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Septermber 6, 2013

Katie Lee/HUB Graphic Cole Yambrovitch, Joy Wang, Emily Kappes, David Wang/Courtesy Photos

Around the world in 86 days (of summer)

New kids on the block Sophomores react to their first days at DHS BY Yrenly Yuan HUB Staff

“There’s a lot more people here, so there’ll be more competition. The classes will be a lot harder too.” -Chaitrika Budamagunta

“Girls; Jesuit was an all-guys school. [There are also] more extracurricular activities than Jesuit has.” -Carson Tibbitts

“I came from a lot of small schools, so the size of the school is really intimidating.” -Morgan Metler

“I’m kind of scared for the teachers who seem nice, but then turn out to be jerks.” -David Cobar

Seniors’ declassified school survival guide for sophomores BY Riley Donahue HUB Staff As the incoming sophomores acquaint themselves with what might seem like the labyrinth that is the DHS campus, they will slowly learn their way around through trial and error. Fortunately, the seniors are seasoned pros at navigating through life on campus and can pass on their wisdom to the sophomores to help them out. Seniors Gregory Shilling and Casey Schmidt both agree that there are some ways of carrying yourself that aren’t acceptable at DHS. “Don’t cheat on Mr. Peevyhouse’s tests because he will suspend you,” Shillings said.“Do

“No backpacks with wheels” -Casey Schmidt

your homework, and don’t run with your backpack.” “Also, no backpacks with wheels,” Schmidt said. As far as social situations, senior Jonathan Whitcomb has some advice on how to fit in at DHS outside of the school day. “Go to as many sporting events as possible,” Whitcomb said. “It’s a great way to support [your] school and get out and meet a ton of new people.” Senior Emily Kappes suggests that school-related extracurricular activities will also enrich the quality of the DHS experience. “Get involved in Homecoming,” Kappes

How is high school different from junior high?

said. “I was on a float my sophomore year and felt integrated and welcomed into the school really quickly. Plus, I had a lot of fun. [Also], familiarize yourself with all of DHS’ clubs and events. Unlike some people might think, it’s definitely cool to be active and involved on campus.” Throughout the year, the grind of high school will soon seem as pedestrian as going to elementary or junior high school. Shillings offered some final encouragement for any sophomores that might be finding it hard to assimilate. “Just be yourself,” Shillings said.

“Go to as many sporting events as possible.” -Jonathan Whitcomb

Yrenly Yuan/HUB Graphic

“It’s going to be harder, I just don’t want to get Fs.” -Alex Unger

“I think classes will require a lot more effort, and I’ll have more things to do.” -Hannah Richter

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What is your biggest fear for sophomore year?

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