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Millennium Times 20th November 2011

Force Station Steelhead Lost? Communications with Canadian PRIMUS outposts lost RMCP in over their heads?

The scenes seen above of Force Station Steelhead can no longer be seen due to blinding storms. The storms have been reported to be so severe that heroes cannot fly or even manage to teleport through the storms.Although the cause of these storms is currently unknown strange transmissions from Force Station Alpaca have indicated that some force has used the storms as cover to attack under. Setup by the RCMP, the Force Stations in the Canadian wilderness all monitor and track the activity of local

meta-humans and military groups as well as studying how the local conditions are being altered by the Gadroon terraforming efforts. Although the stations all monitor different activities the central station would be Force Station Steelhead named after the Steelhead Division of the RMCP. Founded in 1986 and named for the Canadian hero Sam Steele the group monitors metahuman activity and works in conjunction with heroes to prevent groups like Viper and the Hunter-Patriots from completing their

various plans for world domina tion. The current commander for the Steelhead division is the immortal hero and former Avenger Mark Derringer, known for his dislike of politics his critics have continually said that he is unfit for the job and will soon be replaced since he took up the post in 1998. The main weapon of the group is known as the Steelsman armour. Developed by the original Forceknight Wally Thompson it is an inexpensive battle armour used for riot control and dealing with supervillains.

Although no one denies the effectiveness of the Steelsmen, they have a bad press due to complaints of excess force. Throughout the complaints the official comment on the matter by Mark Derringer is “No Comment� raising multiple concerns and usually used as an argument about why he should leave his post. Regardless of the controversy in their methods, the Steelhead Division has continually proven to be as effective as any anti meta-human task force in America. We can only hope that the Steelhead Division can handle whatever this storm may hide in its path. Written by @bluedarky

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The Millennium Times Needs You! Got a talent for writing, perhaps you have had incredible adventures or even observe costume contests. No matter what inspires you there is a place in the Millennium Times for you! We accept articles about in game events such as costume contests and other events ran by players or GMs. We also accept in character writings about your characters for print. Articles can be submitted to via forum and ingame mail to @bluedarky or to the email address Current prices for articles is 5 Global resources per full page article that is printed, variable rates available for regular submissions or front page articles, if you wish for specific images to be inserted please email them to the above address.

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