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DIARY DATES Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th August Monday 15th August Tuesday 9th August

1/2 Lego Education Centre J-Rock Performance Canteen Special Lunch Day

Friday 22nd July Friday 29th July

1/2 Lego Education Centre J-Rock Performance Tickets & Bus Gr 6 Blue Light Kids Handbook 2nd Instalment EMA

Canteen Closed on Tuesdays

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT WELCOME TO TERM 3 Student reports go home tomorrow, parent/teacher discussions are held next week and our inaugural team of senior students and teachers fly off to Singapore in a fortnight and our J-Rock student team perform at Hisense Arena on August 15 2011. That‟s just the beginning! It‟s a great term that lies ahead for all of us. On the matter of student reports, I must say that I am very impressed by the efforts and achievements of the vast majority of our students. Mid-year reports are an excellent opportunity to celebrate successes to date and also provide a reality check for those who could be doing better. I do hope that all parents find the time to attend our parent/ teacher discussion meetings next week to follow up on their child‟s mid-year reports with their class teacher and/or specialist teacher.

ongoing investigation over the past 18 months. The Taskforce‟s assessment of our project makes for very interesting reading. I have attached a copy of the Taskforce‟s report on our project for your interest. Most damning of all is the Orgill Taskforce judgement that our project has achieved only 40% overall value for money.

project! I am still pursuing clarification on our still outstanding companion project – to be funded from the balance of funds available from our $3 million allocation after the cost of our notional $2 million library complex.

Two issues remain unresolved – firstly, our school council‟s rejection of the DEECD‟s cost blowout of $401,000 above $2 million, meaning that only $600,000 of an anticipated Sadly this vindicates our concerns $1 million will be available and over the past two years. It should be secondly, the way in which the noted that the DEECD refutes the companion project will be managed. Taskforce‟s findings and still claims We wish to take advantage of the that we have received value for Bailleau Government‟s new policy for money! Tellingly, school capital works projects giving our consultant, schools the choice of greater Hamilton Design, autonomy for project management. a reputable local To the best of our knowledge at design & present the DEECD would prefer construction that APP manage the project on our project behalf. Given the Orgill Taskforce management firm, are of a similar assessment of our initial project – view to that of the Orgill Taskforce, 40% value for money, it is impossible not the DEECD. As has been to generate any enthusiasm for this previously disclosed, Hamilton approach at all. I will keep you Design have unambiguously made it informed of developments. BER UPDATE clear that they could have built the As you may be aware, the Orgill notional $2 million library complex Taskforce delivered its Final report earlier this month. Summary details we are receiving for about $1.5 million – approximately have been provided in the national media outlets. We have been one of 1/2 million under the notional cap of the 3% of schools that lodged formal $2 million, rather than $2,401,937 or complaints with the Taskforce and as a blowout of $401,000 that it has cost having the DEECD manage our such have been included in their Continued...

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT CONTINUED FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ’s) Q. What happens when a child ‘goes missing’ after school? A.This happens between 10 and 20 times a year and causes everyone, particularly parents, a lot of anxiety. Thankfully to date every such case has had a happy ending. When we are made aware of a „missing child‟ we immediately attempt to make contact with family members, emergency contact friends and relatives and ascertain the facts. If the child in question is indeed missing and cannot be located, we immediately then contact our local police and the DEECD Emergency Management team. We stay at school and remain in constant contact with the child‟s family and of course the police and Emergency Management. It is a stressful time for us all, but in the back of our minds is the stabilising knowledge that in all previous similar instances the child turns up safe and well. One of several things has happened. For example, the child has decided to go home with a friend but not told anyone. One parent may have changed their plans for picking up their child but not told the other parent or us. We may have been given wrong information about what the child was expected to do after school. We did not pass on a message for a change of plans for a child after school – thankfully that is a most uncommon occurrence. Contact persons for the child cannot be reached because phone numbers have been changed and we are unaware of the changes. At the end of the day, it is impossible to eliminate all possible instances of human error. That is why it is vital that we have an effective and swift response strategy based on outstanding lines of up to date communication with all families. QUOTABLE QUOTE

‘It’s hard to feel hungry with a bellyful of food!’ HENRY GROSSEK SCHOOL AWARDS Congratulations to the following students who received awards over the last week:

Dion PM

Scarlett PL

Kemea PW

Katie PC Zac PW

Stefan PL

EMA - 2nd INSTALMENT The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) application for instalment 2 (period 2) are now due by Friday 29th July 2011. Parents/Guardians who applied for instalment one at the beginning of the year don’t need to lodge another EMA Application form to receive the second instalment. Parents/Guardians who have transferred to this school will need to submit a new EMA Application form. These forms are available from the school office.

COMING ATTRACTIONS! “The Lodgie Awards” Grade 5/6 FILM FESTIVAL Monday 19


Sports for Schools Program. Through this program we will be able to earn credits towards purchasing additional sports equipment for our school. This program will run from 11th August 2011 to 18th October 2011 and for every ten dollars spent at Coles or Bi-Lo customers will earn a Coles Sports for Schools voucher worth one point (given at the check-out). Students can collect the vouchers from family, friends and neighbours to bring along to school. Following our schools success in STUDENT PROGRESS DISCUSSION MEETINGS last year‟s program we encourage Families who returned their reply families to collect these vouchers th slips requesting appointments with commencing Thursday 11 August 2011. the teachers will receive their allocated times with their WOOLWORTHS EARN children‟s reports AND LEARN PROGRAM tomorrow. For families with more We have also registered to take part in the Woolworths Earn and than one child at school these will be Learn Program. From now until sent home with the 18th September 2011 you can earn youngest child‟s report. If you do one „earn and learn point‟ for not receive your notification and every ten dollars spent at Woolworths (excluding the have sent back a request, please contact the appropriate teachers. purchase of cigarettes, alcohol and Parents of students in Prep C will gift cards or purchases made through Woolworths online or at receive notification of their Caltex Woolappointment time at a later date due to Sharon Chandler‟s current worths co-branded fuel outlets). absence. Points automatically appear on COLES SPORTS FOR your shopping SCHOOLS dockets, so all you This week we need to do is bring those dockets have registered to school and place them in the our school to Woolworths collection box that take part in the will be housed in the office. 2011 Coles Welcome to Term 3! After our busy holidays we are looking forward to an exciting term which will include our school‟s inaugural overseas school visit to Tampines Primary School in Singapore during Week 4. Other highlights of the term will include our participation in the J-Rock Competition, our Years 3 and 4 Camp, and the Years 5 and 6 Film Festival. More information on these events will be included in future newsletters.

With the points earned the school will be able to choose educational resources including library books, classroom equipment, art and craft materials and much more.

EDUCATION TAX REFUND We have been provided with a flyer regarding the Education Tax Refund (ETR). This outlines the changes to the ETR and specifies the items which families may claim in their 2011 – 2012 tax year. This flyer has been included in this newsletter.

CARPARKING We have recently had discussions with our neighbours at the Mansfield Street Food Mart regarding parents using their facilities for collecting their children after school. One of their concerns is the impact that the large number of families using the car park as a collection point for their children is having on their business. They are also concerned that driver behaviour is threatening the safety of students and others in and around their business. Families are reminded that this is a private car park provided for the customers of the Food Mart and should not be used as a pick up point for students. We thank families for their understanding in this matter.


HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER? Please ensure you let the school office know if you have changed address or updated mobile phones with new numbers. This information alleviates stressful situations on students when they are ill and we cannot contact parents

SCHOOL COUNCIL PRESIDENT’S REPORT Welcome everyone to my School Council President‟s Report. SCHOOL COUNCILLOR PROFILES This week I would like to introduce Craig Benedick, one of our parent representatives and Michael Tabone, also a parent representative and our Correspondence Secretary! Craig Benedick: I work for a large local council as a Service Unit Leader OHS & Contracts which enables me to have a great work life balance. I have one son in grade one at BLPS with another son to start in prep in 2012 and my final son to start in 2014. I volunteered for school council as my sons will be attending BLPS for the next 10 years or so and I wanted to contribute to the school that is part of my family's education. I look forward to further enhancing a fantastic school with outstanding teachers and a great administration team. Michael Tabone: I have been living in Narre Warren South for the last 6 years with my wife Robyn, son Luke and daughter Hannah. We love the area very much and originally moved from Glenroy, which was a big move but well worth the benefits, opportunities and fresh air. My son Luke is in grade 4 and as a dad I have marvelled at the way he has grown from a those first moments in prep to where he is now – what a fantastic journey! I have been working in Information Technology for the last 20 years and currently hold a management role with the Dept. Of Human Services. Whilst my job role deals with providing technical knowledge to others it does provide overall support to the many community based services. Education has been one of those services, and this gave me the incentive to put my nomination forward to be a part of School Council, and I was extremely happy to have been accepted. I love working in the garden and out in the shed where I do a fair bit of wood work including turning and general handy man jobs. Ever since I was about 9 years old I have enjoyed model making and still continue to this day, as well as building the odd model with my children. My wife Robyn and I are very happy with Berwick Lodge Primary School and definitely made the right choice in our sons education and look forward to a bright and happy future. SCHOOL COUNCIL OPERATIONS The second of our sub-committees that makes recommendations and provides advice to the school council is the Learning Environment Sub-Committee. This sub-committee is convened by Debbie Cusack and the other members are Sue Naismith, Michelle Sarjeant, Carolyn Mehr and Denise Aurisch. It is responsible for overseeing the following areas: Student Wellbeing, Curriculum, School Policies, School Grants, Staff Training. The third of our sub-committees is the Management Sub-Committee. This sub-committee is convened by Henry Grossek and the other members are: myself, Michael Tabone, Prasad Sujenthiran, Craig Benedick and Ellen McDonald. This sub-committee is responsible for the areas of Professional Development, Workforce Planning, Publicity, Accountability and Quality Management. As with the Resources Sub-Committee, both of the above sub-committees hold a meeting in the week before our school council meeting. In these meeting, the issues in each of the areas pertaining to the sub-committee are discussed and recommendations are passed onto school council for their discussion and/or approval. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly via the school office or you can email me on Jodie Norton School Council President

SCHOOL COUNCIL DIRECTORY President: Vice-President: Minute Secretary: Correspondence Sec.:

Jodie Norton Michelle Sarjeant Lois Smethurst Michael Tabone

Principal: DEECD Members:

Henry Grossek Lynne Brenner Sue Naismith

Parent Members:

Prashad Sujenthiran Craig Benedick Carolyn Mehr Lesley Lees

PFA Co-Optee:

Samantha Cline

Contact Details: Phone: 9707 1766 Email:

Fax: 9796 2198

Enrolments for 2012 are now being accepted! Enrolment forms are available from the school office. Original birth certificates and immunisation certificates need to be sighted by the office at the time of enrolment.

WHAT IS ORGANISATION? Teach Types of Thinking that Develop Organisation 

  

Have the young person discuss the importance of having the goal of “success” (doing their personal best) in his/her schoolwork. Point out “respected” older students and adults in the young person‟s school and home life to reinforce the value of doing the best you can at school. Explain that “success” as a goal means doing your best to learn and accomplish something. It does not mean being the very best or being in the top group. Encourage the young person to set as a goal to do his/her personal best to be successful and not to compare his/her accomplishments with others. Explain to the young person what goals are (something you want to accomplish) and how setting a gaol ahead of time can help him/her achieve his/her goals. Indicate the characteristics of setting goals: - moderately challenging - concrete (what grade you want, how many problems you wish to get correct, what you want to learn) - can be achieved in a week or two

PERFORMING ARTS NEWS Students enjoyed a variety of Performing Arts activities during the first semester. The Preps had fun exploring dance and movement as a way of expressing ideas & feelings. The Grade 1‟s and 2‟s learnt about genres of music and used a music computer program to make their own music work. Preps, 1‟s and 2‟s also enjoyed learning the Nutbush, Macarena & Bus Stop. Grades 3 and 4 enjoyed learning about & participating in many styles of dance & creating their own style to perform. The Grade 5‟s and 6‟s built on their dramatic skills in expression and characterisations, explored Indonesian shadow puppetry and gained a deeper understanding of music genres. They used the computer program Garage Band to compose their own music works. All in all a very creative and enjoyable first semester where some wonderful hidden talents were discovered amongst our students. Open Night Open Night gave the opportunity for some of our talented J Rock students to show a snippet of their performance. It was the first time in makeup and costume and the chance to feel and experience their real character. It was great to hear so much positive feedback from parents and other students. J ROCK What an exciting term for us with J Rock less than four weeks away! The students are very excited and have worked very hard. The next few weeks will be spent polishing our performance. We look forward to our full dress rehearsal on Friday 29th July 2011to be held in the gym. We have called this day „FREAKY FRIDAY’. The students will perform to all grade levels, staff and parents throughout the day. To join in the spirit of our “Beautiful Monster’ theme all students may dress up, if they wish in their “freakiest” outfits! Any gold coin donations will contribute towards J Rock fundraising. Our last performance on the day will be for parents at 2:50pm. Come along and be entertained….if you dare!!!

Tahnee Planner Performing Arts Teacher

Co ve th




2011 Premier’s Reading Challenge Congratulations to all students participating in this year‟s challenge. It is great to see so many enthusiastic readers eagerly borrowing books from the recommended booklists. Don‟t forget to let your teachers know when you have completed a book so it can be verified on the Premier‟s Reading Challenge website by a coordinator. All books must be entered online and verified by Friday 16th September 2011. Congratulations to the following students who have completed the 2011 Premier’s Reading Challenge. Emily Bywater 4R Happy Reading! Bernadette Kelly

Ministry of Dance Excursion Reports 2011 On Thursday the 30th of June 2011, 40 of the grade 5/6 students went to Jason Coleman‟s Ministry of Dance Studio in Melbourne‟s inner city. When we arrived, we had our snack and got a tour of the studio. We were told that it was built 3 years ago in October, it was fully designed by Jason Coleman, on 1 acre of land and it has 12 studios. Then we started our dances. Our first dance was… JAZZ with Zoe. We did a full routine to a song by Michael Jackson. We got into partners and started the routine. Even though we all found it challenging at some stages of the dance, it was fantastic. We all loved the dance and it was so fun and none of us wanted to leave. We did jazz for 1 hour. After jazz we had a quick break and then went to…. HIP HOP with Nadia. After a quick warm up we went on to learn the routine. We did another full routine to the song Yeah 3x. Everyone got the teachers dancing too. It was a very fast dance and a lot of fun and after a while we got the hang of it and we were dancing the full routine. It was a great experience and everybody enjoyed themselves and had a fantastic time dancing! We would like to thank Mrs Pope and Mrs Harding for attending and all of the parent helpers who helped on the day! A very, very big thank you to Miss Planner for organising the day and allowing us to have this lifetime experience. By Jemma and Kayla H 5C On Thursday the 30th of June some grade 5 and 6‟s went to the Ministry Of Dance Studios in the city for a day out to experience what it‟s like to get dance lessons and to see professionals dance. Firstly we got a tour of the massive dance school. It has 12 dance studios! Next we had a warm up with a professional dancer, her name was Zoe Marsh. She took us for a professional jazz class. It was a fun but quite challenging dance. Next we had a morning tea break then at 12:15 we did hip hop. Hip hop was a very tiring and energetic dance. Lastly we had an industry talk with Kristin Agnoli. We thought it was a really fun day! By Taylah, Chelsea and Alanah 6K

COUNTY FAIR Congratulations to all the children who participated in the County Fair on Tuesday 28th June 2011. The sun shone and the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone involved highlighted the wonderful efforts of all who participated. Results of the Raffle are:   

1st Prize: Shenae 3M 2nd Prize: Kiah 4R 3rd Prize: Grant 3M

The Colouring Competition winners are:    

Prep - 2 girls: Tahlia 1K Prep - 2 boys: Joel 2G Gr 3-6 girls: Lauren 5C Gr 3-6 boys: Jake 6N

The Guess the Jellybean Competition was won by Alex 5C with a correct guess of 330 jellybeans in the jar! Thank you once again to everyone involved in a very successful 2011 County Fair.

Parents & Friends Association NEXT MEETING: Thursday 4th August 2011 at 1.30pm in Room 16. Everyone is welcome, including toddlers. The PFA welcomes anyone wanting to join the fun and help make a difference. 2ND HAND UNIFORM SHOP: Our next 2nd hand uniform shop will be open in the school canteen on Tuesday 26th July 2011 from 2.30pm until 3.30pm. We would like to thank all those families who have donated as they have assisted other families in our community. There will be a table with $1.00 items. Get in quick!! FAMILY PORTRAITS : Photos will be sent to the school very shortly. You will be notified of their arrival from Sarah Hartnett, President., via text message. FUNDRAISING ASSISTANCE: For our Clover Cottage evening and our Walkathon, we are looking for some assistance with donations and prizes. Do you own or work for a company that would be willing to donate a product or gift voucher? If you do we would love to hear from you. Any company who donates will receive promotion for their business in our newsletter. Please contact Sarah via our email below or leave your details at the office. A huge thank you to the families who have already donated something to our events.

Upcoming Events FATHERS DAY STALL : This will be held Thursday 1st September 2011.


PFA CAFÉ: On Thursdayâ€&#x;s the PFA are offering tea, coffee or hot milo, for a gold coin donation. If you arrive at school early to get that car park close by, or you want to come and keep warm on our cold wintery days, we invite you to come along to Room16 from 2.45pm. There will be papers to read and toys for the younger kids to play with. Currently, we are opening on Thursday afternoons only, however we welcome feedback as to whether other days would be appreciated as well.

The PFA are always looking for ideas and assistance, if you would like to send us a comment or a fundraising idea please send us an email on or leave a message at the school office.

THANKS again for your continued support. We are trying to do things to make our school community stronger.

BUSINESS ADVERTISING CRYSTAL CLEANING SERVICES P/L For all your carpet/upholstery and general cleaning needs Special Offer 3 rooms/3 seats Professionally steamed cleaned for $77.00 incl. GST Free deodorising Free stain treating Other services: Vacate clean-up/ready for sale For bookings & enquiries contact Steve 0411 752 279 $1.00 from each booking goes back to BLPS. Plus $1.00 to Royal Children's Hospital


105 High Street, Berwick, Vic, 3806 (Enter off the Service Road) Pre-Loved Books

BOOK SALE Saturday 6th August 2011 8:30 - 1:00pm


Times 6:00pm to 10:00pm COST: $10.00 Any enquires to Narre Warren Police 9705

St Andrew’s Uniting Church

Lots of categories of pre-loved books Station 3111

Andy‟s CAFÉ open

Advertisements published by the school are accepted in good faith and should not be regarded as an endorsement of any product or service. Parents and members of the school community are advised to investigate any service or product to determine its suitability to meet their family's needs prior to accessing it.

Berwick Lodge Primary School, Newsletter, July 2011  

Berwick Lodge Primary School, Newsletter, July 2011

Berwick Lodge Primary School, Newsletter, July 2011  

Berwick Lodge Primary School, Newsletter, July 2011