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A year in review.

Global reach. Local impact.

Our company’s spirit of service and giving back is such an important part of our culture. In 2017, we did more than ever — helping those in need, protecting the environment, and volunteering for a wide variety of other community-based efforts. We also helped inspire the next generation of leaders through mentoring and education initiatives that are part of Bloomberg Startup. We set a record for volunteer hours, and we’re looking forward to doing even more in 2018.

Michael R. Bloomberg

Governors Island New York

Bloomberg employees around the world. More employees and more cities mean more local parks

12,041 Unique Volunteers

cleaned, more students mentored and more families served by #BloombergService. They also mean more friendships made, more networking opportunities and more connections with our nonprofit partners making

145,765 Volunteer Hours

a difference in our local




Disaster Relief Funds Raised

Pounds of Garbage and Mulch Collected



Students Served

KM Run / Biked / Walked for Charity





Employee Mentors

Articles of Clothing Collected for Charity

BMIA Journalists Trained




Meals Served / Prepared

Care Packages Assembled

Hours of Pro Bono Coaching for Small Businesses




Trees / Plants Planted

Animals Cared For

Friends and Family Volunteers




Potential Lives Saved Through Blood Donation

Hours of Pro Bono Legal Services

Arts and Cultural Memberships




Hours Spent on Environmental Stewardship in Local Communities

Arts Club Client Members

Bikes Built for Children

Individuals and Families Served

communities. This year, over 12,000 employees in 92 cities around the world dedicated more than 145,000 hours of volunteer service in their communities,


Cities Engaged

representing a nearly 300% increase in volunteer hours over the past five years. Through monetary support or hands-on volunteering, our employees are part of a growing legacy of innovation and compassion within our local communities. As part


Countries and Regions

of Bloomberg Philanthropies, we will continue to partner with effective organizations, harnessing the skills and resources of our employees and the company, to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people.


2,300 Nonprofit Partners

A Year in Numbers

2017 saw greater impact by

Local Parks and Waterways Cleaned


Eduardo Jany Global Security Operations, Bloomberg New York

Veterans Community Bob Woodruff Foundation New York

Team Bloomberg

“As a member of the Bloomberg Military & Veterans Community, I take great pride in knowing that so many of our efforts are going towards helping former service members and our community. I have had the pleasure of seeing the fruits of our support — whether it’s mentoring a transitioning veteran, cleaning or restoring a park, or providing aid to disaster victims — the time and resources we apply to BOB have remarkable outcomes. In reality, the efforts we put forth wind up having far greater impact than just the philanthropies we are supporting; it brings our Bloomberg Teams closer together, with warmth to our hearts, lightness to our spirit and a sense of accomplishment that is simply priceless.”

Team Bloomberg

Team Bloomberg 7

Volunteering and giving back in our communities is a long-standing tradition in Bloomberg’s culture. Bloomberg’s Philanthropy & Engagement program builds on the philanthropic and service-focused commitment established at the company by founder Mike Bloomberg. Our work advances the company’s core values of diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and wellness. In 2017, Bloomberg communities and business teams came together to build better relationships, enhance leadership skills, and promote interdepartmental collaboration. A challenge among the Sales teams in the U.S. and Latin America brought 40 teams together to raise more than $115,000 for 13 local nonprofit organizations. Bloomberg’s Data team in London took part in a “DataDive,” with U.K. partner organization DataKind, a hackathon-style weekend event where three nonprofits worked alongside teams of volunteer data scientists, developers, and designers to use data to gain insight into key metrics for Homeless Link, influencing the way that more than 500 homeless organizations across the U.K. track and distribute their services. As our Diversity & Inclusion communities grew, so did the number of volunteer projects they participated in. These projects included connecting veterans from the Bob Woodruff Foundation with the Bloomberg Military and Veterans Community for a visit to the 9/11 Museum, providing mentors from the Bloomberg Women’s Community for young girls in partnership with the Women’s Foundation in Hong Kong, and mentoring students with disabilities in our Tokyo office, among others. Bloomberg employees help fuel the groundbreaking work of Bloomberg Philanthropies, encompassing all of Mike Bloomberg’s charitable activities, including corporate, foundation, and personal giving. Teams from Bloomberg Philanthropies hosted 43 presentations in 28 offices around the world, sharing the foundation’s focus areas and data-driven approach to tackling some of the world’s toughest challenges — from climate change to public health — as well as offering opportunities for our employees to get involved.

Financial Products Team Donguri No Kai Tokyo

DataKind Data Dive London Bloomberg Philanthropies Team London

Sales Team Houston Food Bank Houston


Arts & Culture

“Bloomberg’s fantastic new building is a huge vote of confidence in London as a destination for global business and culture. I want to pay tribute to Bloomberg for the care taken to respect and preserve the more than 14,000 archaeological finds in the London Mithraeum, including a writing tablet with the first-ever mention of London. The new building is also a shining example of what can be achieved by combining fantastic British architecture and the latest green technology to reduce our impact on the environment.” Sadiq Khan Mayor London London Mithraeum London


Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture Creativity, Innovation & Access


cultural memberships providing employee access


Arts Club Client Members

Through innovative partnerships and bold approaches, Bloomberg works to advance creativity and innovation while increasing access to culture and strengthening arts organizations around the world. We have corporate memberships at more than 250 arts and cultural organizations in 44 cities globally, giving employees access to unique works of art. 2017 saw the opening of Bloomberg’s newest and most sustainable office in London as well as the opening of the London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE. The new cultural hub in the heart of the City of London showcases the Roman Temple of Mithras, a selection of the remarkable Roman artifacts found during recent excavations, and a series of contemporary art commissions responding to one of the U.K.’s most significant archaeological sites. Since opening on November 8, we’ve had more than 24,000 bookings, press coverage across 38 countries, 61,000 unique visitors to the website and hosted weekly school groups as part of the free facilitated schools program. In 2017 we also re-launched the Bloomberg Arts Club — harnessing Bloomberg Philanthropies’ international partnerships to provide our valued clients with special access to cultural events and opportunities at some of the most exciting institutions around the world.

Materials for the Arts New York

Instituto Tomie Ohtake São Paulo

Arts Club Global



“My experience as a mentor in the Fortune Society Work Fellows program made me a better manager, a better employee, and a better person. I’m so proud to be able to work alongside people who are committed to positive change and a better community.” Robert Rios Field Operations, Bloomberg New York

Startup Mentors New York



Bloomberg Startup Scholars

Startup Interns New York

The Next Generation 15




Bloomberg’s global education engagement and mentoring program, Bloomberg Startup, offers a wide range of activities designed and led by our employees in collaboration with our nonprofit partners to support academic achievement and prepare students for further education and careers, especially in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics). In 2017, Bloomberg’s mentor network grew to 3,650 employees in more than 40 cities around the world with a few first-time cities, including Rome with Junior Achievement, Hoboken with the Cities of Service program, and the launch of a financial journalism postgraduate diploma in Bangalore in partnership with the Asian College of Journalism; some courses are taught by Bloomberg News journalists. In 2017, Startup awarded 35 scholarships for the inaugural class of the Bloomberg Startup Scholars program to provide opportunities to gain a higher education for 35 high-achieving, low-income students globally in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies. The scholarships are funded thanks to 110 employee volunteers who designated their Dollars for Your Hours to the program. In 2017, we created a pilot career and workplace readiness program with the Fortune Society, establishing a fellowship for justiceinvolved individuals returning to the workforce. The Bloomberg-Fortune Work Fellows Program consists of a 12-week full-time position at Bloomberg providing 11 Fortune Society alumni with the opportunity to develop professional skills, expand their professional network, and build confidence.

Teach for India Mumbai Junior Achievement Rome

Youth Arts Foundation Hong Kong

FIRST Robotics Tokyo


Human Services

“Bloomberg’s dedication to the City of Newark is extraordinary. We at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newark are grateful for their substantial gifts of time, funds and advocacy. Over the course of our partnership, Bloomberg and its staff have given more than 2,700 volunteer hours from 300 volunteers. Without the involvement of companies like Bloomberg, who support us in so many ways, there would be fewer Newark families who are able to afford to own a safe, well-built home of their own.” Jeffrey Farrell CEO, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newark Newark

Habitat for Humanity Newark


Helping Neighbors in Need 19

Human Services

Human Services Sean Casey Animal Rescue New York

1.8 million meals served/prepared


articles of clothing collected for charity


animals walked/cared for Feeding Hong Kong Hong Kong

Bloomberg’s trademark of excellence in service to our customers extends to helping our neighbors in need and providing compassion by supporting the homeless, addressing food insecurity, helping veterans and refugee communities, as well as individuals impacted by natural disasters. To help combat hunger and food insecurity in our local communities, Bloomberg employees around the world have helped provide more than 1.8 million meals to individuals and families in need. In 2017, Bloomberg won a number of awards from our partners, including being named by Feeding Hong Kong as Top Corporate Volunteers for the third year in a row. Bloomberg volunteers helped care for more than 1,000 of our homeless four-legged friends with organizations including the Sean Casey Animal Rescue, Clube dos Vira Latas, SAVE Animal Shelter and the Singapore SPCA. More than 600 employees participated in local Habitat for Humanity projects in 21 cities around the world, including Bogotå, Jakarta, Manila and Newark.

Fareshare London

Habitat for Humanity Seoul Ronald McDonald House BBQ New York


Human Services


“Bloomberg is uniquely positioned to help provide humanitarian assistance in times of greatest needs. Our employees raise funds and give their time to strengthen communities in crisis around the world. Our work in the U.S. Virgin Islands has shown the power public-private partnerships have to mobilize resources, fill in gaps and provide innovative solutions for relief and rebuilding efforts. It has also been personally gratifying to see how resilient and heroic the people in the U.S. Virgin Islands have been.� Tom Secunda Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Bloomberg New York International Medical Corps Kits New York



Human Services

Human Services Responding to Disasters and Displacement

$915,700 raised for disaster relief


emergency hygiene kits packaged

Climate-and weather-related natural disasters impacted many countries in 2017, with extreme flooding in South Asia, drought and famine in Africa, wildfires in Europe and the U.S., and hurricanes and earthquakes in North America among the many that affected our neighbors and friends. Bloomberg employees around the world came together to support our partners with vital relief and recovery efforts, raising more than $915,000 for 15 organizations — including the International Medical Corps and the American, British, Mexican and Portuguese Red Cross organizations. Hundreds of employees volunteered their time to create more than 35,000 emergency hygiene kits with basic necessities such as soap and toothbrushes for a number of charities, including the International Medical Corps. Members of the Sales Team helped package food for victims of Hurricane Harvey and volunteered at the Houston Food Bank in Texas. Following the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean, Bloomberg mobilized a team of volunteers in the U.S. Virgin Islands to provide guidance and expertise in their long-term recovery efforts, as well as donations of medical equipment, food and supplies to the islands.

Cycle for Survival Washington D.C.

International Medical Corps Kits New York

Japan Association for Refugees Kits Tokyo 24

to counsel. By providing pro bono expertise through our Veterans Assistance Project and Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Project and partners, CUNY Citizenship NOW, the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund and Lawyers Alliance for New York, Bloomberg volunteers have made a direct and meaningful impact, improving the lives of countless underserved New Yorkers.� Lynn M. Kelly Executive Director, City Bar Justice Center New York

BOB Legal Pro Bono Team New York

Human Services

“We honored Bloomberg with the 2017 City Bar Justice Award for their exemplary actions to level the playing field for hundreds of low-income New Yorkers without access


Human Services

Human Services Best of Bloomberg Legal Pro Bono


hours of free legal services


hours helping veterans claim disability benefits


hours helping transgender individuals with legal name change petitions

The BOB Legal Pro Bono volunteer program provides legal expertise to support underserved communities. Now in its second year, more than 100 employees from our legal department dedicated more than 2,400 hours of free legal services in 2017 through a number of projects, including the City Bar Justice Center‘s Veterans Assistance and Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Projects, the Transgender Legal Defense Fund’s Name Change Project, and CUNY Citizenship Now! among others. This year, our Pro Bono volunteers received two awards for their commitment to providing free legal services for low-income New Yorkers. Bloomberg and Proskauer Rose LLP were jointly honored at the City Bar Association’s 12th Annual Gala in April with the City Bar Justice Award in recognition of their work with the Veterans Assistance Project. This innovative partnership consists of 60 volunteers from both Bloomberg and Proskauer who work together to represent low-income veterans with disability claims before the Department of Veterans Affairs. In June, the Bloomberg legal team was also awarded the CUNY Citizenship NOW Service to Immigrants Award for its efforts in providing free legal assistance to New Yorkers on their path to U.S. citizenship. The team volunteered 1,100 hours assisting more than 500 immigrants with applications for U.S. citizenship and DACA renewals this year.

New York City Bar Association New York

CUNY Citizenship Now New York

City Bar Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Project New York 28



“Thank you Bloomberg for your long-term commitment on helping us create healthy mountains in Japan. With your support, we continue to improve the environment in areas severely damaged by the 2011 earthquake. We planted over 10,000 acorns and seeds in the disaster area with your support. We strive to continuously re-create balanced and sustainable forests for wildlife, human life and the environment by growing and planting broadleaf trees in the mountains of Japan.�

Akiko Fukui Kanto Representative of Donguri no Kai Tokyo

Mount Fuji Tree Planting Tokyo


plants and trees planted by employees


hours spent on environmental stewardship in local communities Anacostia Watershed Society / BNA Washington D.C.


local parks and waterways cleaned

Nature Society Singapore

Active Stewards for our Planet 31




The opening of Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters in London demonstrates our ongoing commitment to global sustainability and environmental conservation in the communities in which we live and work. The new building was rated the world’s most sustainable office design, achieving an ”Outstanding” rating using the BREEAM sustainability assessment method with a 98.5% score. This is the highest design-stage score ever achieved by any major office development. Employees at Bloomberg are also doing their part to support the environment with over 2,000 employees dedicating more than 12,000 hours of hands-on action supporting local greening efforts in 21 cities around the world in 2017. Bloomberg employees were dedicated to preserving and restoring our local green spaces throughout the year. In April, nearly 100 Bloomberg employees and clients in Tokyo participated in a cleanup and tree planting at Mt. Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In London, Bloomberg sponsored Buckhill Meadow with the Royal Parks Foundation, keeping it maintained and thriving throughout the year. In New York, employees helped Governors Island with a number of major green infrastructure projects and helped create and install a new rain garden and bioswale with a 500-square-foot garden to improve drainage across 5,000 square feet of the urban farm.

Trees for Cities Warsaw Governors Island New York


Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa

“GIBS is honoured to have partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Ford Foundation and preeminent universities on the African continent in the delivery of the BMIA Financial Journalism Training Program. We are privileged to have played extensive roles in contributing to enhanced financial and economic reporting development of the many women and men that went through this programme, both faculty members and students alike. As an institution, our learnings from this programme will continue to nourish our resolve for quality business and management education in the continent.� Nicola Kleyn Dean, University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science Johannesburg


Graduating Class Financial Journalism Training Program Johannesburg


Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa

Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa 35


journalists, business and government professionals trained on the fundamentals of business reporting

The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa, launched in South Africa in 2014 to advance business journalism on the continent, marked a pivotal milestone in 2017 with 568 journalists and mid-level professionals from 13 countries completing a six-month financial journalism training course. Two hundred and one media houses participated in the training. Forty-three percent of graduates were women, a key objective of the program. Students were trained on the Bloomberg Terminal and taught by Bloomberg reporters based in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and India. Bloomberg reporters also taught the course on financial journalism and the Bloomberg Way Guide for Editors and Reporters. Forty-five editors concluded a two-year media fellowship in leadership development and the media, a program based on the Aspen Institute’s facilitated text-based dialogue approach to values-based seminars. Matt Winkler served as the United States advisor to the fellows program, joined by advisors from South, East and West Africa. The year ended with the third Africa Business Media Innovators forum held in Accra, Ghana, hosted by Justin Smith and Matt Winkler, with media, business, and technology leaders from 21 countries examining the global impact of new media and the viability of legacy publications in Africa. The keynote address was delivered by H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, followed by an interview with Matt Winkler. In 2017, 46 employees across 11 cities volunteered 331 hours for BMIA programs.

Africa Business Media Innovators with Ghana President H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo Accra

Graduating Class Financial Journalism Training Program Lagos

Financial Journalism Training Program Nairobi


Customer Engagement

“This past year, the Houston area was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. As longtime customers of Bloomberg, not only are we grateful that Bloomberg and its employees around the globe contributed to our relief efforts, we were truly impressed with the dedication of our sales reps that they were going to the Houston Food Bank to help restock the shelves and had been doing that almost every day they were in Houston. The only days they didn’t volunteer at the Food Bank, they were at the hurricane relief shelter, helping in any way they could. It shows the quality of employees that Bloomberg attracts. The compassion and commitment of the Bloomberg sales team elevated Bloomberg Service excellence to a new level of care and compassion.” Marc Greer Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets Houston


Sales Team City Harvest for Harvey Relief New York


cumulative pro bono service hours for small businesses in the U.S. and U.K.

Citi Global Community Day Mexico City

Partnerships For Good 39

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement


Bloomberg’s service engagement with our customers deepened in 2017. In August, we expanded our partnership with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative with the announcement of a $10 million commitment to 10,000 Small Businesses in Baltimore, a co-investment between Bloomberg Philanthropies and Goldman Sachs to help create jobs and stimulate economic growth. Bloomberg also co-hosted the 4th Annual Coaching Session at Bloomberg’s Global Headquarters in New York, where employees provided guidance on topics such as financial modeling and development strategies for small businesses. Since its inception, this one-day coaching session has provided 65 U.S. and 30 U.K. businesses 2,500 cumulative hours of pro bono services from more than 230 volunteers.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses New York Citi Global Community Day New York


Family & Friends

“We are being the difference we want to see. My wife and I are not just doing the volunteer work, we are taking care of a park that belongs to the community. We bring our families and children to plant trees so that, in the future, we can look at those trees and say, ‘We planted this.’” Danilo Muniz ADSK, Bloomberg São Paulo


Ridge Road Community Bike Build New Jersey


Family & Friends

Family & Friends


family & friends at BOB volunteer projects

Pretty Muddy London

New York Restoration Project New York

Donguri No Kai Tokyo

with BOB 43

Providing opportunities for engagement and giving back for all generations is a Bloomberg family tradition. Bloomberg extends our culture of giving to our Bloomberg friends and family by sharing volunteer and cultural experiences and spending quality time together in our local communities. In 2017, more than 2,700 friends and family members joined Bloomberg employees on projects ranging from tree plantings, delivering meals, races and runs benefiting charities around the world, robotics competitions and creating holiday and birthday greeting cards for homebound neighbors in need.

NSPCC Messathon London Governors Island New York


Seattle Boston

SĂŁo Paulo



Service Around the World


Tel Aviv


Chicago Madrid



Shanghai Vienna


Houston Singapore

Washington, D.C.


Mexico City






Los Angeles Washington, D.C.

Newark New Delhi



45 Lisbon


Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to another great year of giving back in 2018.


More photos of 2017 are available on: To get involved, visit BOB <GO>, follow @MikeBloomberg and @BloombergDotOrg on Twitter, @BloombergService on Instagram and always share your photos using #BloombergService.

2017: A year in review  
2017: A year in review