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It is with great pride that BLOW has partnered with ABSOLUT Fringe 2011. We have assembled fifteen Dublin-based photographers to capture this Brave New World as it unfolds in our city. Our community of photographers will document all the magic and the mystery of Dublin’s largest multi-disciplinary arts festival. These images will be published in six online editions of BLOW Photo Magazine available to download throughout the festival. These editions will go live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting from today for the duration of ABSOLUT Fringe. A collector’s edition of the finest images will be available to download at the end of the Fringe festival. Join us in celebrating this Brave New World.

WHERE DO I START | photographer: richard walshe

company Nyree Yergainharsian

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contact blow 46 north great clarence st, dublin 1, phone: (01) 4304905 | | advertising enquires +353 1 4304905, Acknowledgments with big thanks to all those who have contributed to this issue: the whole AF team and specially to Wendy, Tom and Kamil. copyright All material appearing in blow is subject to copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from the editor is prohibited. BLOW is published in Dublin by D-light Studios and Stargaze Productions

issue one

12 september

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I am AFRAID... company me&him&you

There is a feeling of fear and uncertainty in our country. Some people are afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of not being able to pay back loans, afraid their kids will have to emigrate. What are you afraid of? This is perfect therapy for a city, a population, a community.

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I am AFRAID...

I AM AFRAID... | photographer: emila krysztofiak

PAGE | 11


MAN OF VALOUR | photographer: jamie tanner

company The Corn Exchange

no man’s LAND company Fergal McCarthy

PAGE | 15

no man’s LAND

NO MAN’S LAND | photographer: simon lazewski

PAGE | 17

BLOW Photo Magazine Established in July 2010, and published quarterly, BLOW is Ireland’s first large format photography magazine. Aimed at photographers of all disciplines, BLOW has set out to offer a platform for both Irish and international image makers to have their work seen, debated and discussed. BLOW endeavors to unite seasoned photographers and passionate enthusiasts by providing a carefully selected collection of images to challenge and excite. The running theme of this magazine is photography itself, in all its guises.

BLOW is being distributed in various locations in many galleries, art spaces and cafĂŠs around Ireland and internationally. It is also available on-line on BLOW Photo Magazine website. The magazine runs competitions for single image and editorial (3-6 images). Submissions are free of charge if posted with the special coupon attached to previous issue. The next issue will be landscape and architecture issue and is coming out at the beginning of October. For more information please visit the BLOW Photo Magazine website and join us on Facebook. PAGE | 19

do you read ME

DO YOU READ ME | photographer: diarmuid cooney

company Talking Shop Ensemble and Shaun Dunne

We’ve walked away from the church, we still don’t trust the Dáil and we’re hiding our money under our mattresses. Our Grannies lit candles. We don’t know what to do, so this summer we’re meeting mediums. We’re re-aligning our chakras and re-acquainting ourselves with the dead… possibly. This is what happened before, during andafter those meetings. We don’t know what to expect but we know one thing for certain... if this works, it changes everything.



send us your pictures


Take the best of your shots picturing the spirit of ABSOLUT Fringe and you will get published in one of the six special editions of BLOW Photo Magazine.

Send your favorite images, but more than three in web ready resolution (up to 150dpi, jpeg format) to

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I have no bed. I’m an adult woman without a bed. I’m making a new one and I’m inviting you in. Bums to bums she says, it’s not healthy to sleep with your knickers on. I’ve smothered mine for years. I’m tired of being passive, I only want to say what’s true. He never asks me, just does it. Pillow talk, not polite conversation. I’m not on any ladder, I’m in a bed. I’m going to talk to you Come on in, you’re in your Granny’s.

company Veronica Dyas

in my BED

PAGE | 25

in my BED IN MY BED | photographer: dorje de burgh

PAGE | 27

eternal rising OF THE SUN company HotForTheatre

ETERNAL RISING OF THE SUN | photographer: vanessa carvalho


company Arroo Abu Theatre Company

my word is MY BOND

MY WORD IS MY BOND | photographer: hugh mccabe

PAGE | 31

AUTOBIOGRAPHER | photographer: monika chmielarz

Melanie Wilson wraps her audience in a tender, poetic and thrilling new work, featuring a bold and electrifying score of voice and sound. Combining a lyrical text, truly immersive staging, and Wilson’s enigmatic and compelling performance style, Autobiographer draws us into the unravelling mind of the central character Flora. Voiced by multiple performers, Flora reveals a curious and evocative portrait of a life refracted through the lens of dementia.


company Melanie Wilson Presented by Melanie Wilson and Fuel

PAGE | 33

The glacially cool electro-pop explosion that is FM Belfast are back from Reykjavik after ripping up our festival club last year to a sold-out crowd. A chronically eclectic blend of digitised synth and audience interaction ensure their gigs never disappoint: get ready to jump, squat, kneel and mosh for the entire, ridiculously high energy set featuring anything from 3 to 30 members. Explosive, unpredictable, charming and so much fun it’s actually unreal/ amazeballs/bleedin’ deadly buzz. So good they’ll make you Síle Seoige all over the place.

fm BELFAST company FM Belfast

FM BELFAST | photographer: paul gaffney

twenty TEN company THEATREclub

TWENTY TEN | photographer: simon curran

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list OPERATORS company List Operators

PAGE | 39

LIST OPERATORS | photographer: michelle geraghty


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