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This is a collection of my works from through out the year. There are writing about Beowulf, Grendel, and many other works that we have read through the year. They show many skills that I have learned. Some would be improving on my placement of quotes, using text and not summarizing it. I have improved on these from the beginning of the year. I do not summarize as much and try to use the text to support my claim instead of restating and paraphrasing.

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Beowulf and Grendel Pg. 6 The Tornado of 2002

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Short on Money?

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Frankenstein Essay

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Lady of Shallot

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Hard Times

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My name is Ashley. I am a woman who is always happy to tell you about the good in life. I have come from Indiana born and raised there my whole life. I am short with blonde hair and brown eyes. I like to talk a lot and am very sociable. I always have something positive to say about everyone I met. I can start a conversation out of nothing and make it interesting. I am very random and enjoy being spontaneous. I have had troubles in my life but have made the most of them. I love life and am ready to live it to the fullest. I am ready to now to go on a journey to find a spiritual side of life. I want to go to Canterbury to learn about how a spiritual life will work. I hope to come back with knowledge of what a spiritual life will be like. Also I want to learn what came about of this spiritual realm. I also hope to find relationships that will last after this journey is over. I want to meet people I can become close to and that I call my friends. I am very good at talking to people for the first time. I can engage them in a conversation that can last for hours. On the journey I will always try to keep the party happy. I will cheer everyone up when they are down. I will show you the positive side to every situation we cross. If we get caught in a rut I will show you a way to look at it from a positive prospective. I would try to help find a solution and make the situation happy. I would help entertain the people going on the journey. I could make them laugh or just help them enjoy the journey. I love to learn new things about everything. I am very intrigued by the way things work want to learn more about them. This is another reason why I want to go on this journey. I have never been this far from home and decided to give it a try. I could not wait to see how I would do away from all that I love and that is the adventure of the journey. This journey should be an insightful and interesting journey for me. I hope to learn more about myself spiritually and to enjoy myself while making new friends. This should be a good


journey for all and fun at least. I hope to share my positive attitude with the people on this journey make their journey as enjoyable as mine.

Beowulf and Grendel


The story Grendel by John Gardner is a novel written in Grendel's point of view, where as, the epic poem Beowulf is an overview of Beowulf's accomplishments. Grendel gives us an inside look as to why Grendel attacked the mead hall. The Beowulf story does not give us as much detail about Grendel personality. It is more focused on Beowulf's actions in the Grendel's attack. The story of Grendel's point of view is first person. We see exactly what Grendel is thinking, saying, and feeling. His emotions are put out there so we can get a different look at Grendel. Grendel attacked the mead hall after watching the people from the trees. He would sit on branches and watch them fight with each other; eat the food they killed in the woods, and drink very heavily. Grendel would eat the people who were sent out of the villages. They would be exiled because of crimes that they had committed. Also, he would go after the fights and stock up on the dead bodies to eat. In the novel Grendel, Grendel's "heart became darker (76)" because a dragon had put a spell on him. He realizes no sword could hurt him. He then started to attack the mead hall. He feels that he get some "grim pleasure very different from that which (he) got from cracking a cow's skull (76)" when he kills humans. He now is jealous of the hope the people have now. The singing coming from the mead hall makes Grendel so mad that he cannot help but to attack them. In the Grendel account, it shows an in depth look at the attack on Grendel. It tells about the feelings he feels as he is being attacked. He escaped the guard attacking him, but this then starts his raids. He would go when all the warriors were asleep. He would kill them and eat them. He tells himself that he has become someone new and been reborn. He now says "I was grendel, Ruiner of Meadhalls, Wrecker of Kings! (80)" In Beowulf, Grendel's attacks on the mead halls are less personal. They do not say much


about what the character feels. They give more description of the events occurring. In this version Grendel's attacks are more dramatic in writing. The language is different and the style is more poetic. In Beowulf, Grendel attacked because of jealousy. He was jealous of there happiness. They would stay in the hall and talk merrily for hours. Grendel did not like this at all. He did not want Hrothgar to be a happy person. So he attacked people close to him and all of his warriors. Another reason was because Hrothgar killed Grendel's father. Grendel has wanted revenge ever since. He makes Hrothgar suffer because of this. He makes the villagers fear the night and the mead hall. As it was said before, we do not see many of Grendel's feelings in Beowulf. The main emotions we see are anger and rage. He shows this in the way he attacks the Danes during the night. He usually smash the victims while they sleep and the take them to his liar. He never shows remorse, where as in Grendel there is some remorse for the events he causes. Beowulf and Grendel are both great pieces of literature. Grendel is portrayed as a different character in both pieces. In Beowulf he is a character to fear and as a savage beast. In Grendel he is a more personal character and more humanlike. With feelings and human qualities. In Grendel he can understand some of what the villagers are saying. In Beowulf he is intelligent but does not seem to know what the people are saying.

The Tornado of 2002


Today started out like any other day in September. I woke up got ready and went to school. But this day was different than most days. I am seeing my first tornado. I am sitting in the Library of my grade school minding my own business, suddenly there is a very loud tornado warning going off. We all jump as if we had heard a bomb go off. I turn around to look out the foggy window. I see the clouds in the sky swirling like they were in a blender. I have never seen the clouds do that before. I am so mesmerized by the sight that I don’t hear the teacher calling for all of us to go into the hall. My friend Sarah shakes my arm and tells me to get into the hallway. I run to the hallway with Sarah and sit against the wall. The whole school is in a state of panic. Some students around me are crying and are scared of the thundering storm outside. We do not know what is going to happen. We do not know if the school will get hit or if it will pass us by. We all pray for our safety and the safety of all the others outside. As the storm passes we sit out in that small hallway. After the storm was over we have to wait until all the parents can get to us. I and my siblings have to stay after school because my mom and dad can not get to us easily. We have to stay until around 6:30 in the evening. When my mom finally comes we start on our long journey home. It takes us 45 minutes to get home when it normally takes 15 minutes. As we ride in the car I can see the devastation all around us. There are houses with roofs missing completely and roads closed. I never thought the swirling clouds that had me awestruck before could do this much destruction. Now as I sit here, I wonder how long it will take to clean up this mess. Places that my family drive by every day are hit hard like Banta Road and 31. The YMCA where I had gone to a day camp all summer is hit tremendously hard by the tornado today. I never thought this could happen today or any day. I am surprised by this and am happy no one was hurt or killed. It is definitely a scare to all of us, especially those who didn’t think it could happen. Short on money?


Are you short on money? Do you wish there was a way to earn extra cash? Today everyone is suffering from our poor economy and is in need of money. People are willing to do anything just to get money so they can provide for their families and themselves. There is a solution to our money woes. Not only a solution to our money woes, but to our immigration problem as well. Illegal immigrants have caused many problems for Americans. It all started in the late 1800’s when they first started coming over. At first it might not have been so bad, but now our economy is suffering and so are the American citizens. Everyone is in dire need of a job. However illegal immigrants are being chosen over American citizens because they are willing to work for less pay. They are causing American citizens to lose everything they have worked for. Some people say it will get better if we secure the border more. How do we know they will not find a way to still get over? We have secured the border before, but still they get in. If you are sick and tired of seeing American citizens being turned down jobs and would like to make more money then listen up. We propose that if an American citizen can give the authorities the location of an illegal immigrant they will receive a cash reward. Not only a cash reward, but the illegal immigrants will learn their lesson. The prices will range according to their ages and they will be sent to work in labor camps for the rest of their lives. If you think that this is cruel and unjust maybe the amount of money will change your mind. Boys from the ages of zero to ten years old will be sold for three thousand dollars. Girls from the ages of zero will be sold for three thousand five hundred dollars. Theses children will be kept at a day care almost position on the labor camp property while the parents and older children work. Once they reach the appropriate age they will learn to work with the others. Girl also will usually cost more then the boys because they are more delicate. Boys from the ages of eleven to eighteen will be sold for two thousand dollars. Girls from the ages of eleven to eighteen will be sold for two thousand five hundred dollars.


These children will not do too much hard labor. They will most likely help tend to the little children and help out the adults and elders. Men from the ages of nineteen to fifty-five will be sold for one thousand dollars. Women from the ages of nineteen to fifty-five will be sold for one thousand five hundred dollars. They will be doing the tough labor. Tough labor for the men will consist of moving heavy objects, helping build whatever is asked of them, and to help make necessities for the army. Women will be sowing clothes for everyone in the camp, doing the laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Anyone who is over fifty-five will be sold for the rock bottom price of five hundred dollars. Since they are older and are weak they will also help watch the children and clean and cook. No one is to be mistreated at this camp. The camp might not be the most desired place to be, but it will not be as bad as the holocaust. Everyone will sleep in a giant hall on cots. It will be a tight squeeze, but it will do. They will bath every other day and have ten minutes to do so. They will work six days a week Monday through Saturday. They will work fourteen hour days 6am to 7pm. Mothers must get the children to the day care on time and also pick them up. If someone is late they will not receive dinner that night. They will be given three meals a day. Breakfast will consist of one type of cereal, and will remain the same. Lunch will be soup that will remain the same. Dinner will be soup and a sandwich that will remain the same. Hopefully most of you think this will be a good idea and would be willing to do it. For those of you who disagree must not really care about your fellow American citizens. If the illegal immigrants are willing to sneak over here, when it is illegal, then they should be willing to pay a price when they get caught. I think doing the same thing over and over again for the rest of your life would teach you not to break the law. Plus it is a way to earn ourselves some extra cash in this poor economy. So if you are interested or know the wear a bouts of an illegal immigrant please do not hesitate to call 1-800-GETIMMIS.


Frankenstein Essay Victor Frankenstein wants to create a female creature. He thinks it will help his first creature not fell as lonely. In the end he destroys her before he finishes. Victor does the right thing because the female could end up being violent like the first one, she could not like the first creature and she could end up with another human which would anger the first creature. Victor decides the start creating the female when the first creature demands him too. Victor is not sure at first; he refuses to make it for him. The creature says that he is “malicious because [he is] miserable� (pg. 104). With this being said Victor decides to start the creature. Victor thinks that first creature will be happier if he creates her. (pg. 105) As Victor starts to create the female the creature sits and watches him at the window. (pg. 120) He works on her for a while. He then decides to destroy the female. The first creature is not happy about this decision. He becomes angry. The reasons Victor had for destroying the female are all great reasons. The female could not like the first creature and she could also kill people and be violent. (pg. 120-21) All these reasons makes Victor destroy the female and throw her remains into the sea. (pg. 125) Victor is right in what he does because the female could cause more problems for victor. With her violence and the first creature’s violence they could destroy many more people close to Victor. She could anger the first creature more and cause him to lash out and hill Victor and the female creature. Victor has good intentions with the creation of the female, but there were too many bad situations that could come out of it. It could of gone completely fine and worked out, but the bad weighted out the good in all situations. Victor does the right thing in getting rid of the female before anything worse doe happen.


“The Lady of Shalott” There was a river with barley and rye on either side. It covered a long distance and road ran by it. It ran to Camelot and the people would walk by looking at the lilies. That are located on an island named Shalott. There are willows and aspens by the river that runs through Camelot. There is a castle that is surrounded by flowers on Shalott. There were horses running by the river. The lady of Shalott waved her hand. Only the workers who are up early can hear the song that is coming from down the river. While working they hear the song of Lady Shalott. As the lady weaves a colorful quilt, she hears a whisper say that she will have a curse put on her if she stays. She doesn’t know what the curse is going to be so she keeps weaving and doesn’t care. As she looks out the window and she sees a highway winding down toward Camelot. She sees girls walking in red cloaks. She watches the different people as they go by. She will see the knights coming toward the castle in groups of two. She still weaves her quilt and put on it the different scenes she sees each day out the window. One of the scenes is a funeral with music playing. She then sees that night to newlyweds. Sir Lancelot rode through the barley toward Camelot. He kneeled in front of Lady Shalott in a field near Camelot. Then bells started ringing merrily as he rode to Camelot. He armor rang loudly when he was near Shalott. His leather saddle was thickly jeweled. As he rode a meteor flew over Shalott. The knight had black curly hair which was under his helmet. He continued running by the river toward Shalott. Lady Shalott moved away from her weaving and watched as Sir Lancelot approached the castle. The curse came upon her when Sir Lancelot reached the castle. It started to rain heavily and it became very windy. She ran down to a boat on the river and she rowed away. She continued rowing down the river until the evening. She lay down after


she was far away. She floated in the boat dressed in a white gown. She sang her last song as she floated down the river. She died in the boat and people mourned her passing. She died as she sang her song by the last house on the river. She silently floated into Camelot under the balcony and tower. People came and read the name she had put on the boat earlier. All the knights of Camelot said a prayer for her passing including Sir Lancelot.


Hard Times “Hard Times” displays all of the different features of literature. The main ones would have to be theme, imagery, and setting. These are all prevalent throughout the entire piece, especially in the first two chapters. The story is used as a satire of the education system in England. One source says that “this satirical as contrasted with dramatic genius is apparent.”(Whipple) The literal theme of the short story is that we should only learn the facts and not pay attention to what we think or feel. They do not matter at all according to the school teacher Thomas Gradgrind. He teaches only facts and he believes that is all students need to learn to grow up and be successful. They say that facts are the way you should bring up your children. They call the students by numbers because they do not want to show any individualism between the students. Another theme of the story would be that the educational system in England has gotten to strict. They are not letting the students be creative or imaginative. They make fun of the way the education is run and also what is taught by the teachers. Imagery was another major feature. The author uses many images to describe the school room. The author called it “a plain, bare, monotonous vault” (Dickens Ch. 1) He also uses the image of the students to make fun of the different types of people in the system. He writes about a student named Bitzer. He is a student who thinks he knows all about horses. He is a very smart student. This is making fun of the students in there educational system who think they are the best and smartest of all. They think that there way of doing things is the best way out there. He uses imagery to describe the way these students look. He describes Sissy Jupe as a proper and


shy girl who was tan and had darker hair. He describes Bitzer as a young man who more or less was a nerd. He has white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. The setting is a school room which is really important for the audience to know because it helps us see what the author is trying to make fun of. He uses the school room to make fun of the school rooms in England at the time. The atmosphere of the story is the teaching style of Mr. Gradgrind. He teaches sole on facts which is not how many things in school are not taught. Many subjects are taught are partly feeling and insight. Not solely on what science says is right. Some things need to be looked at from many different people’s perspectives instead of one person saying that this is what is right and nothing else is. The story hard Times has a good message and shows people what could truly happen if we based everything on facts. It would not be easy to let people’s individuality show through. Everyone would be a number and would have to believe every fact they heard. There would be no religion or philosophical thinkers. There would be no need for them.


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