An illuminated Book of Cats

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“An illuminated Book of Cats” first published in 2010 words © Rod Morgan 2010 illustrations © Mo Orkiszewski 2010 musings by Ariel P. Cat

All rights reserved Published by the 3 of us here at Blue Cat Heaven Sydney Australia email: A CiP record for this book is available at the National Library of Australia ISBN: 978-0-646-54273-7 (eBook) Font is EFF Malinka the Cat The Electronic Font Foundry

For Ariel little pussycat this is where it’s at

by Rod Morgan= Mo Orkiszewski and Ariel P. Cat

byssinian cats used to catch rats for the Pharaohs who lived by the Nile they’d reach out a claw, hook in one more and swallow it down with a smile

astet was their goddess The goddess of cool Her form is recorded in stone The goddess of style Fecund and wild She danced to a song of her own

oeur de lion! Is a cat’s battlesong As he launches himself at his prey A butterfly wing Or a leaf, or a ring Or a breeze at the end of the day

own by the river in the cool of the night the cats that aren’t sleeping are hunting for mice Or taking to the wild roads where no-one can find ’em Down by the river In the cool Of the night

gypt is where the cats in our care first taught us the power of the Felidae stare

elidae, oh felidae You bring me back my salad days, your knowing looks and winning ways felidae, oh felidae

old is the colour of my true love’s fur she’s got a terracotta nose and an outboard motor purr all the cats on the block like to hang around peeking in the window howling “sweet stuff come on down!”

unting for hidden things

n the door or out Or the third choice, do nowt And sit on the cusp Of certainty and doubt

ust ’cos you thought I was yours ’cos you bought me or I strayed and you caught me I’m not

ill eat wash sleep

ike a moth to a flame in the eternal game you saw me, you adored me you begged and implored me you thought you could afford me you can’t

ine all mine

ight time’s best for eating flesh no crunchy treats or cans of mess just fresh killed quail and turkey breast then a little wash and a little rest

f all the things that a cat can bring into a house without a doubt it’s the sense of style that brings a smile when there’s no-one else about

ast the point of no return is not a concept I can learn said felidae to hominid I’d rather look at what might be than look at what I did

uestions are beginnings answers are ends I’ll hold close to the questions and make them my friends

ich man or poor man to a cat you’re still the doorman

linking down the alleyway Sneaking past the gate stealing from the little dogs that live across the lane shaking up god’s creatures as they go about their day entrancing them with beauty then going on my way

alk to your cat he won’t answer back whether it’s politics or sport he’ll give it some thought and then sit on your head like a hat

nder a gibbous moon fat-bellied, full of food blood beats out a tune sweet life is all in bloom

ery aware of the power of the stare

heel of life spins ’round and ’round driven by the burning sun all the parts of this machine fit together perfectly

is for crossroads



Rod Morgan and Mo Orkiszewski live with their cat Ariel in Sydney, Australia. “An illuminated Book of Cats� is an abecediary of what Ariel has taught them.