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Arabic Week and UAE 42nd National Day Blossom Nursery Nov 24th, 2013 – Nov 27th, 2013 We had such a great time during our Arabic week! The kids made lots of lovely crafts to decorate the office and the outside areas in preparation of our celebration

During Arabic week the children learned about Arabic culture and created different pieces of arts and craft about Arabic culture. The week started with using “Bakhoor” (incense) to give the office a great smell to welcome our lovely parents and other visitors. On the first day, we discussed the different Arabic countries and the children learned different facts about the UAE like what is the meaning of UAE? United Arab of Emirates or what is the capital of UAE? Abu Dhabi

On the second day, we talked about reading and writing in Arabic; the kids enjoyed writing the Arabic alphabet.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we read stories: “the camel that got away”, “A for Arabia” by Julia Johnson and “Jamila the falcon” by Joanne Mendelski. These tales gave us the opportunity to show the children animals like a camel and a falcon and also Arabic life style.

The children also worked on different craft pieces; they made a camel or a dhow out of different recycled materials.

We had a nice picnic with the children who used their senses to taste the Arabic bread served with homemade Hummus.

We invited our parents to taste Arabic coffee, tea, dates and “Manakish� as well.

We had fun organizing a festive celebration of the UAE and its people. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us during Arabic week and made it one of the highlights on the Blossom Calendar. Miss Maya Arabic Teacher at Blossom Nursery

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Arabic week at the Blossom Nursery!