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1-800-FLOWERS.COM®/BloomNet® NEW Quality Assurance Program Assuring optimal performance throughout the BloomNet® Florist network.

Working together to drive more orders into BloomNet Professional Florists’ shops!

Happier customers, increased order volume. More profit potential. We understand there are challenges surrounding the hand-delivery of fresh flowers. That’s why we’re launching the BloomNet Quality Assurance Program. We’ve enhanced the methods for communications between BloomNet Florists, the customer service Team, and consumers to provide the best customer satisfaction possible. With frequent and up to date order status information shared between BloomNet Florists and the customer service Team, we’ll be armed with accurate order information to help defend you against consumer credit, charge back, cancellations and redelivery requests.

QuALity ASSuRANCE PROgRAM OVERViEW & BENEFitS increase Profitability & Orders • improved Quality = more repeat Business! • Earn Out incentive for top Performers – Florists with no customer complaints or rejected orders will earn out of the monthly Quality Assurance fee. • improving Quality Performance – consistent top performers receive more orders, broaden coverage areas and boost their profits! Quality Assurance Coaching & Best Practice guide • We’re committed to ensuring your success! Our NEW Quality Assurance Team is 100% dedicated to helping you improve your performance and Quality Performance metrics. • Our Quality Assurance Best Practice Guide details all the steps necessary to maintain the highest Quality performance metrics. Visit the Utilities tab on Bloomlink to download this valuable training guide for you & your staff. Awards & Recognition • Top-rated florists will be recognized in the BloomNet Directory providing florist’s peace of mind for sending outbound orders through BloomNet. • Top performers deserve our praises! To celebrate your accomplishment, we’ll send you a plaque to display in your shop, to reinforce to your retail customers your dedication to quality. Rewards & Consequences • Florists who perform well receive many benefits, including more orders, new zip codes (if desired), and other awards and recognition, while florists who continually face quality challenges may see a reduction in orders.

Detailed measurement, continual feedback. Maximized quality. How can you help reduce cancellations and redelivery requests? Communication is the Key! 1. Submit Delivery Confirmations by 7:00 p.m. This will help us resolve consumer non-delivery complaints. Plus, you’ll earn a $0.75 credit for each Delivery Confirmation received on time! 2. Delivery issues – send us an INFo-status Update message by 7:00pm if there was an issue with the delivery of an order or if you are not able to deliver the order for any reason. 3. Order Left with Somebody Other than Recipient – send us an INFo-status Update by 7:00pm if the order was left with someone other than the recipient. 4. Need to make a Substitution? send us an INQr-Inquiry on the order with the substitution details before noon on the day of delivery, or within 2 hours of receiving the order. We’ll provide you with a timely response and if we do not, you won’t be assessed! Exceptional Management tools • improved Florist Performance Summary – Helps you better understand and resolve specific order fulfillment challenges. our comprehensive reporting identifies top performers and pinpoints areas for improvement. • Convenient Delivery Confirmation tools – Drivers can provide “real time” Delivery Confirmations from their cell phone with our Automated Delivery Confirmation Tool! Florist Performance Summary • Individualized BloomNet Florist Performance results are available under Utilities/Reports in BloomLink!

The BloomNet Quality Assurance Program – it’s good for business. Orders fulfilled to the highest standards The BloomNet Quality Assurance Program means that consumers and BloomNet Florist customers can have even greater confidence that each order is fulfilled with the utmost care, attention to detail and most stringent quality standards in the Industry.

Creating a superior customer experience will generate repeat business. satisfied customers are loyal customers, generating sales for retail florists again and again. The BloomNet Quality Assurance Program was designed to meet and exceed customer satisfaction – both for consumers and our entire network of BloomNet Professional Florists. When you provide exceptional customer service on the fulfillment of orders, you can leverage those recipient addresses in your local marketing efforts and bring those customers back into your shop. If the recipient was delighted by the product and services they received, it’s easy to make them your customers for life!

We’ve Listened to your Feedback! And we’re also doing our part to improve quality! and BloomNet are working hard to continue to improve and remain your Wire service of choice! We’ve listened to the valuable feedback from BloomNet Professional Florists and recently implemented a number of exciting changes to help make fulfilling orders even easier than before! • improved Address Verification – our enhanced Address Verification software will ensure you are provided with more accurate delivery addresses. • Reduced Floral Variety and Hard good Requirements – We have reduced the number of containers and fresh floral varieties in our recipes by 50%! • Reduced Codified Product Needs & Small Case Packs – We have reduced the number of codified products required to just a few for each holiday season and everyday occasions, and are making codified products available in as small case packs as possible. • improved Product Presentation – We have modified our photography to provide a more dimensional view of the product and ensured each picture matches the fresh floral recipe and size. • Better Service to Florists – We are ensuring BloomNet Florists receive both more informative responses and quicker response times to all your messages and customer service needs.

Stay tuned for more exciting benefits and improvements to our Quality Assurance Program in 2010!

For further information about our Quality Program and the many benefits it can bring to your business, please contact BloomNet Customer Service at 1-866-BLOOMNET (1-866-256-6663).

Quality Assurance Program  

We understand there are challenges surrounding the hand-delivery of fresh flowers. That’s why we’re launching the BloomNet Quality Assurance...

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