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Cherry Campbell


May 2018

Origami A compact and versatile piece of garden furniture, comprising of a coffee table and four stow-away chairs, which all fold neatly in to its own storage box.

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The Origami Technical Drawings Finishes & Customisation Components & Assembly

1. Origami

Perfect for small gardens or where indoor storage is not available over winter. With a 1m square footprint, this self-contained, casual table and chairs set will fit in to most tight spaces. The Origami is designed to be hardy enough not to need a winter cover so it can remain a feature of your garden all year round.

Easily manoeuvrable, the Origami pops in to life in minutes.

Movement The Origami table is hinged along three edges allowing it to open out to reveal four chairs neatly stowed within.

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Once the chair has been slid out, the chair back is pulled upwards and slots in to place at a comfortable angle.

2. Tech Spec Each segment of the table forms a 500mm cube, making the over all dimensions of the Origami set when stowed away: 500mm H, 1000mm W, 1000mm D



Each chair fits within a segment of the table with enough space to lift the chair legs off the ground when stowed away. Origami chair dia: 458-768mm H, 450mm W, 450mm D


The Origami set is constructed in mahogany, selected for its durability and flexibility to be stained, painted or left untreated. Our mahogany is sourced from sustainable forests.

The characteristics of our mahogany Hardwood

Tom Hardy

Hardy by name, hard by nature


Jane Fonda

With the lightest of maintenance it will remain durable and age beautifully


Jean-Claude van Damme

The muscle to withstand many years of action


Kate Middleton

Naturally beautiful but polishes up super well


Angela Merkle

No cracking & warping under pressure

Stain Acceptance

David Dickinson

Go as orange as you like

3. Finishes The nature of mahogany allows the surface to be successfully finished in a wide variety of stains, outdoor paints or even left untreated to weather and age naturally.

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Stain Options

Natural Wood

Distressed Pattern

Paint Options Every component could be a different colour…

Outdoor paints - Pick & Mix

Tutti Fruti Pimms o’Clock Pumpkin Pie Ice Lolly Plum Pudding Colour Combination Themes

4. Components & Assembly


Cam Lock nuts

The Origami is designed to be delivered in flat-pack and easily assembled with one Philips screwdriver.

Cam Lock nuts attach all wooden components together.

Hinges 6 x Tectus TE-240 hinges required. The 180 degree flush hinges allow the folding table segments to fully open and close without gaps.



Shelf 8 x Richelieu ‘concealed mounting brackets’ required to support the seat storage shelf.

Bracket screws to table leg uprights





SIT + STORE Cherry Campbell


May 2018

Sit + Store Presentation  

Sit + Store Presentation

Sit + Store Presentation  

Sit + Store Presentation