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LAUGH So we are half way through the ABSOLUT Fringe 2012 We have already had a lot of fun, experienced some magic moments, seen funny, weird and mind blowing performances; and there are still many shows which are about to open the doors to the audiences this week. At his point we would like to thank every theatre company, venue, actor, crew and staff member that have cooperated with our team of blow photographers over the past week. Our team were given freedom to enter the theatre world, chat with producers, work with actors to try to capture the spirit of the festival. The feedback from our first three online issues has been more than positive. So the play time is not finish yet, there is still a lot to come, a lot to see and experience, to define ourself with no limits of imagination. As always we encourage any comments or suggestions, in particular any feedback relating to our online issues. Visit to view all the issues and to get in touch.

karolina | project manager

singlehood | photo: ste murray

Are you SINGLE? Have you never been SINGLE? Do you wish you were SINGLE? Welcome to Singlehood. Just people talking about their lives, loves and longings. And it’s all true. Seriously.

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issue FIVE

Dead Cat Bounce...Clowns

The WAVE Red Bear Productions

This is what we do for a living

Broadening Glass Doll Productions

I’m not ADHD... I’m BoLD Wicked Angels


The Cockroach and the inventor

TIME BOMB Liz Nilsson and Kay Scorah

Cymbology Foil, Arms and Hog

BE RIGHT BACK Waterdonkey

DISCONNECTED The Collective Theatre Company


The Healthy Lovely Ladies The Fumballinas

SOUVENIR Bush Moukarzel

FUNK Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre cover photo: mark henderson

Dead Cat Bounce

Tumble Circus



Dead Cat Bounce... clowns company: dead cat bounce photo: martin tarkowski

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The Wave company: red bear productions photo: kevin des keane

History teacher Mr Quinn is disgusted with his pupils’ apathy towards images of the death camps in World War II. He decides to do an experiment and start a fascist movement in the classroom, with himself as the leader. Very soon it gets out of control.

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This is what we do for a living company: tumble circus photo: ronan hurley

Peel back the canvas: Tumble Circus reveal the truly human side of the circus. No fanfare or sequins, quite simply the extraordinary skill and passion of two carnies on a life-long adventure.

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Broadening company: glass doll productions photo: oliver kehoe smith

“I’ve been looking into you. In a way, this all revolves around you. I believe it will be you who will push this experiment into true revelation.” The premise was simple, a no-brainer. A matter of playing house. Like kids. They would be looked after. Every need catered for. Just a few days of their time in the name of science. They couldn’t have known what would happen. They didn’t set out to do the things they did. It wasn’t their fault.

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I’m not ADHD... I’m BOLD company: wicked angels photo: kevin des keane

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SAINT company: fibin teo photo: owen o’connor

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What the hell happened to us? We used to be happy f***kers of the European party! But of course Paddy did the dog and made a complete idiot of himself. We just had to drag the arse out out it. But what a story! What a party!

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The Cockroach and the Inventor company: macnas photo: owen o’connor

A giant Cockroach Inventor and his able troupe of clown scientists and engineers stumble into town with their tale of invention and wizardry. Conjuring up crazy inventions and molecular muddles, blowing things up, bellowing out sounds and confusing themselves; creating wild happenings that range from the caustic to the hilarious!

TIME BOMB company: liz nilsson and kay scorah photo: simon lazewski

In our bodies we hold the stories that create us. From these stories, we make our art. What’s the story that makes us who we are? Hear us dance our past. See us paint our children.

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Cymbology company: foil, arms and hog photo: sally-anne kelly

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Be Right Back company: waterdonkey photo: ronan hurley

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Cyberspace is not very old. But Irish mythology tells of another place where time is suspended. There, everyone is young and beautiful. Narrative is fractured as Yeats meets the world of ones and zeroes. Spectators and audience ride white horses across the cybersurface. Together and apart, they play in multiple spaces, the private realm of the imagination and the blue light world of the internet.

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DISCOnnected company: the collective theatre company photo: mark henderson

Wanna go clubbing? Cut loose. Let go. Hit the dance floor. Let your hair down. Kick off your shoes. Lose yourself. Find yourself. Get off your head. Get out of your mind. Find love. Break up. Break down. Break dance. Fall down. Mess around. Bed bound. Head down. Throw up. Thrown out. Face down. Who to blame? Walk of shame. Pass out. Best. Night.

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EfterklanG and the Major Lift Orchestra company: efterklang photo: simon lazewski

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The Healthy Lovely Ladies Exercise Studio For Maximum Sex Attraction company: the fumballinas photo: simon lazewski

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Souvenir company: bush moukarzel photo: ryan devereux

“It’s human to seek out what hurts us” — Marcel Proust. I’m afraid the news is not good. You have a serious case of Life. It’s terminal. As far as we know, no one survives Life. But wait. I’ve something to show you. Be a spectator in your own absence.

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LAUGH out loud

FUNK company: dylan quinn dance theatre photo: mark henderson

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Mark Henderson

Owen O’Connor

Simon Lazewski

Arther Maure


John Loftus

Ste Murray

Ryan Devereux

Mike Donnelly

Sally-Anne Kelly

Kevin Des Keane

Ronan Hurley

Hugh McCabe


Martin Tarkowski eventphotographic

Karolina Schlagner

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