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Revisions of Projects Blair Luchs Eng. 106 When establishing and building yourself as a writer, it is not only important to challenge and critique yourself, but to also be open to other’s criticism in order to learn from something other than a subjective view. Constructive criticism can be one of the most valuable assets in building an ability to effectively write because it gives you the opportunity to see different sides and opinions of your work that is not just your own. In my various projects this semester in English, some being more challenging than others, I received both positive and negative feedback that were designed to both compliment and challenge different traits of my writing. With each compliment I received in a work, I kept and used in the proceeding project, and with critique, I learned how to alter certain aspects that could help me obtain a better grade in the preceding work. The creative writing essay was our very first of the year and proved to be quite challenging for me because I had never written freely about myself before, and I was always told to never incorporate myself in an essay. Upon getting it back, a big part of my grade that was deducted was the overall structure of the essay, not necessarily the contents. These structure errors included forgetting to put a title, putting the wrong font, and single spacing instead of double spacing. One of the biggest criticisms I took out of that essay was to use “I” less using clichés like, “Throughout history”. I fixed the structure errors when revising the essay, and took out the clichés and incorporated my own words instead to make it look less corny. Secondly, one of my favorite projects of the year was the opinion letter. I had never had the opportunity to independently pick my own article and write about it. It

really caught my attention and made me enthusiastic to write about it because it was something of interest to me and had could incorporate it into my own life of playing football. I was fairly disappointed with my grade of 85% because the grading rubric said the only thing that brought my score down was the fact that I had turned it in late and I had forgot to put the right font. I learned quickly through the semester that I need to pay more attention to the assignment sheets because little things like font can start to take a toll on your overall grade. I of course fixed the font and added one more rhetorical question at the end to give the audience something to ponder after reading it. Next came what I thought to be by far the most challenging and rewarding projects of the year. Writing eight pages about the Comparison of the Documentary, Grizzly Man , and the film, Into the Wild, was something I would have never dreamed of doing in high school. The most I had ever written in an essay was four pages, so learning how to write eight pages about two works without being redundant was an extremely valuable lesson to me. Furthermore, learning new techniques to site and summarize scholarary articles was definitely new to me but taught me a lot about providing concrete evidence in an essay. I was so thrilled with my grade of 97% because I had put so much time and effort into its many meticulous tasks. The only mistake I made that brought my grade down was citing one of the articles incorrectly. I mixed up the order of the citing by putting the title of the article first and the name of the author second. Also there were some parts in the essay that were a little redundant when I was analyzing certain evidence paragraphs. What I found out was that sometimes putting too many words makes an argument worse when it needs to be concise and to the point. Finally, My photo essay’s critiques were not necessarily something I agreed with when adding too much “flash� in

my photos, but I could understand why they were brought up. I also at times put too much of myself in the paragraphs and not enough advertisement, so I fixed this issue by making certain lists to strengthen my argument about why I do certain things each day. Also, in some of the photos, the text was hard to read because of the blending effect so I took it off and made each one bolder.

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