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BLOUDER Valentine’s Day Special

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Kyler J. Hendricks is really excited for his new life in a new town. But what about the dirty little secrets that he is keeping? He thought he left his past behind. But someone knows what happened two years ago in New York City. A voice from the past has begun to haunt his present. As buried family mysteries are revealed, new lies must be made. Sometimes we have to lie. But how long can someone keep secrets? Eventually, they will come out. Secrets are the worst, and you have to hide them every time by creating a new lie. Some people die because of lies and secrets, and others are still alive because of them.



9 EMERGING STAR 8 Krishna Sheshnath Singh


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February 2018

ON THE COVER Models: Giuliano Meneghin & Amanda Sparapan Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre


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February 2018



This is the time of the year when the desire to love and be loved is so palpable that you can almost see it. That’s correct — it’s February, a month of love. Love makes us strong. It makes us feel good. Love can challenge us. Love gives deeper meaning to life. Love is pain. Love is romance. There are different definitions and meanings of love for different people around the world. But I believe LOVE IS LOVE.

Photographer: Dhananjai Madaan

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Love Is Love... don’t be just loud


Love is unconditional. It is that feeling when we only care about our partner. Love can never be a crime. Regardless of gender, sexual preference or the color of your skin, love is equal for everyone. Everyone should have the right to fall in love with whomever they want. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. The only thing that matters is: Are you in love? Or are you ready to fall in love? On the cover are Giuliano Meneghin and Amanda Sparapan, who met each other on a casting and fell in love. We also covered the story of a couple who met on social media and are now happily married. Daniil Volkovskii is our model of the month. The February issue also features Jason Shah, who shared his story with us and an exclusive art collection by Jeannette Burch. We interviewed Satoshi Aoyama, whose photography is his passion. Emanuele Gagliardi shared his body transformation experience, with us, and we also feature an exclusive dress collection by Sofia Burshtein. For this issue, we also interviewed Yasar Ali, who is ready to take his career to the modeling industry. I am extremely thankful for all of you, our readers. You inspire us to continue to do what we love. Your involvement in social media by liking photos and sharing our posts are what keep us motivated. So, thank you for being a part of the team. We hope you will continue to enjoy our magazine and to celebrate life, love and happiness with us every day.

JASKARAN S. DHILLON EDITOR Instagram: @jaskaransdhillon

EMERGING STAR Last Goggle search? Seventeen years old Krishna Sheshnath Singh is our Emerging Star Contest Winner. He lives in Jalgaon. He want to make his mark in modeling and acting. He’s very passionate about photography.

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of the MODEL MONTH Featuring



Photographer: Michael Balaev

BLOUDER Model of the Month


MAN ON FIRE Daniil Volkovskii Photographer: Julia Soroka Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

“Modeling aids me to develop, to improve and to learn myself.”

Did you always want to be in the modeling profession? When was the first time you realized you wanted to take it up as a career? There were many times when I wanted to work in the modeling profession. Honestly, I had some thoughts when I was a child (approximately 5-6 years). I was asked by adults about whom I would like to be. I had two answers: a model or a president. You see, I had really enormous ambitions! I was thinking about modeling when I was an adolescent because I really liked the way men and women looked. It was so fashionable, so gorgeous, and so unique! I started understanding that fashion is the way you express yourself and your inner world. However, I had no opportunities to do it because of many objective reasons. I just could watch TV and dream… Many people were telling me to take an attempt in the modeling industry, but I considered it was not serious. I was hesitating mainly because I had not an appealing appearance, special knowledge and skills for it. All in all, I decided to try when I was 19 years old. I started as a photo model (fitness model). I liked it so much and wanted to go on (Why not?). Moreover, the photographer I worked with told me that I was a very creative, handsome and interesting personality. In addition to this, it was pleasure to work with me despite the lack of my experience as it was my first time! By the way, I was attracted by photo modeling; I desired to try it long ago. And my little dream came true! My modeling fire began burning! Are you working fulltime as a model or do you also work next to it? Currently, I am studying at state university of Saint-Petersburg. I am the third year student of the faculty “Advertising and public relations in Politics and GR.” Maybe, I will be a president as well! (Haha!) Everything is possible, but now I tend to be a model.

I have recently started working as a model. Now it looks like a hobby, but I want it to be more serious. I take part in fashion shows, photosets and videos to get necessary experience that will assist me later. I am just entering into the world of fashion, but doing it confidently. I know that I have a tremendous desire and potential to make a successful career as a model. Let’s see! How do prepare yourself before a shoot? I understood that a person should get satisfaction and pleasure from any action or process. If he gets it, it will mean that everything is OK. That is why I always set on gaining good and positive emotions from shooting. Also, I try to investigate the sphere or life aspect I am going to work with and in. It helps me turn on and work as a professional. I read, I watch, I think, I analyze. It is a good and useful job! I need to play my role perfectly to get a nice result! It should be realized before starting working. What do you love the most about being a model? Actually, I love getting pleasure and unforgettable feelings from being a model. It is difficult, but it is worth it. There are so many aspects to work with: different stories, different tasks, and different emotions. Every time you open your acting skills, body opportunities, character traits. Definitely, it enriches your life and your personality. I love becoming a stronger, deeper and more comprehensive person. Modeling aids me to develop, to improve and to learn myself. Have you reached your dream assignment yet? If not, what would that dream assignment be? Of course, no! I have really great dreams and goals. My biggest dream is to become an inspiration for the whole world. I want to show that beauty and health are very significant things. Also, I want to bring something out of this world, something very new and

BLOUDER Model of the Month

Photographer: Michael Balaev Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia creative to make people happy and motivated. I want to change people’s minds and demonstrate them that everything is possible if you have a dream and work hard! What workout do you do to get that amazing body? Oh, it is not an easy theme for me despite the fact that I have never been fat or overweight. I always try to be in good shape and to keep fit because my body is my treasure. You know, it is extremely difficult to maintain your body in good conditions as it requires time, will, desire, strength, effort and stamina, but it is worth it. You need to work really hard to have a good body. And I need to do it as I am a perfectionist. Actually, I do sports and fitness. I play classic and beach volleyball. Frankly speaking, it allows 12 BLOUDER

February 2018

me to stay active and dynamic. I love competing, I love winning, and it motivates me to work harder. Also, I do some physical exercises at home or outside when the weather is well. I have my own methodic, and it works! I can share it with you and even show if you really need! I do not do workout in the gym because you have to pay for it. I try to turn on my creative mechanisms! As a result, your body and your brain are getting better! Interestingly, you need to do mental workout. You should seek an inspiration and motivation. You need to choose an example and tend to look like it and even better! From my philosophical point of view, body reflects people’s inner world, their problems and character. So, be great, be creative and work hard!

BLOUDER Model of the Month Photographer: Andrey Vishnyakov Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

What is your inspiration in life? I adore travelling! It is my passion! Honestly, I would sell everything to travel because of new things, new ways of life, new people, new cultures and so on. I can feel something new and get new experience. It is exceedingly fascinating and curious! It is a great value and inspiration for me! Also, people inspire me. Sometimes I am amazed by their results, efforts, traits of character, way they live and think. I try to find an inspiration in strong people who fight for their future and happiness! However, you should understand that these people must be stronger than me, and it is so difficult to find them or meet. For example, my sister is my inspiration. I am so thankful that we have each

other. She is so positive and strong! She worked really hard and got marvelous results. Applause! How would you define your personal style? I like combining different elements in my style because I am a comprehensive person. For example, it is a mix of sports’ and business looks, street and classic styles. I would characterize my personal style as audacious, athletic and free. I try to put on clothes indicating on my body’s advantages and various character aspects. I love looking free and independent, young and adult in the same time. Were you into fashion before you started modeling? Actually, no. However, I could choose

right fashion trends and clothes in spite of the lack of my knowledge. Are there any actors or models that you look up to? There are many male models I would like to look like, but I need time and efforts. For instance, it is Jon Kortajarena, Mark Cox. What about actors, I love Milla Jovovich, Johnny Depp. They have various characteristics that attract me. I want to combine them in my personality. Would you ever want to get into acting? Oh, yes! I love this profession. It seems to me that it is very interesting and peculiar. For example, recently I have tried myself as an actor (without words, but with movements) in a short film about love. The plot is that I met a girl 13 BLOUDER

February 2018

BLOUDER Model of the Month Photographer: Maria Kozachenko Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

at prom. I liked her, she liked me. Then we went to a room and started interacting. It reminds a little bit “Fifty Shades of Grey” because then my male animal instincts turned on. I became cruel, sexually addicted. She didn’t like it. As a result, we started fighting, and she killed me. I was taken for this role thanks to model photos in jeans as they were sexy and audacious. It was really good experience! Are you seeing someone right now? What are the qualities you want in your partner? Actually, no. I am free. I have never had relationships because I am concentrated on myself and my life. Now I do not need it because I want to grow, I want to develop, I want to improve. Perhaps, later, when I achieve something magnificent. What about my potential partner, I want to meet a strong person. It should be a comprehensive and fascinating personality. This person should look beautiful 14 BLOUDER

February 2018

as inside as outside. I am waiting for someone who will make my life bright, who will give me extra new and unique, and who will teach me and be taught as well. Honestly, I understand that I have a high bar and I am not going to lower it. The person should deserve me and vice versa. It is my perception and direction.


What are your Valentine's Day plans? Actually, I do not have any plans for Valentine’s Day and I have never had them. The holiday can be whenever you want, in particular when there is a couple. What are the five things you can't live without? 1 Changes and development. 2. Freedom and independence. 3. Happiness and joy. 4. Travelling and nature. 5. Relatives and parents.

What is your next target? I just want to get promoted in the modeling sphere, but I do not have any plans how to do it. The destiny will suggest me some ideas. The God will help me realize them.

BLOUDER Valentine’s Day Special

Featuring TEUTA BALIDEMAJ GRANIT BALIDEMAJ Photographer: Amir Sukalic with AlbaPro

Love Season Begins

RCB Column

By Rahul Choudhary Bhardwaj | Instagram @rbhardwaj024


he month of February brings a wisp of love with it. With the fervor and excitement surrounding Valentine’s Day, most of the couples start planning well in advance for the day. With time, trends change and nowadays, it’s not just one day that counts. The entire week before the Valentine’s Day is significant of something special. Starting with Rose Day, followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day. Valentine’s Day then falls on February 14 and marks the day of love, passion and romance! It is that time of the year when love in all its forms and types is celebrated. Yes, it is Valentine’s Week, starting from February 7 to February 14. Especially around this time, happily-in-love couples make the time and efforts to make their loved ones feel special. They mark the day by exchanging gifts and spending quality time with each other.

sire. Other than being a significant part of pop culture, each day of Valentine’s Week also has its own significance. As much as people in love argue that they do not need a day or a week to celebrate their bond, Valentine’s week is celebrated with vigor. Valentine Week is celebrated across the world to show love and admiration toward our loved ones. It's all about increasing understanding, love and healing each other pains along with smearing love in your lives.

Rose Day To begin the lovey-dovey sevenday affair, it’s time for Rose Day first, celebrated on February 7 every year. And why not, what better way to romanticize the spring and blossoms than lovely roses? But, when you decide to pick roses for your loved ones, this week, keep in mind each color is connected to a different meaning. Red for the love: This is an unmistakable expression of love. Red roses convey love, longing and de-

White for innocence: White is the color of purity, chastity and innocence. It means the beginning of a relationship, which is why white roses are used in weddings, as well as the end. Yellow for friendship: An expression of exuberance, yellow roses are friendly. Give this to a friend to brighten up her day. Baby pink roses for admiration: Pink is a graceful color and can imply that the recipient is full of grace. It also stands for admiration, joy and gratitude. Orange Rose for passion: An orange rose is representative of a much fiercer emotion. These deepcolored blooms signify passion and energy. If an intense desire is what you feel, opt for an orange rose, couple them with red, and you’ve got a strong message blooming across. Purple roses for love at first sight: Though found rarely, the color of this rose conveys enchantment. It also means “love at first sight”. Peach roses for sincerity: A color

of modesty, peach roses are subtle messengers of the first blush of love or appreciation. Let these delicate roses do the talking. My Rose day wish for the love of my life: 1. Everything About You Is Interesting, Your Smile, Your Laughter, Your Chapad Chapad, Your Beauty And Your Company. I Always Think Of You With A Smile On My Face. 2. The rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the hearts of true lovers “A lovely rose to a lovely person on Rose day 3. Even if love is full of thorns, I’d still embrace it for you, I know that in between those thorns, there is a rose that’s worth all the pain. I Love You My Precious Rose

Propose Day When it comes to proposing love to your partner, even lifting mountain will seem like an easy job rather than expressing your emotions and feelings to your lover through words. I, however, tried to deliver my sentiments in form of a poetry which describes our story from the very first day of our friendship till the present day. Here it is:

First we met, Then we did a lot of chat, Then we became friends, Then we started caring for each other, Then we started liking each other, Then we started loving each other, The graph of love is touching peaks with every passing day U didn't propose me I didn't propose u I guess our understanding was too high to realize this So ultimately we are in a relation The relation that would take our life to end The very foundation of our relation is imaginary It's good in fact, so that no one can target it

I used to have lots of girls around But no one is of your match You are somewhat special in your own That’s why you are here in my life and I'm writing this one for you I just want to say I LOVE YOU , from the deepest core of my heart I was with you and will remain with you forever loving you more and more everyday Even in our Old Age I will consider u my Deepika Padukone and never let our LOVE day You see some love stories never die I want my love story to be like that I LOVE YOU MY LOVE P.S.: I may add True Lovers never propose, their heart is capable of listening the chords of his/her lover’s heart.

Chocolate Day Chocolate Day is the third day of the Valentine’s week which is celebrated worldwide by the people of age group, especially by the youths, couples and friends, with great passion and joy every year on February 9. Chocolate Day is everyone’s favorite day as everyone likes to get and gift the bunch of chocolates to their loved ones, friends and valentines.

RCB Column

Now coming to the point Ummmm...... I'm not getting proper way to propose you But I guess I will try

RCB Column

Chocolate day celebration every year brings a favorite flavor of the each one in their life. It is the western culture celebration which brings a revolution of real love through the chocolate all over the world. Chocolate Day celebration gives everyone a reasonable reason to gift and consume nice and tasty chocolates. Eating dark chocolates twice or thrice a week has their own health benefits as well so; this special day has become involved in contributing toward the health benefits. Chocolates are the powerhouse of antioxidants which helps in neutralizing the free radicals come out of the metabolism of fat, thus involves in preventing from the ageing and age related chronic diseases. Gifting chocolates at any occasion to the loved ones and friends removes all the tensions, sorrows, misunderstandings as well as brings them together to celebrate it together by enhancing the sweetness of relationship. It is given by the couple to express their deep love and affection toward their loved ones or valentines. It is given by the youths to their girlfriends to enhance the level of friendship or propose for love. It is given by anyone to anybody to show the love and care to each other.

Write an effective WhatsApp status and Facebook status on this awesome Chocolate Day to make romantic mood of your loved ones. Make this day memorable by sending a gift pack of dark chocolates or chocolate gift boxes. You can send this gift pack by courier or take yourself to your soul mates as a surprise. Send an invitation card to your love to invite him/her at amazing places to celebrate chocolate day or pick yourself your soul mate for a nice long drive with a chocolate box. You can also go to amusement places, dance club, restaurant, hotel, etc. to celebrate this day in your own way.

Teddy Day Celebrated on February 10, Teddy Day celebrates the love that young girls have for adorable, cute, lovable and stuffed toys. What better than a fluffy, soft teddy bear toy to

* You’re In My Thoughts And In My Heart Wherever I May Go On Teddy Bear Day I’d Like To Say I Care More Than You Know * A breath is a sign of life, A beat is a sign of heart’s life, A teddy is a sign of love, And your love is a sign of my life.

Promise Day Promise day is meant for promising some particular things to your partner which they like and want you to do that without any condition. I made the same attempt in that field and make some promises to my girl. The message goes like this: This Promise day on 11 February I make 11 Promises to you: Promise 1: Whenever you have any problem, I will always be there for you and would never leave you alone. I promise you that even in your tough times; I would be your biggest support.

All the days of valentine week are very special however chocolate day has some unique specialties. Lovers and couples celebrate this day very enthusiastically to express their feelings and love toward each other. It is the day for all love birds that swim in the oceans of love. It is famed as so to bring more sweetness to your relationship and make bonding stronger through the box full of sweet chocolates. Wish your love ones very early morning of the chocolate day through romantic messages, shayari or quotes to make them feel special. Send him/her attractive and romantic images, wallpapers or WhatsApp image messages, etc. related to Chocolate Day to make your loved ones happy and surprised.

your lover. * Bears like honey that comes from bees. Bears like to nap under shady trees. Bears can be cuddly, or big and mean. My little Teddy Bear is the cutest I’ve seen.

Promise 2: No matter what, I will always care and keep you happy. I promise that you'll surely see me as your best buddy who understands you way more than before. hold on to, when you drift off to sleep? Boys gift teddy bears in different shapes and sizes to charm their lady love on this day.

Promise 3: Will always be honest and loyal to you. I promise I will never look at any other girl apart from you.

Not everyone can gift teddy bears personally as some stay miles apart from each other. For them, the virtual world works wonders! When you are away from your loved one, here’s how you can make their day special. To make merry on the fourth day of the Valentine’s week, send sweet messages or pictures to

Promise 4: Will love you more with each passing day. I promise that I'll never stop loving u till death hits me. Promise 5: Will always reach on time just to spend my day with you. I promise you will enjoy every sec-

ond of your life in my presence. Promise 6: Will Remember important days which include marriage anniversary, birthdays, propose day and many more. Promise 7: Will never lie to you or try to hide anything from you. I promise I'll listen to the things you tell me to improve myself and would apply them.

Promise 9: Will always treat you like an angel and never ever break your heart. I promise I'll never raise my voice on you in public. Promise 10: After every fight will accept that the mistake was mine and not yours. I promise I'll understand your situation and would stop being selfish. Promise 11: Will keep my phone without a password, because I don’t have anything to hide from my love. I promise my entire life to you, my days and night for this life are meant to be for you only. I LOVE U SO MUUUUCCHHH.

Hug Day Healing each other’s pain is the best part of a love life so to heal one’s pain all you need to do is hug that person and let him/her melt in your arms. Yes people, we are talking about Happy Hug Day 2018, one of the most special days in the valentine week. Hug day is celebrated on February 12 every year by couples. This day is meant to pass on all the warmth and love in a special intimate gesture of hugging your partner. Well this day is not only for lovers exclusively but also for your friends, family etc. You can hug your friends to show your gratitude toward them. Well if we talk about love birds or couples specifically then this is a very special day. A simple hug has the power to heal. There’s something comforting

about snuggling up to your partner after a hard day’s work. Hugs have undeniable power and healing powers too. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is responsible for such indescribable feelings. A hug can say I am missing you. It can say you are special, It can soothe a crying mind, It can calm fear and cheer you. So here is a big hug from me to you. A sweet hug represents love and affection To the person we hug, I want to hug you my dear, As I want to let you know, How much I love and care you. Alone? I’ll be your shadow. Want to cry? Here’s my shoulder. Need a hug? I’ll hold you tight. Because where your strength ends, My worth of being your love begins. My sweet valentine, I never ask you to hug, I just hug you,

I never ask to love you, I just love you, I never say I cannot live without you, I just live for you. Just do me a favor, Put your left hand on your right shoulder and Your right hand on your left shoulder. Guess what … I just gave you a hug… A partner is like a pillow When you are tired you sleep on it When you are sad you drop tears on it When you are angry you punch it & When you are happy you hug it.

Kiss Day English poet Rupert Brooke once said, “A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.” There’s an unspoken power in a kiss and it does improve our mood, unless it’s totally uncalled for. According to study, couples who kiss regularly live five years longer than

RCB Column

Promise 8: Will always respect your family.

those who don’t. Something to think about, no? To be honest, in Indian culture, kissing is frowned upon but a kiss can convey a thousand emotions. Sunshine gives us heat, Rain gives us water, Wind gives us air to breathe, And a sweet kiss energizes our relationship.

RCB Column

A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving. Kiss on the Forehead: We’re cute together. Kiss on the Cheek: We’re friends.

If fun was time I’d send you hours, If you needed a friend I’d send you me.

Kiss on the Hand: I adore you. Kiss on the Neck: I want you, now. Kiss on the Shoulder: You are perfect. Kiss on the Lips: I LOVE YOU. Love is heat. You are sweet. When two lips meet, love is complete. Kiss is the first step to show how much I love you, How much I think about you, How much I miss you, And show that I trust you… You are sweet than honey. Pure than milk. Soft than flower. Having you is treasure & be with me forever. Happy Kiss Day. With this Kiss, I reveal all my thoughts and feelings about you that I have withheld for so long, I feel when I am with you, I am like a Kiss, Not because of its beauty, but because I am able to bloom and grow with you If kisses were rain I’d send you showers,

Valentine’s Day Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. – Aristotle Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14. It is a festival of romantic love and Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. Many people celebrate their love for their partner by sending cards or letters, giving gifts or flowers and arranging meals in restaurants or romantic nights in hotels. People who would like to have a romantic relationship with somebody may use the occasion to make this known. Valentine's cards are often decorated with images of hearts, red roses or Cupid. Common Valentine's Day gifts are flowers chocolates, candy, lingerie and champagne or sparkling wine. However, some people use the occasion to present lavish gifts, such as jewelry. Many restaurants and hotels have special offers at this time. These can include romantic meals or weekend breaks.

Background: There are a number of Saints called Valentine who are honored on February 14. The day became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages in England. This may have followed on from the Pagan fertility festivals that were held all over Europe as the winter came to an end. Traditionally, lovers exchanged hand written notes. Commercial cards became available in the mid nineteenth century. Symbols: The most common Valentine's Day symbols are the heart, particularly in reds and pinks, and pictures or models of Cupid. Cupid is usually portrayed as a small winged figure with a bow and arrow. In mythology, he uses his arrow to strike the hearts of people. People who have fallen in love are sometimes said to be 'struck by Cupid's arrow. Other symbols of Valentine's Day are couples in loving embraces and the gifts of flowers, chocolate, red roses and lingerie that couples often give each other. Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires; To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; And to bleed willingly and joyfully. – Kahlil Gibran



Photographer: Amir Sukalic with AlbaPro

BLOUDER Valentine’s Day Special Granit Balidemaj, Sales Manager for a fine wine & spirits importing company (Kobrand Corporation) and Teuta Balidemaj, Certified Beautician married last year. How did you two meet? Teuta – We met on Social Media, Granit messaged me once on Instagram and I thought that it was a little odd so I didn’t answer. Granit – I knew I wanted her, something kept drawing me to her, so I decided to pursue another path so I messaged her on Facebook, very politely and simply I asked how “Hey Teuta, How are you?” She then responded and we went back and forth for about 5 weeks prior to our first date. We really got to know one and other first before we met. What was your first impression of each other? Teuta – When Granit came out of the car he had his blazer in the back seat on a hanger, I thought to myself that is a sign of a proper gentlemen. Granit – When we first met face to face I thought wow she’s beautiful, and she gave me a nice firm handshake with no kiss so I thought to myself ‘I like that, very different.’ Who proposed who? How? Teuta – Granit proposed on April 18, 2016. Granit – I wanted it to be a surprise but I also wanted to capture the moment, so I hired a photographer and met the photographer at the conservatory garden in central park three days before to scope out where I should do it and we figured out where the photographer would be best situated to capture the moment and we decided where. So the day I proposed Teuta was feeling a little lazy and she didn’t want to go to NYC, let alone dress up. So I told her we are going to a very nice dinner, one of our favorite 22 BLOUDER

February 2018

Photographer: Amir Sukalic with AlbaPro restaurants in NYC – Del Posto so you have to dress nicely because you don’t want to go there in jeans, she agreed and dressed nicely, although today she says I wish I knew so I would’ve worn a pretty white dress haha. We got to central parked and it was packed! I got so nervous because 3 days ago it was empty, so I walked past the spot that the photographer and I chose because I was nervous then I walked back and I just did it and she said YES! We were so happy to be able to capture that moment. What does love look like to you? To us love is genuine care for one and other, in more ways than one. We mean caring about everything, listening to one and other when they speak, acts of

kindness and respecting them in every way. What are your top 3 romantic getaways? Paris – it’s the city of love and our first visit there was amazing and just so happy, walking the streets and all the lights and the Eifel tower, it’s just so breathtaking and romantic. Bora Bora – it is just so amazing, it’s so intimate and romantic. Lastly we would recommend to anyone find a local spot where you two can get away, the two of you and be out doors and just focus on each other. We did th this for Teuta’s 27 birthday. We went to Scribner’s Lodge in the Catskills and

BLOUDER Valentine’s Day Special Photographer: Amir Sukalic with AlbaPro


February 2018

BLOUDER Valentine’s Day Special we had such a great time. We hiked; we made s’mores to talked nonstop and just hung out with no worries about anything. What is the one thing you love about each other? Teuta – If you really know Granit you will find out that he is a very driven individual and I love the fact that he goes after everything he wants with every fiber of his being. He will always make the impossible possible for us.

Photographer: Amir Sukalic with AlbaPro

Granit – I love her authenticity, she never has an agenda with people she is just purely genuine and kind. She has the most sincere approach to situations and people. What are some ways you communicate with each other? We always communicate, all day even if we are at work. We believe its key in a relationship, if we aren’t texting we will send each other snapchats of our day, send direct messages on Instagram about interesting things that we came across. We are always together even when we’re not. Are there couples you look up to, what do you respect about their marriages? We always focus on ourselves always rather than look at other couples and people. Do you think being friends with each other is an important part of marriage? Very important. For us nothing changed, beside the fact that we are now living together, so we think being friends before lovers is vital, if you can’t talk about each other’s interests 24 BLOUDER

February 2018

and hobbies I don’t believe it’s a recipe for success. What are the differences between romance and love? Love is a feeling of want between each other, you know you want to do things for your partner where as we believe romance is effort and action taking place where you show your partner how much you love them and care. What do you think are the guidelines for a successful marriage? First we would said is 50/50, we strongly believe that each partner should be 50% into the relationship. Secondly would be to turn the page, don’t get caught up in yesterday’s problems, don’t live in the past, we think and plan for the future. Lastly would be respect for each other in every way, respect each other’s ideas, words, thoughts, feelings, plans, family, everything! How do you communicate love and appreciation to each other? We focus on the little things with each other, we always say please and thank you. We compliment each other when we look nice and support one and other with their passion.

If you could do your marriage over again, what would you do differently? A small destination wedding. We have a big family and we had 580 people at our wedding haha. Some marriages are "passionate," some are "companionate": which fits you? We are passionate. Passionately in love with each other From your experience, what have you learned about relationships? To be open minded because you never know what someone is going through and you should always think to be someone’s friend first before anything else. How this year's Valentine’s Day is special for you? Last Valentines we spent in Paris and this time will be our first Valentines as a married couple in New York so we are looking forward to starting a new tradition that will last us the rest of our lives and that we will tell our kids about.


Featuring JASON


Photographer: Maurizio Montani Location: Italy

BLOUDER Lifestyle All About You




By Leo Babauta | www.zenhabits.net


February 2018


esterday a loved one asked me about dealing with anger — he lashed out at someone he loves in a way that hurt her and filled him with shame and regret. I think we can all relate to this — most of us have lashed out in anger and regretted it later. We all get angry, but we often deal with it in different ways. Some people constantly lash out in frustration at others, or stew about it and complain about it to people they talk to. Some people repress their anger, with the idea that they should never feel anger, that anger is not safe for others or themselves. Others seethe and seethe quietly, until finally

they explode. Some of us do all three. We all get angry. The question is, how do we get better at dealing with that anger? I’m going to share some strategies that have worked for me. I have purposely tried to get better at dealing with anger, and while I am not perfect, I’ve come a long way. I don’t often yell at my kids anymore, for example, even though I used to yell at them in anger and even spank them. Now I can catch the frustration much sooner, and have found strategies that help me calm down, find compassion, even talk to them with understanding and love. Before we get into the strategies, let’s understand what’s happening when we get angry.

We all get angry. The question is, how do we get better at dealing with that anger?

BLOUDER Lifestyle All About You What’s Going on When We’re Angry When we get angry, it’s usually because someone else behaved in a way we don’t like. (It could also be our own actions, or just the situation in general, that we don’t like.) This is what happens: 

We don’t like the way the person behaved. We feel a momentary moment of aversion to their behavior, and this causes a moment of pain — we’re hurt that they acted that way. This might only last half an instant. We then react to that hurt with a feeling of anger (or frustration, irritation). Then we start telling ourselves a story about the other person (or ourselves or the situation). It’s our narrative of what’s happening.

spin around in our heads for a long time. Hours sometimes. Even days. It just keeps freshening our wound. You can start to notice the story the next time you’re frustrated, hurt, angry, irritated, resentful, stressed. Just listen to what you’re saying about the other person or the situation you’re in. Just start to become aware of this story you keep replaying. A Fresh Way to Deal with Anger Whenever we’re angry (or frustrated, resentful, etc.), we can go into our old patterns of anger and telling the story … or we can start to try something new. Here’s what I recommend practicing: Notice when you’re feeling this emotion. You might be telling yourself a story as well. 

Understanding the Story The story that we spin around in our heads is a natural thing for humans — we create stories to understand the world around us, or to put things in some kind of order we can work with. In these types of situations, the story might be, “She’s always (doing something), I don’t know why she has to keep doing that, etc etc.” Or, “I don’t know why he has to criticize me, I was just trying to (insert some kind of justified action).” We’ve all done this, even if we’re not always aware we’re doing it. The story is not that useful most of the time. It actually makes us angrier, and separates us from people we care about. It makes us unhappy, traps us in an emotion that isn’t helpful, and worsens our relationships. Once we’re hooked by the story, it can

With this fresh response, we’re opening up to the wide open nature of this moment, not needing to harden into our old stories. We interrupt our conditioned, habitual response, and choose a new path, one that is less harmful. And in this moment of openness, we can now try this: Give ourselves some kindness and compassion with the wish, “May I find an end to my pain; may I find peace; may I find happiness and joy.” 

Turn to the other person and see that they are struggling, they are in pain too. 

With this realization that they are in pain, reacting out of their habitual responses, spinning around their own stories … let this realization make us feel connected to them, as we know what that’s like. It’s not fun. 

The story keeps us angry, even if the initial pain goes away, because it keeps making the wound fresh. And then we keep spinning the story around in our heads.

The story keeps us angry, even if the initial pain goes away, because it keeps making the wound fresh. And then we keep spinning the story around in our heads.

So the initial aversion and pain are unavoidable, and even the anger, frustration and irritation are pretty avoidable (though you can learn to catch them earlier). It’s human. The part we can work on is noticing the story and not spinning it around in our heads to prolong and even increase the anger.


Meditate for a second by turning your attention to the physical feeling in your body of anger/hurt. Be curious about it: what does it feel like, physically? Where is it located? What texture does it have? What energy does it have? Does it change? Stay with it: instead of instantly going back to your story (or a new story about this meditation), see if you can stay with the feeling longer. We’re training ourselves to stay longer.

Send them some loving kindness as well, with the same wish,” May they find an end to their pain; may they find peace; may they find happiness and joy.” Repeat it several times. 

From this place of compassion, you can now take a more appropriate action: give them a hug, talk to them with understanding and kindness, listen to their difficulty with compassion (and see that it’s about their pain, not about you), or at least refrain from lashing out. 

We normally respond anger, out of proportion to the actual situation. But now we might be able to take a more appropriate, compassionate action (or nonaction, as the case might require).

See if you can welcome this feeling. It’s not something that’s necessarily “bad,” nor is it something you need to reject. Just be OK with it in your body, even friendly towards it. Smile at it.

We will mess up on this practice, by the way. As with anything, we get better with continued practice. When we find that we can’t open up to the feeling, that we can’t stop from spinning around our stories … we can practice with that. We can see the feeling of helplessness, of despair, of frustration with ourselves, of giving up … and practice the method above on that feeling itself.

See the pain you’re feeling as a sign of your good heart that’s been hurt, that is vulnerable and loves. See it as a sign of your basic goodness. You don’t need to do anything right now, just stay in touch with this tender

With each screw up, with each time we’re not able to open up … we have a new opportunity to practice. Another chance opens up, again and again, to heal ourselves and to get better at dealing with this hardened emotion. 27 BLOUDER

February 2018



Photographer: Tanmay Location: Mumbai

BLOUDER Lifestyle Millennials Photographer: Wong Sim Location: Indonesia


February 2018

BLOUDER Lifestyle Millennials How did the modeling bug bite you? I was young and it was an easy way to earn good money. What was the biggest change in your life after entering into modeling industry? I had lots of money to spend. What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it? It's that I can't stick to one thing; I get bored of things easily. I'm trying to control my spontaneity and just stay focused on my goal. How would you describe your personal style? Go casual. What was your lifestyle prior to your transformation? What was your transformation timeline? My transformation well it's not one of those "I got up in the morning and decided to go to the gym". I started from childhood always liked playing sports, football, TT, volleyball, Tennis. I had even played A Grade cricket for The Redland Tigers (Brisbane) for a year and even became an A level coach from the Queensland Cricket Association when I was 17. Then according to what my job requirement was at the time (modeling or acting) I've either bulked or leaned out.

Photographer: Urman Location: Turkey always pushed myself forward knowing deep down inside me that helping others is the only mission that we need to worry about right now.

How are you currently training, and has your training changed since the completion of your transformation? My training has always been a mix. There is no one way with me. I don't think anybody reaches a stage of transformation completion. We are forever changing, learning, growing, morphing. Maybe some people will like my body now. Maybe some will like it 10 years from now.

Do you have any hidden talents? I don't know depends what's your definition of a talent.

Where do you pull your inspiration from? My inspiration comes from above. I've

Name five things you can’t live without?


February 2018

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car? How much longer to home. What is the dream that you cherish but cannot fulfill? I fulfill all my dreams to some extent.

Water. Food. Air. Love. Friends. What’s your strongest memory of your childhood? Fishing. I loved to fish. What is the bad habit that no one knows about you? I’m quite an open person I don't hide any habits good or bad. What are your future plans? Well there are many, I'm starting my own organic vegetable business. Open a foundation that helps the mentally challenge, and the poor in India. Might be working on a TV show soon. Who knows. I never worry about Tomorrow. That's in god’s hands.

BLOUDER Lifestyle All About You Photographer: Halil Guzel Location: Turkey


February 2018

BLOUDER Lifestyle Relationship

The Healing Power Of Relationships By Oliver JR Cooper | http://www.oliverjrcooper.co.uk


hether it is relationships with friends, acquaintances or spousal for example; they all have the potential for healing and consequently growth to occur. Opportunities are presented for one to integrate and process those parts that lay dormant; that are waiting to be realised. We are also given the chance to heal or let go of those parts that are negative or dysfunctional. Happiness, Suffering And Pain This also means that relationships have the power to create not only incredible happiness; but also unbelievable amounts of suffering and pain.


February 2018


being the defences of choice.

The reason relationships have the potential for both happiness and pain is because they are triggering and reminding us of our past. A past that likely had numerous traumatic encounters, needs that were ignored and neglected and moments of rejection and abandonment.

Self Blame

This is something that is unavoidable; our caregivers were only human after all. However the degree to which these things happened, the intensity and how they were interpreted during ones younger years is what will define present day challenges. Repression And Dissociation These childhood experiences that were stressful and overwhelming had to be dealt with somehow to ensure survival. With the brains ability to question not being developed at this stage; the ego mind had to protect and deal with them, with repression and dissociation often

During the years when we are completely dependent on our caregivers, we idealise them and make them into god like figures. To see them in any other way would create high levels of stress and uncertainty around ones survival. This causes the child to blame themselves for any inadequacy the parent might have or wrongdoing that has been carried out. This could be called a defence mechanism, as it helps to ensure survival. However, if it’s not looked at or questioned later on in life, there can be the tendency to carry on blaming oneself for everything that happens; taking on an inordinate amount of responsibility. Pain Through repression and dissociation and after many years have passed, these old traumatic experiences will start to

BLOUDER Lifestyle Relationship re-emerge. These will likely appear externally as the same or similar behaviours, environments and relationships and internally as the same feelings, thoughts and sensations that were experienced during those years. Happiness When we experience happiness in a relationship we are potentially reliving those lost moments of our childhood or being treated in ways that are the complete opposite of how we were treated during our childhood. People We Despise Part of what creates pain in relationships is behaviours that create tension, frustration and anger. These can cause one to despise the other person or people. What one comes to despise in another is often what they have come to identify with themselves and repressed; it is then completely out of their awareness, However it is often a behaviour that is experienced a lot and something that causes a strong reaction. Perhaps this was a behaviour that they were exposed to during their younger years on numerous occasions. And through the self blame, have come to identify with the behaviour; making it personal, which then continues to draw in experiences that mirror the past. People We Admire What makes up the feeling of happiness in relationships is often admiration towards the people in our life. This is often experienced when we have projected those parts, yet to be realised, onto another. These are parts that exist within us, traits and abilities that have been neglected and denied. These aspects are waiting to be embraced and acknowledged. Perhaps it wasn’t safe for us to express them during those years. It might have also been the result of criticism from

our caregivers, leading us to believe we don’t have what it takes to be those things our self.

once more, with the hope of being acknowledged; so that it can be processed and integration can be achieved.

On the larger scale admiration can also become a form worship and obsession. Something that is common in today’s culture with celebrities, musicians and sports stars.

The Healing Power Of Relationships

How Long Will It Last? When it comes to the early stages of the happiness, admiration and even idealisation that is experienced in a relationship; it’s only a matter of time before cracks will start to appear and a more balanced perspective is revealed. As to how long this will be, depends upon many different factors. How the relationship develops and how conscious and aware one is, will naturally influence how long it lasts for. Seeing In Absolutes The mind works in absolutes and likes to see everything in black or white; seeing someone as perfect is a normal consequence of the mind and an unmonitored mind will not suspect this. Different processes will be utilized, to block out anything that goes against the minds tendency of only seeing in absolutes; which can help to keep the illusion of perfection alive. These can cause one to deny, dismiss and edit anything that goes against it. It is said that chemicals are released in the brain during the early stages of an intimate relationship, of which the effects are the equivalent of being stoned.

Whether it is through being around people who make us feel good or through people who have the opposite effect, they are both giving us valuable feedback. The people who press our buttons or who we despise are showing what we are still holding onto. The memories and effects that they produce are still stuck in our mind and body. Patterns and situations are then created that reflect the past and situations are continually interpreted as if they were the same. Conscious Relationships This shows the importance and value of having relationships that allow one to be open and honest; where one can feel safe and supported. People who have this kind of relationship or who have experienced it will undoubtedly feel a deep sense of gratitude. It might be the kind of relationship that is only possible with a therapist at first and through the work of processing and working on ones history; starts to spread into other relationships. Being around people who can mirror and support us is extremely important. This assists in our healing process and in the realisation that it can be different. We can also internalize there ways or behaving and responding to us, thereby transforming our own self-image and changing our inner models.

Once Its Over Once this stage or phase has come to pass and balance is restored, one will likely start to see behaviours and characteristics that create pain. What has been repressed and pushed out of conscious awareness will appear

However, even in a conscious relationship there will be moments and occasions where reactive behaviours appear. We are only human after all and are not perfect. We all have defences that are in place to keep us safe. And they will stay there until our awareness and perception around them changes.


February 2018

BLOUDER Lifestyle Relationship

Humanology for Couples


DEVELOPMENT By Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology – www.jessicajlockhart.com/en

My husband and I have been together for more than 25 years and many people often ask me what our secret to still being together and happy is. Those who know us also know that we haven't had it easy, with quite a few heavy hurdles on the way. But here we are, still together and yes, happy. That's why I decided to share some of the things that work for us with you. I hope they can help you be together and happy, too. The most important basic element in our couple is that we CHOSE to share our lives and grow together. We both DECIDED to walk TOGETHER in this life. That means that we both support one another and share goals and dreams. Neither of us walks and the other one follows. No, we WALK TOGETHER. Every time there's something new in our lives, be it something in his or in mine, we sit together and discuss it. We then decide what to do. Once again, together. This all means that our paths are constantly aligned. We make the effort and take the time to make sure that we're both on the same page. My husband obviously has his goals and dreams. I have my own, too. But what we do is, we make sure that his reaching his and my reaching mine somehow helps us both or at least doesn't impact the other one negatively. For example, we both work. We try to organize our trips abroad in such a way that one of us is at 34 BLOUDER

February 2018

home, keeping things running. When I go, he stays and takes over. When he goes, I stay and take over. He understands that my professional fulfilment and development is as important to me as his is to him. My husband often says that a relationship would be very unrewarding if the other person didn't feel fulfilled and had nothing to share with his/her partner. That doesn't mean that we should all work outside of home or pursue professional goals. No. What we mean by that is that both partners in a relationship should be able to feel fulfilled in all important aspects of their lives. If a person feels happy staying at home and the couple can live like that, by all means, go for it! If both need to work outside because professional development is an important aspect for both, try and find a way to make it happen. Healthy, solid couples are based on healthy, solid human beings and, to be so, each member of a couple needs to feel like they're living a rewarding life. If one of the partners feels dissatisfied, unchallenged, bored, hopeless, the couple will surely suffer and probably fail. Do you know what your other significant other wants in life? Are you sure he/she is getting it or at least pursuing it? And you, do you feel fulfilled, rewarded, satisfied? Are you doing what you want? There will be times in which one member of the couple might have to do things just to help the other partner

reach his/her goals. That's ok as long as it's a joint decision and one which doesn't perpetuate any disadvantages or unhappiness for either partner. Sit together. Speak about your dreams. Listen to one another! Try to find some common ground and common goals and dreams. Then, make a plan. Yes, take some paper and a pen and write down a plan to help both fulfill your dreams together or your individual dreams in conjunction and mutual support, without either suffering. Look for synergies that might push both of you forward. If only one of you is moving forward and reaching goals, the plan will end up failing sooner or later. Any couple wanting share a life should be a team of two. Later, maybe, a team of more. But as a team, all decisions should be taken together, bearing the wellbeing of both, the team and its members, in mind. If only one of the members of the team is happy, the team will end up breaking up. As simple as that. Some people tell me, 'I love to sacrifice myself for my partner and make sure he/she reaches goals. That makes me happy.' Does it, truly? I respond. If helping your partner reach goals makes you happy and fulfilled because you have no goals of your own, there's something missing. What do YOU want? If helping your partner reach goals makes you happy and fulfilled because your partner then makes you feel appreciated and loved and that's what you TRULY want, great, go for it! But because YOU want it. My first tip for a healthy, long- lasting relationship is then, to make sure that both partners lead what they consider fulfilling, rewarding lives. If one of you is not, sit down together and figure out what is preventing that. Come back for more ideas on longlasting relationships. I will be publishing some more articles these coming weeks. Feel free to share them as well, if you think they could help somebody you know. Remember, enjoy life... ALL of it.


BURCH Photographer: Corinne Burch



BURCH Jeannette Burch was born 1983 in Lucerne, Switzerland. She already began to paint as a little child and kept at this passion till now. Above all she was and still is interested in painting portraits and human beings. At the age of nineteen she could travel to Peru for half a year. She visited the poor ghettos of Lima as well as the high lands of Apurímac. The impressions collected there influenced her painting intensely. More voyages followed by doing social interns abroad as for example in Los Angeles, California where she did an intern for the “Mexican American Political Association”. A voyage that had a special effect on her paintings was a visit to Romania in 2017. Some interesting paintings about Gypsys came into being. A topic that interested her for a long time. The voyages were crucial to apply the image- and photo theories that she learned at University of Lucerne among other things. In 2013, she finished her Ph.D. in globalization or better “World Society” by investigating the indigenous informal garment industry in Lima, Peru. But her doing always was connected to art since she could take interesting pictures of “Gamarra”, the indigenous Garment production quarter in Lima, Peru. She even could deepen her connection to art by doing an intern at the Cabaret Voltaire of Zurich. There happened the most influential contribution of art from Switzerland to global art in 1916. The figures and collages of Dada are often in her mind. However this is not yet really obvious in her paintings or drawings since in December 2017 she finished elder paintings than 2016 when she did this very interesting intern about Dada, Zurich. And then happened her first exhibition. This was in May 2017 when she could exhibit twenty-two of her oil and charcoal paintings in the municipality’s library of Rotkreuz. There were plenty of people and the artist could sell ten works. It fueled her passion in painting and art even more. Since she now is interested in getting to know more artists and localities where one can show ones art. She thinks that it is very important to society to create enough of cultural spaces where artist can show their talent and vision. Her vision always was to visualize diversity of unity. She thinks that pictures talk more than a thousand words.


February 2018


Photographer: Corinne Burch


February 2018

King By Jeannette Burch

Oelbilder Oktober By Jeannette Burch

By Jeannette Burch

By Jeannette Burch

By Jeannette Burch

By Jeannette Burch

Gypsy Two By Jeannette Burch

Wedding By Jeannette Burch

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Click Out LOUDER How long have you been working in the photography arena? I am an amateur so I usually work for a financial institution. I have not taken photography as a job yet. How did you develop an interest in photography? Originally I like pictures, fashion and women, and there were pictures as I could express my world. What equipment do you prefer to use? Currently I am using Sony's mirrorless single-lens camera. Olympus used before, Cannon was using film age. What is your expertise as a photographer? That is a common thing, combining the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, color temperature, focal length etc. to take the best picture. Skill of computer software is also necessary for development. What were the challenges that you most commonly faced and how did you deal with them? How to express my image as a picture. Anyway, it is to actively encounter various photos, landscapes, movies etc. Among the gadgets that you own, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why? It would be better if you have a better performance camera or lens. Because it is probably expensive, I am thinking about cost effectiveness. What do you enjoy the most about your job as a photographer? It is to be able to express my image by photograph and it will be seen many people. It is fun to meet with the models too. What is your biggest strength and weakness? The strength is that women are beautifully and coolly able to express themselves fashionably. The weakness is that the skills that I have for photography are still insufficient, and the time that I spent on photography is small. What inspires you to be a better human being? It is strength and kindness, justice. What, in your opinion, is most important to consider while shooting portrait pictures? Do not take pictures you do not want to


February 2018


take. Only take pictures that you want to take. It is mutual communication for making a work. What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Explain your work flow. Photoshop Lightroom. Shoot raw and edit in the Lightroom. Whose work has influenced you most? Helmut Newton What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

Nothing in particular.

What does photography mean to you? For me, it is one that sublimates my own desire. If you were to give advice to a rookie about how to become a photographer, what would you say? What would you not say? I will say that take a picture of something you like, studying is necessary for that. I will not say that you should not take it for money.

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Photographer: Satoshi Aoyama Model: Airi 33 BLOUDER

February 2018

Photographer: Satoshi Aoyama Model: Ayaka

Photographer: Satoshi Aoyama Model: Yumi

Model: Yasmeen Madaan

The Dhananjai Madaan Photography


Featuring EMANUELE GAGLIARDI Photographer: Stefano Cavoretto stefanocavoretto.com

BLOUDER Health & Fitness

TOP 12

TIPS FOR HEALTHY DINING OUT By Soniya Sethi | Instagram @soniyasethi hol, because alcohol can also dehydrate you. 

Heath is a "Coin" !What I mean is IT HAS TWO SIDES. 1-Physical. When your physical body is well TAKEN CARE OF then IT IS PHYSICAL HEALTH. 2- Mental. When Your MENTAL THOUGHTS are taken care of then it is MENTAL HEALTH. People measure it as "HAPPINESS". Health is the core of a person. It is his power. That's why it’s important to pay attention to little details (like drinking water at day time or sleep well). Health can be better if you have strong intentions to be happy, to care about yourself and to be on the bright side no matter what! Only after that you will find for yourself some necessary repeated actions which will influence your health. Eating out can be a nice treat once in a while or a convenient option when you don't have time to cook a meal. But the fat, calories, sugar and sodium can add up quickly if you eat out regularly. If you tend to eat out a lot for whatever reason, making a few key changes to how you order off the menu can drastically contribute to your success in staying (or getting) healthy. Use these tips to make healthy choices the next time you eat out. 

Manage your portions like keep it


February 2018

small, divide the desserts and avoid super sizing. 

Manage healthier choices like ask for more vegetables, go for whole grain, keep sodium in check, get sauce on the side and skip sweet drinks. 

Get well informed about how food is prepared, what are the ingredients and nutrients information. Skip bread baskets and other food “freebies”; fill up on healthy salads and broth-based soups instead. Don’t drink calories. If you’re going to have alcohol, choose red wine, dark beers and clear liquor; skip sugary mixers and cocktails. Choose menu items that contain fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Restaurant meals are often low in these things. By adding these foods, you can have a balanced meal. When you travel, you are often forced to eat out at every meal. So bring snacks that pack well, such as dried fruit, pretzels, and nuts. Flying can trigger dehydration, so drink lots of water. And don't drink a lot of alco-

Try double appetizers. If there is a nice selection of seafood- and vegetable-based appetizers, consider skipping the entrée and having two appetizers for your meal. Drink water before and during your meal especially if you drink it instead of sugar-sweetened drinks which will help in reducing your intake of calories and added sugar. Tweak the menu with substitutions and requests like hold the butter, skip the extra cheese bacon etc., and find the best dips such as guacamole or hummus when you have the option. When on the road, ditch the fast food and go straight to a grocery store or WalMart instead. Look for hot food items! Avoid fried when possible (duhhh) and get baked, steamed, or grilled.

Most of us don’t eat every single meal at home. And most importantly, remember that you’re human. If you decide to eat a bad meal, it’s not a cheat meal and you’re not doing anything wrong. You’re human, schedules get crazy, and sometimes maybe you just want to eat pizza – that’s fine. Remember that it’s not something wrong, it’s a conscious decision you’ve chosen to make. But then get right back on track immediately with the next meal. While going out one should keep above points in mind.

BLOUDER Health & Fitness

RELAXING INTO THE FEELING OF BEING ALIVE By Leo Babauta | www.zenhabits.net

There’s a practice so simple that many people will discount it as not worthy of trying. They’ll miss out on the transformative power of that very simplicity. The practice is this: Sit still for a moment, and just feel what it feels like to be alive. Then relax into that feeling. Yes, I know, sitting still for a moment isn’t something we want to do right now. We got things to do, man! But just try it, for a minute. Sit still and feel what it feels like to be alive, for you, right this moment. There’s never been another moment like this particular one, and never will be again. Let me repeat that: There’s never been another moment like this particular one, and never will be again.

who have supported us, because of everything on this planet, which just happened to be the perfect conditions for creating the person we are right this moment. What a freakin’ miracle!

So tune in, and notice what it feels like to be alive right now: What sensations do you notice in your body? 

What is the energy of those sensations? Does the energy change, or move? 

What is the texture of your breath?

Do you notice pain, discomfort, tenderness, tightness? 

Get curious and explore, investigate, look even closer. 

Take in the totality of your sensory input, all at once, holding it in your awareness. 

That means that at this moment, we have the opportunity to fully appreciate the miracle of this moment, and how it came to be from the infinite number of causes that created it from preceding moments. We are alive in this moment because of millions of other people

experience … try this:

Stay with this feeling, instead of moving on. Then stay a little more. Now that you’ve become curious, investigated, and stayed with your

Relax into the feeling. That means if there’s any tightness around your experience, just relax that tightness. Relax into your experience. Often we have some kind of aversion to what we’re experiencing, or an urge to get away from it, and I’m suggesting we relax and just be with it, just as it is, not needing it to be different. Find gratitude for the feeling of being alive, even if there’s pain, tightness, discomfort. Be grateful for the miracle you are lucky enough to witness right now.

Find love for everything you hold in your awareness, from everything around you to your own experience, your body and breath. It’s all one thing, and all held in your love. Before you dismiss any of this, try it. Experience even the sensation of your resistance. And then email me personally (l@zenhabits.net) and tell me what your experience was like. I won’t respond (nor will I send you marketing material), but I’d love to hear about it.


February 2018

EMANUELE GAGLIARDI Photographer: Stefano Cavoretto stefanocavoretto.com

BLOUDER Health & Fitness Photographer: Stefano Cavoretto stefanocavoretto.com


February 2018

BLOUDER Health & Fitness How would you define your personal style? I’ll define it as street style but I don’t have major influences because I don’t like to label me up against some stereotype. What was your lifestyle prior to your transformation? I used to play a lot of videogames and drink with friends. Also I ate too much junk food. I used to smoke too much mainly for my friends who let me tried for the first time smoking cigarettes that caused me major diseases like asthma. This kind of lifestyle made me so much stressed out. What was your transformation timeline? I began my transformation when I was 16. In the beginning it was very tiresome mainly because the changing of habits but when I saw my body better in shape and form, my life healthier I’ve started motivate myself to do more and more and push my limits. What are the biggest mistakes people make at the gym that you have observed? I think the biggest mistakes people make at the gym are wanting it all at once and not struggling. Changes need pain, sacrifice and also the right time. What do you eat before working out? 2 hours before gym I eat complex carbohydrates like rice cakes with some sugar-free jam on top of them. How are you currently training, and has your training changed since the completion of your transformation? Currently I’m training with a split body schedule that takes 4 days a week. My training changed a lot because at the beginning of my transformation I wasn’t able to lift heavy weights or training more than 3 times a-week. What would you recommend for a quick 20- to 30-minute workout?


February 2018

How long should people rest in between workouts? I recommend a high intensity workout with little rest between series; of course intensity needs to be modified based on level athletic. I highly recommend at least 1 day of rest between workouts because muscles need to rest in order to grow and makes super compensation. How important is nutrition if someone works out consistently? In percentual I think is a strong 60 %, because we are what we eat and if we don’t eat properly that will slow down our workout at the gym. In any case I highly recommend contacting a dietician for a well-balanced gym diet and don’t limit yourself to eat only rice and chicken.

for getting the fastest results in the shortest period of time? Unfortunately a “magic exercise” that will make appear results faster doesn’t exist. I suggest alternate cardio workouts with weight training for faster results. How do you stay motivated? What advice would you give to someone who’s having trouble staying on track? Everyday my family and my girlfriend help me stay motivated because they know how much do I care and the hard do I work. I suggest rounding with positive people that cares about you and see how much effort you put on making yourself a better person.

Is it true that it's good to have a "cheat day" where people can eat whatever they want once a week? Why is this good or bad idea? Do you have a cheat day? It’s true I think mainly it’s a good idea but you don’t have to exceed the 30% of calories intake of your diet and you have to eat properly in the next days and don’t eat less, which is a common mistake.

Name five things you can’t live without? Family, cats (everybody love cats), gym, travel and of course pizza.

It’s very important mainly for the psychological impacts that a diet can cause.

What is the bad habit that no one

Yes, I have it usually on Sundays and as a true Italian my favorite cheat meal is pizza. What are some simple things that people can do, in their day to day routine, besides working out, to see results faster? Sleeping at least 8 hours per day, instead of using elevators you need climbing stairs, also walking instead of taking bus or car. What are the best types of exercises

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood? The time I’ve spent with my grandparents because my parents used to work a lot when I was a child and they often took me to my grandparents’ house.

knows about you? I eat too much pizza...I know that’s bad. How do you spend your free time? Usually I stay at the gym and I stay with my family, when I have large periods of free time I visit new places and new countries. What are your future plans? This summer I’m moving to Ireland to study International Business, when I’ll graduate I’d like to visit foreign countries like India or China and deepen their wonderful culture.

Photographer: Stefano Cavoretto stefanocavoretto.com

BLOUDER Health & Fitness



February 2018

(BPT) - A new survey reveals Americans are not aware of what to report prior to a blood test. Only half (52 percent) believe it is very important to report use of supplements to their healthcare provider before getting a blood test. With recent interest in the use of supplements like biotin as beauty treatments, it's especially critical for consumers, doctors and lab personnel to talk before blood tests because very high doses of supplements could interfere with some test results. The possibility of interference in blood testing is low, but if you're taking highdose biotin for hair, skin or nail health, for example, it is best to inform your doctor before a blood test. Just as you may need to fast before certain types of tests, you may need to hold off on taking supplements like biotin for at least eight hours before blood work. The survey, commissioned by Roche Diagnostics, also found that most Americans (85 percent) expect their physician to provide complete instructions on how to prepare for a blood test.

"Many factors - from stress, to prescription medication, to vitamins - can affect blood test results, so it's important to be proactive in communicating about medicines or supplements you're taking rather than waiting to be asked," said Dr. Emily Jungheim, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Ask your healthcare provider about ways to prepare for blood tests. Here are some simple tips to follow: * Write down all your prescription medicines the night before a blood test so you can share up-to-date information with the lab technician or your doctor. * Also report vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals and any over-the-counter medications. * Know the doses of the medicines and supplements you are taking. The dose matters. You may not be aware that 5 mg of biotin per day, for example, is equal to the amount of biotin in 100 capsules of a typical daily multivitamin.



AMANDA SPARAPAN Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre



Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre

BLOUDER Spotlight Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre

Twenty-nine years old Giuliano Meneghin from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and twenty-four Amanda Sparapan from Votuporanga, State of São Paulo, Brazil first time met during a casting. They kept in contact and started seeing each other. They fell in love. They are represented by an agency called Elo Management in Brazil. What does love look like to you? Giuliano: Primarily love for me is something we can’t explain, we need to live, but to live a love, we need above all respect, complicity, sympathy, companionship and friendship above all else. Amanda: Love is the most important feeling to me. We are nothing without love. The Bible says that! Love doesn’t allow the envy exists. Love make us overflow; make us bigger than we think we are. Everybody needs to find love in something or somebody. Love makes the world turn around in harmony! Do you remember the first thing you

said to one another? Giuliano: The first thing I told her was, you are beautiful and surely the agency will love you, pleasure Giuliano. Amanda: We met in our agency in an international casting and talked about work and travels. He just came back to Brazil after session on Asia. How it felt like when you kissed each other for the first time? Giuliano: I felt fulfilled and I thought this girl will be mine… haha. Amanda: I felt good, but I didn’t know if I want to continue that situation because I thought kissed a coworker was wrong and our agency could know and it prejudice us. What do you like best about each other? Giuliano: I adore her sincerity, her sense of humor, how awe-inspiring, and the care we have for each other.

Amanda: I like the way he look and take care of me, the way how he worry about other people and about his responsibilities. What is your favorite way of spending time together? Giuliano: I love doing bodybuilding, and I love it even more when she's with me, but whatever I do with her is wonderful for me. Amanda: We like to go at the Ibirapuera Park, watch films and workout together. And eat brigadeiro too!!! Brigadeiro is very important! What are the differences between romance and love? Giuliano: I think romance is the beginning of everything, and it is through the novel that we reach the key point, love. Amanda: I think romance is transitory. Love is more than this. Love overflows. 57 BLOUDER

February 2018

Love came to add, not to make people dependent on each other. Romance can be more intensive than love for some period, but love is endless! What did you think after your first sexual experience? Giuliano: My God, when will be the second time, she's incredible; I've already found the future mother of my children. Amanda: We have identified a lot with each other. It was a good experience and it improved over time. We have a lot of intimacy. How do you communicate love and appreciation to your partner? Giuliano: I send her many messages every day telling her how important she is to me, I love doing with her, cooking, watching movies, working out, walking in the park, I love giving her gifts because she deserves it. Amanda: I like to send romantic messages and take care of him. I like to cook for us and I think care is the most important way to communicate love we feel for each other. He is more romantic than me hahaha. What are your plans for Valentine's day Giuliano: I just want to be with her, regardless of location. Amanda: We don’t plan it yet, but I think we’ll spend this time together because we’ve been apart in Christmas and New Year’s celebration. I want this be very special for us. What are the little things that you do for each other to make your partner happy? Giuliano: Being with her makes me happy, does not need much.

Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre

Amanda: He loves brigadeiro. This is a Brazilian’s candy made with chocolate. I think he likes to see how I take care of him and his clothes, his food and our love. This is some small things that makes him happy and makes me happy too.

BLOUDER Spotlight Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre


February 2018

Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre

Have you ever gotten really obsessed with some topic? Giuliano: She is obsessed with music (she sings very well and has an incredible voice) and for food (I think she will want to kill me now).

Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre

Amanda: I really don’t know. But I don’t think so. We love many things but we aren’t obsessed with anything. I love music! He loves animals, especially dogs. I love books; he loves to take care of his body. What’s a question you’ve never asked each other? Giuliano: We are very sincere with each other and we talk a lot about everything, we have no secrets with each other. Amanda: We have no secrets between us. Where do you want to go with each other for vacations? Giuliano: She dreams of visting Macchu Picchu, Paris and Rome, but I really want her to visit Bali in Indonesia, because it was a place that made me happy a lot and that I loved too much and intend to go back, I'm sure she would love. Amanda: I would like to visit Macchu Picchu in Peru, Paris or Roma. Paris and Roma are very romantic cities. I think it could be very special for our relationship. About Macchu Picchu, I chose this place because I think we are very adventurers. We always talk about going for work together in Asia or Europe, but we never talk about vacations. I guess he wouldn’t say no to the cities I chose.

What are your relationship goals? Giuliano: The only thing I want is for this relationship to be eternal, independent of anything, but it would be great to get a lot of work together, travel together, someday marry and have children, and above all that there is always friendship, complicity, respect and companionship independent of anything. Amanda: We posed for some couple photos, but we dream to make great jobs together and travel for work too, make some seasons in other countries for now. It’s early to talk about marriage, but when we get financial stable, this is a dream that we want to become true.

BLOUDER Spotlight Photographer: Ronaldo Gutierrez MUA: Kamila Fumagalli Style: Lili Filtre


February 2018

LOUDER style out




What is Fashion for you? Fashion is an art for me, to translate into reality the images that I paint.

What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer? The talent.

What sparked your interest in fashion? Since childhood, I was drawing girls in a way I see them.

How has your work evolved since you first started? Successfully.

What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it? Because I realized that art is my life, and I found myself in fashion. How do you stay up to date regarding fashion? By watching the best designers.

Are there any types of clothing that you avoid wearing? No. Who is your inspiration? The world. What was the last project you worked on? The Collection "Frozen in the stone. 7 archangels.�

Photographer: @_mantissa_ Make Up Artist: @nanimikap Model: @li_na19 Dress: @soniaburstein

Photographer: @pavelisakov Make Up Artist: @nanimikap @tokareva_make_up Model: @danechka1 @lesnoy_elf @dikayaratt Dress: @soniaburstein

Photographer: @actxxii Make Up Artist/Hair: @nanimikap Model: @p.s.lalala Dress: @soniaburstein

Make Up Artist/Hair: @nanimikap Model: @yamabad_ Dress: @soniaburstein

Photographer: @pavelisakov Make Up Artist: @tokareva_make_up Model: @danechka1 Dress: @soniaburstein



Style Out LOUDER


February 2018

Style Out LOUDER

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model? I choose to pursue this career because it's an interesting, rewarding, and dynamic career that I always wanted to be a part of. What was your favorite sport in high school? In high school, I loved to play football. What are your strengths? My greatest strength is the way I communicate with people. It also helps me to maintain my confidence. How do you handle stressful situations? I usually handle any stressful situation by listening music, spending some time with my family and close buddies. Where do you want to travel most? I really want to travel to different locations. What are the brands that you would love to pose for? 72 BLOUDER

February 2018

I would love to pose for foreign brands. What is the secret behind your charm? There’s no secret. It's natural. How would you define love? What qualities are you looking for in your life partner? I’m different I don’t define love by words but by my actions. I really want a life partner who will always support me and in any condition she will understand me. How can you describe yourself in five

words? There are millions of words in vocabulary but I just need one word to define myself and that is Simple. Who inspires you? Justin Bieber and SRK inspires me always. How can you inspire someone to join modeling industry? Start with zero, make it hundred and then million. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I hope in 5 years I’ll be a screen model.


BLOUDER Literary

THE COURAGE TO FREEDOM By Indira Ramanidharan President Knowledge Tree Training Academy, Chennai

Once upon a time, a poet by name Vishnu visited the kingdom of Brihusenapathi to recite his poetry and gain some money for his living. The king felt happy with the poems of Vishnu and requested Vishnu to stay in his palace for a few days. Vishnu was more than happy with this offer. The minister took Vishnu around the palace and showed him how luxurious and fulfilled the palace was. He took him to all the halls, verandahs in the palace. While he was walking through the verandah of the king's room, he saw huge cage with a parrot in it. The minister expressed “I feel jealous on this parrot, the cage is made of gold, and the swing is made of silver. It gets fresh and tasty food to eat every day. But still looks unhappy." The parrot was continuously repeating the words "I want freedom, freedom, freedom." Vishnu felt pity on seeing this parrot. The minister continued to walk him over to the garden and then the backyard. Vishnu thought to himself "Everything in the kingdom was amazing as the king had described. Except that parrot screaming for freedom." That night Vishnu couldn't sleep. He decided to have a look at the parrot. As he neared the cage the parrot woke up and started screaming as usual "I want freedom, freedom, freedom." Vishnu felt pity on that little parrot; he broke the cage open and spoke to the parrot "Now you have all the freedom, go fly high. Be free. Live the life you dream of."But, the parrot was still inside the cage. Vishnu thought to himself, maybe this bird has forgotten how to fly" so he pulled out the parrot from the cage and threw it high into the sky. He felt relaxed and went back to his bed to have a peaceful nap. The next day morning, he saw a few kingdom guards surrounding the cage of gold. He thought to himself "Let me leave before they find out who it is. But for one last time let me have a look at that empty cage of gold." Vishnu moved the guards and walked to wards the cage. To his surprise the parrot was still in the cage, again screaming the same words "I want freedom, freedom, freedom." Don’t you feel you too are like the parrot that likes freedom, but doesn't want to move out of his comfort zone? Freedom takes a lot of courage, change and responsibility. The parrot was comfortable in the golden cage with a swing to play on. With the visitors who come to admire him in the cage, with tasty and abundant food. And enough space to fly - from one end of the cage to another. Once the parrot was set free it realized that it had to search for its own food and build its own shelter and had to save himself from his enemies all alone. The parrot forgot to realize freedom comes with responsibilities!!!


February 2018

BLOUDER Literary

HAZE ‘Haze’ is a faded dream, we the members at Haze, turn these dreams into reality for everyone to explore and find a platform to showcase their talents upon. The idea of the whole concept of Haze as a book popped into our minds when our found, Hurshitha, visited an orphanage near her house. She spends quality time with the kids and as usual asked them questions which would bring out their innocence, but one question, “What will you become when you get old” changed her, when she heard the loud kids face go dull and mum surrounding their lips, one spoke with lot of hesitation “I want to be a... Teacher, I don’t know if I can though.” It was heart breaking that these kids so young have no dreams or no way to achieve their dreams. So Hurshitha, herself a writer came to start this venture Haze, a book for these kids’ wellbeing. The money earned by the sales of Haze will be donated for the education of these children to turn this faded dream into reality. As the time went on, her good friend Parul helped her out to handpick 40 writers who also decided to help them with this noble project, also known as First Project Haze. The book Haze consists of three sections: Revive the poetry section, Illusion the story section and Oblivion the quote section. The writers have put their heart and soul into inking these pages into beautiful memoirs and prose. They say, “We had various ways of helping these kids, but as writers, our team felt to encourage budding writers into such a platform where they can showcase their talents and feel satisfied for being part of a noble cause. We also are launching this book so the society unknowingly or knowingly helps the kids they have abandoned from achieving their potential.” As for the writers, “Haze is a step we writers as a community take to bring a change in this contemporary world. Our motto is “We Write, We Sell, We Donate”” The Genre of the book is open-themed with topics vast and versatile. Reading this book is like going on a roller coaster ride; it starts with anticipation and ends with gratitude of surviving. Haze also helps you discover the magic long forgotten over the speeding life. Haze, as a book is something you would keep in shelf for years and will help you put the smile not only on your face but of the kids and writers out these still finding their way for a stage to express their share of experiences and tragedies. Do give this book a read and find the horizon of misery and happiness. 75 BLOUDER

February 2018

BLOUDER Literary

In Conversation with Mr. Vivekanand Kumar aka ‘Vicky the snake boy’


BY SURAJ KUMAR SINGH | Instagram @suraj24thecount

hile on my way to the place which I mistook as his residence he rang me and invited me to Aurobindo Ashram. A long journey on a Sunday morning and a cold breeze! A pleasant experience alas. And I feel lucky that I got one thanks to him. As the asphalt ended and the street begun then I realized that I have almost arrived. Entering the Ashram premises I realized that something was going on a lot of people were assembled encircling a stage 76 BLOUDER

February 2018

and on putting a glance upon the stage and the banner fixed across the rear wall of that temporary stage, I realized that today was the gradation camp of the karatekas of Shotokan Karate Federation. But it was already over. Only a photography session was going on when I arrived. The crowd was due to a group of parents of the young karatekas. Senseis, karatekas and organizers all assembled together to fit into a single frame and among them I spotted Mr. Vivekanad! After the session was over he came to me and shook hands. The crowd dispersed and we went under a tree as the sun was overhead now and heat was at its peak. SKS: As I have learned from some sources that you rescue snakes and also

BLOUDER Literary that you are a part of an organization which works for wild life concerns so tell me about your work and your organization’s objective first. VK: I am a Zoologist, Karate Trainer and also the Founder & Secretary of an organization that is called SNAKE (Survivor of Nature and Keeper of Earth). The main aims and objectives of my organization are to work for Wildlife conservations, Snake rescue and Snakebite mitigation. It works in collaboration with Forest Department (A government wing that works for wildlife conservation). I started rescuing snakes from 2003 onwards and my Organization began working actively from 2009. SKS: So how many varieties of snakes are found in this part of India (Jharkhand) and how many of them are venomous or poisonous? VKS: According to my research, in total there are 23 different varieties of snakes that are found here. Out of them three are mildly venomous and five are deadly venomous. The deadly venomous varieties are Cobra, Common Krait, Banded Krait, Russell’s viper and Green Pit viper. Here maximum deaths are caused by Cobra’s, Krait’s and Russell’s viper bites. While Cobra’s and Krait’s venom are neurotoxin, Russell’s viper venom is haemotoxin. SKS: Do you feel any kind of fear while handling snakes? VK: Actually my first encounter with a snake was during my High School years when I was 14 years old. I was returning from my school and I got the news that a snake has entered into someone’s house in the village. They told me that it was a Checkered Keelback (nonvenomous). I entered the house to take it out. Since it was dark inside the house I was unable to check the species. So I simply caught the snake with the help of a stick and took it out of the house and it turned out to be a cobra! Since then I have no fear of snakes and you will not believe that I was bitten 36 times but I still continue rescuing snakes. And I have rescued more than

1700 snakes of all the 23 varieties till date that are found in Jharkhand. I also used to watch programs on wildlife conservation on Nat Geo and Discovery Channel and Dr. Brady Barr is my inspiration.

tre here at Ranchi so that more research work can be done upon the snakes. I also want to start a snake venom milking project with the support of Serum Institute to make polyvalent snake antivenoms.

SKS: Do you have any plans to go beyond in this field? VK: As I am a Zoologist I want to explore the wildlife of Jharkhand. And my dream is to establish India’s biggest Snake Park and a Snake Research Cen-

SKS: When did you join Karate? VK: I joined Shotokan Karate in 2009 and in 2010 I got my first Black Belt rd degree and now I am a Black Belt 3 DAN. I have also participated in State Championship 2015 organized by


February 2018

BLOUDER Literary

Sports & Karate Association of Jharkhand where I won a silver medal in the event of Team Kata. But I learned that this was not the only sport he played. I learned from him that he has represented the state of Jharkhand th at the 34 National Games in the event of Fencing! And he said that he is a shooter too! Apart from all these he confessed that he loves novel writing as well and is planning to publish some of his works. A multi-talented person indeed! SKS: How was your life before becoming a wildlife conservation icon and a media star? VK: I did matriculation from SS High School, Intermediate in Science from PTPS College and later moved to Ranchi for higher studies. To sustain my academic career I struggled a lot. I worked as a computer operator in a cafe to earn and support my education at the beginning. Sometimes I faced worst conditions but I knew that education is the only way which will


February 2018

make my life better so after a lot of struggle I took admission in RLSY College affiliated to Ranchi University and I graduated in the subject, Zoology (Hons). Then Post graduated from the Dept. of Zoology, Ranchi University in the subject, Zoology (Ecology). I am also willing to do a doctoral research in my field. Since 2010 I have been working as a Karate Instructor at SGB Model School and I am also an advisor at the Snake House of Bhagwan Birsa Zoological Park, Ormanjhi Ranchi. From the initial time I was sincere, punctual, had a leader like attitude and had been a social worker. I help people in all my capacity. In future I want to continue my work for the benefit of mankind and especially for Mother Nature which is everything for us. Before signing off and bidding farewell I assured him of all the necessary help and assistance he will be looking for during the publication process of his book and wished him all the best for his future.


BLOUDER House to Home

The Quick Start Guide to a Decluttered Home


By Leo Babauta | www.zenhabits.net

ne of my favorite habits that I’ve created since I changed my life 9 years ago is having a decluttered home.

I now realize that I always disliked the clutter, but I put off thinking about it because it was unpleasant. The thought of having to deal with all that clutter was overwhelming, and I


February 2018

had too much to do, or I was too tired, so I procrastinated. Clutter, it turns out, is procrastination. But I learned to deal with that procrastination one small chunk at a time, and I cleared it out. That was truly amazing. Amazing because I didn’t really believe I could do it until I did it. I didn’t believe in myself. And amazing because when it was done, there was a background noise that was removed from my life, a distraction, an irritation. Decluttering my home has meant a

more peaceful, minimal life. It’s meant I spend less time cleaning, maintaining my stuff, looking for things. Less money buying things, storing things. Less emotional attachment to things. For anyone looking to begin decluttering, I’d like to offer a short guide on getting started. Know that this guide isn’t comprehensive, and it can take months to really get down to a decluttered home … but if you do it right, the process is fun and liberating and empowering, each step of the way.

BLOUDER House to Home Start small. Clutter can be overwhelming, and so we put it off. The best thing I did was to just focus one one small space to start with. A kitchen counter (just part of it) is a good example. Or a dining table, or a shelf. Clear everything off that space, and only put back what you really need. Put it back neatly. Get rid of the rest — give it away, sell it on Craigslist, donate it, recycle it. The clearing and sorting will take 10 minutes, while you can give stuff away later when you have the time. Work in chunks. If you start small, you’ll feel good about it, but there’s still a whole home full of stuff to deal with. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. (Not literally — I’m vegan.) So just like you did one small area to start with, keep doing that, just 10 minutes a day, maybe more if you feel really enthusiastic. If you have a free day on the weekend, spend an afternoon doing a huge chunk. Spend the whole weekend if you feel like it. Or just do one small piece at a time — there’s no need to rush, but keep the progress going. Follow a simple method. For each small chunk you do, clear out the area in question and put everything in one pile. Pick up the first thing off the pile (no putting it aside to decide later) and force yourself to make a decision. Ask yourself: do I love and use this? If not, get rid of it. If the answer is yes, find a place for it — I call it a “home”. If you really love and use something, it

deserves a home that you designate and where you put it back each time you’re done with it. Then go to the next thing and make the same decision. Working quickly and making quick decisions, you can sort through a pile in about 10 minutes (depending on the size of the pile). Put stuff in your trunk. Once you’ve collected stuff to donate or give away, put them in boxes or grocery bags and put them in the trunk of your car (if you don’t have a car, somewhere near the door). Choose a time to deliver them. Enjoy getting them out of your life. Talk to anyone involved. If you have a significant other, kids, or other people living with you, they’ll be affected if you start decluttering the home. You should talk to them now, before you get started, so they’ll understand why you want to do this, and get them involved in the decision-making process. Ask them what they think of this. Send them this article to consider. Ask if they can support you wanting to declutter, at least your own stuff or some of the kitchen or living room, to see what it’s like. Don’t be pushy, don’t try to force, but have the conversation. Be OK if they resist. Try to change the things that you can control (your personal possessions, for example) and see if that example doesn’t inspire them to consider further change. Notice your resistance. There will be a lot of items that you either don’t

want to get rid of (even if you don’t really use them), or you don’t feel like tackling. This resistance is important to watch — it’s your mind wanting to run from discomfort or rationalize things. You can give in to the resistance, but at least pay attention to it. See it happening. The truth is, we put a lot of emotional attachment into objects. A photo of a loved one, a gift from a family member, a memento from a wedding or travel, a treasured item from a dead grandfather. These items don’t actually contain the memories or love that we think are in them, and practicing letting go of the items while holding onto the love is a good practice. And practicing tackling clutter that you dread tackling is also an amazing practice. Enjoy the process. The danger is to start seeing decluttering as yet another chore on your to-do list. Once you start doing that, it becomes something you’ll put off. Instead, reframe it to a liberating practice of mindfulness. Smile as you do it. Focus on your breathe, on your body, on the motions of moving items around, on your feelings about the objects. This is a beautiful practice, and I recommend it. These steps won’t get your home decluttered in a weekend. But you can enjoy the first step, and then the second, and before you know it you’ve taken 30 steps and your home is transformed. You’ll love this change as much as I have.


February 2018

stunning overall effect is to mix a touch of luxury with quality materials. For instance, coordinate wooden cabinets with a tiled paneling treatment around the bathroom. Also ripe for coordination are choreograph shower panels with stone or porcelain tiles. Focusing and investing in these luxury elements while using quality material will help offset costs and give you the look you've dreamed of. 4. Select an integrated vanity top sink


Looking through your many choices of sinks, showerheads, toilets and other fixtures is downright inspiring, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Of all the options available, consider setting your eye on a vanity top with sink mounted on any number of vanity styles you like. This combines style with functionality in a timeless design and cuts down on clean up and your installation cost.

CORNERS ON YOUR BATHROOM REMODEL (BPT) - When homeowners get the urge to remodel and renovate their homes, two rooms immediately top the list: the kitchen and the bathroom. In the last decade, we've seen something of a renaissance in home bathroom design. From an innovative use of materials to radically reimagined bathtubs and toilets, today's bathrooms offer a dream space with comfort and convenience in a stylish package.

1. Find a focal point

This dream, however, comes with a price tag. A mid-range bathroom remodel that includes a steel tub, a pressure-balanced shower, ceramic tile floor, vanity and integral sink could cost almost $20,000, and that's for a 5-by-7 room. An upscale remodel might cost as much as $60,000!

Many people who want to save on a bathroom remodel think the most economical 2. Incorporate creative storage solutions way is to go it alone and take the DIY route. However, a professional designer In remodeling a bathroom, it's always excan help you discover the style that fits citing to stumble upon a solution that your personality and budget - and help you brings together the practical and the beauti- avoid costly mistakes. For instance, ful. This happens a lot when you try to fig- Kohler's Bathroom Design Service proure out how to store toiletries, towels and vides expert advice, 3-D bathroom rendermore. Wall cabinets, wicker baskets, storings and logistical guidance. age ladders and storage towers create charm and keep your essentials orderly. To discover more inspiration for your bathroom, visit ideas.kohler.com, where you'll 3. A touch of luxury goes a long way find the ideas and advice that will get you started on your journey to your dream One of the most effective ways to create a bathroom.

But before this sticker shock scares you away, know there are secrets to saving money and still getting a beautiful bathroom. We sat down with Lynn Schrage, interior designer at Kohler Co. to learn some of her tips and tricks. Here are five of the best.


February 2018

You don't need to have top-of-the-line everything to create a stunning bathroom. Think in terms of what piece you want to be the star of your bathroom. Maybe you want it to be the sink, a freestanding bathtub or a spa steam shower. Pick one fixture that will draw the eye in and take center stage. You'll be amazed at what this does for the overall effect.

5. Work with a professional

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