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Consenting gas storage projects under the new UK planning regime

This article is supported by a video posted on BLP Law’s blog. The security of natural gas supply is a nationally significant issue in the UK, as it is in other countries, and the need for adequate gas storage is a central factor to that requirement. In the above mentioned video interview, BLP partners and planning law experts Tim Smith and Tim Pugh provide an overview of the key issues underpinning the consenting of gas storage projects under the new UK planning regime. They provide answers to the following questions: 

What scale of gas storage projects qualify for Development Consent Orders (DCOs) under the National Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) planning regime?

What are some of the primary differences in how applicants achieve consent under NSIP versus the mainstream planning process?

What are some of the key issues that clients need to consider or prepare for when they are approaching consenting under NSIP?

Could you elaborate on the determination process relating to NSIPs, and some of the issues arising from that process?


What are some of the environmental or human rights issues that companies seeking consents can face when seeking planning consents for gas storage projects?

About BLP Law Whilst demand for energy and natural resources continues to grow, creating great opportunity for the sector, a range of economic, political, commercial and physical or technological issues create sources of risk that require successful resolution. BLP can help you provide practical legal solutions. Energy is a core area of focus for BLP, whose name can be mentioned along with top energy law firms. Our oil and gas lawyers are highly skilled at helping clients across the energy and natural resources sector to take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges and protect their interests. Over 150 clients, including energy and natural resources companies, financial institutions, investors and service providers, rely on our lawyers’ experience and ability to offer advice across the full spectrum of the energy and natural resources industry. They have entrusted us to do that globally, providing legal solutions in more than 40 countries.

Consenting gas storage projects under the new UK planning regime  
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