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The role of inbreeding is to set the type or characteristics desired in the development of the herd or a breed. This results in the herd or breed being homozygous for the desired genes. The homozygosity of the desired genes leads to prepotency of individuals within the herd or breed. Thus inbreeding becomes the foundation or

base of the breed or herd. Our next look at inbreeding will show the down side of this breeding system and how it affects what we are doing. The Pedigree of Leo showing the inbreeding that helps us understand his prepotency.

Sire: Joe Reed II / Leo / \ \

\ \ Joe Reed

/ / Dam: Little Fanny

This photo was selected to demostrate a trait Leo passed on to his grandson Jewel's Leo Bar. Leo had some freckles on his face and legs. Jewel's Leo Bar who was out of Leo Pan by Leo was nicknamed "Freckles" because of the freckles on his face and stockings. The success of "Freckles" resulted in a whole line of performance horses including such famous cutters as Freckles Playboy and Colonel Freckles.The freckles didn't necessarily pass on to the next generation but they still demonstrate how prepotency works in that Leo's freckles passed to his grandson and this is what we look for in a good breeding horse. So the next time you see a Freckles bred horse look to see if they have the freckles.

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