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Over the centuries, styles of teaching, the subjects taught and the expectations of society have changed, but the essence of school life has remained true. The poet and educator, William Johnson wrote about education in the mid-nineteenth century. He said that at school you may acquire a certain amount of knowledge, much of which may be forgotten, although the shadow of lost knowledge at least protects you from many illusions. More important than knowledge, however, is learning the arts and habits which will last for a lifetime. Our primary aim is to encourage each of our students to be self-aware, enquiring, tolerant, positive young adults, a well-rounded character with an independent mind, an individual who respects the differentness of others. By the time they leave Coláiste Chiaráin, we want each student to have that true sense of self-worth which will enable them to stand up for themselves and for a purpose greater than themselves, and, in doing so, to be of value to society. As we embrace the challenges of this the 21st century, we here in Coláiste Chiaráin, are confident that our educational programme will match the opportunities of this new ‘information age’, where innovative learning and commitment to excellence are essential aspects of our mission. It is our responsibility to equip your child for life, and to instill in him or her, both the self-confidence and flexibility that will enable each student to cope with the rapidly changing world of third level education and ultimately, the world of work. With your support, we will strive to motivate and encourage your son or daughter to achieve their full potential. I look forward to working with you towards the realization of their dreams! In the pages that follow, we offer a glimpse of our world. Noel P. Malone Head Master


Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus

BAC KG RO U N D I N F O R M AT I O N Coláiste Chiaráin, Croom, Co. Limerick is

school community which is, at this point, unlike

situated just twenty minutes from the heart of

any other second level school in Ireland. In

Limerick city. This coeducational post-primary

2004, the Headmaster, Mr. Noel Malone

college, under the patronage of Limerick and

was awarded the Dell Technology Award for

Clare Education and Training Board, offers

Excellence in Education, the first recipient,

full-time education to boys and girls from first

outside of the United States of America. The

year to Leaving Certificate level, ranging in

present school building was built in 1987

age from twelve to eighteen years. One of the

and has become unsuitable for the level of

fastest growing post-primary schools in Ireland,

expansion in student population currently

the college has built up a national reputation in

taking place. As a result, the Department of

the delivery of a high quality and progressive

Education and Skills has approved a brand

educational programme, particularly with

new school building and associated campus

its emphasis on the sciences, languages,

on a green-field site with a capacity for over

Information and Communication Technology

a thousand students. This ambitious building

and overall commitment to innovation, in all

programme is currently under way and when

that it does. With the appointment of Mr. Noel

completed in late 2014, promises to be one of

Malone as Headmaster in 1999, Coláiste

the largest and best-equipped facilities in the

Chiaráin refocused much of its educational


provision towards providing an educational Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus


THE INTELLIGENT CLASSROOM Nothing succeeds like success. Over the last

In 2013, the college introduced a new virtual

decade, Coláiste Chiaráin has spearheaded a

learning platform, Coláiste Chiaráin Connect.

project, which is the envy of students nationwide.

This has become the day to day platform of

Coupled with the introduction of

Currently, the majority of our students are

learning, initially at Junior Cycle, dispensing

the new ‘Super Options’ at Junior

equipped with new notebook or tablet

with the traditional paper textbook, which

and Senior Cycle, Coláiste Chiaráin

computers as part of this programme. Coláiste

had its emphasis on rote learning as against

continues to demonstrate its pioneering

Chiaráin is the very first post-primary school in

experiential learning. Since its introduction, it

and unique leadership in curriculum

Ireland to realize such a project on this scale.

has revolutionised the classroom environment

development at a local and national

Furthermore, all our teachers are equipped

and has transformed the learning dynamic. We


with these technologies for classroom and

believe that consistent and constant access by

administrative use.

the individual learner to the learning tool of his or her era strengthens his/her evolution as a

Students in Coláiste Chiaráin use these

critical thinker, thereby ensuring students’ success

computers in the classroom and at home to

in the future. Our students work with their own

expand their learning opportunities beyond

notebooks and/or digital tablet, which serve as

the traditional school walls and beyond the traditional school day, to help them open new windows on the world. Today we prepare students for their future, one that can hardly be imagined. What we do know is that critical thinking skills will be crucial to their success. Theirs is a digital world; their future will be more strongly affected by technology. Excellence in education in this, the twenty-first century, presupposes that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the curriculum. Successful integration of technology depends on student access to technology, ongoing teacher training, and a strong infrastructure. In Coláiste Chiaráin, the technology is in daily use in all subject areas across the broad curriculum, not just for ‘Computer Studies’ per se.


Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus

their thinker’s toolbox or learning diary.

Colรกiste Chiarรกin

College Prospectus



Colรกiste Chiarรกin

College Prospectus


A zest for knowledge and an enquiring mind are great attributes for a purposeful adult life. The ethos of Coláiste Chiaráin is to encourage our students to stretch the boundaries of their individual ability. A strong emphasis is placed on discussion, research and the use of resources to stimulate independent thinking.

As a Junior Cycle Network School, there are eight examinable subjects: English, Mathematics, Irish, Science, which are core. In addition, there is a choice of one of the following modern languages, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Three further subjects may be chosen from a list that includes History, Geography, Business, Home Economics, Materials Technology Wood, Materials Technology Metal, Art Craft & Design, Technical Graphics, Music and Technology. Non-examination subjects include Physical Education and Religion, whereas Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) and CSPE, are offered on a cross-curricular basis. Two additional ‘Super Options’ are available from a comprehensive list which includes, ‘Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship’, ‘Production Performance Arts’, ‘Digital & Print Journalism’, ‘Television and Radio Broadcasting’, ‘Historical Investigation’, ‘Software Engineering for Games & Applications’, ‘Sustainable Energy and Living’, ‘Animal Care and Equine Studies’, ‘Chinese Language & Culture’, ‘Inventive and Architectural Design’, ‘Experimental Science Investigation’, ‘Sports & Health Studies’, ‘European Studies and Global Studies’ and ‘Italian Language and Culture’. These subjects are taught for the full three years of the junior cycle and will be examined for the first time in 2015. A Fourth Year Programme is available in Coláiste Chiaráin. The college places significant emphasis on key preparation for the senior cycle. Critical subject areas are covered to a very high standard especially Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and the four continental languages. It is our experience that students will gain at least one grade at Leaving Certificate, having completed a successful Fourth Year programme. Other aspects include a period of work experience for each student where students’ may explore career paths of choice.

Furthermore, since 2013, we have introduced a range of senior ‘Super Options’ where students choose one from a range of subjects which include, Digital and Print Journalism, Software and Games Applications, Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship, Television and Radio Broadcasting and Sports Science. These programmes run for two years of senior cycle and it is hoped that they will gain CAO points recognition for successful students from the third level sector. Many of these programmes are conducted in association with external corporate partnerships including the University of Limerick. University College Cork, RTE, and National Newspapers of Ireland. Our students follow an unrivalled range of continental and global languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Italian, in addition to Irish and English. Coláiste Chiaráin has a very particular commitment to mainstream European languages and this is reinforced by a creative approach to learning, which involves student exchanges, educational visits to our partner countries and wide use of new technologies in support of this strategy. At senior cycle, the college offers the following subjects, these include: English, Mathematics, Irish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Business, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Music, Chemistry, Accounting, Economics, Construction Studies, Design and Communication Graphics, Engineering Technology, Technology, Art, Craft & Design, Home Economics, Agricultural Science, Applied Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Religious Education, Career Guidance, Physical Education, Enterprise Studies (LCVP). Uniquely, Coláiste Chiaráin currently offers seven periods of Mathematics at senior cycle. This represents our overwhelming commitment to examination preparation in key subject areas, at this level in particular. Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus



The cultural life of Coláiste Chiaráin is rich and varied. The seeds are

musicals builds confidence, team-loyalty and leadership. The Creative

sown within the curriculum and encouraged to blossom through the

Arts faculty combines specialists in drama, music, art, photography

breadth of extracurricular activity available. A tradition of excellence

and video production/editing. Our students have every opportunity to

in the creative arts continues to be actively fostered as the school

enjoy musical performance and composition, to learn instruments and

expands. Music pervades the life of the school and plays a significant

to perform and sing in ensembles. Coláiste Chiaráin enjoys an enviable

role in other aspects of school activity: Choir, Instrumental Group,

array of equipment and technology in the field of photography and

Religious Services/Masses, Concerts, Competitions, and of course our

digital video production in particular. It is extremely well equipped

annual School Musical.

and students have access to first class musical technology suites.

Coláiste Chiaráin is committed to the development of the Creative Arts in general. Taking part in musical performance and in school plays and


Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus

In 2006, Colรกiste Chiarรกin staged its first

Director and Choreographer to coordinate

major school concert musical production in

these productions, in partnership with our very

the magnificent University of Limerick Concert

talented faculty of Music.

Hall. This was a sell-out performance for two nights and certainly raised the bar, in terms

Art is popular as both an academic and

of student productions in the Limerick region.

recreational activity. Students of Art in the

Accordingly, the school firmly committed to

school have distinguished themselves and the

an annual major production which involves

work students produce is periodically displayed

maximum participation and involvement

at exhibition. A number of our pupils pursue Art

from all. In order to best support such an

Studies in third level colleges in Ireland and in

initiative, over the last number of years it

colleges in the United Kingdom.

has engaged the professional services of a

Colรกiste Chiarรกin

College Prospectus



Academic study is important and we expect

competed successfully in Rugby, Gaelic Football

all our students to achieve high standards,

and Hurling. To complement the area of top

but our view of education celebrates the

class leagues, we organize many internal class

creative, physical and spiritual as much as the

leagues in the areas of Soccer, Basketball and


Volleyball. This allows maximum participation for all students. In 2004, Coláiste Chiaráin

Coláiste Chiaráin has a strong policy of

became an affiliated club of the Irish Amateur

actively promoting sporting opportunities

Rowing Union, IARU, (Rowing Ireland). Ours

among all our students. We include a range of

is the only college in the Mid-West who row

full-contact team sports such as Gaelic Football

competitively as a college and we are looking

(for boys and girls), Hurling, Rugby, Camogie,

forward to developing the sport further into the

Soccer, Basketball and Hockey. The College has



Coláiste Chiaráin College Prospectus

All junior cycle students receive timetabled

In the near future, we expect to be moving into

Physical Education instruction, each week

our new fully equipped sports arena, which will

of term. The focus of our programme is on

be built as part of our new school campus. The

participation, regardless of skill level. Our

college offers an extensive range of sporting

facilities allow us to explore fully a huge range

activities from which students may choose, these

of physical activities. Most students discover

include: Gaelic Games, Rugby, Soccer, Rowing,

new and exciting activities that stay with them

Hockey, Athletics, Volleyball, Basketball,

in later life. We have access to a large indoor

Outdoor Pursuits, Canoeing, Orienteering,

soccer / basketball arena, just off campus and

Camogie, Equestrian Activities, Golf, Pitch and

also visit the new University of Limerick Sports

Putt, Badminton, Swimming, Life-Saving, Tennis,

Arena, on an ad hoc basis throughout the year,

Squash and Surfing.

especially for swimming and water activities.

Colรกiste Chiarรกin College Prospectus



Colรกiste Chiarรกin College Prospectus


Coláiste Chiaráin continually strives to improve

The school authorities are happy to respond to

the school year. Furthermore, Deans’

and support the quality of the educational

parents’ suggestions, where feasible.

continually monitor academic results and as a consequence, agree clearly

provision we offer. One such support is the provision of a supervised Evening Study,

After school, also affords a wonderful

defined targets with students and their

Monday to Thursday, each week, from 4.00 p.m.

opportunity for interested students to avail of a


to 6.00 p.m. It is our policy that we encourage

very comprehensive programme of instrumental

all students to participate in evening study as

music lessons, which avoids the need for undue

it is a major proven advantage towards their

interruption during the school day. In effect, this

academic progress and also contributes greatly

gives the opportunity for students to engage in

to setting in place a structure, which many

recreational activities in a safe and supervised

students need, in order to progress their studies.

environment. The response by parents has been

Furthermore, taking into account the length

very positive and many have indicated their full

of the school day and in response to parents’

commitment and support for such a balanced

wishes, a wide variety of sports and activities

educational process.

are available after school each day, especially for First, Second and Third Year Students. For

In keeping with our commitment to innovation

those availing of private transport, buses are

and accountability, Coláiste Chiaráin adheres

provided every day after school and again at

to a comprehensive assessment and monitoring

the conclusion of Evening Study, depending on

system, which is both pioneering and unique. All

needs. Transport to the college is always under

teachers’ carry out assessments over defined

review and is largely dependent on demand.

periods and at regular intervals throughout

Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus



Colรกiste Chiarรกin

College Prospectus


In Coláiste Chiaráin, students are given plenty

ability, they can be a source of well-deserved

of opportunities to shine as individuals within the

pride. Employers are also aware of the benefits

life of the school. Students can take part in many

of extracurricular activities, which is why they

educational activities that are not part of the

look for a varied range of interests when

formal curriculum. These include Industry Days,

they consider applications. Apart from a wide

Careers Evenings, Sports Clubs and Musical

range of sports, the college offers an extensive

and Drama productions. We organize frequent

range of activities from which students may

visits to theatres, museums, historical sites, and

choose: Debating, Drama, First-Aid, Music,

other places of cultural interest. Students have

Choir, Chess, Youth Leadership, Media Studies,

opportunities to travel abroad throughout the

Green Schools, Student Council, Photography,

school year, including language trips and cultural

Computer Club, Electronic Gaming Club, Film

visits. At Coláiste Chiaráin we put a great deal

Club, Young Scientist Competition, Creative

of emphasis on involvement in extracurricular

Writing, Table Tennis, College Year Book and

activities. Such involvement helps students to feel

the Gaisce, President’s Awards etc. The college

part of the school community and allows them to

also has its very own radio station, called “Click

develop skills other than the purely academic.

Click TV on the Radio!”.

Extracurricular activities are also a source of much enjoyment and often, when a student has represented the school, reached a particular goal or simply performed to the best of his/her Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus



Coláiste Chiaráin offers a distinctive balance:

the academic programme. Our Department

small classes, which give students a strong

of Future Planning is also concerned with the

Effective pastoral care in Coláiste

pastoral base, within a large, varied,

career needs and the development of our

Chiaráin is measured by the quality

challenging school.

students and their capacity to understand,

of the teacher-student interactions

assess and make informed decisions about

in all our curricular or co-curricular

To many people education means no more than

their education and career plans. Our pastoral

activities. The caring element is evident

studying for examinations. Preparing students

care programme aims to infiltrate into the

in the school’s approach to discipline,

for examinations is important but we believe

whole school life of our students and help

classroom teaching, evaluation, co-

that a balance must be maintained between

them benefit extensively from their school

curricular activities, involvement with

imparting knowledge and educating for life.


parents, community resources or even

Here in Coláiste Chiaráin, we are committed

in the provision and use of school

to placing great importance in providing

The aims and objectives of our pastoral care

facilities. Caring therefore is part of

a comprehensive and innovative Career

programme are: to introduce to our students

the culture of our school, the work ethic

Guidance, Counselling and Pastoral Care

the necessary life skills and values that they

of our teachers.

programme for all our students. The pastoral

will need to be able to function effectively

care programme in our school is concerned

and responsibly in society and to create a

with the personal, social and moral growth

supportive and caring environment in which

of the student and ranks in importance with

these skills and values can be nurtured.


Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus


Valuing style and substance – And knowing the difference between them

Self-confidence without arrogance, enthusiasm

That they are self-assured, articulate and

and creative and it is our responsibility

unfettered by cynicism, perseverance to

polite is both expected and applauded. We

to give them a challenging, supportive

withstand setbacks and active tolerance of

want our students to be socially adept. It is

environment which enables them to

others are qualities we admire and wish to

important however that they understand the

achieve at levels of which they might

see in our students. Above all we wish them to

difference between social style and substance

not have otherwise have dreamt.

develop their own sense of integrity so that

of character.

they can identify right from wrong and have

Students graduating from Coláiste

the courage to stand for what they believe is

Most students lead very busy, active lives.

Chiaráin know that they have to make


Sometimes the pressure to produce work of

their way in a competitive world and

quality in a demanding schedule is tough but

achieve success through their own effort

It is said that Coláiste Chiaráin students often

that, too, is an important lesson. Teenagers

and character.

appear confident and relaxed when in public.

have a tremendous capacity to be productive

Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus



Most of our students are drawn from across

Through our international partnerships, USA

purposeful citizens of the world. We

Limerick, and smaller numbers come from

and Europe, and by questioning the world

want them to believe that they can make

outside the city and county. Diversity has

around them, boys’ and girls’ horizons are

a difference.

always been a Coláiste Chiaráin strength,

expanded. We want our students to be

and the range of nations, religions and home backgrounds represented in the school is considerable. So too, we look for diversity in the character and attributes of the boys and girls who come to Coláiste Chiaráin. Each year, we welcome a lively and healthy mix of students, the gregarious and the quiet, the star in a particular field and the all-rounder. We aim to promote and protect different personalities, talents and interests and to inculcate a culture of mutual respect. We seek a spirit of active tolerance in which listening is as important as verbal assurance. Teaching styles also encourage involvement and discussion.


Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus

HEAD MASTER: Mr. Noel P. Malone, B.A., H.D.E. DEPUTY HEAD MASTER: Mr. Gerard A. O’Sullivan, B.Tech.(Ed.) Completed Application Forms for enrolment for next September, should be returned directly to the Head Master, Mr. Noel P. Malone at the college. Applications should be forwarded to the school as per the agreed published dates for this year. Further details may be obtained by contacting 061-397700 (School) or alternatively, by email at

Mr. Noel P. Malone, Head Master, is presented with the ‘Dell Technology Award for Excellence in Education’, by Mr. Michael Dell, CEO, Dell Computer Corporation.



Coláiste Chiaráin

College Prospectus


COLテ!STE CHIARテ!N Colテ。iste Chiarテ。in, Croom, Co. Limerick T: (061) 397700 F: (061) 600019 W: E: @Colaiste

Coláiste Chiaráin College Prospectus  

Coláiste Chiaráin College Prospectus 2014-2015 Coláiste Chiaráin, Croom, Co. Limerick. Tel: +353 (0) 61 397700 Fax: +353 (0) 61 600019 www...

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