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I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED SKIING AND THE COMMUNITY SURROUNDING IT. As I get older, I fear that I may lose touch with the world that was so influential to my development as a person. Bloom Outerwear was created in hopes of building and maintaining relationships within this unique and genuine community. With Bloom, I hope to create an unconventional customer experience by personalizing each business interaction. I look forward to getting to know other skiers through my business and hope to establish a brand that is known for its reliability, friendliness and contributions to the surrounding community. Bloom’s products for its first year in production, which we’ve given the name “Onward & Upward”, will be arriving in November. In the meantime, pre-orders are available. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, it’s the best way to become familiarized with Bloom. If you have any questions we would be happy to respond to them. Thank you for all your support, and keep in touch! -Jim Borchardt


We use a high quality fabric that has a waterproof rating of 20,000mm as well as breathability rating of 20,000g. The fabric allows moisture to easily escape, while preventing outside mositure from ever getting in.

CUSTOM CUT AND FIT We’ve been perfecting our signature slim and tall sizes as well as our simple product layout for the last two years. VENTILATION SYSTEM Zip off your sleeves, open up the torso and leg vents and you’ll be set for the hot ones. POCKETS. SO MANY POCKETS. Want to bring your gameboy skiing? No problem. Our pockets will be a safe haven for your hand-held gaming machine, iPod, car keys and anything else. GAITERS Hand gaiters in the jacket will keep snow from ever geting into your sleeve. Boot gaiters in the pants will keep snow from ever getting in your... pants.

Onward Jacket Upward Pants ZIP-OFF SLEEVES Ever wanted to turn your jacket into a vest? Now you can.

ADJUSTABLE WAIST Our pants fit many waist sizes because of this simple and convenient feature.

IPOD/GOGGLE POCKET Keep your most expensive posessions safe in these interior pockets.

REINFORCED HEELS Pant heels rip easily so we reinforced em’ with tough fabric to prevent tearing.

HOOD MAGNET Losing your vision mid-air sucks. The hood magnet featured on the Onward jacket keeps that pesky hood out of your face, and your eyes on the landing. POWDER SKIRT • FULLY TAPED SEAMS•


Bloom Winter 2011-2012 Lookbook  

Here's what we are offering for the 2011-2012 ski season!