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PPI Reclaim

Have you paid off a major loan in the past six years that included payment protection insurance or PPI? Are you still paying on a mortgage, store or credit cards that have payment protection insurance attached?

If you answer "yes" to either question, you may be able to file a ppi reclaim with the courts and get your money back. The recent payment protection insurance scandal which involved certain bank and lending institutions affected tens of thousands of borrowers who took out mortgages, major loans or signed up for store and credit cards. In these cases, it was discovered that these people were mis sold PPI or were overcharged on their monthly premiums.

Payment protection insurance was created to protect borrowers in case they fell behind on their monthly payments because of illness, unemployment or other reasons. However, certain banks and lending institutions made millions of pounds off unsuspecting borrowers by mis-representing payment protection insurance on their loans, store and credit cards. In some cases they informed borrowers that PPI was mandatory when it was not, they overcharged the standard rates for PPI sometimes by four or more times, misinformed borrowers on where they could get PPI or other valuable information and in some cases it was discovered that PPI was tacked on to the loan without the borrower's knowledge.

Whether you suspect you were mis sold PPI or not, if you paid on a major loan, mortgage, store or credit cards in the past six years that included payment protection insurance, it pays for you to have your loan re-examined to discover if you were indeed mis sold PPI. The first step is to get a copy of your loan application and your latest monthly bill to verify that PPI was included. Next, you need to use this information to fill out the application form so you can submit this information to the professionals with the knowledge and experience to discover if you were mis sold PPI.

Having professionals look over your information is absolutely free. If they discover that your PPI was legitimately sold or if the courts do not award your reclaim PPI request then you do not pay any money whatsoever. Only when the court grants you the PPI money that they take a small percentage for their services. This means that you only pay when they get the money back for you.

Don't take any chances, use the professional services manned by the experienced, knowledgeable staff that has handled hundreds of PPI claims such as yours so you can maximize your chances of getting your money back. Don't waste another minute wondering if you are owed money when it only takes a few minutes to find out with absolutely no risk to you. Take the first step and fill out the short application form and a representative will promptly get back to you and discuss your reclaim PPI case. Do it for you and your family to get back the money that you may be owed.

Ppi reclaim