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ollowing an asset management software training course in 2002 Gary Kerr decided he wanted to go it alone with a new business focusing on asset management consultancy. In addition, he was keen to establish a business where project completion meant

first and foremost. By being engineering minded we have been able to give customers a unique perspective to their asset maintenance and software implementation tasks. From day one we have been fortunate in attracting big name clients in the drinks and oil industry.





as-built drawings were always part of the job process and not an afterthought. There have been many fascinating twists and turns along the way, but the last 10 years have been highly rewarding for everyone involved with EPM Solutions. Although we have been closely aligned with software implementation, EPM has always been an engineering company

2002 Started trading | Open in Paisley | First order (BUE North Sea) | First member of staff

Our experience now stretches across many sectors across the UK and the wider world with a special emphasis on industrial and hazardous industries. It’s been a great 10 years and we would like to thank our customers and the staff who have made it all possible. Click here to read Gary’s full blog looking back at EPM’s first 10 years.

2003 Win Rolls Royce contract | BP Pilot study at Inverness | Join Chamber of Commerce | Expand engineering team

Your biggest asset

A guide to ageing plant Ageing plant does not necessarily relate to chronological age. There are many examples of very old plant remaining fully fit for purpose, and of recent plant showing evidence of early ageing. [COMAH GUIDANCE]


hen you think of ageing plant you would be forgiven for thinking of equipment that is either old or getting old. However, ageing is not about how old your equipment is; it is about its condition, and how that is changing over time. Ageing is the effect whereby a component suffers some form of material deterioration and damage (usually, but not necessarily, associated with time in service) with an increasing likelihood of failure over the lifetime. At EPM we work with a number of clients who operate in hazardous environments to help ensure they remain safe and compliant with COMAH regulations. This is achieved by recording all of your assets and developing and

implementing a maintenance and inspection program that is appropriate for the plants age and expected rate of deterioration. Ageing equipment is equipment for which there is evidence or likelihood of significant deterioration and damage taking place since new, or for which there is insufficient information and knowledge available to know the extent to which this possibility exists. The significance of deterioration and damage relates to the potential effect on the

equipment’s functionality, availability, reliability and safety. Just because an item of equipment is old does not necessarily mean that it is significantly deteriorating and damaged. All types of equipment can be susceptible to ageing mechanisms. The issue is about how long plant has been used – ‘long service’ plant will be found everywhere and in all industries. The key issue is the evidence from inspections, planned and reactive maintenance, plant failures, loss of containment incidents, etc that may indicate that your plant condition and performance is, or could be, prone to deterioration due to ageing. For assistance or advice contact EPM today on 0141 848 6609.



Renfrewshire Council Recruit Program

2004 Relocate to bigger offices | Win UK contract for BP | Develop ATEX compliance methodology | New customers (industrial & hazardous environment)


PM Solutions recently became a partner in ‘Invest in Renfrewshire’. Inspired by the BBC’s The Apprentice, Renfrewshire Council has devised its own programme for budding businessmen and women: The Recruit. EPM welcomed a group of these recruits to William Street where they were given a challenge and a tour of the offices. As a result some candidates have progressed in the program and successfully gained employment.

2005 Complete Rolls Royce relocation project | Win ROCCO award | EPM into Europe | Oil depot redevelopment projects | Develop strategic marketing plan | focus, focus, focus...

To find out more click here

2006 Move office to Abbey Mill (bigger again) | Win 2nd ROCCO Award | New corporate ID | Exhibit at MAINTEC for first time | ISO9000 Certification | Expand (IT, team and customers)

Strategic Asset Management Consultancy

Events diary Nov 2012 - MAR 2013



t EPM our asset management consultancy work is often delivered at a strategic level within the organisation. For instance we recently completed a business structure review for a prominent UK infrastructure site. This

management structure. We also considered customer and supplier relationships, processes and delivery. Thought was given to the company’s current use of assets and how they should be managed and maintained in the future. This was a three-month project

we had to get inside the business and understand its inner workings. required us to look at all areas of the operation with particular emphasis towards identifying any gaps and improvements that may be made to the asset management activities within the business. The review took the form of a series of meetings with board members, individuals and groups to discuss asset management activities and related business structures. We had to get inside the business and understanding its inner workings - how each department interacted, individual job functions and the

that culminated in a board level presentation and a detailed action plan. The actions covered business structure, asset management responsibilities, infrastructure & technical support, project process, capital & revenue planning, culture, documentation, asset plans and resources. If you believe your business might benefit from senior level asset planning then please call 0141 848 6609 to arrange a FREE one-to-one consultation with Gary Kerr.

14 NOVEMBER 2012 SOFTSOLS AGILITY ROADSHOW Birmingham, The National Motorcycle Museum 21 NOVEMBER 2012 SHIRE ROADSHOW Warwick, Holiday Inn Express 27 NOVEMBER 2012 IAM ANNUAL LECTURE & DINNER The QEII Conference Centre, London

27-28 NOVEMBER 2012 THE ASSET MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE The QEII Conference Centre, London 5 FEBRUARY 2013 MANAGING RISK. IS COMPETENCE IN SAFETY AND RELIABILITY A MIRAGE? Institution of Mechanical Engineers 5-7 MARCH 2013 MAINTEC INCORPORATING HAZEX NEC, Birmingham MARCH 2013 SHIRE ROADSHOW Various locations across the UK MARCH 2013 SOFTSOLS AGILITY ROADSHOWS Various locations across the UK For more information on any event contact EPM Solutions on 0141 848 6609

2007 Announce strategic alliance partnerships | Expand projects team | Exhibit at MAINTEC | Gary Kerr appointed Director of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce.

2008 ATEX mechanical risk assessment journey with Ciba in Paisley | Became a member of The Institute of Asset Management (IAM)

2009 Purchased and relocated to Head Office in William Street, Paisley | New customers in UK & Overseas Airport Integrity Management Projects

Your biggest asset

9001: 2008

Training and competence of EPM staff THIS HAS CERTAINLY BEEN A BUSY YEAR OF LEARNING FOR THE EPM TEAM Iain McCulloch recently attended a five day COMPEX course providing competence based training and assessment for electrical instrumentation technicians working in hazardous areas in offshore and onshore industrial environments.


EPM Solutions Ltd Woodside House, 14 William Street, Paisley PA1 2LZ. T: 0141 848 6609 |

Staff Spotlight in this edition of asset life we focus on EMMA SMITH - OUR LATEST ADDITION TO THE EPM TEAM [EMMA SMITH] Place of birth Dumbarton Position held at work Technical Support

Joe Lining & Colin Malcolm have been assessed in accordance with OFTEC for domestic and non-domestic oil storage and supply. Kevin McGinnigle recently completed an IAM endorsed three day training course covering the principles of asset management. The course was completed over six modules which included asset management strategies & plans, risk and performance. Ian Hick is now competent in EX002, Hazardous Area Classification to IEX, IP15, IEC 60079-10-1 and IEC 61241-10.

2010 ISO 14001, 18000 framework & policies in place | PAS 55 Audit Services | Gary runs the Royal Parks Half Marathon raising £25K for Parkinson’s UK

Interests Design, travelling, fitness, people Favourite food Patatas Bravas (muchos Bravas) Favourite music and artist I like most music, but NOT Cliff Richard Favourite TV programme Happy Endings Favourite movie How to Get Ahead in Advertising Favourite way to relax Lights off, candles, fresh bedding, relaxing music

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why? Richard Branson, to see how the other half live One thing that nobody knows about you I am able to drink liquids faster than anyone I know and in a manner unbecoming of a lady! What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? My son What would you do if you won the lottery Move to Paris

If you were not at EPM, what would you like to be doing? I’d be studying

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? Fertility would be proportionate to intelligence

What technology could you not live without? Wheels

What do you enjoy most about working at EPM My colleagues

2011 Inspection strategies in South Atlantic and Cyprus for MOD

2012 We are delighted to confirm that Kevin McGinnigle has been promoted to the position of Operations Director with responsibilities of delivery and coordination of projects and resource.

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EPM Newsletter Winter 2012/13  

EPM Newsletter

EPM Newsletter Winter 2012/13  

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