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It will never be okay, there will be bad days and weeks, but you will learn what helps you to get through whether it be writing, walking, talking etc. Eventually you will find yourself settle into a comfortable place which will be the new normal. Q: What are your goals now with Mels work? I have achieved everything I set out to do so far which has been so very rewarding and healing for our family. We had a very successful book launch and art exhibition in September 2016 at Kidogo Arthouse and held two other exhibitions later in the year. My goal is to hold more exhibitions across the country so that more people can see the original artwork and appreciate her talent. They are truly masterful pencil illustrations which are quite something to see in person. So far we have one planned for Bunbury and Fremantle and we are in discussions for a Melbourne CBD exhibition. Q: How do you look after yourself? I have a very supportive husband who helps keep me positive especially on the bad days. Roughly two years ago I became the mother of two cats, who have definitely played a significant role in

my healing. I remember reading once that petting animals helps to reduce anxiety. I have also recently started to speak with a grief counsellor, which I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind to do prior, but it has recently helped me during this particular stage of my grief. Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience? Early intervention and education is the key to helping more people and potentially saving lives. A more educated society about mental illness from a young age and in young families will lead to reduced stigma. My family believes that Mel’s work Small Things can play a small part in the required education and help young families to start a conversation about mental health. As the picture book has no words, it will allow children and adults to draw their own conclusions about the message and take something away from the story that is relevant and meaningful to their lives at that particular moment. My family hopes that you can take the time to look at Mel’s work and that it helps you or someone you care about.

Tasha Broomhall & Sharna Mensah Mel getting creative with photography at Sculpture by the Sea


Blooming Minds Mental Health & Wellbeing January 2017  
Blooming Minds Mental Health & Wellbeing January 2017  

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