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Valerii Tkachenko and his wonderful Nature Photos

City landscape photography of the great photographer Valerii Tkachenko means a new life to nature photos. Photography with nature while travelling is of a great value. Nature and its beauty in different times and different places give pleasure of travelling. This pleasure and mental satisfaction for a nature-lover can’t be described in language. It has separate meaning of realizing and feeling in mind. And if this enjoyment for a particular scene at a particular time of journey be photographed for future re-collection in the leisure time reminds the beauty of journey though the photographs. This becomes a different value when it comes through Valarie Tkachenko, the great and talented photographer. Photography is also a technology to take a view through the Camera at the right time or right moment. As for example, a landscape or a photograph of a particular place has to be taken at the time of Sunset, which will mean a different value that is taken when sunset. Similarly, in the noon the same site will bear a different view of mind. In photography, daylight has got a vital role for a good photograph, As such, to be a good photographer, it is necessary to learn these technical aspects properly. One photograph can speak in its own language. The viewer must have to feel the language. In particular, a scene in jungle with a river aside has a meaning of nature, On the other hand, in city like jungle of concrete with huge numbers of people with different professions has got a separate meaning of business. This can be kept preserved for the future through photography. This has got a separate beauty. This beauty is changing day-by-day like nature. Only photographs that may be a landscape or portrait can only focus in the past as well as the present. A professional photographer like Valerii Tkachenko, who has got the great feeling of the living creatures as well as the nature, can remind the present of a past. Valarie Tkachenko has got the ability to expose a photograph with a language that the photographer and the spot like to explain. It is a matter of feeling. Only a nature-lover can feel this. A city landscape, a nature photo, an architecture photo and a portrait are not of same meaning. All of these are photograph, but of different saying. Hence, to be a good photographer, technology and also the aspects of photographs should be learnt first.

Valerii Tkachenko and his wonderful Nature Photo