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The Most Dangerous Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar Whenever you consume foods that contain sugar (fruit, pasta, bread, dessert, etc) your blood sugar level naturally rises but then it is brought back to normal by the release of insulin from your pancreas, which allows your cells to absorb the sugar from the blood in people without type 2 diabetes. But for diabetics, insulin is either not produced in adequate amounts or the sensitivity to insulin by your cells is impaired so the sugar remains in the blood, this results in high blood sugar (aka hyperglycemia). Along with high levels of sugar in your blood come complications, most of them severe. Normal blood sugar levels range from 70-120 mg/dL before meals, a fasting (first blood sugar in the morning prior to eating) of <110 mg/dL, and 140-160 mg/dL 12 hours post meal. High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is defined as a reading of >180 mg/dL 1-2 hours post-meal. Factors That Cause High Blood Sugar        

Not taking your required diabetic medication as prescribed Any amount of carbohydrates – bread, pasta, rice, fruits, potatoes, etc. Infections or illness Stress Low activity levels Obesity or being overweight Surgery Dehydration

Having high blood sugar results in mild symptoms like increased thirst, headaches, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, increased urination, wt loss, and blurred vision. The Most Dangerous Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar These occur when you have prolonged high blood sugar levels. These symptoms include:  

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Bacterial infections - pneumonia, cellulitis, staph infections Fungal infections - yeast vaginitis, oral thrush, athletes foot, meningitis Poor wound healing (from any injury) that can lead to ulcers and possible amputation. Nerve damage that results in pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and in some cases total loss of all feeling Poor digestion due to loss of nerve function and poor circulation (constipation, abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea)

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Poor circulation caused from a narrowing of the blood vessels which an result in high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, gangrene (resulting in amputation) Blood vessel damage of the eyes that leads to blindness. Blood vessel damage of the kidneys that leads to renal failure and possible dialysis Increase of advanced glycated endproducts (AGEs) which leads to accelerated cell and tissue death. This means rapid aging on the outside and inside. Erectile dysfunction due to nerve and blood vessel damage. Coma – sometimes you don’t wake up from these.

As you can see having elevated blood sugars can result in a plethora of medical complications, most of them very severe and irreversible. To get control of your blood sugar levels and reduce your risk for these dangerous symptoms visit the Blood Sugar Blueprint.

The Most Dangerous Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar  

A close look at the most danergous symptoms of high blood sugar and its affects on your body. This is must know information for anyone with...