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BERWICK LODGE PRIMARY SCHOOL Phone: 9707 1766 Fax: 9796 2198 E-mail: Visit our Websites : http://, Camp Australia/Out of School Hours Care: 9769 8251

NEWSLETTER N0.20 DIARY DATES Friday 1st July Monday 18th July Wednesday 20th July Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th August

Last day of Term 2 First Day Of Term 3 5/6 Winter Lightning Premiership 1/2 Lego Education Centre

30TH JUNE 2011 NOTICES DUE BACK BY Thursday 30th July Friday 22nd July

5/6 Winter Lightning Premiership 1/2 Lego Education Centre

Friday 1st July 2:30pm Finish Monday 18th July Term 3 Start


of the student, dosage and time to be administered (original medications In recent weeks with the increased incidence of student illness we have bottle or container should provide this information). had some queries regarding the Non-prescribed oral medications (eg: school‟s policy and practice with regards to administering medications Headache tablets, cough mixture, at school. antihistamines) as well as creams, ear For your information the following drops or eye drops guidelines apply to administering will not be medications at school: administered by school staff. If, in Medications and medicines can be your judgement, your child is well administered at school for Asthma, enough to be at school yet they ADD/ADHD, antibiotic treatment require a medication such as Panadol, on doctors‟ instructions where children are deemed well enough to then you will need to arrange for it attend school, and in those situations to be administered by yourself or another adult family member. where children have long term For safety reasons medications chronic conditions that require should not be sent to school for ongoing treatment. your child to self administer. The Sick Bay Officer is the staff Consistent with our Asthma policy, member responsible for administering prescribed medication students who have provided the Sickbay Officer with a completed and to children. signed Asthma Management Plan may All parent requests for the Sickbay Officer to administer medications to carry an asthma inhaler with them. their child must be in writing on the We are sure that you will Medication Request proforma understand that the purpose of these available from the Administrative guidelines is to ensure that Office and must be medication is managed in a manner supported by that is appropriate and ensures the specific written safety and wellbeing of all students. instructions from If you have any queries regarding the medical these guidelines please don‟t hesitate practitioner to contact us at the school. We are including the name

only too willing to clarify any issues with you.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ’s) Q. When do I have to let the school know of our family’s intentions of moving away in 2011? A. The sooner the better – if you already know, please drop us a note. We will be sending out a return form to this effect shortly, and welcome early notification if that is possible. Don‟t stress if you don‟t know as yet or if your situation changes later – whenever is okay too! QUOTABLE QUOTE ‘To accomplish great things we must not only act but also drea, not only plan but also believe’ - ANATOLE


ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS’ REPORT HEAD LICE CHECKS During the two week holiday break, we would appreciate the support of every family in the school in the detection and total eradication of any live lice and/or eggs that are found in children‟s hair. While we realise that families are busy, we feel that it would be a most worthwhile exercise in eradicating lice from the school. To be successful, every family would need to commit some time to: Check their children‟s hair at least twice over the holidays. (Eg: Week 1 and Week 2) If any live lice are found, treat immediately. (Complete follow-up checks and treatment.) If any eggs are found, apply lots of conditioner, and patiently remove all eggs. If every family is diligent in this exercise, we will be able to break the head lice cycle in the school. We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and look forward to

‘Lice-free Term 3 at B.L.P.S.!” entries will be sent to New York to complete with other finalists from around the world. Good END OF TERM TWO Parents are reminded that Term 2 luck at the next stage of the competition Kaaviyan we are very ends tomorrow (Friday 1st July). In line with our usual practice for proud of you. the end of term the students will be dismissed from their FANTASTIC FRIDAYS classrooms at 2:30PM. Term 3 will commence for COUNTY FAIR students and teachers on Thank you to all the students who Monday 18th July 2011. came out to support the Grade 3 to 6 County Fair on Tuesday 28th June, your support was fantastic. COLGATE ORAL CARE The day was very successful and AWARD we have raised enough funds to We would like to congratulate offer a second round of Fantastic one of our Grade 3 students Friday‟s activities in semester 2. Kaaviyan Pathmasiri 3M who has We had a great day filled with fun been selected as one of the and excitement. Students finalists in the Colgate „My Bright participate in a range of activities Smile’ Global including sponge throwing and Poster billycart races and were able to Competition. purchase fairy floss, badges and This is a special prizes for the lucky dip. fantastic result If you would like to know more as the competiabout the Fantastic Fridays tion had over Program or get involved next 700 entries from children across semester please read the insert in Australia. Kaaviyan receives a the newsletter. backpack, cap, water bottle, ruler, toy and Colgate products for himself and his family. Kaaviyan TRACEYE RAPINETT and 11 other Australian finalists‟

You Can Schools Program Working with Canteen and the Sony Foundation, Berwick Lodge Primary School will be collecting old mobile phones to be recycled. The funds from these mobile phones will go to much needed funds to build youth cancer centres across Australia. The more mobile phones we collect and recycle the more educational tools Berwick Lodge Primary School will receive. These could include video cameras, laptops, and possibly Interactive Whiteboards which will be a great addition to our school. There is a collection bin in the front foyer, located outside Mrs Cusack‟s office. Please hunt around at home, or ask your friends, neighbours, work colleagues and local community groups, to look for any old mobile phones and place them in the collection bin located in the school foyer. Please help Berwick Lodge Primary School support a worthy cause. Vanessa Porter On behalf of the Junior School Council

Enrolments for 2012 are now being accepted! Enrolment forms are available from the school office. Original birth certificates and immunisation certificates need to be sighted by the office at the time of enrolment.

WHAT IS ORGANISATION? Things to Say to Encourage Organised Behaviour When you catch the young person getting along, say:              

“Doesn‟t it feel good to be organised.” “I bet it saves you time when you find things so easily.” “Being organised will help you more than you know.” “Are you ding as well with your teachers?” (bringing materials to class) “I bet it makes school a little easier when you have everything ready.” “You listened and followed all my directions for this assignment.” “I see you have your things with you. You are planning ahead.” “You‟re really organised!” “You‟re good at scheduling time!” “being prepared tells me you appreciate how important your work is.” “You brought your homework.” “You keep your backpack clean and neat.” “When you are prepared, you can do a good job.” “You planned well. You finished on time.”

Library Book Review Competition Winners Congratulations to all the students who entered their book reviews on our school's library blog! They were all very well written and an absolute pleasure to read. I wish I could give all the children a prize, but unfortunately there can only be one winner from each year level. If you would like to read the entries you can go to: The following students have won a book of their choice and a certificate: Prep - Zoe PC Year 1 - no entries received Year 2 - Kyle 2G Year 3 - Ethan 3D Year 4 - Kaitlyn 4R Year 5 - Jamie 5H Year 6 - Ethan 6N

Smiles Miss Vine

HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER? Please ensure you let the school office know if you have changed address or updated mobile phones with new numbers. This information alleviates stressful situations on students when they are ill and we cannot contact parents

FANTASTIC FRIDAYS PROGRAM This Tuesday‟s County Fair marked the conclusion /celebration of our first Fantastic Fridays Program for 2011. I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the background of the program and also to acknowledge the many, many people who have been involved and assisted us to make this program the success that it was. The Fantastic Fridays Program was implemented a number of years ago in the Grade 5/6 area and was a success amongst the senior school students. Unfortunately the program stopped due to time constraints and lack of funds.

Lego construction by Ryan and Liam     

It was a coaching session with Tahnee Planner where the discussions took place to start the program up again with the inclusion of a few new ideas:  To extend the program to include Grades 3 to 6 students.  To consult, survey and negotiate elective subjects with students based on interests, resources and facilities.

To develop curriculum documentation and assessment tasks to support the program and ensure it was targeting VELS learning areas. To include J-Rock as one of the electives as finding the time for a large group of children (90 students) across 3 grade levels to rehearse all together was very difficult. To improve the interactions and relationships between the grades 3 to 6 students. To try and improve the transition of middle school students to the senior school area. The program would run for 8 Fridays in the afternoon session.

Once we had approval to implement the program the students and teachers brainstormed a large number of elective subjects. This list was narrowed down to 15 electives based on the facilities and costs we had available. With the assistance of Lois Smethurst we developed an online survey for students. Students logged on to the survey and entered their details and selected 4 Fantastic Friday‟s electives they were interested in. Once all students had completed the survey the data was sorted and filtered and the most popular electives were chosen. In the end 10 electives were chosen they were – Art and Craft, Billycarts, Cooking, County Fair, Construction, Fashion and Jewellery Making, J-ROCK, Gymnastics, Lego and Science and Technology. Grades 3 to 6 staff volunteered to run each of the electives, write the Look out Mrs Naismith! documentation, develop assessment tasks and source materials. While this was happening Tahnee and I wrote a proposal and presented it to the PFA in anticipation that they would assist us with some funds so that we could purchase resources. The PFA generously granted $3,000 towards the program. Without these funds we would not have been able to run half of the electives and would have had to charge each student a small fee to cover our costs.

The Fairy Floss Girls

Volunteers from the BLPS community were invited to donate goods or join in and assist the students and teachers in the program in order to promote community involvement. On behalf of the students and teachers we would like to thank Integration Aides - Kim Morris, Karen Middlebrook, Julie Cripps and Sue Weber. Parents / Grandparents - Jodie Norton, Tina Haimona, Sharon Bywater, Jenny Hunt, Karen Tsekouras, Emily Bowler, Shelley Meade, Heather Cross, Matthew Garrett, Graeme Watson, Jim Whitehead, Robyn Maynard, Rebecca Beaton and Ellen & Glen Moloney. Thank you also to the parents who donated timber, cardboard, foam, children‟s prizes and other materials to our electives.

Fantastic Friday Continued… The children have spent the last 8 Friday afternoons working with their fellow students in years 3 to 6 to develop projects, learn new concepts, establish new friendships and produce some amazing work. The staff would like to congratulate the students on their behaviour, attitude and effort and have celebrated with the children at Tuesday‟s County Fair. The County Fair was developed by Sue Naismith and her County Fair students. All students from Prep to Grade 6 were invited to share and celebrate in the success of the Fantastic Fridays Program and had great fun especially throwing wet sponges at the teachers, eating fairy floss and having races in the billycarts. The funds raised from the County Fair Day will go towards funding another Fantastic Fridays Program in the second semester – THANK YOU!

Miss Planner rocking it with the J-ROCK kids.

Last but not least, thank you to all the teachers who have worked extremely hard over the 8 weeks to make this program a FANTASTIC SUCCESS without you we would not have been able to provide this program. Reflections from some of the students about the programI would like to participate in Fantastic Fridays because I love working with different people in different grades and the older people teaching us new things – Brodie B 4L Next time I think we should have an apron that says Berwick Lodge Cooking Class – Yasmin M 3M I like it because you get to learn new things and it is very fun because you get to meet other people – Abbey W 4R I like Fantastic Fridays because it is a head start to high school and because its lots of FUN!!!! – Zac L 5W


BLOSHC NEWS Don‟t forget to book your child in for the last day of Term 2 (Friday 1st July). The program will run from 2:30pm - 6:30pm. Hope to see new faces! Holiday Club bookings are now open. Please visit to book online for our holiday program at Berwick Fields. Star of the Week: Kyan: For his positive attitude, being polite and always having fun! New Enrolments/Bookings & Cancellations:

All new enrolments/Bookings & Cancellations are completed online at OSHC Hours: Before School Care After School Care

6:45am - 8:45am 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Our direct line is 9769 8251 or you can call the Camp Australia Admin on 1300 105 343 My sincere thank you for your support in Term 2. Take care over the holiday period. See you next term with a bunch of new experiences to share. Thank you Dorien and the OSHC Team

2011 Premier’s Reading Challenge Congratulations to all students participating in this year’s challenge. It is great to see so many enthusiastic readers eagerly borrowing books from the recommended booklists. Don’t forget to let your teachers know when you have completed a book so it can be verified on the Premier’s Reading Challenge website by a coordinator. All books must be entered online and verified by Friday 16th September 2011. Congratulations to the following students who have completed the 2011 Premier’s Reading Challenge. Grade 2Z

Happy Reading! Bernadette Kelly

Parents & Friends Association NEXT MEETING: Thursday 4th August 2011 at 1.30pm in Room 16. Everyone is welcome, including toddlers. The PFA welcomes anyone wanting to join the fun and help make a difference. FAMILY PORTRAITS : Thank you to all the families that participated over the last 2 weekends. It was a great success and the photos should be available for collection during the first few weeks of term three.

FUNDRAISING ASSISTANCE: For our Clover Cottage evening and our Walkathon, we are looking for some assistance with donations and prizes. Do you own or work for a company that would be willing to donate a product or gift voucher? If you do we would love to hear from you. Any company who donates will receive promotion for their business in our newsletter. Please contact Sarah via our email below or leave your details at the office. A huge thank you to the families who have already donated something to our events.

Upcoming Events In Term 3 our fundraising will include a Father‟s Day Stall, Hot Dog Day and our Clover Cottage Dinner Night.


PFA CAFÉ: On Thursday‟s the PFA are offering tea, coffee or hot milo, for a gold coin donation. If you arrive at school early to get that car park close by, or you want to come and keep warm on our cold wintery days, we invite you to come along to Room16 from 2.45pm. There will be papers to read and toys for the younger kids to play with. Currently, we are opening on Thursday afternoons only, however we welcome feedback as to whether other days would be appreciated as well.

The PFA are always looking for ideas and assistance, if you would like to send us a comment or a fundraising idea please send us an email on or leave a message at the school office.

THANKS again for your continued support. We are trying to do things to make our school community stronger.

BUSINESS ADVERTISING Just Be Kids Yoga Give your child an opportunity to learn and grow with yoga. Yoga focuses on the whole child - body, mind and spirit and can be used to help children with concentration, self-esteem and confidence as well as all the physical benefits of stretching, strength, balance and good posture! CLASSES FOR 3-5yrs, 5-8yrs AND 9-12 yrs. Studio in Beaconsfield! Go to or call 0408 510 945 Also: Adult & Prenatal Yoga, Meditation Classes & Workshops!

CRYSTAL CLEANING SERVICES P/L For all your carpet/upholstery and general cleaning needs Special Offer 3 rooms/3 seats Professionally steamed cleaned for $77.00 incl. GST Free deodorising Free stain treating Other services: Vacate clean-up/ready for sale For bookings & enquiries contact Steve 0411 752 279 $1.00 from each booking goes back to BLPS. Plus $1.00 to Royal Children's Hospital

COMMUNITY NEWS NARRE WARREN-BERWICK BLUE LIGHT DISCO BERWICK LEISURE CENTRE, MANUKA ROAD, BERWICK SATURDAY 2nd July 2011 & 6th August 2011 For Students in years 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 only Times 6:00pm to 10:00pm COST: $10.00 Any enquires to Narre Warren Police 9705

Station 3111

2011 SACRAMENT OF FIRST HOLY COMMUNION St Michael‟s Catholic Church, Berwick, invites Catholic children in Year 4 or above to prepare for the sacrament of First Holy Communion. Preparation begins with a Parent Meeting on 3rd August, either at 1.30 pm or at 7.30 pm in St. Michael‟s Stadium (no need to book). This meeting is a compulsory part of the Program and failure to attend will mean your child will be unable to receive First Holy Communion this year. For more information, please contact St Michael‟s Parish, Berwick, on 9707 1355 or email With thanks Viviana Dominguez Parish Secretary Advertisements published by the school are accepted in good faith and should not be regarded as an endorsement of any product or service. Parents and members of the school community are advised to investigate any service or product to determine its suitability to meet their family's needs prior to accessing it.

Newsletter Advertising We have the opportunity to obtain a year’s supply of newsletter covers for our school free of charge. Australian Newsletter Services who supply this service are able to make the offer by selling space on the back of our cover to local businesses. We would like to give parents of our school community the opportunity to submit expressions of interest to advertise their own business on our school newsletter. Please contact Australian Newsletter Services on freecall 1800 245 077 for more information.

Berwick Lodge Primary School, Newsletter, June 2011  

Berwick Lodge Primary School, Newsletter, June 2011

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