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C ompass T raining M ission S tatement “To provide an innovative, comprehensive solution to effectively meet the learning and educational needs of the Compass Program

C ompass T raining T eam M embers Maria Hood

Martha Priest

Kara Todeschini

Janine Santilli

Senior Trainer

Training Coordinator

Michelle Blanco

Pam Mavrelion

Deb D’Alessandro

Blake Reynolds

Adam Hughes

Joe Corshia

Corporate Manager, Training

Training Team Lead

Management Organization (PMO) and Partners entities using a variety of modalities.”

What Participants Are Saying About Compass Training... “Training was very valuable and informative.” - NWH Class Participant “Martha did a really good job and the insurance component was very helpful.” - NWH Scheduler

Documentation Specialist

Training Coordinator

Training Coordinator

Business Systems Analyst I

Associate Trainer

Manager, Training & Development

Marion Swatton Training Coordinator

“Good atmosphere, information was clearly interpretable, it was enjoyable!” - NWH Receptionist




Navigate to Knowledge

W ebsite O fferings Web-Based Trainings (WBTs)

T raining S upport

Manager’s Corner Links to the LMS Manager’s Guide and Compass Basic

Using learning management tools,

Training PowerPoint.

Test your knowledge on scenarios such as: checking

N ewsletters

a patient in, watching various demos such as

performance metrics, content storage and

scheduling and appointment, or brushing up on your computer skills.

The Navigator

Learning Management System (LMS)

Geared towards front-line employees, The Navigator is the

Register for training classes, download training documents, take eClasses, and more.

quality measures to support the transfer

Training team’s guide to the latest Soarian updates, FAQs, tips and tricks.

Browse our database for answers to your Soarian questions.

The Training Team facilitates the creation

Designed for managers and directors, the Captain’s Log updates these audiences on pertinent information and asks for feedback on decisions that need to be made. This newsletter also keeps managers and directors in the loop on

Job Aides & User Guides

Operational Procedures

and delivery of Compass overviews to the entities as well as develops training

the previous month’s training.

programs and materials for the Program

Message in a Bottle

Management Organization (PMO), which is

Directed to Compass Point People (CPP) which gives them

the Compass team.

View and print step by step instructions for performing a specific Soarian task.

of knowledge before, during, and after learning events.

Captain’s Log


the Compass Training Team provides

detailed information on such topics as known Soarian issues

Download the approved Soarian steps to perform

and the latest website updates including job aides and user

processes around topics such as: charge capture,


coding, patient access, person management, scheduling and technology.





Training Brochure  

Compass Training brochure.

Training Brochure  

Compass Training brochure.