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Millennium Times 20th November 2011

Strange Lights in Canada Planned Spectacle or Alien Invasion? some

Strange lights were witnessed a few nights back in the area surrounding Force Station Steelhead. Witnesses describe the lights as occurring following a spaceship falling from the sky, officials from the station deny this claim although multiple heroes have been confirmed to be investigating the lights. Interstellar travellers are nothing new to the people of Millennium City, all will recall the Qularr invasion from a few months previously, along with the invasion of Earth by the Gadroon in the 1984 and 1987, and that’s not mentioning Champions member

Ironclad who is a former interstellar gladiator. Even more disturbing species do live among us however, the Gadroon hold a strong foothold in Canada rapidly terraforming stretches of land to suit the needs of their species, even more terrifying are the rumours that some of America’s most popular politicians have been replaced with shapeshifting interstellar travellers in an underhanded attempt to quietly invade our planet. Such rumours do have a ways to go before being proven to be anything other than rumour and wild speculation but early interviews with heroes following

of their activities within the city have all but confirmed some of these rumours. Either way, organisations like UNTIL and PRIMUS either know little of these so called secret invasions, or according to some theorists already deeply infiltrated by these creatures and just waiting for their brethren to complete their missions. Heroes like Ironclad and other interstellar species have spoken openly of their homeworlds and their travels, telling Earth scientists and astronomers that their theories of live beyond Earth are correct. Some of these species even claim to be figures or the descendants thereof of famous

heroes and gods from ancient Earth history indicating that these travellers or their ancestors may have visited Earth before and been influential upon Earth’s history. Whether these are telling the truth or not, the evidence that we are not alone in the universe stands as clear as day in our own city. Where we go from here is up to the PRIMUS forces at Force Station Steelhead, indeed whether we are heading into an interstellar war or into peaceful cooperation with a new species may depend on the actions of Force Station Steelhead and the Argent and Viper forces in the area. Written by @bluedarky

Millennium Times

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The Millennium Times Needs You! Got a talent for writing, perhaps you have had incredible adventures or even observe costume contests. No matter what inspires you there is a place in the Millennium Times for you! We accept articles about in game events such as costume contests and other events ran by players or GMs. We also accept in character writings about your characters for print. Articles can be submitted to via forum and ingame mail to @bluedarky or to the email address Current prices for articles is 5 Global resources per full page article that is printed, variable rates available for regular submissions or front page articles, if you wish for specific images to be inserted please email them to the above address.

Millennium Times Issue 6  

Issue 6 of the Millennium Times, fan made paper for Champions Online.

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