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Hello readers! Welcome to our ver!:J first issue of The St!:Jie Guide, a collaboration between me, Louise, and m!:J ver!:J talented members. The idea for the St!:Jie Guide was borne from m!:J desire to create fresh and exclusive content to inspire !:JOU, m!:J lovei!:J readers, and showcase the exceptional talent, knowledge and creativitbl of the The Autumn Issue focusses on inspiration to create !:JOUr ver!:J own Autumn wedding, combining the classic tones of copper, contemporar!:J monochrome twist.

bronze and gold with a

As well as our online content, this download

contains exclusive information and ideas from the team. We hope !:JOU enjo!:J reading it as much as we enjo!:Jed creating it!

get the full bouquet recipes~~ This is a fantastic time of !:Jear, and far from being bereft of flower choice, the Autumn bride has much to choose from - interesting foliages and unusual flowers, with texture, form and shape giving a new meaning to wedding displal:Js and bouquets. For a purei!:J indulgent Autumnal bouquet, I created a loose hand tied arrangement with three feature flowers nestling amongst a seasonal mix of copper spra!:Jed foliage. For a more budget-conscious bride, a slightll:J rustic, loose hand-tied bouquet comprising a varietl:J of different materials along with the more traditional ever!:Jdal:J rose is a beautiful choice. bl:J blue skl:J flowers












get the monogroom downlod~~ This gorgeous monochrome and copper stationerh:J suite is a modern take on Autumnal sth:jle. With it's slick palette and touch of sparkle it appeals to the contemporarh:J bride. It combines pretth:j handwriting with clean, minimal fonts to add a feminine touch to the overall look. To finish the look for the shoot we added beautiful black 8 gold ribbons, some Autumnal leaf tags and a verh:J sparklh:J gold envelope liner! This a reallh:J simple concept h:JOU do with \JOUr own wedding stationerh:J to add that extra something.

simple steps to

0 r~.v

golden glow

To achieve a gorgeous golden glow, start bh:J preparing the skin with a suitable moisturiser and primer. Fill the brow with a brow powder to define and shape. Use an eh:Je shadow primer followed bh:J a soft cream eh:Je shadow from lash line to brow bone, and then add a pale gold eh:Je shadow creating contour with a soft greh:J shadow making the eh:Je pop. Applh:J a thin gel liner on the lash line for a polished look. A coat of mascara and a set of flutterh:J lashes complete the e\:jes. Once the e\:jes are complete create a flawless foundation finish and set with translucent powder before contouring with bronzer and soft coral toned blush and illuminator to keep the look fresh. A nude lip pencil and peachh:J lipstick with a dab of gloss finishes the bridal look. bh:J ana ospina h:JUki fung





"Autumn evokes a sense of

With a rich, and sometimes bold palette used elsewhere in the look, the dresses and accessories remain distincti!J feminine but in keeping with the seasonal palette using antique rose, butter!J golds and ivor!J tones. bride: top 8 skirt bl::J Otadu!J at Luella's Boudoir £950 (skirt); £450 (top); bohemia pearl 8 bronze bridal crown bl::J Victoria Millesime £160 bridesmaid: Emma bl::J Maids to Measure £225; Autumn Glow Vintage Side Tiara bl::J Victoria Millesime £165

As the nights draw in and the layers pile on Autumn is the perfect season for hearty, warming dishes that provide a real comfort as we eagerly await Christmas. We used a selection of seasonal produce to create a delicious array of canapes, small dishes and a delicious roast pork belly main course. Our Roasted Butternut Risotto and Chilli-con-carne dishes provide great pops of colour in keeping with the season and make ideal smaller dishes to serve at gatherings around an open fire, they can also be made well in advance and produced in large quantities making the perfect fuss free party solution! by kalm kitchen

roosted butternut squash risotto

1kg butternut squash peeled

Toss the squash, oil and sage together and roast at 220C/fan

and cut into bite-size chunks,

200C/gas 7 for 30 minutes until it is brown and soft.

save the peelings 1 small squash, hollowed out

To repare the risotto bring the stock to the boil and keep on a

3tbsp olive oil 1

low simmer. In a separate pan, melt half the butter, and soften

bunch sage leaves

the onions over a medium heat. Stir in the rice until coated.

11/2 liters of vegetable stock 50g butter

Pour in the wine and simmer until totaii!J evaporated. Add the

1 onion, finei!J chopped,

stock, a ladleful at a time and stirring the rice over a low heat

300g risotto rice (we used Ar-

for 25-30 minutes, until the rice is cooked al dente, the risotto


should be cream!J and slighti!J soup!J.

1 small glass white wine 50g parmesan or vegetarian al-

Fr!J the sage leaves E. butternut peel and set aside. When the

ternative, finei!J grated

squash is cooked, mash half of it to a rough puree and leave half whole. When the risotto is just done, stir though the puree, add the whole chunks of squash then add the cheese and butter and leave to rest for a few minutes. Serve the risotto with fried sage leaves and butternut shavings to garnish

notes from a photographer I love Autumn weddings! The light is soft 8 flattering and rich, warm tones of Autumn leaves create a wonderful backdrop/setting to tell the storh:J of the dah:J. As with all seasons, Autumn brings it's own challenges and considerations for h:JOU and \JOUr photographer so I've put together some ideas for all h:JOU lovelh:J Autumn brides to think about. Making the most of the gorgeous, soft light, most of mh:J couple portraits are shot outdoors and this enables me to use the colourful trees 8 leaves all around as a backdrop - setting the scene and using the colours to tell the storh:J. When shooting indoors, I look for interesting backdrops - i.e. colourful walls, wooden beams etc to give the images that warm, Autumnal feel. When shooting weddings in Autumn, the light is softer a lot earlier in the dah:J, which means that the so-called 'golden hour' just before sunset comes around quicker than it would in Summer. Making the most of the golden tone of the light, the majorith:J of mh:J images would be backlit - using the setting sun to create a golden halo around mh:J couple. During this colourful time of \:jear, h:JOU can be as creative as h:JOU like with the setting around h:JOU. Golden leaves 8 trees all around create a wonderfullh:J colourful setting for couple portraits and using the leaves, branches and golden grass to tell their Autumnal love storh:J, works reallh:J well. Make the most of the gorgeous setting bh:J using Autumn inspired 'props' like a rustic blanket and other fun ideas to create a cosh:J setting. bh:J anneli marinovich

"use colours to tell the storbJ"

odd a golden glow Autumn is a time to ntroduce warmth with texture and candlelight to set the scene and create a welcoming haven for friends and famillJ. Our brass candle houses will look perfect glowing between rustic decor and autumn foliage. Nestle a tea light or small candle within them to make the windows glow like a true cit[J in darkness. Our limed spruce cones will add texture and interest to \JOUr mantle or windowsill for a timeless displalJ in beautiful shades of grelJ and white. For perfecti[J presented presents with an autumnal feel,


Autumn leaf tags ore ideal for labelling gifts whilst decorating them too. BeautifulllJ packaged in a wooden gift box thelJ will also make a wonderful present for anlJ craft lover. blJ rowen E. wren

indulge ... Our Autumnal desserts are filled with rich spices and a touch of sugar. Of all the things l:JOU might find on a dessert table, popcorn is the one for sharing! It evokes classic image of snuggling up and enjo!:Jing each other, This salted caramel treat is served in jars alongside paper bags allowing guests to help themselves. Rustic mini cakes in spiced carrot and orange hit the spot when it comes to both autumnal st!:Jie and flavour. Presented in a uniform platter with a 'freshi!:J baked' look and vintage mini doilies, the!:J're prettl:J and ver!:J inviting. A good size too, also means l:JOU could go back for more!

Vanilla cake pops with cinnamon buttercream are dipped in creamy white chocolate and decorated with rustic bronze leaves and flowers, tied with a black voile ribbon for a modern pop. by karenanna

"there are a few logistical considerations for autumn weddings" Autumn is o beautiful season to get

married in. The colours nature

produces ore simpi!::J breathtaking and instontll::J conjure up visions of rooms bathed in candle light and the worm glow of o log fire. So autumn brides, run with it.

There ore o few logistical and operative elements to consider

for autumn weddings though. There is of course the fact that it gets dark eorll::J and !::Jou'll need to bear that in mind in terms of the flow of !::JOUr dol::J.

The main things I look out for ore to make sure l::JOU and !::JOUr guests ore neither cold nor wet. Whilst !::Jou'd of course be hoping for o crisp and sunnl::J dol::J, be prepared for rain and make sure l::JOU hove brollies on stond-bl::J. And look out for venue specific challenges. I hod o wedding once where guests hod to walk o short distance on o gross surface between the path and the entrance. To ovoid soggl::J feet, we put down o 'decked path' across the lawn. And cold, never be cold. I olwol::Js hove hand wormers for ml::J brides on stondbl::J. Thel::J're pure lifesavers so make sure l::JOU hove some hidden owol::J, especioii!::J if l::JOU plan to do some romantic outdoor shots.

Nothing is more frustrating than planning o spectacular fireworks displol::J and then having all !::JOUr girll::J guests huddle bl::J the door because thel::J don't wont to freeze outside. Hand out poshminos or nice fleecl::J blonkets.Thel::J con be shored two at o time, making it even more romantic to gaze up at on illuminated skl::J. And isn't shoring bodl::J warmth the best WO!::J to combat cold? Oh what o thoughtful host and hostess l::JOU ore! bl::J bride8glorl::J

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see the full stbJie guide 8 more at www.blovedweddings .com

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