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Pine must be credited with more than riding Poco Bueno. He was the man that started Poco Lena and Poco Tivio showing them to some of their early successes. He trained and showed the great gelding Snipper W to a top 10 finish in the NCHA in 1952. All three of these horses became early AQHA Champions and at the time Pine rode them they were owned by Mr. Waggoner.

legs and get close to the ground and the more you asked of her, the more she could do. With both Poco Lena and Poco Bueno, I never got to the point where I thought I didn't have enough speed and power to get the job done."

The exploits of Poco Bueno and Pine Johnson Poco Lena was the only foal of Poco have been legendary since Bueno that Pine had an opportunity to their day in the limelight. show for any length of time. He related, We lost these two great individuals with the pas"She had the same style as her sire, she would drop down when she went to turn, sage of time, but they are still with us through their she would drop straight down and legend. So the next time you that's how he turned out from under balance yourself with the me that time. He'd drop 6 or 8 inches saddle horn, think about down towards the ground and sweep over. Well, this left you up out of the sad- Pine Johnson, the man that rode Poco Bueno and now dle and that's how he turned out from under me. Well, Poco Lena did the same you not only know where it came from but why it came thing. She had a way of knuckling or about. kneeling down kind of. She'd bend her

This picture shows Pine and Poco Bueno making one of their famous moves. You will note that Pine has not adopted the new riding style. But this picture shows the kind of moves this great stallion had. This picture was used to design the old NCHA championship belt buckle that was used for many years.

THE FOUNDATION— THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MARE By Larry Thornton Bud Warren was an early “short horse” owner and breeder that became a legend in the racing American Quarter Horse. The term “short horse” refers to the men and woman that raced the American Quarter Horse during the early years of the development of the breed. These men and woman believed the American Quarter Running Horse was at his best at the shorter distances such as 220 to 350 yards and thus the term “Short Horse Racing.” When you hear the name Bud Warren you automatically think of the great stallions he owned and stood in his AQHA Hall of Fame career. He owned Leo, Sugar Bars and Jet Deck to name just a few and these three stallions are commonly found in the pedigree history of not only our modern quarter running horses but the breed in general. When Bud Warren was putting his Volume 1, Issue 1

breeding program together he was buying mares to start a broodmare band. One of those mares was Swamp Angel. Warren bought Swamp Angel for $30.00 on the recommendation of a friend. He described her as a “little ole bay mare.”

Joe Reed P-3 and Joe Moore, two famous stallions in the quarter horse breed. Both of these stallions were successful sires of racing and performing American Quarter Horses.

Della Moore became a broodmare under suspicious circumstances. She was The “little ole bay mare” foaled a beau- secretly bred to Joe Blair, a famous tiful bay filly named Leota W. Warren thoroughbred that was noted for his told me that Leota W could have speed. The foal produced was Joe “easily been the best” he ever raced. Reed. Joe Reed went on to be a good This filly would race as a two-year-old racehorse and then he became a great to win 14 of 16 starts including the first sire. When the AQHA started registerfuturity for two-year-old quarter horses in the 1947 Oklahoma Futurity. ing horses they designated AQHA numbers 2 to 19 as studbook foundation sires. Joe Reed was P-3 in the An inspection of Leota W’s pedigree shows us a very interesting female in- studbook denoting his success as a sire. fluence through a great matriarch of the breed Della Moore. This great Cajun-bred mare was a successful racehorse that went on to be the dam of Page 7

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