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Annual Report 2011

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A Message To Our Supporters: Dear friends, 2011 marked our seventh year of operation at Blood:Water Mission. What was once a start-up organization with lofty dreams for participating in addressing the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa has now developed into a healthy and robust mission that has served more than 700,000 people across 1,224 African communities. We took some time together in Nashville to gather our board members and staff, Jars of Clay, partners from Africa, donors, artists, friends, and family to celebrate the completion of the 1000 Wells Project. It is no small thing, and so many people have taken part in this mission. We are grateful for all that has been accomplished and yet humbled by what lies ahead. Over the years, we’ve wrestled with how terribly difficult it is to simply help people - especially if you are committed to serving with a mind’s eye to the complexity and deep-seated injustices of poverty, disease and hopelessness. At Blood:Water Mission, we have taken great strides to ensure that the work we do is embedded with integrity, dignity, excellence, and love. We have stewarded your gifts from 2011 with that commitment, and we are proud to celebrate the more than 100,000 African men, women, and children who were served this year with safe water, sanitation and hygiene through Blood:Water Mission. Additionally, we were able to open the long-anticipated New Life Medical Center in Kitgum, Uganda – a place that has been ravaged by two decades of war, and has not had enough HIV and other services for its population. This is our third full-service healthcare clinic that is saving lives every day. We are thankful to God for your commitment and care. Thank you for partnering with us in the work of Blood:Water Mission. We hope that you are inspired and encouraged as you journey through the pages of this Annual Report for 2011.


Jena Lee Nardella, Executive Director

Rich Hoops, Board Chair

A Message From Dan Haseltine, Founder: In 2011 we celebrated the completion of the 1000 Wells Project. What began as an audacious vision of bringing clean water to 1000 communities in Africa has become a reality changing hundreds of thousands of lives and our own in the process. As I look back and see how far Blood:Water Mission has come—and how many lives have been impacted—I’m overwhelmed. We celebrate this milestone but do not consider it a place to pause. Knowing this goal was attainable compels us even more to tell the stories of our friends in Africa: stories of villages being turned around due to the presence of a functioning water well or raintank; of health and hope being restored in lives who never thought they would know another reality; of children who receive an education and women who have learned a trade and are able to grow their village’s economy, all because they no longer have to walk miles to draw unsafe water. For those affected by HIV/AIDS, this safe water means that diseases are no longer carried in something that is supposed to sustain their life. They can take their medications without fear that the water is going to work against them. They can take care of their families, their crops, their community with a hopeful future. Water is life in every sense of the word. Bringing the most basic of needs to African communities is the first counter-punch at poverty. But the projects themselves are just an outcome—they are not the full story. For it is IN the partnering toward the projects, the relationships, the sharing of each other that we truly find the transformation at the heart of what we reflect upon and celebrate in the pages to come. For poverty is fought with love, it is crushed by compassion, and it ends where people’s willingness to serve TOGETHER begins. We’re thankful to all who have joined us in this effort and ask your continued support as we continue to look and march ahead for our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Dan Haseltine, Founder Jars of Clay


The members of the band Jars of Clay (from left to right) Dan Haseltine, Charlie Lowell, Matt Odmark, Stephen Mason visit a school in Marsabit, Kenya.

History: When GRAMMY Award-winning band Jars of Clay went to Africa in 2002 to lend their voice to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, they knew going to Africa would mean they would be faced with the reality behind the statistics of the crisis. However, rather than seeing statistics, they met friends. Suddenly the world seemed much smaller and their new friends in Africa were not different from their neighbors in their own community. As a response to personalize the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa, they launched Blood:Water Mission in 2004. It was then they discovered the vital link between living with HIV/AIDS and the need for clean water: If someone is drinking water contaminated with diseases, they can’t have a healthy prolonged life as an HIV-positive member of the community. Children cannot go to school if they are walking several miles for water every day. Parents cannot work or care for their families if they are sick from waterborne diseases. The members of the band began sharing the often untold stories: those of creative, compassionate, hardworking Africans bringing health, hope and healing into their communities. And the challenge they presented was great — the 1000 Wells Project, which set out to provide clean water to 1000 communities in sub-Saharan Africa. This project was completed in 2010, and this is only the beginning. We have been partnering with community based organizations to provide sustainable water solutions providing consultation, training and funding for such projects. Additionally, we are moving deeper by building the capacity of our local partners to begin incorporating HIV/AIDS - specific programming alongside ongoing water projects. In the US, communities are strengthened as they partner for a common purpose. Families are more educated about the world around them, and friends learn what social justice looks like by meeting someone’s basic needs while sacrificing their own. We believe the concept of neighbor is changing. The continent that was so far away suddenly feels much closer. We know these communities. We are connected to them. And through these relationships we are being transformed too.


“If you have come to save me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because somehow your liberation is wrapped up in mine, then let us work together.� - Lila Watson, Aboriginal activist



community water solutions*



people served with water



* All projects are paired with sanitation and hygiene trainings

21% 42% 26% 11% 2011 PROJECT BREAKDOWN New Wells Well Repair

Rain Tanks Biosand





people tested for HIV



patients served



people enrolled in HIV programming



Blood:Water Mission is committed to empowering communities to fight against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa. We seek to transform communities from the inside out, enabling them to be agents of change within their own context. The Blood:Water Mission team researches and develops close relationships with local organizations, empowering them to be the catalysts in the communities around them. In addition to funding, Blood:Water Mission collaborates with our partner organizations on strategy and methods, networking resources to build capacity and offering technical and programmatic insight where needed. It is through these grassroots approaches that we are able to ensure long-term impact in communities. In 2011, we focused on partnerships in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. Our water project support included: drills and well repairs, rain tanks, biosand filters, spring rehabilitations, water gravity systems, and hygiene and sanitation trainings in each community. Additionally, we continued to support the comprehensive care clinic in Marsabit, Kenya and opened the doors of a clinic in Kitgum, Uganda. Both of these facilities serve those in the population living with HIV/AIDS through testing, home based care and support groups. By working together, we are moving toward more health, hope, and transformation in these communities. Moving forward, we will continue to invest in water programming while continuing to expand our partners’ capacity to serve those living with HIV in their community.

Uganda | Divine Waters Uganda Lifewater International Food for the Hungry Uganda

Rwanda | MoucecorE aee Kenya | Food For the Hungry Kenya Lwala Community Alliance

Zambia | Seeds of Hope International Partnerships


Central African Republic












Sierra Leone








OVER 1000 PROJECTS New Wells


Wells Repaired


Rain Tanks


Protected Springs


Biosand Filters


Gravity System


Drill Rigs








Certified WASH Training


WASH Certified Partners


When Dan Haseltine called Jena Nardella with the idea of the 1000 Wells Project, Jena was hesitant. “How about 10 wells?” Jena responded. The organization hadn’t even completed one at that point. 1000 seemed unreachable. It would take forever. However, Dan felt that the magnitude of the goal was the point. “If we reach this goal, it’s because we didn’t do it ourselves.” The dream became reality at the end of 2010 when all the reports from the field showed that we exceeded 1000 communities with clean water. We felt that news was worth celebrating, so we called on our artist friends, supporters old and new, board members, interns, volunteers, partners in Africa and the Nashville community to join together under one roof to celebrate these communities. It wasn’t merely a way to say, “Look what we’ve done!” but rather, “Look what we all have done!” Collectively. Globally. Even more importantly, “look what our heroes in Africa have accomplished and the story that we’ve been invited into.” So, on a seasonably warm evening in May at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, over 1600 people gathered to share the story of the journey to 1000 and the role that they played in making the journey possible. From artists like Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Jars of Clay and HANSON to Eric Wainaina and his band all the way from Kenya, music was shared as one of the main platforms by which many of our supporters first heard of Blood:Water and were invited to participate. From the creative efforts of Lemon:Aid stands to the Ride:Well cross-country bike tour, individuals shared their story in the journey and then met on stage, for the first time, our partners in Africa whose communities were impacted by their work. The evening was not only a reflection on all we learned over the last several years and the impact made, it also served as a launching point to the work yet to be done. It was a call into something deeper. For Blood:Water, the journey has just begun. If you were there that evening or just in spirit, we thank you for what you’ve started. Now, let’s keep moving forward to the next chapter.



These women of the Tumeanua self help group in northern Kenya are transforming the health of their community by their projects which promote latrines, hygiene and sanitation, sending children to school, and building shelters.


is a desert region, home to 158,000 people, located in Northern Kenya. Most of the people are nomadic pastoralists who have survived for generations by raising livestock and following seasonal water sources. Scarcity is a way of life, and conflict between tribes is common when water and food sources dwindle. AIDS is becoming a growing concern, though until recently, Marsabit’s remoteness has shielded these communities from the devastations of the disease. Though much attention has been placed in other parts of Kenya, few organizations have been willing to commit to long-term investment in these communities, shying away from both the harsh environment and the complexities that challenge development. Blood:Water Mission and Food for the Hungry (FH) Kenya have a vision for changing this barren landscape and bringing life to the desert.


LOCAL PARTNER: Lwala Community Alliance Blood:Water Mission’s history in Lwala runs deep and we are proud to see the growth of a clinic we funded in 2007 that has now become a sub-district hospital serving over 15,000 patients a year. Since then, Blood:Water has deepened its roots in the community by working in four primary schools to provide hygiene and sanitation training as well as access to safe water through the provision of rain tanks.

HIV/AIDS LOCAL PARTNER: FH KENYA In 2009, FH Kenya and Blood:Water Mission opened the doors of Tumaini Medical Center to serve more than 7,000 people living with AIDS in the remote Marsabit region.



people tested for HIV



patients served



people enrolled in HIV programming



LOCAL PARTNER: FH KENYA FH Kenya has a history of committing itself to the long-term investment of the Marsabit region. Together, Blood:Water Mission and FH Kenya have been implementing a three-year phase plan to provide safe water access to communities and schools in the region. In 2011, the entire Horn of Africa experienced a drought that left these desert regions without rain for over a year. Because of our partnership in Marsabit, the rain tanks provided served as distribution points for emergency relief to the community.



community water solutions**



people served with water



* Total includes projects completed in other regions through additional partnerships. ** Projects include rain tanks, wells, well repairs, and spring oasis rehabilitation with sanitation and hygiene trainings.



This group in Ruhango district, Rwanda stands proudly in front of their newly protected spring. This water source will bring safe water to the surrounding villages and health to their community.


is a small, lush, mountainous country marked with a painful past of genocide and division and a hopeful present full of reconciliation, healing, and unity. Through the creation of Solidarity Transformation Groups, MOUCECORE is coming alongside communities working together to create solutions of their own. In the Cyanika Sector, Blood:Water Mission is joining this story as we partner to provide 100% of the community with access to safe water and hygiene and sanitation training. In a desire to find solutions to their own needs, families often collect rainwater off of their roofs during the rainy season; however, there is no storage capacity to support the two-month dry season. In addition to providing funding, Blood:Water Mission lends its technical expertise to improve the design of the rain catchment tanks. In the Ruhango district, Blood:Water Mission is partnering with African Evangelical Enterprises (AEE) who recognizes that the problem isn’t access to water, but protecting existing sources, like natural springs and wells, to prevent water-born diseases.

WATER LOCAL PARTNER: MOUCECORE MOUCECORE is a Rwandan community-based organization that supporting Solidarity Transformation Groups that empower local communities to address their own issues.

LOCAL PARTNER: AEE African Evangelical Enterprise (AEE) is committed to providing safe drinking water by improving and protecting existing wells and natural springs as well as rainwater collection.



community water solutions**



people served with water



* Total includes projects completed in other regions through additional partnerships. ** Projects include rain tanks, spring rehabilitation with sanitation and hygiene trainings.



An HIV/AIDS support group gathers for a photo outside of the New Life Medical Center in Kitgum, Uganda as a member proudly displays her Blood:Water “I Know Someone” t-shirt.


AFTER MORE THAN TWO DECADES OF CIVIL WAR, Northern Ugandans are working to rebuild their homeland. Attacks led by a rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), forced many people into internally displaced persons camps for many years. Returning home to villages abandoned for years, they face poor infrastructure and little to no access to basic resources like medical care and safe water. Now, communities are gathering together to address these issues and rebuild their traditional homes.


Lifewater International’s

technical expertise in water and their commitment to

With 33% of the population living without access to clean water and 77% without access to sanitation, Blood:Water Mission and Divine Waters Uganda’s partnership is working on a local level to address these needs in creative and innovative ways.

community-led programming makes them unique and poised

community water solutions**



In 2011, Blood:Water Mission continued to meet the water needs within the Lira region and began to address the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS through a new comprehensive care clinic in Kitgum, Uganda with our new partner, Food for the Hungry Uganda.

people served with water



to make a significant impact in these regions.



* Total includes projects completed in other regions through additional partnerships. ** Projects include wells and well repairs with sanitation and hygiene trainings.

HIV/AIDS LOCAL PARTNER: FH UGANDA FH Uganda serves communities in the Kitgum District through HIV/AIDS programs with a focus on youth and child mothers affected by the violence and abuse surrounding the civil war. Blood:Water Mission partnered with FH Uganda to open a clinic in 2011 with comprehensive HIV programs services to reach the 27,000 people living with AIDS in the region.



people tested for HIV



patients served



people enrolled in HIV programming





This well provides much needed access to safe drinking water for this community in Ndola, Zambia.


Lack of safe water lies at the root of many of Zambia’s deepest issues. Due to the rampant AIDS epidemic, affecting over 15% of the population, many Zambian children become the primary caregivers of their younger siblings. Lack of access to safe water gives way to opportunistic infections like diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera in HIV positive people with already weakened immune systems. Blood:Water Mission has committed to work with Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (SHIP) in the region of Ndola. This work includes hand pump repairs, bore hole drilling, biosand filters, demo latrines, and hygiene and sanitation training. This partnership is empowering community leadership in remote and under-served areas.

WATER LOCAL PARTNER: SHIP Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (SHIP’s) holistic development approach is the key to achieving tangible results in these communities. Blood:Water Mission has partnered with SHIP in water because of their focus on building the capacity for local Zambians to be the owners and leaders of the organization.

In 2011, Blood:Water Mission began building the capacity of SHIP to incorporate HIV/AIDS messaging in their hygiene and sanitation trainings while leveraging other established local HIV/AIDS resources.



community water solutions**



people served with water



* Total includes projects completed in other regions through additional partnerships. ** Projects include wells, well repairs and biosand filters with sanitation and hygiene trainings.

HIV/AIDS LOCAL PARTNER: SHIP In conjunction with community health and hygiene trainings, individuals go through a one-day educational course on HIV/AIDS in response to community interest in HIV. SHIP is identifying HIV positive individuals and referring them to local health service facilities.



People educated on HIV



people enrolled in HIV programming




US PROGRAMS Though Blood:Water Mission’s focus is working together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa, our mission also strives toward empowering communities in the United States to engage their community members toward creative social action on behalf of Africa. In 2011, Blood:Water Mission launched new nationwide campaigns to engage families, churches, schools and individuals toward acts of sacrifice, solidarity, and fundraising on behalf of communities in Africa.

Grassroots Activities Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt - nationwide

2,032 48hr Teetergrassroots Totter - Nashville, TN - participants Belmont Alpha Sigma Tau (sorority) and Alpha Tau Omega (fraternity) co-project Tag Sale - Athol, MA 359 self-initiated campaigns Car Wash - Jackson, MO

42-mile swim to Chicago - Daren Wendell of ActiveWater

OUR CAMPAIGNs Water:Walks Ride:Well Tour 40 Days of Water Cement Your Love

Art Benefit - Dallas, TX


Naked Without Us Fashion Show - Nashville, TN

I Know Someone

Stache Bash Trim Classic Barber - Nashville, TN Climb Benefit at the Crag Climbing Gym - Franklin, TN

Turn It:Red

1,610 grassroots participants 438 self-initiated campaigns


We are thankful for the many artists, advocates and community organizers in 2011 who shared our story and the story of our friends in Africa, including:

Jars of Clay



Anne Jackson

Derek Webb

Eric Wainaina

Matthew Perryman Jones

Sandra McCracken

Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North

Christopher Williams

Brandon Heath


Chris Kittrell shares his summer Blood:Water Vision Trip experience to Kenya and Rwanda: “I never really thought about traveling to Africa until being introduced to Blood:Water Mission. I guess I had daydreamed about what an African safari would be like but I never considered a trip where I would fully engage with the people of Africa. That is, until I met the individuals that make up the Blood:Water Mission team. The passion and purpose they conveyed was contagious. I felt like I needed to see the work they were doing. I left Africa with a greater sense of what community means. The struggles of the people we met are significant but, at the same time, the people of East Africa are filled with life, joy, hope, and a sense of togetherness that is truly inspiring. Blood:Water Mission makes it possible for us to be part of something so much bigger than I could have ever imagined before traveling to Africa. The problems of infrastructure and healthcare can seem overwhelming but working one person, one family, and one community at a time, Blood:Water Mission is making an impact and a real difference.”


Thirteen-year-old Lulu Cerone is an inspiration for people of all ages to make a stand for clean water. This young philanthropist has created her own group, called Lemon:Aid Warriors to tackle the crisis of clean water through the iconic lemonade stand. She partnered her passion and creativity with Blood:Water Mission’s Lemon:Aid campaign a couple of years ago and is mobilizing young fundraisers all across the country to make an impact. Now, she is planning parties with a purpose through her latest venture, PhilanthroParties. Lulu and her friends continue to inspire the young and old to see that they too can make a difference in the lives of others.


As a 14-year veteran in the coffee world, Jason Dominy thinks about the farmers, pickers and processors of the coffee beans, working to make their lives better physically and financially. He works for one of the leading roasters in the country, who helped start the model of partnering with coffee farmers by building solid relationships. He supports Blood:Water Mission because we support coffee growing communities with clean water and HIV care. Those in the coffee industry can work hard to help farmers make fair wages, but for Jason, his passions come full circle in his partnership with Blood:Water to help provide for the holistic care of communities he cares deeply for.



From Dallas to Chicago, Phoenix to Nashville, Blood:Water Mission supporters have had the opportunity to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. These water walks have offered advocates an invitation to take part in one mile walks to collect water in their own cities. These walks are based on the recognition that every day thousands of young Africans must walk several miles just for access to water. Churches, schools, and families have rallied their communities to bring awareness to the African water crisis. However small this gesture may be, for many it has been a galvanizing and implicating experience, bringing our concept of neighbor one mile closer and our love, perhaps, one mile stronger. 22

The Ride:Well Tour is a cross-country bike ride that raises funds and awareness for Blood:Water Mission’s clean water and HIV/AIDS projects in sub-Saharan Africa. To facilitate the tour, Blood:Water Mission partners with Venture Expeditions, an organization that empowers people to benefit the world and discover their souls through adventure-driven humanitarian efforts. In 2011, the tour’s fourth year, the ride included two teams--a southern and a Pacific route. AMOUNT RAISED: $59,285 PARTICIPANTS: 25 MILES RIDDEN: 4,000


“Participating in 40 Days of Water with Blood:Water changes me every time. Little by little, dollar by dollar, the small sacrifice of giving up daily drinks effects me in a larger way. I remember the less fortunate. I change things in my life. The great thing about it is that I’m invited into a larger picture alongside others. We do this together and hold each other accountable. We give up a few of our comforts together. We walk a mile down to the river to collect water and carry it back with eyes wider open. We learn together. We make a difference together.” Mandy Mann Nashville, TN


Over the Lenten season, participants gave up all beverages besides water for 40 days in order to provide clean water for communities in Africa. By saving the money they would have spent on beverages and donating it to Blood:Water Mission, they were able to provide this basic resource to families in Africa. AMOUNT RAISED: $48,810 PARTICIPANTS: 532 COMMUNITY SERVED: Lira, Uganda


Cement. It’s usually not at the top of a Christmas list, but in sub-Saharan Africa, it’s a generous gift. Cement is the main component of most of our water and sanitation projects. In many of our communities, it’s also one of the most expensive pieces of these projects. At $25 a bag, we are thankful to say that our generous supporters raised over $125,000 to provide 5,000 bags of cement. Thank you for partnering with us to help build a solid foundation in Africa. Additionally, each Christmas we collaborate with our artist partners to produce a CD of holiday music as a gift to our donors and key grassroots partners. This year, we partnered with Brite Revolution to produce the content for our CD. Brite is a music discovery website that connects artists with fans worldwide. They encourage artists to become advocates for other artists and use music as the common language to unite people.


Lemon:Aid is our newest annual summer campaign built around the iconic lemonade stand. The goal of the campaign is to get kids and families directly involved in raising support and awareness for the water crisis in Africa. By making a stand for clean water, you can directly impact communities in Africa through the message: $1 provides clean water for one African for an entire year. Families order free Lemon:Aid kits online which contain posters, pictures, temporary tattoos,

“We loved the entire experience. We used the videos from the website to advertise for the stand on our Facebook pages. They were well done and very moving. Our children thought it was amazing to find out how much they could accomplish. Our Lemon:Aid stand made much more money than we expected.�

balloons, iron-ons, and other promotional resources to help build their stand and raise awareness of it. Proceeds from the stands go to clean water projects in Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. COMMUNITIES SERVED: Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda & Kenya KITS DISTRIBUTED: 418

- Lemon:Aid Participant


Over 33 million people in the world are infected with HIV/AIDS, and two thirds of them live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Because of barriers to education and understanding, many of us don’t know anyone affected by this disease. Through our partnership in several communities, we have been able to walk alongside many living positively and get to know their stories. The I Know Someone campaign allowed us to introduce some of the incredible people we’ve met along the way who have been leaders in their community, encouraging others to get tested and treated in the hopes of reducing stigma. It is said, “To Know is to Love.” Know. Love. Act



This year, we invited communities to show their support and join in solidarity with those living with HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day. We asked people to Turn It:Red by turning their office, school or church red on December 1st. This was done by sharing videos and stories, distributing Blood:Water pins, and facilitating discussion about the AIDS crisis and what we can do to help those in Africa live healthy lives. OFFICE


A Message To Our Supporters From Board Treasurer, Lon Cherry : Dear friends, Thank you for your support of Blood:Water Mission. We continue to be incredibly thankful to God and our wonderful donors who make this work possible and helped us meet our financial goals again in 2011. It is not without economic resistance that we move onward and deeper in our mission of empowering communities in Africa towards sustainable health solutions in their communities, so thank you for taking the time to care and contribute. Our goal is to have the greatest impact in Africa with the money our donors entrust to us. And in 2011, we were thankfully able to serve over 100,000 Africans with clean water projects in Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Additionally, we were able to fund the opening of our third, full service health clinic, this time in Kitgum, Uganda. We also relocated our Africa Field Manager, Pamela Crane to Kigali, Rwanda to be closer to the field and our excellent partners in Africa. Please know that many communities were tremendously affected by your generosity and selflessness. We have a strong Board of Directors and staff here at Blood:Water Mission and continue to look for new ways to improve what we do and continue to set high standards for effectiveness, accountability and action. Thank you for the confidence you have expressed in us by giving generously to the work we are doing. It is a very worthy cause, and we are excited to have you on the journey with us.

With utmost gratitude, Lon Cherry, Board Treasurer

Lon Cherry, Board Treasurer


Revenue $1,000,000








$191,279 $45,900

$0 Individuals




Seasonal Campaigns

Concerts & Events


$332,302 $376,395

Program (76.4%) Fundraising (11.7%) General & Administrative (11.9%)

$2,290,881 Total Revenue:


Total Expenses:


*Net Assets:


as of 1/11/11

Net Assets - End of Year $997,444 as of 12/31/11

*Blood:Water Mission is committed to the highest standards of financial accountability. We adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and undergo an annual, outside audit. Please feel free to visit our website for more financial information and consolidated statements: . 29 Aaron & Cari Sands Aaron Hartley Adrienne Paradise Aerin Vandenbosch Alex M Medina Alexander North Allan Heinberg Amanda Donovan Amanda Greene Amber Morris Amy Ford Andrea & Josh Carlton Andrew Laparra Andy Sutton Ann Philbeck Anneleise Marie Loescher Betelhem Kassahun Beth Schmidt Bethany Pickard Bethany S Moore Bill & Patti Davenport Bill Mason Brad & Ginger Gibson Brad Michael Gherna Bradley Ellis Brandon Bierley Brent Pacheco Brent Rosser Brian & Lisa Williams Brittany Graff Brock Dittus Bryan and Abbie Steele Buddy and Mary Lewis Carrie Lomac Cathleen Allred Chad Rathbun Charlie and Sonja Lowell Chelsea Padilla Chris and Kathleen Sloan Chris Dibbern Chris Hohorst Christina Hoban Christine Duymich Christopher Neiger Clay & Esma Holley Cody Dickey Cole Schneider Colin Monaghan Courtney Keith Courtney Rogers Craig Hentcy

Criselda Vasquez Curtis A Bush Cynthia Heaton Damascus Road Dan Stevens Dana Kontz Daniel Norton Daniel Savlon Dave & Alyssa Dillard Dave Vercellino David & Amanda Hardy David and Jocelyn Gutekunst David Castro David Chavarria David Delaney David Kendall David Lefton David Moreland David Park David Sparvero David Van Buskirk Dawson Vosburg Deanna Joy Kustas Deanne Alsup Deborah Barnett Deborah Herrell Demetria Casady Dennis & Penny Riley Don Platt Don Wolz Dustin Gier Edana W. Hough Eddie, Sarah & Audrey Ballew Edward Easley Elizabeth Bernhardt Elizabeth Dunn Elizabeth Horsley Elizabeth Nguyenquang Emily Smith Eric & Bethany Bruns Eric & Elisa Medynski Eric Brown Erin Cordell Erin Husted Erin Loskutoff Erin McDermott Perkins Evan Freeze George Patterson & Anne Cregger Georgiana Mitroi Gerald Hunt

Gina Norman Ginny and David Burnett Grace Kretschmann Greg and Jean Smith Greg Benjamin Hannah Strachen Hannah Westphall Heather Collier Holly Goodrich Hu-Ann Mulia Jacob Wielgus Jake Natwick Jameel & Pamela Mehdy James & Susan Sigler James and Kaylan Brushwood James Fulton James Henderson James Palmer James Rutland Jamie Baker Jamie Fuller Jan and Lois Hall Jane Park Janelle Sheely Janice Nelson Jared Hazel Jason & Janiece Gray Jason & Staci Hammer Jason Humble Jeff Eliassen Jeff Petach Jeff Thompson Jeffrey Sullivan Jen Rogers Jennefer Burchard Jennifer Birchler Jeremy Gibson Jerry & Nancy Plum Jesse Hemstad Jessica Romaneski Jessica Smith Jillian Sisneroz Jim & Barbara Latimer Jim and Allie Nardella Jim and Laurie Odmark Joel and Hayley Adams Joel Piedt John Chung John Crotts John Husk John Todd

Jonathan Barnett Jonathan Hassell Jonathan Jamison Joseph Redfearn Josh Metcalfe Josh Schluep Joshua Ames Joshua Lance Joshua White Julia Rhan Julia Stronks Julie Bridge Justin Jasner Justin Johnson Karen Creecy Kari Womack Kate Fulkerth Kate Hagborg Katelyn Ramey Katherine Skattebo Keith & Lorrie Martin Kelly Campasano Kelly Kaup Kelly Roy Kelsey Morrison Kevin & Elisabeth Corcoran Kevin McMillan Kimberly Smith Kimberly Washburn Kirsten Keihl Kory & Rhonda Heal Kris Perez Kristen Freudinger Kyle Kowalski Kyle Marden Lacy Lash Larry White Lauren Berger Lauren Hayes Linda Leizear Linda Morris Lindsay Whitesel Lisa Cameron Williams Lisa Schaefer Liz Jarvis Lockhart Hinkle Lucas McCraw Mallory Blanchard Mandy Vanderveen Mara McKay Marci and Dan Walton Marcus & Alyssa Womack Maria and Jeff Concannon Marianne Langston Mark & Dawna Renne

Mark Bailey Mark Coleman Mark VanHoy Mat Vann Matt & Rachel Clark Matt Patterson Matthew G Ferenschak Matthew Paul Munger Megan Condry Megan Wolling Meighan L Krows Melanie Nuce Melissa Dodder Melyssa Smith Michael G Gassler Michael Kwok Michael Mollineaux Michelle Hitchner Mike & Rachel Lenda Mike Friberg Missy, Jeff, & Noelani Barrett Mitch Dane and Jeanne Goskie Mitchell Causey Nancy G Mann Nancy Heinrich Nancy Thurtell Nathan and Virginia Williams Nathan Fleming Nick & Jackie Burgart Nick & Natalie Foy Nick Warkentien Nida Rab Noelle Franklyn Parker Pierce Parker Wilson Patricia Coven Paula Potter Paula Veal Peggy Baumruck Phillip Blackburn Rachel Duke Rebecca Albert Rob & Summer Curwen Robert Baty Robert Pligge Rosalind Joy AmbucayManahan Rosane Cavalcanti Rose Winn Ross & Autumn Carper Russell Hickman Ruth Poulsen Ryan Berger

Ryan Hammer Ryan Hart Ryan Shetler Sally Kuhn Sara Huse Sarah & Stephen Price Sarah Sandifer Scott & Emily Davidson Seth & Callie Johnson Shanna Marceau Shannon Diller Shannon Patterson Sharayah Bodnar Sharon & Jennifer Rupp Stanley Chacko Stephen Smith Steve & Meg Garber Steve Gehl Steve Myers Steven & Kristine Morris Steven Michael Peterson Sue Harsevoort Susan D Noell Susan Elaine Allpress Suzanne Williams Tabatha Lipscomb Ted & Dawn Rondeau Teresa & Anthony Bullard Terry and Marcus Hix Theresa Johnson Thomas and Nicki Whittington Thomas Christianson Tim and Andrea McGeary Tim Brantner Timothy & Maura Spransy Tom Van Orden Tommy Johnson Trenton Duke Cloer Ty Endean Tyler Mick Victoria Kintner-Duffy Victoria Nelson Vincent Wong Wendy Carballo Wesley Whamond Whitney Faddis Will Atkins William Moody William Sbarra William W Medlin

With much gratitude, we recognize those donors who have chosen to support Blood:Water and the people of Africa through their generous contributions of $1,000 or more in 2011. Thank you.

“This is the natural expression of our love for our neighbors. We love, we go, we serve... simple, uncomplicated compassion. Love has no need to justify itself. It merely expresses itself in service wherever it sees need.� - John Stott Christian Mission in the Modern World

Ryan Adams W.T. Cutts Scott Andreas Thad Andrews Lynda Antonelli Phillip & Patricia Atkinson Jeanette Ayers-Kawakami James & Lori Barry Graham & Dana Bartlett Eric Barton Nicole Bassarab Kellen Batson Wendy Beitel Ramiro Benitez Linnea Bergstrom Russell Betcher Brian Billmeier Lance Black Patrick Block Daniel & Katie Bolt Dale Brink Charles Brinkley Michael T Brown Vickie and Charlie Brown Regan Burnett Brian Buxton Andrea & Josh Carlton Samuel Choi Craig & Teresa Christie Nathan & Bryna Closson Carolyn Cook Matthew Coonley Mary Corbin Jason Crowgey Meradith Santa Cruz Richard Cryan Aimee Cyr Reagan & Alice Demas Mark Desiderio Luis & Melissa Diaz Linda Dindzans Patrick & Ruth Anne Doane Mike & Kelly Donehey Timothy Donohue

Jeffery Drummonds Bryce Eldridge Susan Fast Paul Ferrante Mike & Kami Fleener Arthur Fox Michael G Gassler Brad & Ginger Gibson Dan Gibson Marc and Jennifer Gilson Tandi Gleason Galen Glover Robert Goldspink Rande Greene Dawn Griffith Jim and Gina Grubbs Benjamin Gulan Stephanie Hadenfeldt Mike & Beth Hamilton Wayne Haughey Amy Hauschildt Dean Hemmeline Virginia Hoggard Nancy & Robert Holland John & Julie Hollow Rich and Traci Hoops Carrie Horton Nancy & David Hudson Gary Small Ryan Ihde Abby Lynn Itule Gregg & Diane Jones D M Jones Joshua Scott Jones Jennifer Kapteyn Courtney Keith Jonathan & Heather Kelly Chris and Tami Kittrell Steven Klimkowski Melvin C. Knutson Steve Koelker Lori Kouchoukos Sally Kuhn Nathaniel Kummerfeld

Jim & Barbara Latimer Molly Lawry Bob Lederer Rebecca M Lee Buddy and Mary Lewis Mark & Debbie LittleStar Jonathan Liu Loren & Julie Long John and Brenda Luecke Sawyer Rebecca Lyles Jonathan MacDonald Kenneth Maley Nash & Kora Martinez James Mathews Kent & Mitzi Mazzia James Meek Laura Mitacek Taylor Mobley Sharon Morginsky Scott Morris Philip and Kim Mulder Craig Myers Jena and James Nardella Michael W Neely Cathi Nelson Daniel Norsworthy Pat & Torrance Norsworthy Dan Noteboom Debra Obermann Charles Olson Dallas Owen Timothy Pagliara Chad Palermo Joshua Park Misty Park JB Payne Carrie Jo Pinckard Timothy Plybon Bruce Podgorski Mark Poppenwimer Henry & Karen Pritchett Sherri Proehl Bonita Pruch

Dan & Evelyn Raines Carol Rauckman Holly and Bradley Reding Jeff Roatch Jason and Amy Robbins Lance & Debbie Robinson Christine Rodman John Romero Dayle Ruffino Lawrence & Donalyn Ruiz Al & Monique Ruoppoli Ryan Russell Elizabeth Sander Jordan Sanders Mark Schumacher Daniel Sigley Travis Singletary Brad Smith Cindy Smith Greg and Jean Smith Tom Smyth Shirley Souryal Brian & Carol Stertzer Anthony Stoll Patricia Stone Michael & Erin Straza Matthew Taylor Diane Thomas Jacob Thornton Jim & Kathy Thornton Diana Timmerman Daryl Van Schouwen Danny and Diane Vaughan Lauren Waldron Anderson Webb Trey and Bonnie White Brian & Lisa Williams Virginia Williams Jesse Woodard Joshua Yang Chris and Denise Yohn Chad M Young

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rich Hoops, Board Chairman, Private Consultant Lon Cherry, Board Treasurer, Zander Insurance Group Stuart McWhorter, Clayton Associates Reagan Demas, Baker & McKenzie Steve Garber, The Washington Institute Cosma Gatere, The World Bank Brad Gibson, Ascend Advisory Group Dan Haseltine, Founder, Jars of Clay Ashleigh Harb, Governor Bill Haslam’s Office Michelle Conn, International Justice Mission Anne Cregger, Navigators Jena Nardella, ex-officio, Blood:Water Mission

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