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Love Nature? These Three Accessories will get your Ford Explorer in gear. Are you a Ford Explorer owner? Can’t wait to get into Mother Nature? We have just the thing for you. Ford Explorer nature-enthusiasts now can get a series of accessories that will make sure to make your best experience in the great outdoors something special. Here are three of the best ones for you: 1. Seat Covers 2. Trailer hitch 3. Suspension systems First, seat covers are the ultimate luxury for anyone who wants to arrive in the woods in style. Second, a trailer hitch allows you to camp or travel across the country with your home trailer. Take your pick. Finally, new suspension systems allow a smooth ride for those who love to take their vehicle off roads. Seat Covers Got You Covered One of the first things that the interior designers of car create is the seat. And each seat needs a comfortable cover. Well now, Bloomington Ford dealers have your back. All lovers of Mother Nature rely on their chosen vehicle to get them there. Ford Explorer owners can now experience traveling into nature in comfort. Our new seat covers come in a variety of colors, materials and textures. Pick out your favorite one now at local Indianapolis car dealerships. Hitch Your Ford Explorer to a Trailer A trailer hitch is a must for anyone who loves outdoor activities. It is a vital part of any time you want to haul a major vehicle – be it trailer, boat, RV, or car. Now available at Indianapolis Ford dealers, trailer hitches allow you to do what you want with your Ford Explorer. Going for a long road trip? Moving to a new city? Take your trailer and have the accommodations of home with you on your tour or move across the country. Camping with your friends? Hitch your trailer or vehicle to the end of your Ford Explorer and camp in style.

Can’t wait to get back out on your sail or powerboat? After visiting your local Ford dealership in Indianapolis, your Ford Explorer can now launch or pick up your boat from the water or marina. Or haul your trailer off to get mulch for your landscape company. Take your pick. Suspension Systems Give You a Smooth Ride Ever wondered, what actually does a suspension system do? The job of the suspension system is to create an easy, soft ride for the driver. Believe it or not, this is no small task. When the car moves forward, it accelerates. As acceleration grows greater, more force is applied. The suspension system is supposed to flatten out that force. It usually uses a combination of the frame, shock absorbers, leaf springs, coil springs, struts, and anti-sway bars. A new suspension system greatly smoothens out your ride. When you drive over gravel, dirt, or wooded paths, it is better able to the bounces that the car takes. That is why Bloomington Ford dealerships are offering new suspensions for Ford Explorer owners who absolutely love the great outdoors. Even better, take your car off-roading! To learn more visit

The three top accessories for the Ford Explorer Owner Outdoor Enthusiast  
The three top accessories for the Ford Explorer Owner Outdoor Enthusiast  

When it comes to Explorer owners who are also outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of accessories to consider that would improve your exper...