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Pilot Training in Canada As we all are aware Canada is known as one the most hot destination for pilot training these days . there are many advantages Canada enjoy s over other countries , which makes Canada first choice for pilot training these days . pilot training course in canada can be completed in about 6-8 months , flying hours required to attain commercial pilot license in Canada is just 200 with a minimum of 100 Pilot in command . cost wise Canada is quiet economical as commercial pilot training can be completed around 40000-45000 cad . there are over 20 airports in canada which have good facility for flight training , have facility for all instrument approaches , night flying , combination of international airport exposure and on the other side not that busy airport facilitating good timely flight training .there are over 35 flight school s in canada , most of them are all set to provide best quality flight training to students in stipulated time . Pilot training courses offered in canada are as follow=> Recreational pilot license => Private pilot licence => Commercial pilot license => Multi engine rating => Instrument rating => Vfr-over the top => Flight instructor rating => Airline transport pilot license

The civil aviation authourity in canada is known as Transport Canada , all ratings and licenses are been issued by transpport canada . Canada being an ICAO country canadian licenses are

recognised and accepted in all ICAO countries . All flight training standards are been closely monitored by transport canada ensuring all flight schools are maintaining flight training standards . Transport Canada conducts planned and random audits for Canadian flight schools and keep a close watch at them there are a lot of financial institutions within canada providing pilot training loans at very economical rates .Cessena , Diamonds , Piper aircrafts are used by most flight schools in Canada . manufacturers maintenance schedules are been followed while maintaining the aircrafts . Even though Canada is been blessed with many flight schools but its still important to choice best flight school as a school can only help you attain your desired pilot license within limited time frame .

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