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A Message From Your Bulletin Editor Wow! Can you believe it’s already summer? The beach, no homework, hanging out with friends. Seems like everything is going great, doesn’t it? However your Key Club Executive Board hasn’t stopped working since the school year ended! We’re making sure that all our members stay active throughout the summer with several events going on. Also keep in mind that the school year is only a month away so try to get your friends involved. The opportunities offered from Key Club are endless. I want to keep this short so you can enjoy the rest of the newsletter. So, have fun with the remainder of your summer and remember to attend any upcoming events! Your Bulletin Editor Nicholas Acuna


Kiwanis Family Picnic– July 28th Alex’s Lemonade Stand– July 31st Elementary School Help– August 7th-27th First Day of School– September 5th


Key Club was founded in Sacramento, California, in 1925?

P.S. Yes, I am a huge Toy Story fanatic.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, actor Brad Pitt and singer Elvis Presley all were part of Key Club!

Presidential Message Summer is a time of relaxation, fun, and community gatherings. With the school year being over one would expect for our club to take a break from its usual activities. However, our commitment to service never goes out of season! This summer the Bloomfield High School Key Club will be holding two major events: an Alex’s Lemonade Stand and a project to beautify our elementary schools. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on raising awareness about childhood cancer and fundraises for research for cures and treatments. Key Club member Alyssa Torrisi brought the idea to our club to hold a stand on July 31 2012 at the Bloomfield Recreational Department’s annual concert at Brookside Park. While enjoying live music on a warm summer evening, our club will be handing out lemonade for donations in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand and the fight against childhood cancer. Key Club International has had a long standing commitment to helping children. Our Major Emphasis slogan is “Children: Their Future, Our Focus.” In accordance with our organization’s promise to help children worldwide, our home club has decided to make recess time a better place for every elementary student in Bloomfield. We first plan to beautify all eight of our elementary schools by planting gardens on each of their sites. Then we hope to encourage the children to be active during recess by painting new games throughout the playground blacktop. Early in the school year, our members will return to each elementary school and teach the children how to play their new games at recess. I’m sure our club will enjoy seeing the result of their hard work when they witness how much the elementary school staff and students appreciate their efforts. Katelyn Feliciano

Kiwanis Bulletin The Kiwanis Club of Bloomfield consists of community members who are committed to the preservation of our Key Club to ensure its continued success on both the district and international levels. Kiwanis is the parent organization that sponsors KKids, Builders Club and Key Club in the town of Bloomfield. As a member of the Bloomfield Kiwanis club, I have the unique opportunity to be a part of the organization that sponsors our Key Club. We are currently working on recruiting new members to join Kiwanis so that we continue to provide support to our Key Club. Currently, our club consists of 8 dedicated individuals who are working diligently to encourage more people to join. Recently we held an interest meeting where former Key Club members came to see how they could help our club grow by becoming members of Kiwanis! It is our goal to be more active in the community through new service projects and to interact more with our sponsored youth clubs. Some of our new ideas for service projects include planting flowers at the elementary schools and working closely with the food bank in Montclair. As always we would love to work on these projects together so we hope to see you out there with us! Lou Cappello

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.


Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation On July 31, at Brookside Park, there is a free concert, sponsored by the township of Bloomfield. During this concert, our Key Club will be hosting an Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This foundation raises money to support childhood cancer research. Not only has this foundation caught my attention, but the cause also hits close to home. The story behind Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation starts with a 4year-old girl named Alex Scott. Diagnosed with cancer at a young age, Alex held a lemonade stand in her front yard, wanting to raise money to help all of the kids suffering from her disease. Body copy continues here After her passing, Alex’s family and community built up her idea, into what now is known as the ALSF organization. This young girl’s ambition has helped millions of families all over the

Body copy continues hereI nation, including mine. joined Key Club as a freshman, and I knew that by my senior year we could make it possible to bring back the ALSF project Bloomfield had hosted in the past. I, along with my fellow Key Clubbers, am looking forward to the event and am confident we will raise our goal of $750. I encourage everyone to attend the event for some music, lemonade, and the fight against childhood cancer!

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Alyssa Torrisi Activities Director

Catch uson onTwitter! Twitter! Catch us @BHS_KeyClub @BHSKeyClub

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Key Club International Convention 2012 Two ofcopy my favorite Body goes things here in this

world are Key Club and Disney World. Now imagine a week straight of BOTH of those! That’s exactly what International Convention was. The week started with the group of us taking a van to Philadelphia and spending the night there. We all woke up early the next morning to catch our flight to Orlando with about 50 other Key Clubbers from all over New Jersey. Upon reaching Orlando, we checked into the lovely Dolphin Resort. Over

Body continues here tons ofcopy key clubbers from all

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around the world. There were people from Jamaica, Italy, and many more from different states around the U.S. It was an amazing experience and something that everyone should attend at least once, especially next year. While in Orlando, it was announced that next year’s International Convention will be held in Washington D.C.! It will be an incredible trip that you won’t want to miss. I wish I wasn’t a senior so I could go on the trip!

Body copy goes here Nicholas Porcelli

Body copy here Disnext three days,continues we went to every ney Park. We even got to watch the Fourth of July fireworks in the Magic Kingdom! Everyone had a good time and the week was only half over. After the Disney parks were done, we transferred to a Hilton hotel where the convention would be held. We met

Key Club It’s elementary, dear Watson! If you copy asked goes the Key Club Board Body here what the best way is to get involved with service this summer, they would respond with Sherlock's famous line: "It's elementary, dear Watson!" and elementary, it is. Our brand new project for this summer is one that involves all of us, all of you, and the Bloomfield elementary schools. We need as many volunteers as possible so if you have some free time in August, specifically the weeks of August 7th through August 27th, we need your help!

Body continues What copy will you be doing? here Well, Watson, you will be bringing the Bloomfield youth joy, educational but entertaining activities, a safe environment to play, and a more beautiful schoolyard. Sounds like a tall order to fill, but in reality it is completely possible to accomplish with only 3 components: volunteers,

Body copyand continues some paint tape, andhere some interested schools. We have the last two on the list so it is up to the rest of you to help us help the community by volunteering. We have been requested at four elementary schools already: Berkeley, Oak View, Watsessing, and Demarest. At the schools we will be cleaning up the blacktops and schoolyards and leaving them with new blacktop games painted nicely, and a list of new recess games they can play when they return in the fall. But perhaps the best part of this project is the interaction we will have the students come the fall. Someone has to teach them how to use the new additions, and we all know there is nothing Key Clubbers like better than interacting with others. So once the school year picks up, we will be taking a trip to the elementary schools to spend a recess or two showing them how to play the new games we've brainstormed and playing along with them. Summer service sounds pretty simple now, doesn't it? Elementary, indeed. Grace Fucci

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K-Family Picnic Are you ready to meet other Key Clubbers, Circle-K members, and Kiwanians from all over New Jersey? Then the K-Family Picnic will be perfect for you! This July 28th in Toms River, New Jersey you can have the opportunity to meet people from the New Jersey District. Although it is a far drive from Bloomfield, it is definitely worth the trip. There will be the annual Brian C. Kull walk, service projects, delicious food, and a number of activities to participate in! All for an entrance

Key Club Major Emphasis fee of $10. Can it honestly get any better? Get a bunch of your friends, hop in a car, and make your way down there. It is located at the Green Island Community Association Clubhouse. Hope many of you have the opportunity to go and have fun!

Member of the Month We will be starting something new in our bulletin newsletters. YOU, as a general member or even extended board member, can have the opportunity to be our member of the month. What exactly do you have to do? Simple, come to events, attend meetings, or go above and beyond than what is required. We want to acknowledge our hardworking members to the rest of the club. Make yourself known to the Executive Board or if you know someone email me their name! My email is if you have any questions. So, good luck to everyone!

In 1946, Key Club International challenged all Key Clubs and members to focus energies on making an international impact. This program still is followed today through the Major Emphasis: “Children: Their Future, Our Focus.” To fulfill the mission of the Major Emphasis, Key Club International serves children in many ways. Members participate in the hands-on service initiative, currently The Eliminate Project, and fundraise for Key Club International’s partner organizations: Children’s Miracle Network, March of Dimes and UNICEF.


President Katelyn Feliciano

Nicholas Acuna— “Message From Your Editor,” “K-Family Picnic,” & “Member of the Month.” Katelyn Feliciano—“Presidential Message”

Vice President Nicholas Porcelli

Lou Cappello—“Kiwanis Bulletin”

Vice President Bobby Thompson

Nicholas Porcelli— “International Convention: Orlando, Florida 2012”

Alyssa Torrisi—“Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation”

The Key Club colors consist of blue for unwavering character, gold for service, and white for purity.

Secretary Grace Fucci Treasurer Robert Schiller Bulletin Editor Nicholas Acuna Activities Director Alyssa Torrisi Lieutenant Gov. Division 17 Ashna Bhatia

Key Club International is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a studentled organization that teaches leadership through serving others. Members of Key Club, also part of the Kiwanis International family, build themselves as they build their schools and communities.

If you’d like to submit an article, or just have any suggestions or ideas for future issues of the Key Words, feel free to e-mail me, Nick Acuna (the Editor) at Even if you’re not on the Key Words Staff, you can still have the ability to write about a Key Club (or unrelated to Key Club but still relates to service) project or event, just feel free to contact me by e-mail!

The core values of Key Club International are “Leadership, Character Building, Caring, and Inclusiveness.”

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