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TRANSLATION Documents and websites into over 20 languages

INTERPRETATION Real time oral translation of events and conferences

GLOBAL MARKETING Social Media, branding and marketing materials

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EXPAND INTO NEW MARKETS WHY TRANSLATE? To grow, to expand your business. By translating your company’s website, marketing materials and offering our next even in Spanish, Portuguese or Cantonese, you are exponentially broadening your target market and doubling your company’s addressable market share. The US Hispanic market alone represents $1 trillion dollars of often untapped revenue.

WHY USE PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS? You may well have a staff member or friend that is a native speaker your chosen target language. Unfortunately, being a native speaker is not enough! You have invested a lot of time and money into structuring your brand, and positioning your products and services. A poorly translated message, campaign, blog or website can lay to waste all your efforts. Our translators are well versed in the culture as well as the target language, to ensure complete localization. We also work with marketing and graphic design professionals to ensure that your company’s message, as well as its “look and feel” is not lost in translation.

Follow the Florida Grand Opera’s Lead “Florida Grand Opera has made continuous strides to reinforce its relationship with the Hispanic community – from the addition of projected translations in Spanish to the presentation of our first zarzuela. The Spanish website takes us one step further in this effort and we are very proud we were able to launch it before the opening of the season.” Bob Heuer, General Director and CEO of Florida Grand Opera.

TRANSLATION We are committed to accuracy in a variety of linguistic, industry-specific and cultural areas. To meet this commitment to our clients we ensure our translators are native speakers of the target language, have over five years experience as professional translators and are certified by the American Translators Association or have earned a degree in translation, interpretation or linguistics.

Blue Compass Group provides turn-key document and website translation services. We will work with your webmaster to duplicate the functioning of the site in the target languages, or if you prefer, we will build the site for you ourselves, providing server-ready files. We will translate all copy meticulously, adapt any cultural references as needed and recommend image alteration when cultural factors warrant. We make sure all graphic elements are visually appealing and work exactly as in the original version. We will can provide regular maintenance on the site, translating any subsequent changes in the text.

Four Step Translation Process •

TRANSLATION: a native speaker translate s your document into the target language and the specific dialect you desire. The translator's background is always closely related to the project's subject matter, i.e., legal, technical, medical, promotional, etc.

EDITING: a separate native speaker edits your document. Highly technical documents are put through a second editing process.

PROOFREADING: a native "dialect specific" speaker will proofread your document for cultural adaptation, spelling and grammatical accuracy.

TYPSETTING: the text is typeset to match your original as closely as possible.

INTERPRETATION CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION This form of interpreting is ideal for interviews, depositions, mediations and other forms of communication with two participants. The speaker states a complete thought, stops, and the interpreter renders the interpretation in the target language. Given the stop and go scenario caused by this type of interpreting, it should be noted the duration of the conversation is doubled. American Sign Language (ASL): interpretation provided for deaf and hearing impaired persons. The interpreter is situated close to the speaker and must be clearly visible to the participants at all times.

SIMULTAENOUS INTERPRETATION Oral translation in which words are interpreted from the floor language (the language the speaker is using) into the target language (the chosen language for the interpreter to translate into) with an average three to five second delay. Since the interpreter is listening and speaking at the same time, interpreting equipment is required. The simultaneous interpreting booth isolates the interpreter from the audience, so no one but the people that need it can hear the interpretation. It also provides the interpreter with headsets so he/she can listen clearly to the speaker without outside noise getting in the way. And finally it provides the interpreter with a microphone to transmit the interpretation so it can be heard by participants using wireless receivers with earpieces (similar to an MP3 player). Our coordinators and technicians will work along with your venue of choice to ensure that the audiovisual equipment provided for the meeting and the interpreting equipment work together perfectly and seamlessly.

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GLOBAL MARKETING Blue Compass Group is an integrated global marketing company committed to providing unsurpassed language services along with effective and out-of-the-box marketing services. We are more than a translation company, more than a marketing firm. We bring your brand to life in over 20 languages. Speak to your customers in their language. Navigate the globe, cross cultures and reach new markets effectively.

Adriana Serna Principal Blue Compass Group

• Creation of Sales and Marketing Materials • Development of Strategic Alliances • Partnership Marketing • Brand Development • Graphic Design • SEO Optimization • Social Media Management All marketing services are provided by a talented team of graphic designers and marketing professionals. Our mission is to provide professionalism, originality and innovation to our clients. We place great importance on small details and always bring something new to every project.

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10300 SW 72nd Street, Suite 460-5 Miami, Fl 33173 Phone: (786) 413-8589 І Fax: (855) 712-7999 Email:

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