Bloodworth Studios: Mark Bloodworth Illustration & Design

Bloodworth Studios: Mark Bloodworth Illustration & Design

Ann Arbor, United States

An artist and storyteller, he created the critically favored, urban crime comic, Nightstreets for Arrow Comics from 1985-89.

In 1991, he was contracted by Marvel Comics to create character design, spot illos, and story art for Clive Barker's: Hellraiser. Throughout the rest of that decade he wrote and/or illustrated many titles, such as: Cheerleaders From Hell, Deadworld, The Illustrated Jack The Ripper, Raven Chronicles, The Ripper Legacy (from Caliber Comics), the critically hailed Abel, written by William Harms (from AiT/Planet Lar), and three plates for Zorro: The Masters Edition, Vol 1 (from Pulp Adventures).

In the past few years Mark has been creating original sketch card artwork for various series released from 5finity Productions, Breygent, Galan's Sketch Cards, Versicolor and many others.

Most recently, Mark's artwork can be seen in the original graphic novel Deadworld: The Last Siesta (from IDW) Midnight Mortuary and The Book of Tarot (both from Transfuzion).