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Bloomwolf Studio is an illustration and design studio that aims to provide high quality, environmentally friendly products that are cheerful, colorful, and conscientiously made. From initial designs, to final packaging, we take great care in ensuring that everything is beautifully produced for you and your customers.

About Us

Bloomwolf Studio was founded in 2015 by self taught artist, Betsy Garcia. Before embarking on this creative path, Betsy had aspirations of becoming a doctor. After graduating from college and beginning the process of applying to medical schools, someone advised her that if she could picture herself doing something other than medicine, then she should do that instead. With that in mind, she decided to take a huge chance and pursue another passion of hers, thus Bloomwolf Studio was created. Together with her fiance Luis, Betsy has been able to make her dream of pursuing art a reality. The two of them now work together on all aspects of the business from their home studio in Orlando.

Bloomwolf Studio 2018 Wholesale Catalog  
Bloomwolf Studio 2018 Wholesale Catalog