.

Frank Friontino Winnipeg, Manitoba

Frank was born in Amato, Italy and came to Canada at age 13. He graduated from Daniel McIntyre Collegiate and later graduated with a B.A., a B.Ed., and a M.Ed. degree, along with a Permanent Professional Teaching certificate. Frank is best known for his life-long career in the field of education starting out as a teacher in 1959, advancing to principal, and ultimately superintendent of education. In 1992, he founded People Developers, a professional development company, and has become well-known as an education consultant and facilitator, school program evaluator in Native jurisdictions, and a pre-employment trainer mainly in Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. In 1998, Frank was appointed by the Italian Government as the Honorary Vice-Consul of Italy in Manitoba, and for eight years, he provided extensive services to members of the Italian community and others in Manitoba, including applications for pensions for work and military service, citizenship issues, issuing of Italian passports and visas, exchanges and much more. As President of the Italian Canadian League of Manitoba, Frank initiated the process for the construction of the new Italian Cultural Centre, the Centro Caboto Centre on Wilkes Avenue. As well, he has served as a member of the board of directors of Creative Retirement Manitoba,Centro Caboto Centre, and the Villa Cabrini senior citizens’ residence in Winnipeg.

Guy Hansen Winnipeg, Manitoba

During my 30 teaching years in Thompson I was heavily involved as Thompson Teacher’s Association Labor Rep. for the Thompson Labor Council, as well as the Co-op movement. When I got there Thompson was a young, rich, brash place, probably the strongest Union town in our country. And for me, the kid from a Saskatchewan farm, it was easy to support these sturdy mineworkers, these men who were off to work early with a lunch bucket, back home so dirty that they could not use the regular washing machine for their work clothes. I eventually did a couple shifts in the smelter. I was a tough young fellow, but not tough enough. I did not last. Anyhow, the miners knew that I was with them. I also volunteered for the Museum Board, (I like history), Northern Restorative Justice, (I like keeping people out of jail) and spent my last 10 years at the Thompson Recycle Centre. My position was to upgrade non-employable street people (mostly male First Nations) into workers who could then move on and hold down a job. I eventually smashed an arm up badly; had to heal; the program was eventually discontinued. In the summer I live at Setting Lake, Wabowden. I go south in the winter to Winnipeg and live with my wife, Faye. My long-term goal for RTAM has been to improve relations between ourselves and both the MLAs, and MTS. I have been on the Board 4 years, Political Action and twice PR Chair.

Frank has been the recipient of many awards including the nomination of the Transcona Jaycees’ Outstanding Young Man Award (1970), and the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal (2002). In recognition of his “remarkable career and his volunteer efforts,” he received the Eccellenza Award, the highest award of the Italian community in Winnipeg, in 2005. Finally, for his outstanding work and dedication, he was honoured with the Order of Italy, issued by the Italian President, and knighted November 18, 2005 by the Italian Ambassador to Canada. Frank has been married to Josie for almost 53 years. They had one son, Anthony, and two daughters, Franca and Elisa.


n 27

Jag Malik

Peggy Prendergast

After teaching for 26 years in Gilbert Plains Collegiate I retired in 1995 and decided to live in the town of Gilbert Plains.

Formerly a teacher and administrator in the Winnipeg School Division.

Gilbert Plains, Manitoba

During my teaching years I was involved with the Local Division Association of Manitoba Teachers’ Society in various capacities and served on the MTS Executive 5 years. I became an RTAM Board member in 1997 and have served as Treasurer 1999 – 2012. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support during these years. I have attended RTAM Board Meetings (2012-2014) via teleconference and look for your support again for the upcoming year. Unfortunately, Jag Malik passed away on July 19, 2014.

Barbara McDole Winnipeg, Manitoba

• Education Certification-1966;B.A. 1974 ;B.Ed. 1977 • Retired in 1999 after 33 years of teaching. • Worked as a Faculty Advisor for 4 years for the University of Manitoba. • Served on the R.W.T.A. as Vice-President, President and Past President. • Board Member of RTAM, serving as Vice-President 20122013, took over as Chair of the Benefits Committee in 2012, with the passing of Ted Poulter; member of the Wellness Committee; member of numerous ad hoc committees (spearheading the new office location); and planned the 2012 AGM with Dolores Hebert. • Having just recently lost Bear, I am now going to work with MSAR with Cargo, my Bernese Mountain dog, hoping that he can continue Bear’s legacy in the classroom!! I am hoping to remain on the Board to strengthen the direction we are taking with RTAM.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have been associated with RTAM, first as a member of the Benefits Committee (which dealt with pensions then); then as Vice President; and President. Over the years I have chaired the Pension Committee and been on the Pension Task Force I have been a member of the Editorial Committee, the membership committee, and the Bylaws Committee. Currently I am a member of the Pension Committee, chair the Wellness Committee and co-chair the Educational Advocacy Committee. My commitment to RTAM is twofold: assisting the Board in solving the COLA and larger pension issues and in providing help to our members in the area of social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

Doreen Sage Neepawa, Manitoba

From Swan River, and after teaching in the rural area, I took a Business Education Course and worked for McLeods and Eatons. I went back to teaching and taught Business Education in Swan River and Neepawa. I have been on the RTAM Board for several years, as a member of the Finance Committee and Group Benefits Committee. I was the Chair of the Finance Committee, but because of changing needs of RTAM members, the committee was renamed Wellness. I organized many Wellness Seminars throughout the province. I moved to the job of Editor of KIT eleven years ago. I have found this to be most rewarding and I hope to be able to continue. I live in Neepawa with husband, Ed Sage.

28 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

Ray Sitter Brandon, Manitoba

In my previous life, I have been a teacher and an administrator of a school in Brandon. Some of the activities I participate in are: volunteer with the Cancer Society driver program in Brandon; work with Habitat for Humanity as a member of their Building Committee, their Family Selection Committee as well as being a worker on site. My wife and I drive for Meals on Wheels and work with the Brandon Economic Development Board as Tourist Greeters. I am a member of the local retired teachers group and also of the Seniors for Seniors organization in Brandon. In my spare time I like to make wine. Seeing the latest COLA, the wine comes in handy. My interest has always been in resolving the COLA issue. This issue has been central to my involvement with RTAM. I have been a member of RTAM since retiring and almost half a dozen years ago, I became a member of the Board. Since that time I have been on the Political Action Committee and the Pension Committee and this year was Chair, Membership and Chapters. My goal has not changed.

John Sushelnitsky

of Man. Education Faculty to get my formal qualifications. After practice teaching in Winnipeg, I drove out to interview for a job in Portage la Prairie. I loved the size of the town, bigger than Boissevain, smaller than Winnipeg. Joining the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, I served at the local and provincial level for my 37 years of teaching. I was on the MTS provincial executive for four years. Afterward, as a MTS representative, I served on the Minister of Education’s Advisory Board for four years. After retirement in 2003, the Society gave me the honour of becoming a Honorary Life Member in 2004. A high school aptitude test encouraged me to continue studying the French language and I have used it throughout my career, being editor of the French Journal for ten years for the Manitoba Association of French Teachers and also serving as its president. I also served on several Department of Education committees and was the co-author of its French correspondence courses. In the classroom, I taught 29 years of junior high, eight years of high school and two years of elementary. In addition to teaching Basic and Immersion French, I coached basketball and other sports. In my five years of coaching grade ten boys basketball we had the good fortune to be ranked number one on two occasions. All in all, a very satisfying career! I have now served on the RTAM Board for eight years as a Director and have chaired the Public Relations, Membership/Chapter and Political Action committees.

Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

Boissevain is my hometown and I attended Brandon College. As president of the debating society and the international relations club, I gained an appreciation for the art of effective communication. In my third year I went to West Africa as part of a group called Crossroads Africa. Our role there was to complete the construction of a boys’ dormitory in the town of Bo, Sierra Leone. Based on that positive experience, I went to East Africa with Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) following my graduation in 1964 and worked for two years as teacher in Bukoba, Tanzania. On my return, I was contacted by Boissevain school officials who needed a teacher. Then, I took a year at the U.


n 29

CLASSIFIEDS St. Paul’s Fort Garry - (11th annual) 2014 BrushWorks Date: Friday, October 17 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. : wine and cheese Saturday, October 18 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.: cafe Sunday, October 19 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: cafe Place: St. Paul’s Fort Garry 830 North Drive, Winniipeg, MB (204) 475 7549 (church office for information) Come and share the opportunity to view and purchase original art work by 36 Manitoba artists. Framed and unframed oils, watercolours, pastels, prints and art cards will be available. There will also be raffles of art work and a cafe for you to enjoy while contemplating which art piece will be perfect for that special wall space. Be sure to tell your friends! CUBA – ‘Spanish Studies in Cuba’ (Havana) $2,500.00 CAD for 4 wks. Hotel with breakfast and dinner, tuition fee. (Air fare not included). 250478-0494 ssic@telus.net / http:// spanishstudiesincuba.ca

Normal School Class of 54-55 60th Anniversary June 2 and 3, 2015 @ Holiday Inn West, Winnipeg, MB If you did not receive the first mail out and wish to receive information on the forthcoming Celebrations, please contact: Phyllis (Maxfield) Meseyton 55-18th St. SW Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 2X8 (204) 857-5891 / phyllis9@mymts.net or Fern (Finnen) Bamford Box132 Manitou,MB R0G 1G0 (204) 242-2224

30 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Fall 2014

WINNIPEGOSIS 100th CELEBRATION July 10, 11 & 12, 2015 (Save the date!) The organizing committee cordially invites all retired former teachers of Winnipegosis area schools to help celebrate the village centennial. For further info: www.winnipegosis100th.com

Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library 10th Annual Big Fall Book Sale Saturday, October 25, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday, October 26, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Grant Park High School Gym, Grant & Nathaniel 60 tables loaded with good used books from nearly new to very old. CDs, DVDs & LPs too. On Sunday, everything is half-price. For more information: (204) 488-3217; info@friendswpl.ca A Friends’ Fundraiser in support of Winnipeg Public Library projects.

WANTED Grades 7 and 8 Far Horizons text books, to complete set. Any information? wish_den@hotmail.com WANTED TO RENT A part or whole of a Winnipeg garage. Guy Hansen at 204 283 4265 or guydhansen@hotmail.com Spirit’s Call Choir Needs New Voices Spirit’s Call Choir extends a warm welcome to all retired teachers who love to sing. The non-profit community choir has raised approximately $180,000.00 this past decade for local charities. No auditions required. Orientation for new members is 1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m., Sunday, September 7, 2014. The choir sings from 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Sundays, September - May at 603 Wellington Crescent. For more info contact: Dawn at 204-4880495 or dlazar@mts.net or visit: www. spiritscallchoir.com

Riverwood Singers seek Choral Director Riverwood Singers is a community women’s chamber choir of approximately 18 voices. We rehearse weekly (Monday evenings) at Kelvin High School from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and perform publicly twice per year (mid-winter and spring). We also perform at less formal sing-outs, mainly at seniors’ residences and personal care homes. We have an established choral library ranging across the musical spectrum from sacred to pop. We are seeking a choral director or codirectors who would be prepared to take us on for a modest annual honourarium and for the fun (and love) of producing choral music. Please contact Alix Venema by e-mail: gehornby@mymts.net School Programming Coordinator – Habitat for Humanity Manitoba Habitat for Humanity Manitoba is looking for a volunteer to manage the educational resource program that is designed for grades 3 – 8. This exciting role would involve connecting with the schools to educate them on this program and to increase awareness about the opportunity. One benefit to Habitat would be to enhance the current materials and create new programs for youth. This volunteer position is available immediately and would be most active from September – November, and again in June. You will have access to a work station located at the main office at 60 Archibald Street. We are looking for a volunteer to run with this opportunity and create a position based on their interests and available time. An ideal candidate could be a retired teacher but not required. If you are interested, please contact Kim Wilson at kwilson@habitat.mb.ca 1954 - 2014 Normal School Reunion October 4, 2014 Invitations were mailed out in January, 2014. Morris Demkiw / ammoe@mymts.net



Osteoporosis Canada As a teacher you have a passion for imparting knowledge to others; you experience a thrill when someone “gets it” and learns and grows through your efforts. Throughout your teaching career you cultivated your communication talents and skills – and now that you are retired, those feelings don’t stop and the skills don’t end: they look for a new channel. Consider volunteering as an Education Presenter for Osteoporosis Canada, Manitoba Chapter. Our education program reaches a variety of community groups and aims to share knowledge about osteoporosis and bone health. This is important information as 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will experience an osteoporotic fracture and these, we know, may well lead to a hip fracture from which 27% of women and 38% of men will die. Over 80% of fractures in people over age 50 are due to Osteoporosis. It can be a debilitating and deadly disease, but broken bones are not an inevitable part of aging and there is much one can do to reduce the risks. Education is a very important tool. We invite you to join us in fulfilling our mission to provide life-changing education to the public and work toward a future Canada without osteoporotic fractures. We provide extensive training for our Education Presenters with ongoing continuing education and support, and we have a terrific social community of volunteers and staff collaborating together and networking toward a common goal. Please contact me for copies of the program and position descriptions and to chat about your future involvement. Vivienne Nickerson (204) 772-3498 or vnickerson@osteoporosis.ca.

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society seeks photos, artifacts and other records of teaching and activities from The ManitobaSociety Teachers’ Society 1919 seeks to the present. photos, artifacts and

other records Call Mireille Theriault at 204-888-7961 ext and 354 of or teaching email mtheriault@mbteach.org Society activities from 1919 to the present.

Call Mireille Theriault at 204-888-7961 ext 354 or email mtheriault@mbteach.org

Unique Small Group Escorted Tours Costa Rica, Cuba, and now El Salvador Discover what lies beyond the beaches when you join one of our leisurely paced in-depth escorted tours combining history, nature, and cultural visits. No early starts unless necessary & multiple night stays in many locations including cities, national parks & quiet beach areas. Taking bookings now. No more than 20 people on each tour. Departures January through March 2015. Visit our website www.cubadiscoverytours.com Available exclusively at: Discovery Tours by McPhail Travel Brandon K-435 Rosser Ave Brandon, MB R7A 6S2 Mon – Fri Call Erma

204-727-2305 or 1-800-417-0250

Class of 1956-57 58th Normal School Reunion Thursday, May 21,2015 Portage la Prairie, MB Canad Inns, Main Floor 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Smorg OR Soup & Sandwich Bar Cost to each individual Book exchange - bring a favourite and exchange with a person of your choice Registration - 11:30 a.m. - $5.00 Contacts: Janice Kelly, Winnipeg 1-204-831-8643 Jeanette Moran, Winnipeg 1-204-697-3386 Phyllis Crosson, Brandon 1-204-726-4406 Bernice McMahon , Delta , BC 1-604-946-4928

FortWhyte Alive Volunteer Opportunity – Program Leader If you enjoy the outdoors and understand the importance of equipping future generations for sustainable living, we need you as a volunteer Program Leader at FortWhyte Alive. FortWhyte Alive is one of Canada’s pre-eminent sustainable living education facilities situated on 640 acres of diverse habitat within Winnipeg. As a Program Leader you will receive training and ongoing guidance in areas of social history, environmental education and outdoor adventure. Volunteers have an opportunity to share their teaching and leadership experience, meet new people, and learn new skills while staying active. Program training starts September 9th. Visit www.fortwhyte.org>You & FortWhyte>Volunteering or call 204.989.8368 for more information.


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RTAM KIT Fall 2014  

RTAM KIT Fall 2014  


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