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Blue Chip Media

Blue Chip Media is a company that provides different services to people for making their wedding so special and memorable when they tie the knot for whole life.


Special Day For Whole Life

The wedding day is a special day for every groom and bride, when two different people tie the knot with each other for the whole life.

Professional Videographer

High quality Idaho wedding videography demands usage of highly expensive and bulky equipments. Also, proper lighting along with assistants is required to make the task a great success. The video taken needs to go through editing and creation of high class copies! The enhancement in technology has enabled easy usage of portable video camera.

Ceremonies Captured

We captured that precious moments in the form of photography and videography. We provide videography in Cinematic style Wedding photography.


Blue Chip Media Wedding Videographer  
Blue Chip Media Wedding Videographer  

Blue Chip is a company that is very creative and provides different service to people. Our team is fully trained and professional that provi...