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Oedraogo W. Harouna

I chose Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot as an artist to research because I like his painting style; how he uses brush strokes and slightly desaturated colour palette to create his signature paintings. Although his paintings do not particularly capture a tribal aspect like how I wanted my final project to appear, I do think his painting style could inspire the way I paint my final piece (if I chose to create a painting) instead of the scenes or images. However, saying this, a lot of his paintings are portraits, which I am considering painting as an option for my final piece. His paintings are also very dark, which is how I envisioned an idea for my final piece.

Oedraogo W. Harouna captures the real essence and power of African tribal paintings; the splatters of colour, mixing dark and bright tones. I think I could use this in my project quite effectively, not necessarily this style of painting but I will defiantly try and capture the same power and effect these tribal images have.

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot


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