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Introduction Blue and White Creative are a newly formed; highly skilled community focused media and creative arts organisation that has over 10 years experience of delivering high quality community engaged projects to diverse audiences locally, nationally and internationally. We are particularly adept and experienced in working to health, regeneration, education and community cohesion agenda’s. In this respect we are always looking for new, exciting, imaginative and creative challenges that put the client / community at the heart of all our work. Blue and White Creative consist of Rich Franks and Gavin Ingram and we regularly work with associate media experts who have strong skills in web development, ďŹ lm and 3D animation. We have extensive knowledge and experience of contemporary design with a varied and high quality portfolio incorporating print and new media design solutions. We have a in-depth knowledge of all the relevant design software such as Adobe CS4. We also have a strong record of delivering workshops and consultations with participants from a board range of backgrounds. * Please note we are a newly formed, but highly experienced independent creative media company based in the West Midlands. Contained within this document are examples of work we have managed, produced, created and delivered for arts charities Multistory and Jubilee Arts over an eight year period.

Our work Our design portfolio includes: • • • • • • • • •

logo design; brand development (including production of brand guidelines); publication design (books/corporate brochures/annual reports); magazine design; marketing literature (leaflets/flyers/postcards/newsletters); large scale print (posters/banners/exhibition display units); DVD packaging; design of bespoke items (t-shirts, card games); website design and HTML newsletter design.

Our current clients are from the statutory and community sectors and these include: • • • • • • •

Laundry Rosetta Life Sandwell MBC The Public Walsall Council Walsall NHS PCT Walsall Voluntary Action

Previous clients we have worked with include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

African Caribbean Millennium Centre Black Country Arts & Health Commissioning Partnership; Black Country Connexions Black Country Creative Partnerships Cannock Chase Council Campaign for Learning Greets Green Partnership Multistory Sandwell MBC Sandwell NHS Primary Care Trust; Sandwell Partnership Research Sandwell SPIN (Sandwell Public Information Network) Urban Living Walsall NHS PCT

To find out more about Blue and White Creative contact us on: Email: Web:

Logo Design Various Designs.

Brand Guidelines Case Study: Rosetta Live

Supporting Straplines Supporting straplines for use with the logo Opposite are some examples of supporting statements and the offical project strapline “Let’s talk about living...” that should be used in conjunction with the logo. The supporting statement opposite announces the location of the festival (Birmingham) and the date of the festival. Similarily this could be used to highlight individual events for example a postcard for the film project would state “NIght and Day, 29 June 2009.” These supporting statement should be displayed in VAG Rounded - Bold and should be set in uppercase. The colour of the supporting statement should be the same colour as the logo, although the second line of that text should be set as a 50% tint. Example of using the logo in conjunction with a supporting statement.

Let’s talk about living...

The website address should also be displayed quite prominently on all promotional material, and should be set in ITC Franklin Gothic Heavy. The strapline “Let’s talk about living...” should be used on all promotional material where possible. On most printed material it should be positioned at the bottom of the page, whereas on the website it should be positioned before the fold of the page. The colour of the strapline (or the background the text sits on) should also be the same colour as the logo and again should be set in VAG Rounded - Bold, set in sentence case.




Let’s talk about living... ‘Lets talk about living...” is the offical project strapline and should be used on all promotional material.

BIRMINGHAM JUNE 2009 Portrait version of the logo in conjunction with a supporting statement.


Rosetta Live: Brand Guidelines

Branded Examples Promotional Items Postcards 2. Bold, strong, high impact portrait photograph.

Simple A6 postcards are a good easy way of raising awareness of the project, these items can be mailed out or distributed into a variety of public spaces. Below are a few guidelines about how these should be put together. 1. Rosetta Live logo in top left corner with the supporting statement (venue/date) to the right (set in VAG Rounded - Bold).

3. Quote from a project participant, set in VAG Rounded - Bold. Large quote marks act as a graphic device to emphasize the text is a quote.

5. The project title is set in VAG Rounded - Bold, a dotted line seperates it from the body text, which is set in ITC Franklin Gothic. All the text is set in 9pt with a leading of 10pt. Body text should be a short, snappy overview of the project. 75 - 100 word count.

4. The strapline “Let’s talk about living...” positioned at the bottom of the postcard.

6. Date/time/venue/ticketing/ contact info/web link information again set in ITC Franklin Gothic.

7. Logo’s of partner organisations and any funders. These should be reversed out (white) of a solid background colour. 8. Rosetta Live logo in top left corner with the supporting statement to the right (this time the supporting statement is advertising a specific event). 9. A card design which uses multiple images.

5 The Magical Glow of the Co Op 1





Alan’s family are planning a last trip for him back to Ireland. But as the day approaches Alan becomes more anxious. Will he feel up to the journey? Does he really want to revisit his childhood memories? And will his family understand his concerns?


A moving drama combining sadness, hope and ambition this rehearsed reading is the result of an innovative collaboration between Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, St Giles Hospice, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Rosetta Life.



What I would say is the material things don’t count, it’s time that matters. What people really need is tender loving care and the personal touch.



Let’s talk about living...

Rosetta Live: Brand Guidelines

6 4 - 5 June 2009 7pm Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Centenary Square Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EP All tickets are free but must be booked with Birmingham Repertory Theatre Box Office Box Office: 0121 236 4455 Book online at:




A terminal diagnosis need not be a death sentence, but a warning that from now on life has to be lived differently…

Let’s talk about living...

Branding Black Country Creative Partnerships - Design Work 2008/10 For the last two year’s, our designers have responded to briefs and guidelines provided by Black Country Creative Partnerships to produce a range of branded promotional items. All of these items were designed in accordance with Creative Partnership’s own brand guidelines. Items produced have included: • • • • • • • • •

flyers and postcards greetings card’s newsletters brochure’s letterhead and other corporate stationary business cards calendars banners website design

Opposite Page: Clockwise from far left, design’s for banners, letterheads, newsletters and graduation event invite. This Page: Clockwise from bottom left, design’s for business cards, event flyers, and the website.

Promotional Campaigns Binge and Cringe Binge and Cringe was commissioned jointly by Walsall’s Creative Development Team and Walsall PCT. The brief was to create a set of branded promotional materials to encourage young adults (18-30) to take responsibility and know the facts about sensible drinking limits. To ensure that the ďŹ nal products appealed to their target audience, we undertook creative consultation in pubs, clubs and bars within Walsall town centre. Branded items produced included; a bespoke booklet, condom pack, beer mats and stickers promoting staying safe whilst drinking.

Publications | Exhibitions Six Project Commissioned as part of Sandwell Council’s Year of Communities, and inspired by the Six Word Memoirs project run by SMITH Magazine in America, ‘Six’ challenged the people of Sandwell to tell a story in just six words. Creative writing workshops, aided by professional storytellers were delivered throughout Sandwell. The workshops and the local marketing campaign enabled a range of eclectic stories to be collected! To showcase these fantastic stories a 108 page publication was produced and a exhibition was displayed at The Public. Many of the supporting illustrations in the publication were submitted by the authors of the stories themselves, as well as professional local artists.

Top: Photographs from the Six exhibition at the Public Building. (Photographs courtesy of Phil Hill Photography). Bottom: The publication and other promotional items and sample pages from the Six publication.

Publications Health and Wellbeing Guide: Walsall PCT The Health and Wellbeing Guide commissioned by Walsall PCT is to be distributed at health centre’s across the borough, and provides resident’s with advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. The information contained within the publication was presented in a clear and accessible format. Key considerations in terms of accessibility when designing this publication were: the point size and the choice of font; the weight of the font; the selection of background colours; and making sure there was a high contrast between the colour of the background and the text. This publication was produced as a A5 perfect bound book and was printed on recycled paper. 7,000 copies of the book are to be produced.

Sample spreads from the Health and Wellbeing Guide.

Publications Connexions Black Country: Learning Guide This Learning Guide was produced for Connexions Black Country and was aimed at school and college leavers, it provided students with careers and further education information. The visual look of the publication was informed by a focus group of young people, they chose the style below over three other alternatives. The existing illustration work was given a fresh feel by incorporating it into photographic urban imagery.

Publications Beyond Bricks In East Handsworth and Lozells, Urban Living collaborated with Arts Council England to develop the Beyond Bricks programme. Working with arts organisation Multistory, as lead project management agency, this culminated in a series of community facing projects. This publication details these activities, reecting the potential to incorporate creativity into an overall regenerative mix. Artists and arts organisations have developed a variety of interdisciplinary projects within the community, from the simple idea of repainting residents’ front doors to reecting on gun and knife crime.

Magazine’s Greets Green Community Magazine The Greets Green Partnership funded the Greets Green Bi-monthly Community magazine. The community magazine helped to ensure local residents were regularly informed about the work and priorities of the Greets Green Partnership. Residents were also encouraged to contribute to the magazine directly through volunteering opportunities in journalism, photography, and design, enabling them to share skills, knowledge, interests and stories with the rest of the community. The Greets Green Partnership is funded through the Government backed New Deal for Communities (NDC) regeneration programme.

Large Scale Print Telling Tales Project Telling Tales was an inter-generational portraiture poster campaign that explored local issues surrounding age differences and stereotyping by highlighting interests which cut across generation gaps. Working with project participants, a series of posters were developed that identiďŹ ed common interests and celebrated their shared passions. These artworks were displayed as posters in bus shelters and community settings within the Sandwell area.

Above: Final poster designs. Bottom: In situ. Posters displayed at the actual bus shelter sites.

Large Scale Print Various Projects Large scale print and exhibition graphics.

Top: Sandwell Young Carers Poster’s along the Metro line, Home Sweet Home (Domestic Violence Awareness) Exhibition at The Public, and the Longhouse Exhibition at the Airspace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent. Middle: Display stand graphics produced for Sandwell Children’s Festival held at Symphony Hall. Bottom: Large-scale graphic panels which were attached to the hoardings on the site of The Public.

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Blue and White Creative: Portfolio