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T(H)REE New Musical Roots From Portugal, Hong Kong and Macau

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••• Bloom presence  on  music   scene  in  Macau: 2008-­2009   -­‐   Musical   events   and   theme   party   p ro d u c t i o n ,   w i t h   S t .   Paul’s  Corners  in  Macau. 2008.   Live   performance   of   the   project   The   Box,   from   HK  and  UK,  at   Crea-­‐ tive  Albergue,   St.   Lazarus   district. 2009-­2010   -­   Collabora-­‐ tion   in  the  concerts   at   XL   Creation  -­‐   Live   Music   As-­‐ sociation:   Macau   Flash   2009,   a   David   Valentim   production;   Global   Battle   of  The  Bands  -­‐   GBOB  Ma-­ cau   Final;   Macau   Un-­ derground  VI,  VII,  VIII. •   Organization  of  the  Fin-­‐ nish   Choir   Dominante   concert   at   the   St.   Joseph   Seminary  Church.





T(H)REE A musical project between Portugal, Hong Kong and Macau


T(H)REE is a musical project that brings together for the very first time, on the same record, modern musicians from Portugal, Macau and Hong Kong. Wishing to materialize and shape a truthful blend of cultures the idea also comes from the significant ambition to enhance local music creation beyond its borders, reaching distant domains, bringing the steer to extensive forms and new contacts as musical and cultural projects that otherwise would never take place. This project is also born under the structure of a pure and boundless dialogue, where the finest blend of creative processes, sounds and distinctive ways of making music flow in a world without space and distance, making technology the elemental connection and the convergence point. On this terms 33 musical projects gave a major step to compose 17 songs, connecting more than 70 musicians to execute an unstoppable task, without any physical contact. The final result is a surprise and an outlook reference for the music scene of the three territories involved. Presenting now the first glimpse of this endeavor, other crops will emerge from the same branches. T(H)REE gathers distinctive musicians side by side in the same ground, coming for head-to-head for the first time, on the lines of a compact disc. Conducted by the harmony of a simple song that swings back and forth until it achieving the final and solid state. These musicians of acclaimed international talent assigned their utmost tenacity to the foundation of what will become an unique and universal venture. A part of it can be heard at: The purpose of this album is: 1. Promote and develop the modern music made in both sides of the world. 2. Create a musical relationship between them. 3. Develop the chance to bring Portuguese bands to Asia and Hong Kong and Macau artists to Europe. 4. This compilation intends to be the first others to follow. Project T(H)REE has everything to become successful and iconic, and its potential will generate new creations in the future. In that way, this project will be an incentive for the bands to develop their skills and try their best to be invited to following compilations. To achieve that goal, thirty bands and artists from both sides of the globe were invited to play in partnership. For every song, there is a Portuguese artist or band playing with musicians from Hong Kong or Macau. The result of those collaborations will allow an exploration of the existing cultural differences, and finally their union through music. The artists were chosen according to the following criteria: 1. Music quality 2. Importance in the local musical scene 3. Music Innovation 4. Flexibility and adeptness to work in a team

Project T(H)REE will count with the following bands in its first volume: 1. Unixx (HK) vs. Hipnótica (Portugal)

Unixx \inished  the  produc-­‐ tion  of  their  last  record  in   November  and  a  launching   concert  is  expected.  This   will  open  way  for  a  huge  trip   through  the  spotlights  of   radio  channels  and  stages  of   Hong  Kong.

The in\luences  of  Balla  step   through  a  range  of  different   names  as  Roxy  Music,  Serge   Gainsbourg,  Jaques  Brell,   Tom  Waits,  Paolo  Conte,     Marvin  Gaye,  Leonard  Co-­‐ hen  and  Air.  

Unixx are one of the finest examples of the rock made in Hong Kong. Deep lyrics and dreamful sounds are the main characteristics of their music, which has been attracting new fans since 2001. Hipnotica are considered the best jazz electronic band in Portugal. With four albums released and widely known in Europe due to the great quality of their music, Hipnotica is a must-listen for all those who want to know more about the new sounds of Portugal. LINKS: • •

2. Modern

Children + S.T. (HK) vs. Balla (Portugal)

Modern Children are considered one of the best new bands in Hong Kong, and probably one of the most unique. All the members are multi instrumentalists and their music is between electronic and rock, with a very epic touch. Their violinist and beats maker is S.T., considered the best electronic performer in Hong Kong by Time Out magazine. Balla is the band of Armando Teixeira, one of the most influential producers and music makers in Portugal. He has played with the famous Rui Reininho, from one of the most charismatic Portuguese bands, G.N.R., and in projects like Da Weasel, Bizarra Locomotiva, Bulllet and now Balla. All successful and all very significant to the modern music made in Portugal. LINKS: • •

3. Innisfallen (HK) vs. Ölga (Portugal) Innisfallen are the power rock band with brit-rock influences. The quality of their music and their professionalism on stage made them earn lots of fans during the years and nowadays, they are one of the most famous rock bands in Hong Kong. Ölga is an experimental rock band from Portugal that through the years has found its way to become more mainstream without losing their character. Three albums released and critically acclaimed. Some of the members lived in Macau and their contribution for the compilation is certainly one of the most emotional. LINKS: •

The second  album  of  Ölga   came  in  2009.    Titled  "La   Résistance",  this  work  is  the   result  of  the  revival  dream   of  a  crossing  moment.  From   a  strong  inspiration  on  the   alternative  and  psychedelic   rock  of  the  60‘s  and  70‘s,   outlives  on  the  instrumental   arrangements  and  vocal   playful  tones.

4. N1D (Macau) vs. Macacos

do Chinês (Portugal)

N1D is probably the top dubstep DJ in Macau and one of the best in Asia. To prove that statement, we just need to follow the party promoters all over Asia and see who doesn’t know his work. Every month he is invited to play in such different places like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing or Tokyo, but he still doesn’t have the recognition he deserves in his hometown, Macau. Macacos do Chinês are a dubstep/hip-hop band from Portugal, that has released their first album this year. The critical acclaim was so big that they started to be known all over Europe and played together with artists like M.I.A. and Buraka Som Sistema. It is just a matter of time until they become huge stars in the hip-hop and dubstep musical scene. LINKS: •  

5. Gloria Tang (HK) vs. Norberto

Through time  Gloria  Tang’s   career  has  been  a  general   surprise  on  the  press  and   audience  of  Hong  Kong.  The   soft  sound-­‐waves  and  the   melancholic  purity  are  the   keys  for  her  high  level  stage.

Lobo (Portugal)

Gloria Tang is the singer of the indie band Goodmorningloria. Her music is influenced by the Bossa Nova and the lyrics are full of an innocent poetry. She is one of the most sweet voices in Hong Kong. Norberto Lobo is a guitar virtuoso and a artist that puts the Portuguese soul into his music. The sound of his guitar couldn’t be more magical and his performance is so intense and full of feeling, that he was invited to play in a movie that has opened in Cannes film festival 2009. LINKS: •

6. Wilson Tsang (HK) vs.

Bernardo Devlin (Portugal)

Wilson Tsang is an experimental musician, and considered one of the best in Hong Kong. His piano songs are mysterious and go deeper and deeper every time we listen to them. Once based in Macau, where he spent his childhood, Wilson Tsang passion for the territory is huge and his contribution for the compilation will be certain one of its most touching moments. Bernardo Devlin is a Portuguese experimental musician, most famous by his work as the lead singer of Osso Exótico (which stands for “Exotic Bone”) , probably the best avantgarde band in Portugal for more than 20 years. He is a reference for all those who appreciate art in music. On the  distinct  badge  of  “al-­‐ ternative  band”  of  Macau,   Evade  are  searching  for  a   broad  and  enduring  roll  of   listeners,  bringing  their  in-­‐ die  \lavor  as  a  revocation  for   the  traditional  canto-­‐pop  


7. Evade (Macau) vs. Kubik (Portugal) Evade is an electronic band from Macau which singularity has made them known in Hong Kong and also in Portugal. Beats with heart and an angelic voice make the Evade project one of the best things that have happened to Macau musical scene in a long, long time and with a promising future ahead. Kubik is an electronic performer whose work has been followed for many fans worldwide. The way he composes his songs is so unique that he has been invited to perform with major artists from Europe and North America, such as Mike Patton and Fantomas. LINKS: •

Victor Afonso  comes  from   the  hill  town  of  Guarda,  on   the  depths  of  Portugal.  Play-­‐ ing  guitar,  bass  and  drums   since  the  mid  80's,  he   achieved  his  mastery  on   electronic  music,  In  between   soundtracks  for  \ilms,  plays   and  video-­‐art,  "Oblique  Mu-­‐ sique"  (2001)  and  “Meta-­‐ morphosia”  (2005)  are  the   two  Kubik  records.

8. Fragile (HK) vs. Rocky

Marsiano (Portugal)

Fragile is a ground breaking post rock band from Hong Kong, that includes electronic music into their compositions. The melodies are their major concern and in the end their music is beautiful, intense, cinematic and very emotional. Rocky Marsiano is the alternative name of D-Mars, one of the most respected hiphop composers in Portugal. In this more personal project, he explores the power of the rhythm adding some jazzy tunes and sophisticated beats to his music. His two albums went straightly to the top of the best releases of the year. LINKS: •

9. A.O.S. (HK) vs. Erro! (Portugal)

A.O.S. is  the  acronym  of   Amoeba  On  Stage,  something   that  could  be  a  tiny  living   form  in\iltrated  on  the  ear  or   a  galactic  monster  who   looses  all  human  posture. an experimental electronic project from Hong Kong. The music is intense, hypnotic and deep, but with a strange danceable touch. Commercial but alternative at the same time, A.O.S. is a new addiction in the Hong Kong musical scene. Erro! (Error!) is a João Palma electronic and experimental project. João has worked with the best alternative bands from the 80’s and 90’s in Portugal, and dedicated his life to music. The Portuguese musical roots can be listened in almost all of his compositions, no matter which style he is performing. He has released more than five albums and his work is being distributed by Cobra Records, one of the best labels in Portugal. LINKS: •

10. Elf

Lai, Ling,  Fox  and  Joe  are   False  Alarm’s  four  vertexes,   They  played  in  September   on  Macau  Flash  2009  leav-­‐ ing  a  legion  of  followers  on   this  side  of  the  Pearl  River.   “Sex,  Drugs  &  Rock  ’n  Roll”   is  their  psalm.

Fatima (HK) vs. The Allstar Project (Portugal)

Elf Fatima is considered to be the band that introduced the post-rock style in Hong Kong. One of the most respected bands in the local musical scene, with several albums released, Elf Fatima songs are aggressive and touching at the same time, and their music is nothing but extraordinary. The Allstar Project are the parallel of Elf Fatima in Portugal. One of the major post-rock bands in Europe and invited to play in several countries, their music his full of rage and beauty at the same time. Plus, probably they are the only band in Europe that is the official sponsor of a football team! LINKS: •

11. False Alarm (HK) vs. F.e.v.e.r. (Portugal) With ten years of existence, False Alarm is probably the best known indie rock band in Hong Kong. The charisma of the singer Ling and the powerful performances that they have been giving all over the years, made them an unique case of success in the local musical scene. F.e.v.e.r. is an industrial band from Portugal and the only one that has international reputation on its genre. With four albums released and produced by an influent American musician, this band mixes perfectly danceable electronic music and aggressive rock tunes, which sometimes is just the perfect match. LINKS: •

Sometimes being  Portu-­‐ guese  is  to  cry  for  the  unfor-­‐ tune  tale  of  being  it.  On  a   higher  version  it  \ights  for   everything  that  brings  a   good  feelig  about  it.  That   must  be  the  clue  for  the  sep-­‐ tics  that  bring  the  fact  that  A   Naifa  is  not  the  precious   stone  of  any  Portugueseness.  

12. Winnie

Lau (HK) vs. A Naifa (Portugal)

Winnie Lau is a violinist and pianist music composer that has been performing with bands like False Alarm and Pixeltoy all over the last years, and recently with My Little Airport. She mixes her traditional and classical roots with modern ways of composition. The result is impressive and breathtaking. A Naifa, the slang meaning for The Knife, is the only band that succeeded mixing Fado (traditional Portuguese music) with pop and electronic music. With a powerful singer and a group of veteran musicians, this is one of the most important bands in the local musical scene and a reference for all those who try to explore new approaches to world music. LINKS: • •

13. Lobo (Macau) vs. O

“Capitão Bala”  (Captain  Bul-­‐ let)  is  Monstro’s  \irst  hit.   The  video  can  be  seen  at  the   forest  of  his  website.  A  vis-­‐ ual  creation  made  with  the   same  hands  that  play  the   guitar.    

Lobo (Wolf) is one of the most well known DJ’s in the musical landscape of Macau and a unanimously respected figure among Chinese and Portuguese communities. On the dawn of XXI century he was the leader of one of the most captivating bands in Macau S.A.R, the D.R., launching afterwards one solo album with good reviews in Hong Kong. Much more that a ordinary DJ, Lobo is a determined experimentalist searching for a more intellectual side on the electronic music world. O Monstro (The Monster) takes presence on the body and voice of António Conceição, a multifaceted composer who lived all is youth in Macau. An intimate unique project, O Monstro whispers his love songs and sings them into one’s ears with a tremendous dissemination. Launched on Summer of 2009 this acoustic project made its appearances through some chosen places in Portugal. “Canção Diário” (“Diary Song”) it’s the record of a musician who splits his days between the West and the East, a mixture that flows in his blood since his first breath. LINKS: • 14. A-Roller

A-­Roller Control‘s  dance   fever  is  generated  not  only   with  knobs-­‐and-­‐dials,  but   also  with  live  bass  and  keys.   Even  recalling  for  other  in-­‐ \luences  they  can  manage  to   breathe  a  life  of  their  own   with  a  distinctive  approach,   helping  to  de\ine  a  city’s   nascent  underground  scene.  

Monstro (Portugal)

Control (HK) vs. [ch`os] (Portugal)

A-Roller Control is an electro-pop super band from Hong Kong. Among its members we can find Nerve and Alok, two of the most important electronic and experimental musicians in Hong Kong, owners of the influential Lona Records label. They are considered the next big thing in the local musical scene and only those who haven’t seen them in a live performance, can disagree with it. High quality, pure professionalism and innovative sound. [ch`os] is João Vasco, a portuguese electronic experimental musician based in Hong Kong. Invited to perform in many local music festivals, and widely respected in Hong Kong, João is a fine example of a talented portuguese artist that must be known in his home country. LINKS: •

15. Joey

Chu (HK) vs. AbztraQt Sir Q (Portugal)

Joey Chu is a talented classic pianist that has been work with influential musicians like Wilson Tsang, Alok Leung and A-Roller Control. Her work goes from pop to experimentalism, and her voice has a rare beauty.

If they  lived  in  New  York   they  would  be  much  more   respected  and  would  give   abundant  gigs  on  the  down-­‐ town’s  circuit  of  the  big  city.   But  they  lie  in  other  country   which  sometimes  abstracts   destiny.  Named  AbztraQt   Sir  Q    they  have  edited  one   of  most  inventive  records  of   2008,  "Qorn  Pop  Garden"

AbztraQt is a avant-garde band from Portugal, unique but also somehow influenced by the Portuguese artistic music bands from the 80s and 90s, such as Mler If Dada and Pop Del’Arte among others. Their album was one of most iconic of the recent years and they became a reference of the new and original sounds of Portugal. LINKS: •

16. DJ

Kawayama (HK) vs Tiago Guillul (Portugal)

Major star in Hong Kong, part of the famous ’People Mountain People Sea‘ group of artists, DJ Kawayama (Ho Shan from the famous band Pixeltoy) corresponds to his reputation. Intelligent and contagious electro-pop, with some influences of Japanese pop,

this is a groundbreaking DJ that truly represents a whole new generation of talented musicians in Hong Kong. Tiago Guillul is a serious case of success in Portugal. Owner of the remarkable Flor Caveira label, he is considered one of the most unique artists of the modern Portuguese music. Pastor on the day time and a rock ‘n roller outside church, Tiago Guillul creates a music style based on traditional roots, but with a total modern approach. Catchy tunes and a huge charisma, he is a star with a great future ahead. LINKS: • • One of  the  most  surprising   and  inspired  creators  of     present  Portuguese  music.   Unfolded  Rock'n'Roll,  Afri-­‐ can  guitars,  Gospel,  electric   folk  and  echos  of  revolution-­‐ ary  songs. •••

17. Faye

Choi (Macau)

Faye Choi, the vocalist of a local band, opens the campaign with an introduction inspired by a poem of Camilo Pessanha, the Portuguese poet who lived and died in Macau in early 20th Century. Intimately connected to a dramatic figure it leads us to a unity of past and future, allowing us to flow beyond the intangible borders of time and space. LINKS: ••• SCHEDULE

February | March: End of the recordings and studio song masterization. March: End of the graphic design and texts for the package of the album. April: Printing May: Release SPONSORSHIP


The album  includes  texts   from  Rui  Dinis  -­‐  musical  blog   ‘A  Trompa’  (Portugal);  Eric   Pierce  -­‐  Radio  Dada  and  band   vocalist  -­‐  and  Yuen  Chi-­‐chung   -­‐  musical  critic  (Hong  Kong)   and  António  Falcão  from   Bloom  *  Creative  Network   (Macau).  They  will  give  their   vision  on  local  musical  scenes   (past,  present  and  future).   David  Valentim,  the  mentor   of  the  project,  posts  the  rea-­‐ sons  and  the  motivations  to   create  such  a  project.  The   design  concept  was  made  by   a  Hong  Kong  artist  and  will   focus  the  Portuguese,  Hong   Kong  and  Macau  roots.  

The album will be released in Hong Kong and Macau in May and in Portugal, in September. The costs of this compilation will be supported by institutional or private sponsorship, and all the profits of the sales will go to social and cultural care associations: UNICEF in Hong Kong; ANIMA, Society for the Protection of Animals of Macau; and NA TERRA, Educational for Sustainable Development Association, based in Macau with roots to other continents, namely East-Timor and Portugal. CONCLUSION

It is time to promote and to be proud of our own roots and share them with the world, here and there, without looking at the past but facing the immense future and the new ways of joining everyone. Music is one of the most effective approaches to break boundaries and blend them. Portugal, Hong Kong and Macau have new voices and new ways of expression trough music. Those artists need to be heard, promoted and appreciated. The Project T(H)REE is a chance to motivate a whole new generation of musicians that are fighting everyday to share their passion, talent and vision to the world. This is a project that must be supported by all those who believe in the power of cultural relations. We are counting on your commitment.

T(H)REE Concept and  Production:  David  Valentim  •  Graphic  Design:  Eddie  Tsang  •  Cover:   Hina  Shimomura  Texts:  David  Valentim,  Rui  Dinis,  Eric  Pierce,  Yuen  Chi-­‐chung  and   António  Falcão  •  Edition  and  Distribution:  Bloom  *  Creative  Network   More  info  at:  and  T(H)REE Facebook  Group.   ••• Write to us, send us your suggestions and your support: ••• Thank you!

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The new musical roots of Portugal, Macau and Hong Kong