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Io septebller t99l Neu York CitY

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A.bout fo pD @drched up Broaduay froe l01st arouDd,.to the Colunbia University a.ea on f16th, then vdlkad doun 117th until. ue reached ca^tra). Park l,lest-It resorrb-led sode part of B.c. or f'rrongirola.soE cute voaan 7n uhat seeoed 60&o sort of student dwelling vaved at us. tle walked back dqn Broadvay, havlnq decided that there wasn't duch to do vhere ve vere.ll6 stopped outside a hot dog jolnt for sore Franks.Chando had Oaiquiry drink fast-fo.'d and I had nargo. vhole rea] cost atout 55. I then suqgested that ve go to a llexican pldce ca.l_l€d "Border Csfe. vhich I had been to a coup.le of years back ,ith Hike, on Tooth and her pe erivod tlere seeeed to be a gaod anbi'nce and it turned out that tap Buds vere only d buck each and onJ.y 25c for a refiff.He drank a couple of trozen Datgaritas and then froved on to the b€er.

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r ,u. IA ur(uo A;dou*, .J*+ L -A L L+ l^*" A L4,B ^- brc^LEllfu,S #a, ,i+ 4rytlu". L[-lX: C"tvnt"t-.[iL l,ut.J,.4' JLL; udl Q ,., Sp-." Jt"^",sMW Lq-zs. Lnuu1 ,4-^ t r-ln{< J. +te l6.i*t6,. -/a\.re<( ;ir<L"a '^"or"4 *-* . A^- UK u,u,.t s€^J,\ L *tLaA





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61,u.. rJ 16\. .celr\{-s -.g .lturi u..x^a" v\h^d. vrx^a' ':"f ow.Jn d a+Jr Eit orJ.q + '1vq+s.1 --f***{?f, zr^."L* bU< 4 + 5"5.j.* (*Y--J(I:o, t"*n L-. '-! L---- K:"J+ r_r.rrue,€.sr-r-1)^i.ff T, ?-

There vas this loud rcuthed coflege qirf eho .eminded ne of dy aunt Hafta.Next to our tabfe vere a couple of wouon, one vho reninded De of chedo's sjster ?eresa, the other seeDed older than the average person in the bar,She Has searing a (like a farder kinda thing). soue bl,ue al7-in-one- outfit chancletas, sooked those dtk colored U@re cigarettes.on her table sas a c up of vlLite cotfee, rhrich Has al-l oyer the saucer,She sat sjth her ]<s crossed. Once the Teresa qirf

),eft, at dbout , I chrnk -1 aD-ish, she scarted talking to us,I couldn'x hed ,hat she vas saying but I nodded anyvay. fhen Chendo suggested 'wlry doa(t you join your tab.le ritl, ours(?)., and she did.-fhe topics of our


to the usua-l top-ics.

-rt turns out that she's got a kid, she's been earied three tines before and is just abut to end her present atriage. .she te-lls us she's got an 9 yeu ofd daughter yho has troub-ie readinq and uriting,,, ild can't_stand study-ing. she Chon telts us her naEe "J€6n" .Sheen"'Beed'-nO ae €nterotinally it's "Doan- (I thlnkl ). to a hypochondrlac vlp rosh€g to D€dn says she's atriad out or -he cuts his hosp.itai overy tihe an eyelash'fal]s turni out he's iapanase-Hls t6thet is a cen€tic thu;t,-rt engineer, vho tutors xhe Jipanese .Enperor's -son'8y then I tf,int r"!r, chendo and r oesii to thlnk vhatta.loddashlt she's years or telfing us-She tells us that sh6'6 gonnd vaitilfif€€ so beiore divorcing hlr b€cau6e there'5 a -lcit of rcney involved-I ask her if she's doing afso for her daugbter's 6uch sak@ -t{ah, she can't staDd hie'-.qs tbe fath€r tutor's an inportant per6on. they rekoned that it vas a dlsgrace vanted to for t-he parents to have the guy i^ JaPan.Thoy unfoad hid on h€r, she tellt u6 that that l5 the on).y raason they got Dar.ied-Her father hates the guy 'ae'd hanq'ia if ouife he got hold o! hi[".The JaP's lathat and her er6 F-t and she 6ay6 she'd tLrry the tather. sinilt, ft turns out th6t the father of her lrusband is dying so he's puttirg dovn all his notes in books vhich are being



she te-l-ls about sor€ oxher night that she vag at the cdfe ,ith her daughter and sore baLding hunk trjed xo Pick her up




she says thac her husband is useless, doesn't vant to rork' sp€nds hi6 "capital', never vant's to go to sch@.I, hes tventy six and she's thirty five {but she goes on about 276he can do vhat 6he sants' sil.icon-not bad 7@king atc.t' she's on-barrassed to tre Eeen vith her husband.She conpares a her husband's hair to chendo'6 atd 6aFs



'.r c@Id go qt atd tuck gpys like yq (Xo clrefro), fuck y@, rct riqht w trtt I'd F u c R Y o O(Iltll.

Yeah I'd CSAL)'

she had cheid'o tefla her t}tat he's in colulbia University, that } trouble pronouncitq h.t6 nare (nintendo, exc-)' father is a self &ade aan vho lade his Ducks ir th€ corputor te-ll her thax r vork fot a industry and Is quite stj'gy.I



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cospany in trlc utr which ,rer thc usual .spajn-.lrl,

AccountancY and Eritish seons to rml,aess hor'gc \ r$- ut.tshrt-



reii I Is go duir Iike try now lhc 25-ccncs lE€r qlne glasses for her, and at the table. along uith liqntniiq she ls eager to drunken' vagu€, blurred, th; talk- becof,es have us "walk her ho8e", and she reque6tG thls Dore often and vague hop€ful visions than not os tine goes. Previously wlfe start of 6ex with this diBenchanted, unsotisfled reality' she is lustladen into glorious, solidifying unsoPhlsticated, her and slender hardly ;hort, soneshai vocabulary abundant jn-curses and cussuords. StiII, bear i6 the hore of lt se and reality aesthetlc quick to bLur any €ook the fuller her crinson lips becaDe, the nore voluptuous a latter to In be' appeared and inviting her Eature breasts jnto soEething to b€ desired of ninutes she uas ideali2ed and taken. froD the Suddenly a rugged hoDeless naterializes at our nothingness in shich the honeless live and solicits table. In a shou of detached white-Dan's-burden generosity, Baad bowe! ! The Grea! l{endoe hands out a dollar bill' she cones up uith a nuch-rehear6ed, Duch_used rrated, oreoacied speech about wickedness of the poor tho use the our unsatisfied 6ociety leIi..e sysLen to avoid eorkingsife becones an ardent detractor of socialized governnent and boasts that she herself was honeless for a tine (tletween Earrlages 2 and l). and that her opinion, being based on this flrst-hand experience, Has, at the Ieast, irrefutable' chendo Lries to argue Lhat had the ticked eelfare syEteb not b€en there for nir she mrqht sti l1 be honeless at this The Ioqic of the point, perhaps iII or dead. No use apparently eludes her altogether and chendo guicklY irgrr".i ti." turt to(ards other Iess controversial grounds: r"i"rr".s the weather. Th€ ganes go on, both men behaving like\ Iusty but evasive, fenale' gorillas couiting a possibly uilling. Fron behind tbe bar soueone gives the Iast call for beer, chairs into askward arranqing ca-iter is and 6oon a cluEsy balances atop the nany tables in the place. Chendo suggests just b€ on the verge of that, perhaps. the alace Eight closinq and that. consequently. they had better clear canp' They sip on buying i IasC round at the bar. she in;ists unsanted drinks ana iinal'Iy head off to heet that sinful situation the boys have b€en praying for aII nighl. ' '

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sm[ CUcego ofice we6 spsndy furnlshed; two desks, a cort hanger where McKenzlets ovensmt hilng, one of those overhead lang the Agency cerdnctte, rnd s smoky stmosphere. HIs.3{1, 'Betsy', lay In the first drawer next to a few unused bullets and his LD. At $44 4.t " r plus cxpen.ts he hardly consldered hlmself success,Just an er-cop trylng !o mgke an honest budr. Well, we all know this sccrp ftom ttp Hollywmd movies, but most of us have grobably never wondered what privarc invegigacs really do in the l990's. Sirce we're dl trEtty c'ynkd I guess we pdabty iEagnE 0ral tlre Eulh is completcly diffaent to the old clich6s. Lindy Grant runs m all-fcorale daecivc agary in Surrey callod 'S & Elle' ard st€ agreed to put the story sEaight



crr. gd irlo cr of fusc agercies?'S & Elle' tcnd to employ pcople ovcr lhe sge of 2J. Thae are a h,t of siuatiors which could be somewhat shocking, so a persor who does not hrve expcriance may not know how to dal sith then. Sooaimcs, due to the nature of tbc work bvolvcd, d& will fud tEsclf in very srarge plocas; dark ad dang,ercus areas of 8 town or city. Or she night find that she has to enter a bar in a rough neighbourirm4 which canld be tricky if strc's too yourg. Brn as far as getting ino an agency is corcecncd, Unty says that it realty is judgcd according to chrrader. No spccific qualifications rre requircd. There are a lot of


mean thal

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ari isvs r,, c^{oi--; i';: lt,ci:!*': You could find your.xlf trailinS a suspecl or

m 1'our ZO s


"Yes, but there is no requirement to becomc a ncebcr and bcing an indcpendent, all.femalc agency, we don't frnd the need to bclong to it." What son of cs-ees d€s t}tc agency normally deal wilh? "Thc nqjqity of the pcople dut co6e to us are women. sirrc rr't adverrise as an 'all-womcn agary,' A lct of tlcm feel more coofortable dealing with women, therefore much of the work is of a matrimonial nature. Normally we're asked o follow the woaan's ttusband sirrcc she strTeds he rnay be havine an affair, trat sat of thirg. We also trace missmg person-s." Crrt it gct dd4erous? "lt cart" Howo,er, lhc nain ttarger is not normally the person you're followinS, it's the placas you end up going to. You often find yourself in parts of lnndon you'd raher not b€ in! But as e nrle, we go sround ln pelrs, slace lt's sefer. You scc, if a woman goes iffo a club by herself. she bccomcs ttoticed immediately. wtrerc two *omen wouldn't." I tell Lindy Grant that her name sounds good for a detcctive. Neverlheless, I still don't kmw whctpr ttrre are any similarities with ttre movies. "Although the situations could tr just like in the movies (if not morc bizarre), there is m rmmediate differencc: werpons. We don't c&rry Suns or get involved in massive car chases." Yet tbe scezr of two detectives sining in a car outside a boilding, caling doughnuts and drinking coffcc is very common accoiding to Lindy, I asked Lindy whether sle could give me an example of a csse. Apparemly she's under contract for a TV serics so she can't really say much, Aft€r a long pause shc tells me: -Thcre wa.s one case when the wife of an inJluential banku sugcctcd him of havirry, an affeir with ano0rr woman. We followed him for quilc a while. He spcd a fe* lunds wilh a msr: rnver did c,e $e hio with


ex-policcman in thc busifiess, but that


sltting in a car at a slakecrull Is there a British Associat.ion for detective agencies?

-Ie MeKerde rat at Hr d€sk. slowly lnhedng bs Cemd, strrlng st the nsmes on lhe glqqs doo1' 7'McKenzle-Clarkson, Hvate Investlgators'.

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:-'c::::1, 3!il!!gh wp narrld e* he wrs sod of 'rncho' looking. The wife irsislcd tlat we cfillinuc to tsail him, by whici stage we were bcginning to thint slt was


anothe{ rEtEdjc wornan. One day we wcre waichiflg, iriui witlt Ous other icllow arrd sud<icniy, ficy saaftc{i kissir.8. Evcntually hc left his wife {rd moved in with thc m8rr" 'S & Elle' cturge f20 8n hour phs exparles, which is a typicd r8te. I sec. but what sbout the ovefcoat? 'Tr'ell, there's no Frxed costume ai suclt, but nc eech bevc ln

n cort cf dlsgulsc bor, fillcd *lth stgs, etq so lhat the same woman isn'l 3e€fl all thc time. Although being a woman dcrcs tuve advantager. Peoplc don't scern to suspcct rnythhg and moqfeel coofortEble rflswering your questions. You can gdr away with a lot being a

our cent


Das tr agerxry ftave ery coffEdiJns with ttr police? 'tlo nu really. Ttey genaally keep ort of it sincc we mainly deal with crvil sffairs (dof,estic) and tlEy prefer rot to tel involved. Unless we're about to cfltcr r potedially dangerous siruEtion. Then we wsm them thal we may csll upon rhcm if necessary." According to Lindy thc wolt doeso't really intcrfere wi0t her privatc life. She has a boy ard a girl, her husbud's a pilot and shc doesn't rrke her wcrk home. On occasions, ar a party for example, when someone lcarrs about her ocaryation she gets all the usual questims (like fte ones I asked her). Acccrdiq o Lindy, tlrc job is cle big leaming erptrierre. No two days arc the sarne. She suttests that ifyou're inrerestcd, you could stet by &in8 sriy khd of esearch wcrk (fa example, poblic reco'rds), and from thcrc move on to an ageocy. So the next tiEc you watch yct anothc( nrovic, you can btag o ycr &iands about how thc real thing works. And stop being rc cynicd, darnmit!


Alfredo BloY i"t ntma1;1a7,6*o1

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travel ship conriected vith uystiques and aysteries ot he claims tralscendental majesties, Pulq,ue qteen crabapples of hypnotic dreaa In hangiDg Ecuad vine. Burroughg aaya, we have destiny, Last of the Fauatian llen. No dlrection 7n the void fs the neera froL the votd In touch vith the void Werawhere void No directLon to go (htt) (!n) ward

trekkittg drtery wired wlth mystiques and conundrums of he protesses othervorldTY cqnomens. Pulque-ined ibTe crabaPPTes of narcoXLc dream In deadTocked Ecuad vinelnlrtougls affitns, tte have conclustont ELndnost of the Faustian FoTkstro tF-aritg in th€ opF-ning Is the tiditrys froB tIIp- oPenTng In contlguitY with the oPenlttg



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nnpt no{op4...

2 mrvtu6\Xl/*6a(w*ilepfi-[t5 )

.xternaL politics. the vears 3os'

of a kind the count-ry had not known since

In matter of inLernal politics'

the acbion of Sanguinetti


:f;.;N"l:'i:0"::""i:::'1"":::i:y':lx?t,li: ::x":l$l:u':x" "Thatcherite".

at.ti tude which one could cal I The Presi denL has just declared thaL his government, "has not lost any

r-' ::::'::l::.':.':l:":".::::"':1":: ::.:lt::":.

lw*\ C-a-N-Ttre-\r.r<r3t-as t!.Ro,$ class strugle", as


said before, in the 30s Uruquay had the

= , ., ",1Y'sh*+5'.^11IH il::':fi.::.::"+:i";:'fa;""?":.i?J:';:;"i:,;::'?: 3::ffi:; : *flr6"."r"u6a'-16,^u-+ () \r$€dl.cnetS baC-b-o-be^ve ed, faclor thaL have incited many young to emigraLe. Each ^rt^o> O 3ib;tA;lL-t-rb,-----

J - -' year, some 50.009 Urusuayans (more than bhose just.!9.^)I".'r. - the counLry looking for work in ErasiI, Argentinq,USA or Europe.

/-r '*rstl*lp,., -tLJorS"-

i:J$fl'*^kcc:p d^;F, s"ral p"x itG

{b.*s gAk'tdr.,r

External debt v,as none urhen the military took power in 19?.3. n thr:y Left in 1984, it was over 4.'/mlllion US dollars. ay it is USS5.9 million. Iarger that the EotaI annual gross income, and representes per capita, the highest debt in Latin America. I'he repayment of said debt, US$365 mi.l lion every year, is Lhe equivalent of a third of total exports.

bh! ; \a2t^+e["'t\s^reT::.::::"-;il.::'i::: ;:::'"::,,';:":";:::.]"?i3'iUi;";il:" XrodA v\r:\re po5g4:uitit".iil.i:'i::; I \zvv\ \ VW. E:::":l'!i":l;:ii:, i,!i:l!!i!"!ii " +\^/l !2rhQ-s:IJzr ? -;;:A'g? ii::Yit."::?:;;;':iini::*ii:ii:"l*li*t'il;li:*"Hl?!t. 4L";t-? +L




the Ur'usua),an industrialists had to find alternatives in {L-x f importand Europe- France occupies a modest place within '"he import iff::l:;.:"U:"*^:iil:."::lil;:'re :::."*:!::,:::li: lx-"* ?f:* lt--$te\o:+: t-ttz- Le.^4,c--ctlL {.crf d..€r, \^rlJ {t+L\bc*\ V.r.".lu; -nW' "* h^tkt,to Sa,tteTtmG'j s -1't -"


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Eon'c-c 'b"-+ du*-ttt9[.-+.8;


lw *?f..a<-

J. ;hP4{^n*+.-" *f:l ^l- *,^"^ 5 .,-"- , r \

This article appeared in t-he respected French weekLy Le Monde . r-rrl'\ I ",..i\c-ruc4 V^t*S r-rLo Diplomatique. ^it is oLD, and I translated in a rusir,leaving r round incerestins the \^ro.l.A "t.= f-*,1^t'p{ e'ha..,. ::ll::."::i";:l';:":;. ,ffiffi;;:.

p*-r sp.rno.rl


'of CflroU^U(1 r thouqht vou mis]rt mislrt like to read ir-. ir-- -TL'L,,,r.d,v, -TL'L,,,,.r", L _FJC.3-EJ. -fu _Ef ii,'"lybrL,*.*bv--';; ti1 1*.|,'"-lrrt.o},,*.*+,V--t;; ) '

bt bd A s"^"1+L.^-1tTrJb;;.-l,I" #&A

B'z&E UlbL

-*f 4^o,Nhu&4fs 'Tsz4o{ -Oe As*srrrid6' A7p"l"'n^,re q.o. iU.h + dtr$"itF.*.*L{*+ .lol{I"r"-+L-J-, {o1{I.,-rI . .--t I

' <.rt^xJ.f*.' A Wqh'.d o.le^l *.-,rJi,A "n "L4T"r 4*t"- 3t*+-, "*.rti r,





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Bro"bh+' on b.-,t qEll.r u:cajs

€nd<pr b$tt 4 \.,lcirf

Ls aU sctarnbLld Ll fi-all'ls dl (^fi.fe Cl^st L'sn'1 ftlt *tll, a,rrang( (/Ul..4tswtal


'\r llri\ r(;rr r l,ufol'rl(.lc lc5(l \.li [! llri\r,,rl llose{cr. al t .l rllirrl({i llii!l{ired lllousdltri l, .l,trIJ Jild ta! nlLtr llllllqlll-t rltrltlt': I .rlrlil! i"r' 'll' I 'r,'llrr'lt ,\! i' l, il'(lllxtl.rt rii, rr, rr i., iu:,l,r k'fl 'rrtt rrl {irr* (rr I{illhr'f Su *hal s r'l,ilr1!"rt' \fi !:l! tX,'n rU(l ,., ilr,. i,..- !:rr\,'r\nl\1tr tltllr


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(t6ffi ur,S

Like many other Latih American counLries. partsicularly Argentinq, BrasiI, Paraguay, Bolivia and ChiIe, Uruguay has experienced a lons milibarldictatorship (1973-f984) marked by a constant violation of huriran rights and based on the doctrine of "national security", is the locaI version of bhe typical anti-comunism of the Cold tlar.


4tmier"fixrtuo d.olnG--.

Since the return t-o democracy in 1985, a great debate has passionately and deeply divided t.he people: Should we bring to justice the milil-ary responsible of crimes and atrocities? IL \.Jas necessat:y to go to a referendum in order to deal with the quest.ion and t-o appeace the people. It took place on il$umrn tl1r ffiuntl1 ApriI 15th 1989 and, to general surprise. the majority of Uruguayans (55%) raLified bhe l,aw of AmnisLy voted in l986 :f."o" *: .dt*.r, *f^^â&#x201A;Ź Nrr<sl,y under great pressure from the army and r,,hich erased any , mi li Lary responsibi I ity. c"'iq.Jc-,suc(s rp <ttl--, The armed forces abandoned power in 198.1, peacefully but not }./d l; bsd.-1+L++L' r.;ithout first obtaining a certain humber of guarantees and imposing certain conditions- !-or example, the Presidential elections of L9B5 won by Julio lvlaria Sanguinetti, took place trithin an atnrosphere of control.Led freedom trhich penalized Lhe Left: carrdidaLes were r.rniaj.rly banned, the Communist Party trad to change its name.. -The democratic forces only accepLed these conditions in order to hascen the departure of Lhe armed forces. (Uruguay r.ras the courlbry that had more political prisoners in relation to their population).

ffirn & A\


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L L f4\ d-'+14 ^^"dl ,rL;;ff+


ffif;ffitr"1oo-t5=v-_ ,t Cor,trtoe5frauM46ff>rrE

Each time that any attempt r^ras made to judge LorLures commit-

ted, the military chiefs refused emphaLically Lo accept any eventual procedurr: in thenarme of a principle for them beyond argumenE: "One does noE demand accounts of a conqueror". 'l'hey let it be knoun, threal-ened, that they were prepared bo re-take potrer " j. f i E vras necessary" . Under Lhese circumstancei, most citizens wiLhout doubts preferred to avoid another confrontation which could lead to a conflicl- Argentinian-typej wit.h regular attempts of Coup d7 Etat. They cho6e Lo vote in favour of amnest,y, of pardon, of forgeLLing. The right, once more, have given way in the face of threaLs- The democracy cannot guarantee the just punishrnent of torturers in hiqh places.


fflandelous, :f*., a-il.*-{g-ulit pr<rra otl'.# oto.;F * *,

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During the five years of democratic government. by Mr.Sanguinetti, the attif.ude of the armed forces was a Iit.tle less arroganE, bub j.n fact, bhe military affairs have benefited from a kind of aut-onomous sl-atus, Iike if the civit power would stop at. Lhe entrance of barracks. Ltithoub doubt it t^rould be exagerat.ed to say that Uruguay is a "democracy under surveillance". but we cannot say that the armed forces have kept independent If the debates related to the referendum had really stir the citizens passions, by contrasb, the general elections of November 26th 1989 t-ook place with a certain apathy. Mr.Sanguinetti, the departing President, could not constitutionally be re-elecced. At the hour of assessment, it is necessary to recognize that he did re-establish complete individual guaranl-ees and freedom. lle also had ambicious

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Earlque Ee11ev;h i-nttre w'ledon of the o])d.llhe o]td..trltes hect got ftj..right.If oou to belleve the theorSrr-th:t oae.rdileenrt'r€ally u:aieretend tFd,.'"';portsrxce "ug gntg-f of life lle last.quarter;gf, our,1-ivis;!he.lq-by consulting- thoee ryho are .

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ing: Iaxowledge, erpectfrgl that lo:owle dge to nake h1rn or her a happgr persorr, yet, what nas on! to eatn ttrrougtr tinovlegeilfnd errtand:tug? ft all geened eo po{ntless eiace 1t te.icee ug three qu.arters of our'llves to find. out that fih8t. re reallxn should heve done wo.s rell&tivelyrmcormectecl to what rre did.Irrique thought a3out: Pfato?s Protagorasr. a.nrl tre questioa vhether wlliue coulci,/can te taught 'or whethei rve were born vrith it?Er:rrlqrre vas of the.opinion that o-ne nust find a fine belance betveen bwllettge a-nri ignorance sol:as to achieve }rappyne;s, unllees one coutrd


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Once upon atime, there was a nonconforming sparrow who decided not to fly


south for the winter. However, soon the weatherturned so cold that he reluctantly -on i7.!:-l"r. ". ."";:*

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barnyard, almost frozen. A cow passed by & crapped on the little sparrow. The sparrow thought it was the end. But, the manure warmed him & defrosted his



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to breathe, he started to sing.





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Just then a large cat came


chirping,investigated the sounds. The cat cleaned

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away the manure, found the chirping bird & promptly ate








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wings. Warm & happy, able



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started tofly south. ln ashort time ice began to form on his wings & he fell to earth in a

by & hearing





Everyone who shits on you is not necessarily your enemy. 2) Everyone who gets you out of the shit is not necessarily your friend. 3) And, if you're warm & happy in a pile ot shit, keep your mouth shut.





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?'{Us 6rutreF[-; I rsad yourtitde hnzine and was not disappointed by he t0e Junk is pretty inrere,*n

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tL^s I read your litde

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hnzine and Iuas notdisappointed by the nde

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junk 6  

Thrown together at some point in 1992 in England (I think), encludes garbage from the usual bunch of social misfits: Alfredo Bloy, TG Wendo...