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Joe Reed P-3 sired horses like Joe Reed II and Little Fanny. Joe Reed II was a successful racehorse that was the 1945-46 AQHA World Champion Racing American Quarter Horse Stallion. When they crossed Joe Reed II and Little Fanny they got the great Leo. Leo would officially run 22 races winning 20 of them. He lost both of these races to mares. Leo ended up in the hands of Bud Warren. The mating of Joe Reed II and Little Fanny would make Leo inbred to Della Moore.

Old DJ. Johnny Dial by Depth Charge was a former World Champion Quarter Racing Horse and he was out of Black Annie by Rodney by Old DJ. The dam of Black Annie was Betsy by Old DJ. As you can see Old DJ was a contributor to the American Quarter Horse through his influence on the female side of the pedigree.

When we combine Randle’s Lady with Leo we get linebreeding to Old DJ. Old DJ was the sire of Della Moore, the double great granddam of Della Moore later continued her Leo as he sired Della Moore. Old DJ broodmare career for Ott Adams the was a noted broodmare sire in the Cabreeder that stood the famous founda- jun-bred running horses. tion sire Little Joe. She produced Aloe, Grano de Oro, Panzarita and Joe The mating of Randle’s Lady with Moore when bred to Little Joe. Joe Leo also produced Rosa Leo. This AAA Moore became the most famous of rated race mare went on to produce this group. He sired such noted runJet Charger, a son of Jet Deck. Warren ners as Stella Moore, a racing Ameri- called Jet Charger the “best he ever can Quarter Horse Champion. Ott Ad- bred.” He proved it by being the 1972 ams selected Joe Moore as his replace- AQHA Racing Champion Aged Stalment for Little Joe. lion.

Bud Warren would put together a great broodmare band to go with his great stallions. These mares would include Julie W, the famous Joe Hancock mare that gave him such noted mares as Flit. He had Connie the thoroughbred mare that when bred to Leo gave the industry the NSBA Hall of Fame stallion Tiger Leo. Then you find the three King P-234 daughters in Betty Warren, 89’er and Sorrel Sue. This list could go on and on but the point has been made that Warren was noted for his stallions but it was his mares that put him over the top. The influence of the mare on the foal produced has lead to several key breeding theories as to how this influence comes about. So we will take a look over the next few months at some of the theories behind how a mare not only influences her foals but the foals that descend from her.

What makes this so interesting is the dam of Leota W was Swamp Angel who was sired by Grano de Oro by Little Joe. The dam of Grano de Oro was Della Moore. So Leota W was linebred to Della Moore through her sons Joe Reed P-3 and Grano de Oro. This gives Leota W a breeding pattern of 4 X 4 X 3 to Della Moore. Was the mating of Swamp Angel and Leo a fluke? Well Leolita was a full sister to Leota W. She was the winner of the Kansas Futurity and Derby and an AAA rated AQHA Champion. When Leo became an aged stallion, Warren set out to breed a replacement for him. He found his replacement in the stallion Croton Oil an AA rated runner. The dam of Croton Oil was Randle’s Lady, one of the mares that outran Leo. She was a daughter of Doc Horn and a mare we know today as simply a mare sired by a son of Old DJ. The dam of this unknown mare was sired by Rodney by Old DJ. Thus Randle’s Lady was double bred to Volume 1, Issue 1

This photo was on display in the Commerce National Bank in Houston for many years. Della Moore got her name by being owned by a Mrs. Moore. Mrs. Moore was the wife of an officer in the bank.

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