bluebee magazine - volume 2

Page 62

Linden Eller Flagstaff, United States

Linden’s collages emanate strong expressive energy and can be seen as a visual representation of human stream of consciousness. The artist seeks to explore mind paradoxes and memory, and especially the process of recollection, which often transforms the initially captured fragments of reality. Blending autobiographical narratives with larger collective subjects, such as childhood, longing and home, she represents multiple interpretations and perspectives of the same story.

1234 - 2019 - Collage and mixed media

Linden’s style is minimalist; her images often combine floating abstract shapes with sewn elements in a pale colour palette. The artist names the American abstract expressionists, such as Robert Rauschenberg and Cy Twombly, among her key influencers.

Garden - 2019 - Collage and mixed media


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