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b.loved’s guide to pinterest what is pinterest? Pinterest is an online tool for finding, collecting and sharing images from websites and blogs, you might like to think of it as a virtual scrapbook! With a predominantly female user base, and a reported 79% of brides signed up, Pinterest is one of the biggest recent revolutions in the wedding industry. The main advantages of Pinterest over magazine cuttings or saving images onto your computer are ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Pins can be easily organised into different categories (called boards) Boards can be shared with other Pinterest users Pinning an image automatically saves the original source – so you can easily return to the original image or blog post (handy for purchases or finding more inspiration) You can follow all your favourite blogs and brands, and select categories to follow – so you always have relevant inspiration to hand There are millions of images already pinned which you can save to your own boards Upload your own images & photos iPhone and iPad apps for pinning on the go Quickly share ideas with your mum, mother in law, bridesmaids… oh and the groom!

how can it help plan my wedding? With all your favourite bloggers, wedding professionals and fellow brides regularly pinning their own content and their favourite online finds, there’s TONS of inspiration all ready there and waiting to be discovered without you having to read every blog out there (which let’s be honest might take a while!!) The search function allows you to quickly find images, the more specific the search term the better the results. a pinterest glossary Pin – this is how you add images to Pinterest. You can pin images from any online source, provided the author has not set any restrictions) There are lots of ways to pin your images, which are detailed in the next section Repin – repinning is simply pinning an image already pinned by another user from the Pinterest website or apps Board – boards are a great way to organise your pins, from weddings, home and fashion, to flowers, cakes and diy ideas you can give your boards any name you like, and assign them to Pinterest categories to allow other users to find your content more easily Secret Board – a secret board is a way of hiding your inspiration from other Pinterest users (who otherwise can see all of your pins) This is great for keeping your ideas secret, perhaps your wedding dress ideas! It’s also particularly useful for industry professionals planning styled shoots and product launches

b.loved’s guide to pinterest Group Board – you can share any board (secret or not) with other Pinterest users – a great way to involve your wedding party and family in your plans and saving hundreds of emails of the perfect bridesmaids dress Like – liking pins is a quick and easy way of saving images to refer back to at a later date, and also brilliant on group boards where collaborators can let you know what they think of a certain ideas Comment – anyone can comment on your pins (unless they are on a secret board) so it’s a great way to share ideas and information!

getting started Sign up to Pinterest HERE To get started Pinterest will recommend boards to follow based on your interests, When you click on a topic, a list of the most popular boards will be displayed for you to follow.. The most recent pins from these boards will populate your feed to begin with.

how to pin There are a number of different ways to pin images. The easiest method is to install the ‘Pin It’ button from

Simply drag and drop the red Pin it button onto your toolbar and it will permanently remain there whatever site you are browsing. When you spot an image you want to save, click the button and it will open a new window showing all the images on the page. Select the image you want to pin, which board to pin to and add a comment about the pin (always a useful reminder!) Most blogs also now hove a ‘Pin It’ button built into their site, which will show up when you hover over an image, easy peasy!


b.loved’s guide to pinterest how to find more inspiration! When you log in to Pinterest (or click the Pinterest logo), you will see all the latest pins from the . people you follow in your feed.

You can find more relevant pins by selecting a category of pins by clicking on the red box in the left hand corner, and selecting a category

b.loved’s guide to pinterest how to find more inspiration! Search for pinners you know by entering their username in the search box, and then click ‘Pinners’ . the right hand side. Click the follow button to follow all the users boards on

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Search for specific images using the ‘pins’ option. Hover over the image to pin. You can also click on the original pinner and discover more of their pins – this is a great way to find new pinners to follow!

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b.loved’s guide to pinterest who to follow These are some of my favourite wedding pinners, and a great place to start!! Click on the profile to get started. You can follow individual boards or follow all for even more inspiration. . Best of the UK

Best of the US

Best of the rest .

b.loved’s guide to pinterest want to know more?! This guide covers the basics, but if you want to learn more about pinning for your wedding, or business, get in touch for a 1 hour Pinterest consultation!

b.loved's Guide to Pinterest  

My step-by-step guide to planning your wedding with Pinterest.

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