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Raise Your Expectations

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William CEO


L. Armstrong III

Blueberry Systems relentlessly pursues the competitive advantage for our clients. We are committed to improving their bottom line and quality of life.


RELAYWatch Mobile™

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Our Philosophy We are highly motivated to help others become wildly successful by using our technology to solve their real business problems.

> Our Approach

As such, we believe it’s important to know your business and its challenges before we introduce you to our technology. Many times we can add value to your operation. Sometimes we can’t.

As a small company that is relatively new to the LOS marketplace, we aren’t positioning ourselves to sell or go public. We aren’t part of a large conglomerate where our focus is fractured. And we don’t have thousands of customers. Instead, we are taking a deliberate approach to serve mid-sized mortgage bankers of scale with a retail focus.

Too often, technology vendors will blindly tell you all about their features and benefits without knowing if any apply to your particular problem areas. On the other hand, we don’t want to sell you something you don’t need. In those situations, it is a waste of time and money, everyone becomes frustrated, and you aren’t any closer to solving your underlying problems.  It’s the same reason we don’t charge click fees or pass along costs. That way, we can offer you honest advice without concern about steering you toward certain applications that might be profitable for us, but not the best solution for you. By charging flat fees, we avoid the conflict of interest, your expenses are more predictable, and you enjoy a much higher return-on-investment (ROI) as time goes on.  

> Our Core Values Ultimately, when choosing a technology partner, you are choosing to work with a group of people first and foremost. Blueberry Systems is a small and tightly-focused group of people that seek to add real and demonstrable value to our customers. We know that who you do business with matters.

• Our work honors God.

Blueberry Systems aims to disrupt the marketplace.

As many have noted, mid-sized lenders find themselves in a withering world of complexity. The $1B originators have the same challenges and face the same complexities as the $25B originator but without the benefit of scale. By allowing the most effective and efficient technologies to collaborate within a single workflow right off the shelf, our enterprise LOS, RELAY™, creates economies of scale for those lenders. It levels the playing field. By letting lenders choose their technologies and dictate how those technologies are deployed, by making our functionality readily available to mid-tier lenders, by resolving the previous proprietary and technological constraints placed on them, and by making rapid implementations an off-the-shelf option – RELAY has democratized origination technology. The increased freedom results in more leverage for lenders. We hope this will lead to more innovation in the marketplace. Vendors will have to be more sensitive to lender needs. Vendors will be forced to dedicate more resources to research and development to remain competitive. All the while, lenders will enjoy a lower cost per loan due to the savings and increased efficiencies!

• Our business matters to those we serve and will leave an important legacy. • Our customers are best served when we help them become more successful. • Our company fosters a dynamic and entrepreneurial corporate culture. • Our company rewards excellence.


Solutions Blueberry Systems will work with you to identify areas of opportunity and how to make the most of them.






We focus on daily challenges, like compliance and workflow issues — even technology itself — so you don’t have to.


EMBARK > Point of Sale (POS)

Embark™ enables lenders using Blueberry Systems’ RELAY™ Loan Origination System to benefit from a complete end-to-end system from loan application through post-closing, shipping and insuring. Embark was created to meet the demand for a true “one-stop shop” for mortgage lenders, providing a complete solution that eliminates the need for multiple decisions and selection of separate systems based on integration capabilities. The same data integrity and compliance tools that Blueberry Systems provides for processing, underwriting and closing are available at the point-of-sale. Blueberry Systems will continue to develop and maintain its patent pending integration technology, Conductor™, for those lenders who prefer a best-of-breed approach to their mortgage production platform and may choose a seamlessly integrated third party POS to do so. Those that select Embark will have their POS solution, imaging platform, data audit framework, and universal data model working seamlessly in tandem through the entirety of the application process. Blueberry Systems is now the first mortgage technology provider to offer both an endto-end integrated POS solution and the ability to seamlessly integrate its loan origination system, RELAY, with any third-party POS solution. In fact, RELAY can seamlessly integrate with one or more unrelated POS systems right off the shelf.



> Enterprise Loan Origination System (LOS) RELAY™ is the next generation of loan origination system (LOS) technology. It provides you with the peace of mind that comes from seamless production and strict loan quality. Rather than simply survive until the next time, RELAY gives you the freedom to grow and thrive.

Integration RELAY’s use of our patent pending ConductorTM technology means that it doesn’t require lengthy and expensive customization to integrate with any number of various software systems. In fact, RELAY is the industry’s first LOS to seamlessly integrate with one or more unrelated point-of-sale (POS) systems right off the shelf. In addition to the obvious improvements in data integrity this creates, lenders can streamline their operations, maximize their sales recruitment efforts, and greatly reduce the cost of any re-training.

Data Quality In today’s difficult economic and regulatory climate, timely and accurate data has become your single most valuable asset. The quality of your data directly impacts investor and government compliance, user and customer experience, and finally – profit margins. RELAY uses a revolutionary, and long overdue, data management model. The universal data model offers the industry’s highest grade of data quality. Uniquely combining an extensible database, three dimensional integration, and a data audit framework, RELAY nearly eliminates data triggered buybacks.

Workflow Technological innovation and an intuitive user interface exponentially increase the effectiveness and efficiency of every user and department involved in the production process. RELAY operates in a single user interface (UI) that resembles and functions like Microsoft Outlook®. Third party applications and data are made intrinsic to RELAY, eliminating the need to maneuver from screen to screen. The interface is completely customizable to any department or user. Furthermore, RELAY includes a dynamic and user-defined business rules engine that automatically enforces business and workflow rules.

Compliance RELAY’s data audit framework works with our dynamic business rules engine to ensure fulfillment of state, federal, investor and agency compliance requirements. It allows you to create sophisticated business processes based on the state and evolution of the data.


MANIFEST > Enterprise Imaging Platform

Powered by

Manifest™, our enterprise-scale document imaging solution, allows you to easily capture documents and store them as part of the core loan record. Manifest can function as a third-party service or be integrated into your workflow to do things such as generate tasks. Documents can be incorporated from both PDF files and standard document scanners, providing maximum flexibility for acquisition. Sophisticated algorithms provide automatic recognition and indexing of documents via bar-coding. Manifest includes unlimited user-definable document indexes and document transformation, tunable document storage methods, trainable document recognition, and customizable document presentation and export options.


RELAYWatch > Management Dashboard

Within our mortgage lending software we offer RELAYWatch™, a custom desktop and dashboard reporting tool that blends information coming from different systems or sources and offers an at-aglance view of current production stats in real time, optimized for exceptional performance. Detailed information can be exported directly to a number of different formats, including Microsoft Excel®. RELAYWatch integrates smart-key technology to make for easy administration and search function. It reduces the reliance on your IT staff for ad hoc report production. And different levels of access to data and views can be defined per employee, department, or any loan-level parameters. RELAYWatch Mobile™ provides a secure, custom view of the mortgage data provided by RELAYWatch. It operates on any smart device, including Apple iPhone® and Microsoft Windows Mobile®, so information is always available in an actionable time frame.


Leadership Honorable Bill Armstrong Bill Armstrong is a founder and Chairman of the Board of Blueberry Systems, LLC. As a citizen legislator, Bill entered the mortgage banking business in late 1990 after a long career in politics and business. He represented the State of Colorado in the United States Senate (1979-1991) and the Fifth Congressional District of Colorado in the U.S. House of Representatives (19731979). He served as the Chairman of Cherry Creek Mortgage Company from late 1990 through 2008 and continues to serve on the company’s board of directors. Bill headed Ambassador Media Company that owned and operated three ABC affiliate television stations in Idaho and Wyoming. For over 25 years, he was the President of the Denver radio stations KEZW and KOSI. Eventually, he sold these entities to Westinghouse Electric Corporation. He has also served as President of the Colorado Springs Sun newspaper and has served as a Director of three Denver area banks. In addition to his roles as a principal shareholder and Chairman of several private companies, Bill has served as a Director of a number of public companies and non-profit organizations. He is currently the Chairman of the Denver based Oppenheimer Funds, and is a Director of Helmerich and Payne, a leading oil and gas drilling contractor. Bill now serves as the President of Colorado Christian University.

Wil Armstrong Wil Armstrong is a founder and the CEO of Blueberry Systems. In this role, he leads the company’s strategic planning, executive management, and program management. He leads the firm’s Executive and Product Development committees and is a member of the Board of Directors. In 2007, Wil was elected to the board of directors of Colorado Community Bank, a $500 million (assets) commercial bank. He was named Vice Chairman the bank’s holding company, Washington Investment Company and as the First Vice Chairman of the bank in 2010. Wil previously served on the board of directors of Heritage Bank, a $350 million (assets) bank headquartered in Louisville, Colorado. He remains active as the Chairman of Cherry Creek Mortgage Company, a nationally ranked residential mortgage bank. Inc. magazine highlighted the company as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America in both 1993 and 1994. Wil served in the executive management of this company from January of 1992 until early 2004. Wil was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association in August 2006 for his innovation and respected business ventures. He was also recognized by the Denver Business Journal in 2005 as one of the 40 Under 40 outstanding local professionals for his business success and community contributions. He is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). For nine years, Wil served as a Director for the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (CMLA), a state trade association with over 350 member firms representing more than 6,000 industry professionals. His one year term as the CMLA’s Chairman ended in mid-2005 with the receipt of the C.A. Bacon Award for leadership and service to the organization. In community volunteer roles, Wil’s interest in service has extended to: the board of trustees of ACE Scholarships, Executive Board of the Denver Area Council of the Boy Scouts, Board of Advisors of Leaders Challenge, Chairman of the citizen advisory board of the Claremont Institute / Colorado, and Advisory Board of Alternatives Pregnancy Center. Wil is presently the Chairman of the board of directors of the Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR) and of the Business Council for the Centennial Institute. He served on the National Board of Directors of Enterprise Development International, a non-profit involved in micro lending throughout the world. Wil and his wife Kristy have three children (Elisabeth, Kathryn, and Jack) and live in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The family attends Cherry Hills Community Church. Wil received a BBA in Finance from James Madison University in May of 1989.


Dominick Marchetti Dominick Marchetti is the Chief Operating Officer at Blueberry Systems. In this role, he is responsible for product development, day-to-day operations and strategic direction of the company. Dominick now serves on the Board of Directors and is a part owner of the company. Dominick began his mortgage career in 1996 as a founder of First Magnus Financial Corporation. In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Dominick was responsible for the development of an in-house loan origination solution that enabled the company to become a top 20 lender. First Magnus quickly grew to a national footprint with 6,000 employees, over 450 offices and funding in excess of $32 billion annually in residential mortgages. With a technology staff exceeding 400 employees, many referred to the lender as a technology company disguised as a mortgage lender. Additionally, Dominick was pivotal in the creation of a business process outsourcing company that eventually grew to over 800 employees serving multiple top tier lenders in the mortgage market. The BPO company, Trinity Partners, eventually sold to WNS. In 2008, Dominick served as the Chief Production Officer of the startup, StoneWater Mortgage Corporation. He was integral in the creation of a custom loan origination platform that was essential to growing monthly originations up to $138 million within the first six months of operations. Dominick’s other roles have included management, operational, production and technical consulting to nationally ranked mortgage lenders. An alumnus of the University of Arizona, Dominick resides in Tucson, AZ with his wife Michelle and young daughter, Gabriella. He can often be found in the garage preparing for his next off-road desert race as part of the El Guapo Motorsports racing team.


Why Us? Mortgage DNA

Model Office Program

Blueberry Systems is rich in “mortgage DNA.” Our roots are in mortgage banking. Our principals have been nationally recognized as successful lenders and lender partners. As mortgage banking professionals, we are focused on improving the lives and bottom-line of those in our industry. We are more than a vendor. We are a partner invested in your success.

In today’s frenzied and unpredictable world of mortgage banking, flexibility and adaptability are valuable attributes. To ensure command of both, Blueberry Systems offers our Model Office Program. Whether it is growing production, improving operational efficiency, or navigating the maze of new regulation, each month during the first year and quarterly thereafter, we will work with your team on-site to help identify challenges and strategic opportunities, provide visibility to upcoming enhancements, and collaborate with you to shape the future of the platform.

We believe the best ideas come from mortgage professionals, not technologists. We are everywhere from the field to the boardroom to get the best ideas directly from where they matter most – making it about the lender. Not the vendor.

Rapid Implementation Program Many large, enterprise-scale systems are often built on spec for new clients; they are unnecessarily over-customized. These systems need significant development time and are unwieldy to implement – leading to excessive costs and overruns. Mortgage Banking Magazine reports that 78% of implementations are either late, over-budget or failed to meet expectations; 11% are cancelled or abandoned altogether. Origination systems are expensive, but the total cost isn’t just what you will pay the vendor. It includes the 3x cost of the software that is tied up in the opportunity costs, internal employee costs, and the direct labor associated with implementing a new system. The risks of a failed implementation are staggering, but as an originator, you can’t stand idly by. At Blueberry Systems, our functionality is data driven, not hard-coded.  In other words, our enterprise LOS, RELAY™, is a highly configurable system that can simply be modified for every unique lender rather than re-invented each time. Coupled with our considerable “mortgage DNA”, we have an extensive library of best practices to combine with your unique business process to rapidly implement your new LOS.


This kind of proximity is critical to ensuring we have direct visibility of your needs and aspirations. It holds us to a higher level of accountability to you. It ensures a smoother implementation, greater operational efficiencies, and a strong and lasting relationship.

Advanced Technology Blueberry Systems’ ground-breaking patent pending technology combines unrelated systems and applications into one common user experience. It is this technology that enables RELAY to make major gains in data integrity and workflow efficiencies. Simply put, RELAY envelops an application and makes it intrinsic to another unrelated application or platform. Using common business processes and a single user interface (UI), corporate level business rules and workflows are applied across the entire production process. Unlike a traditional middleware or LOS that only integrates data transfers between applications, RELAY presents the first industry option to integrate functionality and workflow as well.

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Raise Your Expectations  

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