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Regretting a Vasectomy Many men who have had a vasectomy early in their life have come to regret it in one way or another. The obvious benefit of not being able to have children has come back to haunt them. Sure it made sense at the time when you were in your twenties and didn't want to have children or to have any concerns in your sex life. However, now those times have passed, you have gotten older, some of you may have even of gotten married, but the one thing that you all have in common is that you wish to have children, and due to your condition, it is almost impossible to do so. Luckily for most of you, there is a way to reverse your vasectomy, and it is called a vasectomy reversal. Most of you have probably heard of this and probably knew about it before you had your initial vasectomy. Basically it is an operation in which the vas deferens tubes, which were initially spliced and separated, are cut open again and surgically attached back together. The operation usually only takes a few hours to complete and is followed with very little pain. As an added bonus to your case, the surgical procedure has come a long way in the past years and the success rate has continued to climb with many doctors reporting over a 90% success rate. Unluckily, what you probably didn't realize was how expensive the whole thing was going to cost you. As the years have gone by, the success rates have continued to climb, which is a good thing, but the cost of the procedure has also continued to rise. Nowadays, having a vasectomy reversal done will cost you a couple of thousands of dollars. Most procedures once said and done will range in between the $2000 to $5000 dollar range, much more expensive then what you would have paid for your vasectomy. It is also important to note that time is of the essence. The sooner that you have the operation done, the better. In most cases if the operation is done within 3 years of the vasectomy, then your success rate will be much higher, accompanied by a high pregnancy rate. Unfortunately for those of you who have had their vasectomy over ten years ago, your chances that your vasectomy reversal will be successful are low, even lower then 30%. If this applies to you, you may want to consider finding a doctor who specializes in that area.

Regretting a vasectomy  

For those of you who have come to regret your decision of a vasectomy and have come to realize your one true hope: a vasectomy reversal.

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