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3l f:l::,.;"'i"o5,,,ll!130, 0f what life has to hold Everythins is out of your control


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TA{$ARA ArNses,u &fiexg Ct,*,trdn\".\

Lhe daLe is may LrLh, 1992. for your informaLion as to uJhere the heck i am and urhat i am doing, i will nou.J tell you. the place i am residing in is ca]led SHAHATTAI^JA, MANITOBA. i caII it a p]ace because it's a tiny reserval-ion way the heck in the middle of nowhere, you cannot find it on a map. tj.ny is the key word here, there is about 5OO poople who live here, and i nould guess that Lhe majorily of those are children, people here don't knohl abouL conLracepLives and noone seems


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Lo r^rant to teach them about Lhem either. there are maybe 50-75 buil-dings on Lhe reserve, veyy uninhabitable looking * no front doors, jusL plywood covering the space where the door frame is; dirty grime covered windows uith blankets or no cover at all on them, some of the windous are gone and there are just plastic bags covering the frame; Lhere are outhouses Lo Lhe side or in the back, there is no running water or any pj-umbing syslems to Lhe majority of the buildings - r,rith the exception of the police, the nursing station, t.he crisis centre, and a few of the houses that the white people live in; and the yards are covered r^rith broken Loys or garbage of other sorts. the people here have nothing lo do but sniff gasoline out of socks(they dip it in the gasoline, put il over their noses and inhale), sniff nail polish, sni.ff plastic wood, sniff glue, make their own alcohol from potatoes or beans and yeast and juices, drink hai.rspray or alcoholic mouLhwash. yes it would be easier just to drink alcohol but this is a dry reser've. all o.F the above are not even all-owed to be brought on to the reseve - with the exception of potatoes, yeast and gasoline * because peopJ.e abuse them and sel^I them. a bottle of hairspray can sell for about 1OO$, a bottle of nailpolish goes for 35-40$, and if someone does smuggle a bottre of alcohol in , il can seII for close to 2oo$. the reason this is a dry reserve is because the people here Lend to get very violent. despiLe all the attempts to make it a dry reserve, almosL every day of Lhe week people are picked up by Lhe cops for being drunk or because they've been sniffing and they've gotten violent or molesled someone. i talked Lo the cop today who told me that last year there bJere 4 homocides, ouL of 5oo people. by comparison, in Lhe cily Lhere 'rouldcrose have to be saoo homocides to equar the rate here. i was lold that to looz of the peopLe here drink or sniff, there are abouL 5 who don,L. even the kids here walk around with plastic wood around their noses. the babies are given something to sniff urhen they cry because Lhe parents don't knour how else to keep them quiet, they have no parentar skiIls because Lhe majorily of the elders arere in Lhe residential schools in canada nhere they were molested and bealen and noL shown any rove. thaL's why alot of the children here are aLso moresled and beaten, iL's thought to be normal just tike a hug is. the education is pathetic, the teachers do nol seem to care. today i spenL a class with Lhe kids in grade 1, cuLe kids, aluays smiling at me and asking me quesLions. Lhe Leachers assi.slanl rrras workins with 6 students ulho urere alot slower than the others and they were doing math. i watched Lhem for a bit, the !.a- was helping the 2 students Nho were on either side of her and ignoring the rest, they were all trying to copy off each other to get Lhe work done. finally i had had enough and started hetping lhe others, i had to work one on one with Lhis one kid just so he could understand a paLlern of 4 2 4 2 4 2. it's so sad ro see these kids,and i'm sure thal alot of them are really smart but they just need betLer



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&teachers or a different method of teaching. they probably also need parent.s to give attention to what it is they are doing, to be fed haI.F 'JecentIy, and to stay off the sniffing. i also went to the grade Z-1O :classes. or tried to, there was only 2 students who had showed up for classes,1 girl in grade 9or 10 and 1 guy in grade 7. you would not , believe. the level of english that these kids qr-e at, they,re using readers that wo used in grade 3 or 4. some 6gp t.he sLudents go to class maybe once a month or once a week - there's rro discipline and Lhe Leachers i guess have just given up. oh yeah, another interesting 'thing Lhat happened today was that ahen i walked out of t-he school for grades k-2, Lhere was this group of people standing around Lheir quads (those 4-wheeler bikes) and one guy had this shotgun on his kneel I Iater on today i also saw another guy toting a shotgun who was drunkhe was also big and dirty and very mean looking. my mom told me he's one of the guys Lhat almost beat his wife to death last uleek, i think she was the one who had to be flown out of here because she was hurt so bad. this is where my job comes in. my mom has set up the crisis centre, it's for uomen who are trying to get away from their husbands or common ]aw husbands ulho are or have beaten Lhem up. so far there .haven't been too many women there, a few have gone back to Lheir husbands and a couple have tried to take the men to court- this is hard to do because the women are scared that their husbands are going rto kiII them - which happens, or that their husbands may get off and then make their life a living heII, or even Lhat they won't b6 able to 'survive without the income he brings in - most women here have at .least 3 kids by the time they a(e 2A-2L. this place just seems like a dead end, no ore cares lrhat happens to the people here, the government cares more about making the rest of the country to Iook good for the outside people. and Lhey stick these native people uho used to roam the land up into remote areas far from .anybody's sight, they give them money to get bx on, to try to do something for the community , and Lhe people here don't know how to (manage large sums of money, they've never been to school past grade 9 :in most cases. and there's noLhing here for them to do but drink and sniff,'try to forget Lhe pathetic reality that they live in. they have no hopes, no dreams anymore. what they have is 3*6 kids, no job, no opporLunities for jobs, a house with no running uJater, no toilets, dirly water from the river, nowhere to go, nothing to do, they don'L know rrow to love or to be loved, lhey have husbands tirat beat them and rape them, wives thaL take off on them and leave them with the kids, rthey have parents who sexualLy mo.Lestthem, bea! them, sLarve Lhem, (start them on sniffing. what kind of Iife is this? and the government :to just put it out of their minds and pretend Iike it doesn,l exist. can you even imagine a place such as this. in canada? anyhott, as much as i dislike it, i'm stilI hoping i can do something Lo help someone, even just one person. i'Il be helping out thal grade 1 cLass until^ school ends ,plus nhenever there is a chance (if one of Lhe workers calIs in sick) i'II be working aL Lhe crisis centl-e. Lomorrow i hopefully get to meeL the cheif, and i have many questions for him. so, oLher than that i'II be reading a]ot, i have 11 more books to read, and right now i'vg sj:aried abouL 4-5 of them. i'm into HOLY TERROR, 'a biographv on - who by the way is a very interesting 'fe]Iour, used to "r*dywarhol hdns out with burroughs and ginsberg, and also 'IROPIc oF CANCER, by henry milLer . slot^r going at the nroment

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the Lard lnformation


ft'icti ng l-hrorrgh some old papers T eome accross a pi L-f.ure Of )rorr Thaf" phot-ograph T t-ook of f t-he wal l, t_he one in Wales gaster 1 991 That- sect-icln my ltru'i sed hea rt had I oeked awav 1 ong ago fl oods braek i n a rllsl-)z sort- of way f t r i ecl so ha rtl t-o f o rget- vou S wake from t"hal- long h,eoritiful dreram T was al I owed t-o L."g enclllgh t-o be I i eve I t_wa s t_rue, or 1 et_ mysn lf go f,emember that- n i ght- we made I ove i n Gi bra I t.i r? !o 1'orr rnmember al I t-hose t-imes we swore et-ern i ty t-ogt+t And T am holding that- piet-rrre of ycrrl $omet-hi ng i nsr de teari ng a1, what- T t_r'ied so ha rd f-o hea -f, t>reak ry most- i mport-anl. rlt I e And I diOl yorrynumberEngaged. Wi I I you ever know l<-iss as T haveJ " gadness is always so fucking honest. $ta res nre i n t.he f aebTthe same wav vcru do ,r!l ,{i t-h t-hose beaut-i f ul gol den e}zes Sh'i f, , T nri gg

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lo- -. fr.rllr4. Alvgrnp rurrK$ rt AL?I$tck'r Co**'d t'<o* LAND. S ' 4 [arcn March 4 woke up at 8, had breakfast at the bagel joint,and did a couple hours of sork. Changed cr.rrrency, walked down to pentagon but ended up buying the cons at wings. Naturally we got the fruit of the loon t-shirts and some socks.chendo joined us at t4ichael's and fron thereon it was beers.I{e bought a six pack of Buds and a six paclc of coors' sat down to pray sone trazy eights and discuss chendo's life and in particular, his love life.AlfLe son his noney back at the -ards garne and to celebrate decided to go down to the Deli downstairs to buy a six-pack of t{i1ler beer.we'd go out to the stalrcase landing to snoke our ciqis as uike is really fussy about in his house.when l{ike arrived frou work, and after we'd grone to Ray's for a slice of Pizza, ve entered into a literary discussion on xabokov, Nietszche, Plato, Socrates and all those guys.He told us how one should approach books.To read only shat it says and to read with the only ain of pleasure (and knowledge), but without trying to analyse the whole thing first tine round (for if it's a good book you'll have time to read it again later and thus figrure ouf all those meaninqs...).chendo split at about


0bscure depths 0f hidden thoughts. Flashing colours That do not meet the eye. ashing odours That do nol fade. Like ink as time passes But stick and fasten Io the meat of the mind. Cl

Haunting echoes That remain within, Bounce from side to side, Shaping the edges of the mind. Scars that will not be sti-l i But must move until I 9o insane. A domain of psychadelic colours Psychopathic killers, Fierce as wel I as bright. l'lemories rise I rke the sun. Shadowy nightmares cl ose in

nidnight as he hadag llike continued natcl'

o'closk lecture, and Alfie, Nick and the Hendrix video.Atfie feil asfeef.


And Thoughts; Those thoughts, thoughts From which I cannot run.

The living

Hel1 goes on. av



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t{;!r{',1;r,J?rJi+:i*^t'";t*:}I t"&tts' lo v*'fi',q24 c-^ll r UlKe, -.. . t (bla.nFl' ( ULrl. l-Ic ft" t'avvr tt*" :. . L" h..azb"rlnu&? S$rcn i.aaht bl.5 1'?',tn*" ii{''Ji+t' +;i 4-";t l-b,s!.Aff il;fi" 's i"t"J +; ;;-k^1 i* 4veA/ I.y. {,bts ,. b;+'.l'' I

"*, I:' H,,i;14:,i ;i ;;1" "7:'t *:::del'ALl ry in-'4cAi {rceti it bi"k t; ,*'pn



L"?"-t-X; a'\ hlt '^^y & v K forz"Ais' clvh ' ?o-^y uzil[ hr'fc mc vuLf 9oorl."' Nr'"J< t] bc11'n1 +l.a $,< .q!,onL*s .otrans ,tk::r,&;,lif ',! Js+ l- 4+'^2+ $'ll'h1i.c-':^,.,1, Spn;n,




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"I mrst sEf, laur publicatior '.tr.rik' ratfrer

renLirded ne of sorettrlrg frcrn tle 6O's era..It was spcntarEcirs ard AErged with eIrergY.

(dcrr't tan: tnte ccnskuctitre criticisn) I ltLink 1ur need to better focrus and organise tte lourselve.s bv ctnnneulrg this force, or btr'l-11iant h"ajfftorrltiry will dissipate jrb rothingness (vrtn gd.ves a fircJ< an!&a!r, Irm rDt an artisb, b:t ratten a cold reptiuian beast)." HI^IEVER




In this poem first f threw some feathers on a page parting them three-quarters of the way down to let a childish beauty through. The hunchback in rny mouth came out and aggressively




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â&#x201A;Źldlf T1$;



planted himself on the bottom of the page. He looked up expectantly at me and then began a dry cracked tune. f swore f had dlscovered a new truth and tried to ravel everything together. The essential thing in a work of art is that it nust cohere. The hunchback refused to move until I wrote pages on pages of descriptions of the beauty of which he vras part. The feathers claimed that traditionally they were moved only by the rvi.nd and wouldn't let up until I promised to bring them the dark delightful child who would olayfully kick ther about with his little feet. The heart in the second line bemoaned its rather transitive role and hinted loudIy that among the great poets, the heart was al-ways a centerpiece, and not marginal. I had to assure it that it was not marginal but in fact a central rnetaohor of the Doem, whereupon the hunchback began scovrling rather fiercely. Stil-1, it haC to cohere. Who, asked the feathers, was it referring to? The hunchback with a yel-l of scorn saidr the child of coursel I tol-d him he was quite perspicaceous and the feathers nuttered that they didn't see that it necessarily followed anC that they were quite perspicaceous too, The hunchback continued naking scornful noises. The heart, nearrvrhile, turned to the child and dexranded that he stop running through the feathers and scattering ther, ever:./where until tire poem started. The feathers, feeling a bit breathless, wcre quick to second the heart. The child, sti-11 smiling, pushed the hunchback into the ditch, which had been sleeping aL1 that time" At that instant the Doen ended, fvrtKF A.? LT{V\Y,



ti f\ Fo) 6 c\l The Basketball Diaries and the Book of Nods Jim Carroll

Eaaunret.Dg} €glbrxG Uat{es'-fHr cgcrrf.r,ulfrs 4ye,, st+ltvL ., L."t< L,. * *f ro. \:[Zc

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a. vn"c rLP J c*rf se" ^ystlf,,,'\Y *hc o(trro4 oI ctlxt s\e f4 hl+-hqn{ q*"*lqs bl"r' b* frlo &rc,-vro tyas, nolhnl /*.+h,, t;tJejs 'h[*. 'U,; A"y o", ft. il"u', ttt"' Jlt;T1s tra wh^l


Tracked the singers congregated on scotch and water played-loud

or $z for three that-a litt hastr squealing girls chair standi_ng wave the rush of rock chasns of seiers


curly black Queens metal slan pushed by a uustache later at birds nore final solution white powder strarv and nimors in at least two ways nissed a reunion that carne between a girlf s intent of 3zfO show:ine but hunting four hours for oien driuk later while the bodiceor even soft look of repeated to ne belongs rolls tonomov stare what tirne and hangs out 19n9. enough agd shrilly-kiovrledge l:.1,"!y, cour_d have been i-f alone whj-ch is repeated always as a black sleeveless shiit bends down touch the video quarters for bird-shaped lighfs swoop to the cup. tst/ Mr<= fiems -1135

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fifth ovenue restouront cofe Breokfosl. lunch Dinner

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SouYhern Cuisine

Feoturino fhe verv bef BBQ Babv'Bock Ribs & Chic'ken'n Woffles in New York Greot Food ot

Affordoble Prices Full Service Bor '1325 sih ovenue

(Corn€r of 'l'lih stre6l)



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f If,,,?[ "w htf. ya<.r Je, *h;h ylci.J sor,-\. -;J fl 1Erifr slnrrolow, GlB3-:trtj;I"*ff c*lZrrds nrhrr€ *,L;L';:=-,':: W :l * . \-- b,




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eY {#=Do


Most of you by now will

have heard of Velvet u"J.a"."""a and will f,.r" *o.J"-r;;- ;;;; v.u. is arr auoutl ;;".; ii camâ&#x201A;Źr f ram and ,ii *"1!'-ai. members of this i""".a"|" group. You have Lou Reed, well tiii"ll;;:;;--"; i=- *tt.r" he cane *rom. 1or R;"; recently said i" -tO that it took th;"n-i"t".rri=^ ,;;i;. years to appreciai"' ln"-v.u. rnaterial and that he hooed it wouldn't take l" """ln"r-5o-

-_,,_. _ Hot{ever, V'U' only lasted until 1970, the same year that also split up. The .the_Beatles ye:rs L t69-lg7L were turning points for the bands of the t"li'lI this period ever be 11I: forgotten: the three legends, Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix i:it: Morrison died, leaving :l1.Jtt rheir legacies to influence music trendsi these i:::t" *:1" also the days that witnessed Charlie Manson (ex-



Yet V.u.'s 50ngs extend to the almost .f conventionat -S (conventional l????l l**) in I ,ipate ef r* Eyes,,, in which FT Reed expresses his weariness, i 4 anger and self-doubt. This ii eA-: t a lrully beautiful song which is a Eort of comfromise 9-'S t betkreen Lou Redd's world and t +i ours. i A "Sweet Jane" which appeared in t i Loaded, !97o, v.u.'s last i 3t\\

::ru;::lr.;;;;;-;;;i'--"='l ::::#:,,,i:ii:ti". ;i::: l:j ffi:r=;::l-:==:::i:,':l::i *""a "family" slayecl movie stars' *Iiii"n of our oori.q' v.u. released their first ;j5!:;."".,;:ij.,;:.", ,F+;# lili:l !iF;;i,:+.i:::":.:l ::f::i,1t,...t1.."1i"3" n!1" (the same year tha-t ihe Doors. :::-. t"o"==t (he Later hung and into typical Reed cynici;'r in prison) These rereased theirs). i;;="";;; l::-selfthe days of v'u' ' "'-i"r""i were '' fol lowed by Underoroundr- White Heat/White rr^r-----..^J were the Liqht, vu G.--=;;f;ifi; ll:^- '"o=tqround "rrd, r_i.r* -t I,t"*.= r"ir"l-IiiiJ: ::::":"::,,"1_:l:_,avant-earde


:!:f=;"!l;":.1:t"::;;.:*"j:: days when attitude chanqes were takins prace towarJ;-;;;;

olio='nin,l;^ , :;:: _^ ^-,'_ in

the individual. Chanoe=--*ni.n -h:.r ef:F+Err ;;: had started back -in . the ".-;--;^ ,,e="i f if ties ti= Generation,,-

."*::: *=::"-::":;:::l ^:: = :: >P' uu L ?[:; :";:i;::; than ' ;:;:i berr the 7os' -fi: remembers,

:::?.:i vir'l eE u-P!LL<u --- "" uerrrg a remark made by Brlan Lr,o, which uras, that although ':.U. ': f irst album only sold a fL-vJ thougand copies, every per-Eon who bought it formed a

}ha5F+er6d}ha;;--;^:-itr'1.IuenceCanonlybedepicLed the arts and the freedom of - .

of five ro narne a rew who wEre members. Reed' the band's -bano. influenced by v.U- on stage or lvricist and lead guitarist, on vinvt are, R.E.M., 6.y.. eventual ly u'.u: . left Ferry, David Bowie, patty l" initiate a relatively smith and rhe cowboy Junkies. successful solo career, but waq plasued by his days or one or their most ramous,.anct heroin addiction and past best songs (Nick disagr""=) i= homosexual experiences e'g' "Heroin" which, through his relationship with David Reed's lyrics, takes us into a Bowie. John cale who vJae dark. painfully truthful trip The band was composed








V.U. live

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we should not forget to mention "I'm Waiting for The I'lan", one of my favourites (Alfie), which is about a local dealer making his clients wait for their score. (trjve me "Femme Fatale,, anytime - Mags)


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