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Cock-A-Doodle-Moo! & Dew Drops

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newborn – 18 months / with parent


ock-A-Doodle Moo! explores a farm theme through music, motion and multi-sensory activities.  It provides exposure to every musical style under the sun: American, Cantonese, English & Swedish.  Dew Drops takes baby into a colorful garden.  See “dew drops” glistening in the morning sun and feel the cool breeze blow in this multi-sensory experience.  Songs & activities are designed to help baby and parent incorporate music into many of their everyday activities.  Materials include: a playful picture book of animals and the sounds they make, a board book of flowers, instruments for music making at home, and two compact disc’s of beautifully arranged songs from each class.

P.O. Box 697 St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Class & two sets of materials: $256  

Sibling Fee: $175

DURATION: 15 weeks

Away We Go!

“All young children have the capacity

18 months – 3 ½ years / with parent

to be musical. 


op on the train, get in the car, board the plane, and Away We Go! This delightful, 15-lesson unit focuses on transportation. Sing and play along with favorite songs, such as “I’ve Been  Workin’ on the Railroad” and “Wheels on the Bus”. Explore fast and slow, smooth and bumpy, and high and low. Move, play, and sing together in developmentally appropriate activities created just for 1 1/2 to 31/2-year-olds. Families will receive 2 CDs, a Home Activity Book, 2 storybooks (Shiny Dinah and Giddy-Up!), 2 harmonicas, and a train carrying box.

They have the language,

the voice, the movement, the vocabulary and the listening ear.”

Class & materials fee: $240

Sibling fee & materials: $175

DURATION: 15 weeks

Toys I Make – Trips I Take


he new Imagine That! Class will lead your child on a magical journey into a remarkable Toy Shop filled with boats, trains, balls, jack-in-the box and many other toys that bring a glimmer into a child’s eyes. 


oys I Make, Trips I Take is focused on creating a stimulating musical environment that integrates music, pretend play, story telling movement, and more. The home materials include two compact discs, a Kindermusik hand drum, two enchanting movement & music books, an interactive pretend play manipulative set, a family activity book and a colorful backpack for your child to carry.

Research proves that early integration of music into your child’s daily routine means improving his ability to think, reason, create and express.  Music makes him smarter.  With more than 25 years experience in early childhood development, Kindermusik is the world’s most respected name in musical learning.  Trained and licensed educators provide carefully researched, developmentally appropriate music and movement programs for children, both in class and at home. 

Classes are now being held at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial! 32 Lakeshore Grosse Pointe Farms

grosse pointe

3 ½ years – 5 years / without parent

Class & materials fee: $275  Sibling fee & materials: $220

DURATION: 15 weeks / One Hour

Semester 2 4 ½ years – 7 years / without parent


laying simple musical patterns and songs on the featured instrument from the first session-the glockenspiel-is a central focus this semester.  While learning to sing a melody, and then play the pattern on the glockenspiel, we’ll delve deeper into the understanding of musical concepts such as piano and forte through orchestra-style music such as William Tell Overture, and Peter and the Wolf.  Music appreciation and understanding continues with a complete introduction to the instruments and families in which they are grouped of the orchestra. At Home Materials include Children’s Folder, Music At Home cards & stickers Games Bag, Family Songbook, Home CD, and Carry Bag.  Semester 2 classes continue with the glockenspiel.

Semester 1 is not a pre-requisite for Semester 2 Class & Materials fee: $315

Sibling fee & Materials: $260

DURATION: 15 weeks / One Hour

The Above Cost(s) Reflect Semester 2 Continuing Student(s) / New Student(s) to Young Child Contact G.P. Kindermusik for Materials Costs

KINDERMUSIK SCHEDULE OF CLASSES Winter 2008 There are No Classes the Weeks of February 18 and March 24

Cock-A-Doodle-Moo! & Dew Drops newborn – 18 months / with parent

101 - Monday, January 7 - April 28........................... 12:15 - 1:00 p.m.

102 - Tuesday, January 8 - April 29......................... 11:20 - 12:05 p.m.

Away We Go! 18 months – 3 1/2 years / with parent

201 - Monday, January 7 - April 28.......................... 9:15  - 10:00 a.m.

202 - Monday, January 7 - April 28......................... 10:10 - 10:55 a.m.

203 - Monday, January 7 - April 28........................... 1:15  -  2:00 p.m.

204 - Tuesday, January 8 - April 29.......................... 9:30 -  10:15 a.m.

205 - Tuesday, January 8 - April 29........................ 10:25 - 11: 10 a.m.

Preparing your child for success in school and life means including your child’s first and most important educator - you.  As you participate in every step of the learning process, you’ll see firsthand just how essential Kindermusik is to your child’s growth.  Enroll today as class size is strictly limited to ensure quality!  Call (313) 885-5635 to register.


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Parent’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________   Address: _______________________________________________________  E-Mail: _________________________________________   Phone (Home): __________________________ Phone (Work): __________________________ (Cell): _________________________ Class Requested: _______________________________________________________ Day / Time: _______________ / _______________   Class / Materials Fee: $________________________ Sibling Fee: $_______________________ Total Fee: $_______________________   Required VISA / MC / DISC: #____________________________________________ Expire Date: ______________ Security Code: ___________

ALL FEES DUE AT REGISTRATION BEFORE FIRST CLASS OR ATTENDANCE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED! Make checks payable to: G.P. Kindermusik, Mail to: P.O. Box 697, SCS, MI 48080 • Phone (313) 885-5635

KINDERMUSIK INFORMATION & POLICIES PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Grosse Pointe Kindermusik handles registrations.  Please call (313) 885-5635 to register. Checks / money orders should be made payable to Grosse Pointe Kindermusik.  Visa / Master Card / Discover card accepted.

Toys I Make – Trips I Take 3 1/2 years – 5 years / without parent

301 - Monday, January 7 - April 28......................... 11:05 - 12:05 p.m.

Semester 2 4 1/2 years – 7 years / without parent

401 - Tuesday, January 8 - April 29.......................... 12:15 - 1: 15 p.m.


QUESTIONS????? CALL 313 885-5635

Registration forms and checks should be sent to Grosse Pointe Kindermusik, P.O. Box 697  St. Clair Shores, MI  48080. Payment must be made BEFORE first class meets. Cancellation Policy - REFUNDS PROVIDED ONLY IF NOTIFICATION IS GIVEN PRIOR TO THIRD CLASS. A $10.00 PROCESSING FEE PLUS THE COST OF CLASSES ATTENDED AND MATERIALS FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR REFUND!  NO EXCEPTIONS! MATERIALS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! Make-Up Policy – Reserved make-ups are available within your current session. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique feature.  Missed classes may not be carried over to the next session.  NO CREDIT CAN BE GIVEN FOR CLASSES YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO MAKE UP OR FOR VACATIONS.  Call 313-885-5635 to schedule a make-up. Prorate policy - Classes will NOT be prorated after the THIRD class for the winter 2008 session.  Absolutely NO exceptions! If you are planning to attend a class that has already begun, payment MUST be made prior to attending the class. NO REFUND FOR MISSED CLASSES OR VACATIONS! Siblings who can crawl or walk may NOT be brought to classes for older children with attending parent. If they attend, sibling course fees will be charged. All classes will be held at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, Activity Room, 32 Lakeshore Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI  48236. Class size will be STRICTLY limited to ensure quality.  Register early. Classes fill quickly! Additional classes will be added if needed.  Call for availability. (313) 885-5635.