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The Best Beaches In California

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An up close and personal take on tourettes. Growing up with tourettes makes life difficult. Everyone thinks you’re weird and no one knows what you’re going through or how you’re feeling. When people who have tourettes they twitch and jerk in class some teachers and students get upset and make them think its their fault. They’re not able to sit through classes and get a normal education. An example of a successful person with tourettes is Dr. Duncan McKinlay. Another successful person with tourettes is Jonathan Friesan. He is the author of “Jerk California” and “Rush”.

Duncan McKinlay is a registered Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

- Riley MacDonald



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One of the most well known teams known to College football, known to football in general, is the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The team works out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Nebraska is one of only seven college teams to have reached the 800 gameswon mark in NCAA history. The University’s top-dog team squares off in Division 1 every year, always exemplifying excellence. Every new season the Cornhuskers match up against some pretty tough competition, however none as tough as their biggest rival, Oklahoma (right).

The Nebraska Cornhuskers (left) have been called a “Winning Team” since the organization began competing in 1890. Ever since the beginning of their team, the Cornhuskers success claim comes with 46 conference championships and have grabbed on to five national championships. During every home game the Cornhuskers enter the field in their signature “Tunnel Walk” seen in the photo (left).

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Nebraska Cornhuskers All-time Records Wins Losses



Ties Conference Titles



National HeisTitles man



Trophy Wins



86,30 4

All-Time Best Cornhusker Player Touch Yards downs


Johnn 58 y Rodgers

2-Conference 20


1- National

The Cornhuskers have proven themselves to be an outstanding club. Being ranked #1 in the College Football league over twentyfive times, the organization has, on numerous occasions, been said to be “The Greatest NCAA Football Team to ever play”. Sending plenty of athletes off to the NFL this team has been trained well, and to think, football is just one of the University’s prime time sports teams. - Michael Flood







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A close look at California’s most pristine beaches, so you can have the amazing vacation you deserve. Are you looking for the best beach location for yourself this year? California is the place to go. With over 500 superb beaches, we’ve narrowed it down to the top beaches to visit. One of the most popular beaches in California is Venice VENICE BEACH Beach. Located on the coast of Venice, California, it seems body boards and skim boards for the day. If you feel like as if the setting was cut out staying out of the water, from a movie. There is no there are countless beach volquestion why this area has been called the “Play land of leyball courts and high level basketball courts surroundthe Pacific”. It consists of a ing the beach, and the boardvast, 3 mile (4.8 km) long, walk is the best place to go flat, sandy beach that is a rollerblading, skating and bimajor hot spot for tourism. cycling. Countless little shops Palm trees, separate walk and bike trails, and eateries and dining areas scatter the boardwalk, with great prices. border the sandy shore for your entertainment. Street The area is most crowded on performers, artists and musithe weekends, so if you are cians scatter the area to make looking for a more private, a wild, exciting atmosphere. calmer stay, it is suggested At several spots anyone can you visit the beaches during rent surfboards, weekdays.

While at Venice Beach you may even see a few movie shoots. In the past there have been several movies set in Venice, California. A few recent films include 1996 movie, Romeo & Juliet, 2007 Wild Hogs, 2008 movie Role Models, and 2010 film Valentine’s Day.

p. 8 If you are thinking of visiting the Santa Monica area, there is a must-see beach waiting for you. The Santa Monica Beach has the word “vacation” written all over it. This 3.5 mile (5.6 km) long sandy shore has a constant gentle ocean breeze, fresh, clean air, and mild temperatures to cool you off in the summer heat. On average there are 340 days of sunshine, so you are unlikely to get have a rainy stay.


wards Malibu, and south to Torrance. It is the longest beach path of SANTA MONICA BEACH its kind in the world. While on this these courts! Additional trail you can sample a beach courts run along range of Southern Califor- Ocean Front Walk and the nia beaches on any nonbicycle path in both direcmotorized wheeled trans- tions from the Pier. portation.Beach Volleyball Along with the magnificent is a favourite past time at There are hundreds of acbeach and these activities, Santa Monica, with plenty tivities available to you at there are galleries, shops, of games all along the Santa Monica Beach, both restaurants, street enterbeach. There are beach volrelaxing and exciting. For tainers, an arcade, aquarleyball courts south of the those who love to bike, the ium, and even an amusePier available to public and South Bay Bicycle Trail is ment park! free of charge. And if you for you. It runs along the aren’t the sporty type, grab Hundreds of movies have Santa Monica State Beach, a seat on the bleacher-style been shot or set in part and runs 35 km north towithin the city of Santa seating to watch others Monica. While there you play. In SANTA MONICA CLIMATE may just see a movie shootthe past ing take place! Some past GRAPH Santa visitors have already witMonica nessed the filming of 17 has even Again, 2012, Forrest had Olym- Gump, Iron Man, and pic com- Hannah Montana: The petitors Movie. train on


p. 9 Manhattan Beach City is home to one of the most visited beaches in California; Manhattan Beach. With its outstanding surfing tournaments, beach volleyball tournaments, and heavy duty rollerblading, this area is full of excitement. A paved beach path stretches for miles from allowing the beach through a number of cities. Visitors can sign up for surf rentals, take a surf camp or just ply the waves on an affordable body board. Shops around the pier offer these products and services. While you sunbathe on this huge attraction site, you may just spot a

SURFING AT SURFRIDER’S BEACH few of Manhattan Beach’s famous residents, including Owen Wilson and Matthew Fox (Dr. Jack Shephard of Lost)! If you are drawn to the crashing waves of the Pacific, be sure to visit Malibu Lagoon Beach! It is also known as Sur-


frider’s Beach for its pristine waves for surfing. These waters have been claimed to be one of the world’s best beaches to surf on. Located near the Malibu Pier, it is still probably the most surfed spot in Los Angeles County. It has been widely regarded as one of the most important beaches in the history of what has become a global surf culture. The waves which are tapering and smooth-breaking, are the gold standard for summertime “point” surf. If you are more interested in a relaxing


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OCEAN BEACH stay at Malibu Lagoon Beach, there are plenty of guided tours available that highlight the many tide pools and marshes in the area.

veling at the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier. This monument is located at the south end of the beach and is an entertainment center for the public. People love to stroll along the pier to get a Thinking of visiting San Diego? Try Ocean Beach. It shocking view of the suris the beachfront neighbor- rounding bays and hills. hood of San Diego, Califor- There is a restaurant and nia. Ocean Beach is known bait shop on the pier for for its laid back atmosphere, those who’ve come to fish. Ocean Beach also has its where you can enjoy the beach while watching peo- own dog beach, where dogs ple surf the waters, or mar- can roam and swim in

separate waters. So the next time you’re in California, or planning a trip there, be sure to check out these hot spots! You’ll be sure to enjoy yourself.

- Courteney Davenport


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